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Smart release of doxorubicin loaded on polyetheretherketone (PEEK) surface with 3D porous structure.

It is important to fabricate an implant possessing environment sensitive drug delivery. In this work, the construction of 3D porous structure on polyetheretherketone (PEEK) surface and pH sensitive polymer, chitosan, was introduced. The smart release of doxorubicin can be realized on the 3D porous surface of PEEK loading chitosan. We give a feasible explanation for the effect of chitosan on smart drug release according to Henderson-Hasselbalch equation. Furthermore, the intracellular drug content of the cel...

A Smart Detection System Based on Specific Magnetic and Rolling Cycle Amplification Signal-Amplified Dual-Aptamers to Accurately Monitor Minimal Residual Diseases in Patients with T-ALL.

It is a major clinical challenge for clinicians how to early find out minimal residual diseases (MRD) of leukemia. Here, we developed a smart detection system for MRD involving magnetic aptamer sgc8 probe (M-sgc8 probe) to capture CEM cells and rolling cycle amplification probe (RCA-sgc8 probe) to initiate RCA, producing a single-stranded tandem repeated copy of the circular template. The DNA products were hybridized with molecular beacon to generate the amplified fluorescence signal. An in vitro model to m...

CLCA2 is a positive regulator of store-operated calcium entry and TMEM16A.

The Chloride Channel Accessory (CLCA) protein family was first characterized as regulators of calcium-activated chloride channel (CaCC) currents (ICaCC), but the mechanism has not been fully established. We hypothesized that CLCAs might regulate ICaCC by modulating intracellular calcium levels. In cells stably expressing human CLCA2 or vector, we found by calcium imaging that CLCA2 moderately enhanced intracellular-store release but dramatically increased store-operated entry of calcium upon cytosolic deple...

Preliminary Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) of a Novel Series of Pyrazole SKF-96365 Analogues as Potential Store-Operated Calcium Entry (SOCE) Inhibitors.

From a series of (1, 1)-1[β-(phenylalkoxy)-(phenetyl)]-1-pyrazolium hydrochloride as new analogues of SKF-96365, one has an interesting effect for endoplasmic reticulum (ER) Carelease and store-operated Caentry (SOCE) (IC25 μM) on the PLP-B lymphocyte cell line. A successful resolution of (±) 1-phenyl-2-(1-pyrazol-1-yl)ethan-1-ol has been developed by using the method of "half-concentration" in the presence of (+)-(1)- or (-)-(1)-CSA.

The effect of interrupted/deferred antiretroviral therapy on disease risk: a SMART & START combined analysis.

Pooled data from SMART and START were used to compare deferred/intermittent versus immediate/continuous antiretroviral therapy (ART) on disease risk.

Novel Wearable Electrodes Based on Conductive Chitosan Fabrics and Their Application in Smart Garments.

Smart garments, which can capture electrocardiogram signals at any time or location, can alert others to the risk of heart attacks and prevent sudden cardiac death when people are sleeping, walking, or running. Novel wearable electrodes for smart garments based on conductive chitosan fabrics were fabricated by electroless plating of silver nanoparticles onto the surfaces of the fibers. The electrical resistance, which is related to the silver content of the composite fabrics, can be as low as 0.0332 ± 0.00...

Highly Efficient, Near-Infrared and Visible-Light Modulated Electrochromic Devices Based on Polyoxometalates and W18O49 Nanowires.

Over the past years the performance of electrochromic smart windows with the promising potential for significant energy savings has been progressively improved, however, the electrochromic windows are not yet to come into use at scale mainly because the electrochromic materials suffer from some significant drawbacks such as low coloration efficiency, slow switching time, bad durability and poor functionality. Herein, we fabricate the optically modulated electrochromic smart devices through sequential deposi...

A 6-month prospective randomized controlled trial of remotely delivered group format epilepsy self-management versus waitlist control for high-risk people with epilepsy.

Despite advances in care, many people with epilepsy have negative health events (NHEs) such as accidents, emergency department visits, and poor quality of life. "Self-management for people with epilepsy and a history of negative health events" (SMART) is a novel group format epilepsy self-management intervention. A community participatory approach informed the refinement of SMART, which was then tested in a 6-month randomized controlled trial of SMART (n = 60) versus waitlist control (WL, n = 60).

Modelling temporal variation of parameters used in two photosynthesis models: influence of fruit load and girdling on leaf photosynthesis in fruit-bearing branches of apple.

Several studies have found seasonal and temporal variability in leaf photosynthesis parameters in different crops. This variability depends upon the environment, the developmental stage of the plant and the presence or absence of sinks. Girdling involves the removal of the bark and phloem down to the youngest xylem all around the stem and prevents export of photoassimilates out of the stem. The load of developing fruits has often been reported to influence the individual net leaf photosynthesis rate (Pn) in...

Concentration of natural aroma compounds from fruit juice hydrolates by pervaporation in laboratory and semi-technical scale. Part 1. Base study.

The first article of a two-article series presents pervaporation (PV) of volatile aroma compounds from fruit juice hydrolates (plum, apple, blackcurrant and cherry). The purpose of this research was to evaluate the effectiveness of fruit juice hydrolates separation on a laboratory scale (inert gas flow pervaporation system) and semi-technical (vacuum pervaporation system) by means of pervaporation. To create precise matrices for hydrolates before and after pervaporation for each of the separated systems, so...

IL-4 and serum amyloid P inversely regulate fibrocyte differentiation by targeting store-operated Ca2+ channels.

Circulating fibrocytes (CFs) have been shown to participate in subepithelial fibrosis of asthma with chronic airflow limitation by acting as an important source of fibroblasts deposited beneath airway epithelia. Serum amyloid P (SAP) is an innate inhibitor of fibrocytes differentiation. Store-operated Ca2+ entry (SOCE) is the major Ca2+ influx of non-excitable cells. In this study, the role of SOCE in the regulation of fibrocytes differentiation and the effects of Th2 cytokine IL-4 and SAP on SOCE of fibroc...

An RFID-Based Smart Nest Box: An Experimental Study of Laying Performance and Behavior of Individual Hens.

This study designed a radio-frequency identification (RFID)-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform to create the core of a smart nest box. At the sensing level, we have deployed RFID-based sensors and egg detection sensors. A low-frequency RFID reader is installed in the bottom of the nest box and a foot ring RFID tag is worn on the leg of individual hens. The RFID-based sensors detect when a hen enters or exits the nest box. The egg-detection sensors are implemented with a resistance strain gauge pressure...

Electrophysiological study of action-affordance priming between object names.

If our central representation of an object is defined through embodied experience, we might expect access to action affordances to be privileged over more abstract concepts. We used event-related potentials to examine the relative time course of access to affordances. Written object names were primed with the name of an object sharing the same affordance as the target (e.g. precision-grip: "grape" primed by "tweezers") or the same taxonomic category (e.g. fruit: "grape" primed by "apple"). N200 latencies, r...

Assessment of step accuracy using the Consumer Technology Association standard.

The purpose of this study was to compare the accuracy of commercially-available physical activity devices when walking and running at various treadmill speeds using CTA 2056: Physical Activity Monitoring for Fitness Wearables: Step Counting, standard by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Twenty participants (10 males and 10 females) completed self-paced walking and running protocols on the treadmill for five minutes each. Eight devices (Apple iWatch series 1, Fitbit Surge, Garmin 235, Moto 360, Pola...

Gas exchange measurement as a non-destructive viability assay for frozen-thawed, winter-dormant apple buds.

Low temperature studies with winter-dormant buds are severely limited by the lack of a rapid,non-destructive assay for their viability. Investigations involving the winter harvest of ecodormant buds of woody subjects, including cryopreservation, are restricted if viability cannot be assessed until dormancy is broken. If post-treatment grafting indicates low survival of the harvested population then further collection and study has to be delayed until the next winter season. This study trials the use of a po...

Analysis of early failure of Biotronik Linox Smart implantable cardioverter-defibrillator leads: A comparative study of three defibrillator leads.

Early failure of Biotronik Linox and Linox Smart leads has been reported in numerous recent publications. The aim of this study was to assess the performance of this lead compared with that of 2 other contemporary leads.

Recent advances in siRNA delivery for cancer therapy using smart nanocarriers.

Small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) can selectively target and downregulate disease-causing genes, holding great promise in treating human diseases, especially malignant cancers. However, how to efficiently deliver siRNAs into target cell cytosol is a problem that has hindered their clinical application. Here, we review the recent strategies for siRNA delivery on the basis of smart nanocarriers by using stimuli-responsive materials. We highlight the rationales of how to design smart nanocarriers responsive to p...

Smart Care Based on Telemonitoring and Telemedicine for Type 2 Diabetes Care: Multi-center Randomized Controlled Trial.

This study was performed to determine the effectiveness of the Smart Care service on glucose control based on telemedicine and telemonitoring compared with conventional treatment in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Characterization of two related Erwinia myoviruses that are distant relatives of the PhiKZ-like Jumbo phages.

Bacteriophages are a major force in the evolution of bacteria due to their sheer abundance as well as their ability to infect and kill their hosts and to transfer genetic material. Bacteriophages that infect the Enterobacteriaceae family are of particular interest because this bacterial family contains dangerous animal and plant pathogens. Herein we report the isolation and characterization of two jumbo myovirus Erwinia phages, RisingSun and Joad, collected from apple trees. These two genomes are nearly ide...

Just ask Siri? A pilot study comparing smartphone digital assistants and laptop Google searches for smoking cessation advice.

To compare voice-activated internet searches by smartphone (two digital assistants) with laptop ones for information and advice related to smoking cessation.

ABS-SmartComAgri: An Agent-Based Simulator of Smart Communication Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks for Debugging in Precision Agriculture.

Smart communication protocols are becoming a key mechanism for improving communication performance in networks such as wireless sensor networks. However, the literature lacks mechanisms for simulating smart communication protocols in precision agriculture for decreasing production costs. In this context, the current work presents an agent-based simulator of smart communication protocols for efficiently managing pesticides. The simulator considers the needs of electric power, crop health, percentage of alive...

Pectin-honey coating as novel dehydrating bioactive agent for cut fruit: Enhancement of the functional properties of coated dried fruits.

In this paper, a novel and sustainable process for the fruit dehydration was described. Specifically, edible coatings based on pectin and honey were prepared and used as dehydrating and antimicrobial agents of cut fruit samples, in this way promoting the fruit preservation from irreversible deteriorative processes. Pectin-honey coating was tested on apple, cantaloupe melon, mango and pineapple. The analysis were performed also on uncoated dehydrated fruits (control). The coated fruit evidenced enhanced dehy...

Prognostic Utility of Stress Testing and Cardiac Biomarkers in Menopausal Women at Low to Intermediate Risk for Coronary ARTery Disease (SMART Study): 5-Year Outcome.

In women with low to intermediate risk of coronary artery disease (CAD), prognostic detection strategies have been controversial. We present the follow-up data of the SMART trial in peri/postmenopausal women at low to intermediate risk of CAD.

Associations between proposed local government liquor store size classifications and alcohol consumption in young adults.

The prevalence of warehouse-style liquor stores has prompted alarm from local communities and public health advocates. To increase local government control over liquor stores, one proposed planning response is to distinguish between 'small' (i.e., ≤ 300 m) and 'large' (i.e., > 300 m) liquor stores. We mapped the size and location of liquor stores in Perth, Western Australia, and tested associations between liquor store exposure and alcohol consumption (grams ethanol/day) in young adults (n = 990)....

Serum vitamin D concentrations in hospitalized critically ill dogs.

Hypovitaminosis D has been extensively documented in critically ill humans. However, whether or not critically ill dogs have alterations in vitamin D concentrations remains unconfirmed. The primary aims of our study were to compare serum 25-hydroxycholecalciferol [25(OH)D] concentrations in critically ill dogs with healthy control dogs, determine the prognostic utility of serum 25(OH)D concentration as a biomarker in critically ill dogs, and to assess if serum 25(OH)D concentrations in critically ill dogs a...

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