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Concrete Steps for Empowering Learners to Create a Feedback Environment.

Absorption of Unconjugated Bile Acids from the Perfused Jejunum of the Anesthetized Rat: Structure-Activity Relationships and Rate-Limiting Steps.

Inducible Protein Production in 293 Cells Using the piggyBac Transposon System.

Recombinant proteins are widely used to study various pathophysiological processes. Nevertheless, the establishment of the desired protein-producing stable mammalian cell lines using traditional methods is hampered by multiple laborious steps. In this chapter, we describe a simple and robust system that allows for the derivation of stable transgenic cell lines in 293 cells, yielding high protein expression levels, in a short time period. This methodology is based on the piggyBac transposon system and, nota...

P450-Catalyzed Tailoring Steps in Leinamycin Biosynthesis Featuring Regio- and Stereoselective Hydroxylations and Substrate Promiscuities.

Leinamycin (LNM) is a potent antitumor antibiotic produced by Streptomyces atroolivaceus S-140. Both in vivo and in vitro characterization of the LNM biosynthetic machinery have established the formation of the 18-membered macrolactam backbone and the C-3 alkyl branch; the nascent product, LNM E1, of the hybrid nonribosomal peptide synthetase (NRPS)-acyltransferase (AT)-less type I polyketide synthase (PKS); and the generation of the thiol moiety at C-3 of LNM E1. However, the tailoring steps converting LNM...

Synthesis of highly potent Lymphocyte Function-Associated Antigen-1 Antagonists Labeled with Carbon-14 and with Stable Isotopes, Part 3.

The drug candidates (2) and (3) are highly potent LFA-1 inhibitors. They were efficiently prepared labeled with carbon-14 using a palladium-catalyzed carboxylation of an iodo-precursor (5) and sodium formate- C to afford acid [ C]-(6), which was coupled via an amide bond to chiral amines (7) and (8) in 52% and 48% overall yield respectively and with specific activities higher than 56 mCi/mmol and radiochemical purities of 99%. For stable isotopes synthesis, the amine [ H ]-(7) was synthesized in three steps...

A Key Factor Dominating the Competition between Photolysis and Photoracemization of Ru(bipy) and Ru(phen) Complexes.

Photolysis and photoracemization are two important photochemical phenomena of the prototype complexes [Ru(bipy)] and [Ru(phen)] (bipy = 2,2'-bipyridine, phen = 1,10-phenanthroline), but little is known about their relations. To solve this issue, the photoinduced chiral inversion Δ⇌Λ of the complexes was analyzed theoretically. The results indicated that the photoracemization reaction proceeds on the lowest triplet potential energy surface in three steps CT↔MC, MC↔MC, and MC↔CT (CT = charge transfe...

Take these steps to improve your flu season preparedness.

The 6 strategies outlined here can help you reduce the risk of illness and limit its severity if contracted.

STEPS: an efficient prospective likelihood approach to genetic association analyses of secondary traits in extreme phenotype sequencing.

It has been well acknowledged that methods for secondary trait (ST) association analyses under a case-control design (ST$_{\text{CC}}$) should carefully consider the sampling process to avoid biased risk estimates. A similar situation also exists in the extreme phenotype sequencing (EPS) designs, which is to select subjects with extreme values of continuous primary phenotype for sequencing. EPS designs are commonly used in modern epidemiological and clinical studies such as the well-known National Heart, Lu...

Effects of storage conditions on two platelet agonists for whole blood impedance platelet aggregometry in dogs.

Whole blood impedance platelet aggregometry (Multiplate-) can be performed with different agonists to evaluate platelet function. Although the manufacturer recommends disposal of stored reagents after 1 month at -20°C or 24 hours at 4°C, reagent integrity after reconstitution under different storage conditions is unknown. If reagent integrity is stable for longer periods, assay costs could decrease dramatically.

Providing Good Care in the Shadow of Violence - An Interview Study with Nursing Staff and Ward Managers in Psychiatric Inpatient Care in Sweden.

The aim was to describe the nursing staff and ward managers' experiences of safety and violence in everyday meetings with the patients. The qualitative content analyses resulted in four themes: the relationship with the patient is the basis of care; the organizational culture affects the care given; knowledge and competence are important for safe care; and the importance of balancing influence and coercion in care. The staff had a varied ability to meet patients in a respectful way. One way of creating a co...

The Regulatory Role of Shikimate in Plant Phenylalanine Metabolism.

In higher plants, the amino acid phenylalanine is a substrate of both primary and secondary metabolic pathways. The primary pathway that consumes phenylalanine, protein biosynthesis, is essential for the viability of all cells. Meanwhile, the secondary pathways are not necessary for the survival of individual cells, but benefit of the plant as a whole. Here we focus on the monolignol pathway, a secondary metabolic pathway in the cytosol that rapidly consumes phenylalanine to produce the precursors of lignin...

Essential Steps to Ensure Publication in Headache (and Any Other Journal of Good Repute).

Core outcome sets in dermatology: next steps.

Bipolar radiofrequency neurotomy for spinal pain - a promising technique but still some steps to go.

SILAC-MS profiling of reconstituted human chromatin platforms for the study of transcription and RNA regulation.

DNA packaged into chromatin is the core structure of the human genome. Nearly all eukaryotic genome regulation must interface with this genomic structure and modification to the chromatin can influence molecular mechanisms that regulate the underlying DNA. Many processes are governed by regulated step-wise assembly mechanisms that build complex machinery on chromatin to license a specific activity such as transcription. Transcriptional activators drive the initial steps of gene expression, regulated in part...

Professor Ruth Sonntag Nussenzweig (1928-2018) First steps towards a successful anti-sporozoite vaccine against malaria.

Making a difference for the profession, the people in it and the animals.

As she steps away from the BVA officer team next month, celebrates the skills she has gained through an eclectic career and wonders what will come next.

Major structural rearrangements of the canonical eukaryotic translation initiation complex.

Translation initiation in eukaryotes is a complex multistep process that requires the interplay of over a dozen protein factors together with the small ribosomal subunit (SSU) and the mRNA. During all these steps, the SSU serves as a platform for attachment, displacement and release of different molecules. In recent years, the great number of high-resolution X-ray and cryo-EM structures provided unprecedented insights into the molecular mechanism of this important process in eukaryotes. More specifically, c...

Designing inhaled protein therapeutics for topical lung delivery: what are the next steps?

How I do it/Technical note: Adjustable and Rigid Fixation of Brain Tissue Oxygenation Probe (LICOX) in Neurosurgery - from bench to bedside.

Multimodal neuromonitoring has become a fundamental part of management for many neurosurgical disorders such as subarachnoid hemorrhage and severe traumatic brain injury. Obviously, brain tissue oxygen tension monitoring requires insertion of a probe into the brain parenchyma through a single multiple lumen bolt, or in a subcutaneously tunneled fashion. As those patients often require early magnetic resonance imaging(MRI), typically used bolts are disadvantageous due to massive metal artifact. Similarly, su...

Whole-cell based synthetic enzyme cascades-light and shadow of a promising technology.

Mimicking Nature by biocatalytic cascade reactions in a whole-cell environment is a revolutionary development in multistep synthesis for the production of bulk and fine chemicals. In the past decade, several proof of concept success stories demonstrated the power of those synthetic cascades and paved the road for future industrial applications. Although enzymes and their promiscuity are best suited to construct such artificial pathways, the complexity and the lack of understanding of the cellular machinery ...

Implementation of effective infection control: furnishing a -dental practice.

The increasing resistance to antibiotics and the aging of the population of patients who visit the dental practice can lead to more frequent infections with (resistant) microorganisms. The prevention of cross contamination by the implementation of effective measures in the area of hygiene and procedures of infection control is therefore important. The furnishing of a dental practice can play an important part in prevention. What are the important issues in furnishing a practice? A distinction is made betwee...

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and infrared spectroscopy analysis of precipitate formed after mixing sodium hypochlorite and QMix 2in1.

Mixing sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) with chlorhexidine (CHX) forms a brown precipitate. QMix-2in1 (QMix) was introduced as a final irrigant. Manufacturer recommends interim flushing with saline between the application of NaOCl and QMix to prevent formation of precipitation. This study assessed whether para-chloroaniline (PCA) is formed after mixing NaOCl with QMix.

Meroterpenoid Synthesis via Sequential Polyketide Aromatization and Cationic Polyene Cyclization: Total Syntheses of (+)-Hongoquercin A and B and Related Meroterpenoids.

(+)-Hongoquercin A and B were synthesized from commercially available trans, trans-farnesol in six and eleven steps, respectively, using dual biomimetic strategies with polyketide aromatization and subsequent polyene functionalization from a common farnesyl-resorcylate intermediate. Key steps involve Pd(0)-catalyzed decarboxylative allylic rearrangement of a dioxinone β,δ-diketo ester to a β,δ-diketo dioxinone, which was readily aromatized into the corresponding resorcylate, and subsequent polyene cycli...

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