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Incorporating a Peer-Mediated Approach Into Speech-Generating Device Intervention: Effects on Communication of Preschoolers With Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This study examined the effects of incorporating a peer-mediated approach into a speech-generating device (SGD) intervention on communication of 45 nonverbal and minimally verbal preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and 95 peers without disabilities. The SGD was an iPad 2 (Apple) with voice output app.

Building professionals' intention to use smart and sustainable building technologies - An empirical study.

Smart and sustainable buildings save energy and material resources and provide a comfortable environment that enhances their occupants' well-being and productivity. It is therefore crucial to understand how building professionals, including designers, engineers, and contractors, view smart and sustainable buildings and what drives them towards smart and sustainable building technologies. This study identifies salient smart and sustainable building features from building professionals' perspective and explor...

Mobile apps for treatment of speech disorders in children: An evidence-based analysis of quality and efficacy.

Recently there has been exponential growth in mobile health (mHealth) applications (apps) for children with speech disorders. A challenge for health professionals and families is knowing how to find high quality apps that are therapeutically beneficial. We systematically search and critique the quality of mobile apps for childhood speech disorders. An evidence-based method for identifying suitable apps in the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores is also proposed.

Towards pulse rate parametrization during free-living activities using smart wristband.

The growing interest to integrate consumer smart wristbands in eHealth applications spawns the need for novel approaches of data parametrization which account for the technology-specific constraints. The present study aims to investigate the feasibility of a consumer smart wristband to be used for computing pulse rate parameters during free-living activities.

Opening the Black Box: Understanding the Science Behind Big Data and Predictive Analytics.

Big data, smart data, predictive analytics, and other similar terms are ubiquitous in the lay and scientific literature. However, despite the frequency of usage, these terms are often poorly understood, and evidence of their disruption to clinical care is hard to find. This article aims to address these issues by first defining and elucidating the term big data, exploring the ways in which modern medical data, both inside and outside the electronic medical record, meet the established definitions of big dat...

Smart systems for determination of drug's solubility.

The solubility of drugs is a crucial physicochemical property in the drug discovery or development process and for improving the bioavailability of drugs. There are various methods for evaluating the solubility of drugs including manual measurement methods, mathematical methods and smart methods. Manual measurement and mathematical methods have some defects which make the smart systems more reliable and important in this field. In this review, various instruments used for the solubility determination, along...

Using the MB-LATER score for predicting arrhythmia outcome after catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation: The Guangzhou atrial fibrillation project.

Several clinical scoring systems have been derived to predict the arrhythmia outcome of catheter ablation (CA) for atrial fibrillation (AF) but which is better is not clear. Simple clinical risk scores (that any clinician can use in the everyday clinic) can help assess the likelihood of recurrence of AF following CA and the simple MB-LATER score has recently been described. We compare the predictive ability of seven existing clinical scoring systems (HATCH, CHADS , CHA DS -VASc, BASE-AF , APPLE, CAAP-AF, a...

Managing Pervasive Sensing Campaigns via an Experimentation-as-a-Service Platform for Smart Cities.

The adoption of technologies like the IoT in urban environments, together with the intensive use of smartphones, is driving transformation towards smart cities. Under this perspective, Experimentation-as-a-Service within OrganiCity aims to create an experimental facility with technologies, services, and applications that simplify innovation within urban ecosystems. We discuss here tools that facilitate experimentation, implementing ways to organize, execute, and administer experimentation campaigns in a sma...

Confirmation of the Revised Structure of Samoquasine A and a Proposed Structural Revision of Cherimoline.

The identity of the natural product samoquasine A has remained obscure since its isolation from custard apple seeds in 2000. One of the proposed structures, benzo[ f]phthalazin-4(3 H)-one, was prepared in two steps by regioselective ortho-lithiation/formylation of N, N-diisopropyl-2-naphthylamide, followed by cyclization with hydrazine, but was shown to be different from the natural product. Perlolidine, another candidate structure, was synthesized by a novel route involving a β-selective Heck reaction of ...

Good agreement between smart device and inertial sensor-based gait parameters during a 6-min walk.

Traditional laboratory-based kinetic and kinematic gait analyses are expensive, time-intensive, and impractical for clinical settings. Inertial sensors have gained popularity in gait analysis research and more recently smart devices have been employed to provide quantification of gait. However, no study to date has investigated the agreement between smart device and inertial sensor-based gait parameters during prolonged walking.

Smart device usage in early childhood is differentially associated with fine motor and language development.

We evaluated the relationships between the use of smart devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, and the development levels and language scores in young children.

Ultra-Low Power Smart Electronic Nose System Based on Three-Dimensional Tin-Oxide Nanotube Arrays.

In this work, we present a high performance smart electronic nose (E-nose) system consisting of multiplexed tin dioxide (SnO2) nanotube sensor array, read-out circuit, wireless data transmission unit, mobile phone receiver and data processing application (App). Using the proposed nanotube sensor device structure in conjunction with multiple electrode materials, high sensitivity gas detection and discrimination have been achieved at room temperature, enabling a 1,000 times reduction of sensor's power consump...

Reconsidering the Need for Reconsent at 18.

The prevalence of research with biological specimens has led to a debate over what type of consent is needed to obtain biological specimens from minors and store them for future studies. In most cases, parental permission is needed to obtain samples from minors. In addition, almost all commentators and guidelines maintain that researchers need the consent of the donors if they want to continue to store the samples and make them available for future studies after the donors reach the age of majority. In this...

Mineral and centesimal composition evaluation of conventional and organic cultivars sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) using chemometric tools.

Sweet potato is a food consumed in the world. In this work, the minerals and centesimal composition in sweet potatoes of organic and conventional cultivars was investigated. The accuracy was confirmed with a certified reference material of apple leaves (NIST 1515). The quantification of the samples was performed by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry and the digestion efficiency was evaluated by residual carbon content. The mean concentrations (in mg/100 g) of minerals were: 23.5 and ...

Residential HVAC Runtime from Smart Thermostats: Characterization, Comparison, and Impacts.

In North America, the majority of homes use forced-air systems for heating and cooling. The proportion of time these systems operate, or runtime, has a significant impact on many building performance parameters. The recent adoption of smart thermostats in many North American homes presents a potential data source for runtime. Smart thermostat data collected from over 7,000 homes were compared with nine other investigations and a runtime estimation method based on exterior temperature. The smart thermostat r...

SMART coils for intracranial aneurysm embolization: Follow-up outcomes.

The SMART coil (Penumbra Inc., Alameda, CA, USA) is a new microcoil designed to enhance deliverability. Although prior studies have described its perioperative safety and efficacy, the follow-up outcomes after embolization of intracranial aneurysms using SMART coils have not been reported. Therefore, the aim of this retrospective cohort study is to assess the angiographic outcomes at interim follow-up after aneurysm embolization with SMART coils. We reviewed data from consecutive patients with intracranial ...

Quantification of Temporal Resolution Improvement Factor in SMART-RECON Based Time-Resolved C-arm Cone Beam CT Angiography (TR-CBCTA).

In a recently published paper by Li \etal \cite{LiPMB2018}, reconstruction parameters were optimized for the so-called Synchronized MultiArtifact Reduction with Tomographic reconstruction (SMART-RECON) method to enable time-resolved cone beam CT angiography (TR-CBCTA) from a single short-scan CBCT data set. However, the paper did not quantitatively address how much temporal resolution can be improved by using the SMART-RECON algorithm in TR-CBCTA. The purpose of this note was to present a method to quantify...

Synthesis of magnetic multiwall carbon nanotubes for enantioseparation of three pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables by chiral liquid chromatography.

In this study, magnetic multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MMWCNTs) were synthesized and used as adsorbent for preconcentration of chiral pesticide residues (including epoxiconazole, tebuconazole, and metalaxyl) in lettuce, cabbage, and apple. Several parameters affecting the treatment efficiency were investigated, including extraction solvent and absorption solvent. Under the optimal conditions, all three chiral pesticides showed decent enantiomeric separation (Rs > 1.48). The linearity of each target was goo...

Implementation of the Smart Use of Antibiotics Program to Reduce Unnecessary Antibiotic Use in a Neonatal ICU: A Prospective Interrupted Time-Series Study in a Developing Country.

We aimed to implement our Smart Use of Antibiotics Program to ensure the proper use of antimicrobials, improve patient care and outcomes, and reduce the risks of adverse effects and antimicrobial resistance.

The effect of interrupted/deferred antiretroviral therapy on disease risk: a SMART & START combined analysis.

Pooled data from SMART and START were used to compare deferred/intermittent versus immediate/continuous antiretroviral therapy (ART) on disease risk.

Positive Predictive Value of Melanoma Diagnosis in Store-and-Forward Teledermatology.

Although store-and-forward teledermatology (SFT) has demonstrated good diagnostic sensitivity for melanoma, little is known about the diagnostic precision (positive predictive value [PPV]).

Plant Sr isotope ratios as affected by the Sr isotope ratio of the soil and of the external Sr inputs.

The Sr/Sr ratio of a produce is generally linked with the soil geological features of the growing areas. This study aimed at assessing to which extent the addition of external Sr by agricultural practices, like irrigation and mineral nutrient supply, influences this relationship. In a first experiment, oat plants in two soils reflected the Sr/Sr of the soil. However, this link was significantly altered at increasing levels of external Sr soil supplies. In a second experiment, apple trees transplanted in pot...

Privacy-preserving aggregation of personal health data streams.

Recently, as the paradigm of medical services has shifted from treatment to prevention, there is a growing interest in smart healthcare that can provide users with healthcare services anywhere, at any time, using information and communications technologies. With the development of the smart healthcare industry, there is a growing need for collecting large-scale personal health data to exploit the knowledge obtained through analyzing them for improving the smart healthcare services. Although such a considera...

CLCA2 is a positive regulator of store-operated calcium entry and TMEM16A.

The Chloride Channel Accessory (CLCA) protein family was first characterized as regulators of calcium-activated chloride channel (CaCC) currents (ICaCC), but the mechanism has not been fully established. We hypothesized that CLCAs might regulate ICaCC by modulating intracellular calcium levels. In cells stably expressing human CLCA2 or vector, we found by calcium imaging that CLCA2 moderately enhanced intracellular-store release but dramatically increased store-operated entry of calcium upon cytosolic deple...

Choice architecture modifies fruit and vegetable purchasing in a university campus grocery store: time series modelling of a natural experiment.

In developed countries, adolescent and young adult diets have been found to be nutritionally poor. The aim of this study was to examine whether a choice architecture intervention, re-arrangement of produce within a grocery store to increase the accessibility of fruit and vegetables, affected purchasing behaviour on a university campus.

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