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Using Individual Clinical Evaluations to Assess Residents' Clinical Judgment; Feasibility and Residents' Perception.

In surgical training, most assessment tools focus on advanced clinical decision-making or operative skill. Available tools often require significant investment of resources and time. A high stakes oral examination is also required to become board-certified in surgery. We developed Individual Clinical Evaluation (ICE) to evaluate intern-level clinical decision-making in a time- and cost-efficient manner, and to introduce the face-to-face evaluation setting.

Replacement Effects and Budget Impacts of Insurance Coverage for Sodium-Glucose Co-Transporter-2 Inhibitors on Oral Antidiabetic Drug Utilization.

A new oral antidiabetic drug class, sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors (SGLT-2 inhibitors), has been covered by national health insurance in Taiwan since May 2016. This study estimated the impacts of insurance coverage for SGLT-2 inhibitors on the replacement effects of antidiabetic drug use and the overall budget for antidiabetic drugs in Taiwan.

Current Funding Opportunities.

Aerosol prime-boost vaccination provides strong protection in outbred rabbits against virulent type A Francisella tularensis.

Tularemia, also known as rabbit fever, is a severe zoonotic disease in humans caused by the gram-negative bacterium Francisella tularensis (Ft). While there have been a number of attempts to develop a vaccine for Ft, few candidates have advanced beyond experiments in inbred mice. We report here that a prime-boost strategy with aerosol delivery of recombinant live attenuated candidate Ft S4ΔaroD offers significant protection (83% survival) in an outbred animal model, New Zealand White rabbits, against aeros...

New Business Models to Accelerate Innovation in Pediatric Oncology Therapeutics: A Review.

Few patient populations are as helpless and in need of advocacy as children with cancer. Pharmaceutical companies have historically faced significant financial disincentives to pursue pediatric oncology therapeutics, including low incidence, high costs of conducting pediatric trials, and a lack of funding for early-stage research.

Rien ne doit se faire pour eux sans eux : renforcer la participation des demandeurs d'asile, réfugiés et migrants sans statut et des organismes communautaires dans la recherche en santé.

The number of vulnerable migrants in Canada is on the rise. While debates on immigration policies have been at the forefront, there has been little dialogue regarding the health and well-being of refugees, asylum-seekers and non-status migrants despite the significant health inequities that these populations face. In this context, health research that aims to understand migrants' realities, develop appropriate health and social services and policies, and empower these populations, is needed more than ever. ...

Priming of leaf litter decomposition by algae seems of minor importance in natural streams during autumn.

Allochthonous detritus of terrestrial origin is one of the main energy sources in forested headwater streams, but its poor nutritional quality makes it difficult to use by heterotrophs. It has been suggested that algae growing on this detritus can enhance its nutritional quality and promote decomposition. So far, most evidence of this "priming effect" is derived from laboratory or mesocosm experiments, and its importance under natural conditions is unclear. We measured accrual of algae, phosphorus uptake ca...

Strategic distribution of seeds to support diffusion in complex networks.

Usually, the launch of the diffusion process is triggered by a few early adopters-i.e., seeds of diffusion. Many studies have assumed that all seeds are activated once to initiate the diffusion process in social networks and therefore are focused on finding optimal ways of choosing these nodes according to a limited budget. Despite the advances in identifying influencing spreaders, the strategy of activating all seeds at the beginning might not be sufficient in accelerating and maximising the coverage of di...

Hypofractionated whole breast radiotherapy with or without hypofractionated boost in early stage breast cancer patients: a mono-institutional analysis of skin and subcutaneous toxicity.

Our study evaluated skin and subcutaneous toxicity analyzing its correlation with patient- and treatment-related factors in a large mono-institutional series of women with early stage breast cancer treated with adjuvant hypofractionated whole breast radiotherapy (WBRT) with or without a sequential hypofractionated boost (HB).

Response from the Editor-in-Chief to Siddiqui and Chambers' letter.

Foundations In California: What Are They Funding?

Impact of urbanization on spring and autumn phenology of deciduous trees in the Seoul Capital Area, South Korea.

Urbanization exerts anthropogenic forcing that affects regional climate and ecosystems. With increasing levels of urbanization associated with urban population growth in the near future, understanding of the impact of urbanization on terrestrial ecosystems is important for predicting future environmental changes. This study evaluates the impact of urbanization on spring and autumn phenology by addressing the relationship between population density and phenology at nine stations in the Seoul Capital Area (SC...

Virtual reality perspective-taking increases cognitive empathy for specific others.

Previous research shows that virtual reality perspective-taking experiences (VRPT) can increase prosocial behavior toward others. We extend this research by exploring whether this effect of VRPT is driven by increased empathy and whether the effect extends to ostensibly real-stakes behavioral games. In a pre-registered laboratory experiment (N = 180), participants interacted with an ostensible partner (a student from the same university as them) on a series of real-stakes economic games after (a) taking the...

Changing the neurology policy landscape in the United States: Misconceptions and facts about epilepsy.

Epilepsy has a relatively high prevalence, and diagnosis and treatment are often challenging. Seizure freedom without significant side effects is the ultimate goal for both physicians and patients, but not always achievable. In those cases, the treatment goals of patients and providers may differ. In the United States, many clinicians continue to prescribe older AEDs, even though newer AEDs have a more desirable safety and tolerability profile, fewer drug-drug interactions, and are associated with lower epi...

Benthic nutrient cycling at the sediment-water interface in a lagoon fish farming system (northern Adriatic Sea, Italy).

Metabolism and carbon, oxygen, and nutrient fluxes (DIC, DOC, DO, NO, NO, NH, PO and SiO) were studied during three surveys at two sites (VN1 and VN3) located at a fish farm at the Marano and Grado Lagoon (northern Adriatic Sea), using an in situ benthic chamber. Field experiments were conducted in July and October 2015 and March 2016 at a depth of approximately 2 m along the main channels of the fish farm. Water samples were collected by a scuba diver every 2 h in order to investigate daily fluxes of s...

Nitrogen removal rates in a frigid high-altitude river estimated by measuring dissolved N and NO.

Rivers are important sites of both nitrogen removal and emission of nitrous oxide (NO), a powerful greenhouse gas. Previous measurements have focused on nitrogen-rich temperate rivers, with cold, low-nitrogen river systems at high-altitude receiving less attention. Here, nitrogen removal rates were estimated by directly measuring dissolved N and NO of the Yellow River in its source region of the Tibetan Plateau, a frigid high-altitude environment. We measured the dissolved N and NO using N:Ar ratio method a...

Foundation Funding For Patient Safety.

Over 600 general practices will be lost by 2020 without more funding, BMA warns.

Fourteenth Annual Warren K. Sinclair Keynote Address: Aren't We Ready Yet? Closing the Planning, Response, and Recovery Gaps for Radiological Terrorism.

Following the tragic events of 11 September 2001, the nation has made significant strides in preparing for disasters and emergencies of all types. Federal funding to state, local, territorial, and tribal public health and healthcare systems has required an all-hazards preparedness approach with special focus on those incidents that rise to the top of a jurisdiction's Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. While disaster planners in many areas of the country have recognized the potential for n...

Evaluating Supervision Models in Functional Family Therapy: Does Adding Observation Enhance Outcomes?

This study examined the effects of observation-based supervision Building Outcomes with Observation-Based Supervision of Therapy (BOOST therapists = 26, families = 105), versus supervision as usual (SAU therapists = 21, families = 59) on (a) youth externalizing behavior problems and (b) the moderating effects of changes in family functioning on youth externalizing behaviors for adolescents receiving Functional Family Therapy (FFT). Exploratory analyses examined the impact of supervision conditions o...

Effects of Seasonal Asymmetric Warming on Soil CO Release in Karst Region.

Seasonal asymmetric warming is one of the distinguishing features of global warming. However, if this feature is not considered in studying the effects of global changes on terrestrial ecosystems, it might probably cause misunderstanding of these studies. The releasing features of soil CO in Karst regions under various warming scenarios were simulated following a four-year continuous warming period using infrared radiators. A total of six treatments was arranged:no warming (ambient temp, CK); symmetric warm...

Enhanced overexpression, purification of a channelrhodopsin and a fluorescent flux assay for its functional characterization.

Channelrhodopsins (ChRs) are a group of membrane proteins that allow cation flux across the cellular membrane when stimulated by light. They have been emerged as important tools in optogenetics where light is used to trigger a change in the membrane potential of live cells which induces downstream physiological cascades. There is also increased interest in their applications for generating light-responsive biomaterials. Here we have used a two-step screening protocol to develop a Pichia pastoris strain that...

A range of kindness activities boost happiness.

Expanding Interlayer Spacing of Hard Carbon by Natural K+ doping to Boost the Na-ion Storage.

Heteroatom-doped carbon is an attractive material for anodes in lithium/sodium ion batteries as a replacement for the traditional graphite anodes. However, the complex fabrication process and high-cost force these carbon materials far from the practical applications. Here we report a low-cost, natural potassium-doped carbon material, which is directly carbonized from the coconut endocarp - a kind of the high-potassium contained biomass materials. The obtained carbon structure features an expanded d(002)-spa...

Lack of perspective in health funding research criticised.

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