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An approach to treating a patient with a HeartMate II™ left ventricularassist device in a multiplace hyperbaric chamber: a case report.

Left-ventricular assist devices (LVAD) are becoming a common therapy for end-stage heart failure. These devicesare not tested for pressurization in a hyperbaricchamber by the manufacturer. In this article, we present an approach to modify the power supply in order to safely treat a patient with an LVAD.

Diagnosis and Innovative Multidisciplinary Management of Hallermann-Streiff Syndrome: 20-Year Follow-Up of a Patient.

Hallermann-Streiff syndrome (HSS) is a rare congenital disorder that mainly affects head and face development. We described the different patterns of the disease throughout the whole growth period and provided innovative treatment steps. Indeed, early genioplasty and dental implantation before growth completion were performed. These steps allowed to improve facial growth and to provide orthodontic anchorage, respectively. Complementary orthognathic surgery achieved satisfactory occlusion and refined aesthet...

Next Steps for Confirming Bronchoalveolar Lavage Amlyase as an Useful Biomarker for Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia.

Considerable observations in cesarean section surgical technique and proposed steps.

Influence of secondary water supply systems on microbial community structure and opportunistic pathogen gene markers.

Secondary water supply systems (SWSSs) refer to the in-building infrastructures (e.g., water storage tanks) used to supply water pressure beyond the main distribution systems. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of SWSSs on microbial community structure and the occurrence of opportunistic pathogens, the latter of which are an emerging public health concern. Higher numbers of bacterial 16S rRNA genes, Legionella and mycobacterial gene markers were found in public building taps served b...

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (ChIP-Seq) for Transcription Factors and Chromatin Factors in Arabidopsis thaliana Roots: From Material Collection to Data Analysis.

Chromatin immunoprecipitation combined with next-generation sequencing (ChIP-seq) is a powerful technique to investigate in vivo transcription factor (TF) binding to DNA, as well as chromatin marks. Here we provide a detailed protocol for all the key steps to perform ChIP-seq in Arabidopsis thaliana roots, also working on other A. thaliana tissues and in most non-ligneous plants. We detail all steps from material collection, fixation, chromatin preparation, immunoprecipitation, library preparation, and fina...

An Organocatalytic Approach for Short Asymmetric Synthesis of (R)-Paraconyl Alcohol: Application to the Total Syntheses of IM-2, SCB2 and A-Factor γ-Butyrolactone Autoregulators.

(R)-Paraconyl alcohol is found to be a key intermediate for the syntheses of many γ-butyrolactone autoregulators. Chiral auxiliary approach and enzymatic resolution are the two common strategies employed so far in the literature for the asymmetric synthesis of (R)-paraconyl alcohol. Herein, we report a first organocatalytic approach for the short asymmetric synthesis of (R)-paraconyl alco-hol in four steps and single column purification. Asymmetric syntheses of IM-2, SCB2 and A-factor γ-butyrolactone auto...

First steps in creating a national action plan on post-traumatic stress injury/disorder.

Cognitive Computing to Guide Molecular-Based Therapy Selection: Steps Forward amid Abundant Need.

ERP correlates of cognitive control in children prenatally exposed to methadone or buprenorphine.

Much is still unknown about the potential long-term effects of prenatal methadone and buprenorphine exposure. We examined neural correlates of cognitive control in 19 prenatally methadone and buprenorphine exposed and 21 nondrug exposed children, aged 9-11 years. Children performed a modified version of the Eriksen Flanker task, which taps into selective attention, conflict response, and response inhibition mechanisms. We investigated behavioral responses and the ERP components N1, P2, N2, P3, and the late ...

Quantification of the Campylobacter contamination on broiler carcasses during the slaughter of Campylobacter positive flocks in semi-industrialized slaughterhouses.

Campylobacter contamination of broiler carcasses has been little studied in semi-industrialized slaughterhouses in developing countries, where several steps are carried out manually or with limited technology. In this study, we performed quantification of the Campylobacter contamination on carcasses at four steps in the slaughter process in three Ecuadorian slaughterhouses. Therefore, 15 Campylobacter positive batches were sampled in three commercial slaughterhouses. For every batch, caecal content and five...

RE: Macro textured breast implants with defined steps to minimize bacterial contamination around the device.

Diagnostic Error in the Critically Ill: Defining the Problem and Exploring Next Steps to Advance ICU Safety.

10 Ways to Build Effective Community Relations. There are many simple steps your agency can take to develop trust and foster respect.

Concrete Steps for Empowering Learners to Create a Feedback Environment.

A wavelet based time frequency analysis of electromyograms to group steps of runners into clusters that contain similar muscle activation patterns.

To wavelet transform the electromyograms of the vastii muscles and generate wavelet intensity patterns (WIP) of runners. Test the hypotheses: 1) The WIP of the vastus medialis (VM) and vastus lateralis (VL) of one step are more similar than the WIPs of these two muscles, offset by one step. 2) The WIPs within one muscle differ by having maximal intensities in specific frequency bands and these intensities are not always occurring at the same time after heel strike. 3) The WIPs that were recorded form one mu...

Understanding Severe Maternal Morbidity: Hospital-based Review.

Cases of severe maternal morbidity (SMM) share similarities to maternal deaths, including increasing in frequency and having similar rates of preventability. This article will review steps to organizing and implementing standard reviews of all cases of SMM. These steps include create multidisciplinary SMM review committee; identify potential SMM cases and confirm true SMM; identify the morbidity; abstract and summarize data; present case to review committee for discussion; determine events leading to morbid...

Daily Patterns of Preschoolers' Objectively Measured Step Counts in Six European Countries: Cross-Sectional Results from the ToyBox-Study.

This study is part of the ToyBox-study, which is conducted in six European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Poland and Spain), aiming to develop a cost-effective kindergarten-based, family-involved intervention to prevent overweight and obesity in four- to six-year-old preschool children. In the current study, we aimed to examine and compare preschoolers' step count patterns, across the six European countries. A sample of 3578 preschoolers (mean age: 4.8 ± 0.4) was included. Multilevel analys...


: Minimally invasive fetal therapeutic procedures reduce the morbidity and mortality in monochorionic (MC) twins and in fetuses with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). MC pregnancies share their blood systems due to communicating vessels over their single placenta and may develop specific complications: Twin-to-Twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), Selective intrauterine growth restriction (sIUGR), Twin Anemia-Polycythemia Sequence (TAPS), Twin Reverse Arterial Perfusion Syndrome (TRAP) or anomalies in one....

STEPS: an efficient prospective likelihood approach to genetic association analyses of secondary traits in extreme phenotype sequencing.

It has been well acknowledged that methods for secondary trait (ST) association analyses under a case-control design (ST$_{\text{CC}}$) should carefully consider the sampling process to avoid biased risk estimates. A similar situation also exists in the extreme phenotype sequencing (EPS) designs, which is to select subjects with extreme values of continuous primary phenotype for sequencing. EPS designs are commonly used in modern epidemiological and clinical studies such as the well-known National Heart, Lu...

Video-Recorded Validation of Wearable Step Counters under Free-living Conditions.

The purpose of this study was to determine the accuracy of 14 step counting methods under free-living conditions. MethodsTwelve adults (mean±SD, age: 35±13 yr) wore a chest harness that held a GoPro camera pointed down at the feet during all waking hours for one day. The GoPro continuously recorded video of all steps taken throughout the day. Simultaneously, participants wore two StepWatch [SW] devices on each ankle (all programmed with different settings), one activPAL [AP] on each thigh, four devices at...

Response of Letter to Editor: Macro textured breast implants with defined steps to minimize bacterial contamination around the device.

Easier Seen Than Done: Merely Watching Others Perform Can Foster an Illusion of Skill Acquisition.

Modern technologies such as YouTube afford unprecedented access to the skilled performances of other people. Six experiments ( N = 2,225) reveal that repeatedly watching others can foster an illusion of skill acquisition. The more people merely watch others perform (without actually practicing themselves), the more they nonetheless believe they could perform the skill, too (Experiment 1). However, people's actual abilities-from throwing darts and doing the moonwalk to playing an online game-do not improve a...

Steps forward reduction of environmental impact on children's health.

A Cyclical Approach to Continuum Modeling: A Conceptual Model of Diabetic Foot Care.

"Cascade" or "continuum" models have been developed for a number of diseases and conditions. These models define the desired, successive steps in care for that disease or condition and depict the proportion of the population that has completed each step. These models may be used to compare care across subgroups or populations and to identify and evaluate interventions intended to improve outcomes on the population level. Previous cascade or continuum models have been limited by several factors. These models...

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