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Downscaling of the tableting process: feasibility of miniaturized forced feeders on a high-speed rotary tablet press.

With the current transformation of the pharmaceutical industry towards continuous manufacturing, there is an inherent need to embrace this concept already during the early stages of drug formulation. Therefore, this research paper investigated the feasibility of using miniaturized forced feeders on a high-speed rotary tablet press with the intention of downscaling the tableting process. Forced feeders with a reduced volume (up to 46 % compared to the conventional two-compartment forced feeder) were designed...

Attention-based perceptual learning does not affect access to awareness.

Visual information that is relevant for an observer gains prioritized access to awareness (Gayet, Van der Stigchel, & Paffen, 2014). Here we investigate whether information that was relevant for an extended duration is prioritized for access to awareness when it is no longer relevant. We applied a perceptual-learning paradigm, in which observers were trained for 3 days on a speed-discrimination task. This task used a stimulus consisting of two motion directions, of which one was relevant to the task and one...

Epidemiology of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: a French national incidence and mid-term survival rate study.

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) is considered an important public health issue but its incidence has not been examined in France. The aim of this study is to define the incidence of OHCA in France and to compare this to other neighbouring countries. Data were extracted from the French OHCA registry. Only exhaustive centres during the period from January 1, 2013, to September 30, 2014 were included. All patients were included, regardless of their age and cause of OHCA. The participating centres covered...

Commodification in the reforms of the German, French and British health systems.

Since the 1980s, European health systems have undergone several reforms, with emphasis on the tendency of their commodification. The objective of this article is to demonstrate how market mechanisms were implemented in the functioning of these systems, german, british and french - from the 1980s. The "mercantile" reforms were justified on the premise that the insertion of market logic could both reduce the need for public spending and increase the efficiency of existing expenditure. The work presents differ...

Using road markings as a continuous cue for speed choice.

The potential for using road markings to indicate speed limits was investigated in a driving simulator over the course of two sessions. Two types of experimental road markings, an "Attentional" set designed to provide visually distinct cues to indicate speed limits of 60, 80 and 100 km/h, and a "Perceptual" set designed to also affect drivers' perception of speed, were compared to a standard undifferentiated set of markings. Participants (n = 20 per group) were assigned to one of four experimental gro...

An ABCG2 non-substrate anticancer agent FL118 targets drug-resistant cancer stem-like cells and overcomes treatment resistance of human pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is a deadly disease with a very low 5-year patient survival rate of 6-8%. The major challenges of eliminating pancreatic cancer are treatment resistance and stromal barriers to optimal drug access within the tumor. Therefore, effective molecular targeting drugs with high intra-tumor access and retention are urgently needed for managing this devastating disease in the clinic.

Speed but not amplitude of visual feedback exacerbates force variability in older adults.

Magnification of visual feedback (VF) impairs force control in older adults. In this study, we aimed to determine whether the age-associated increase in force variability with magnification of visual feedback is a consequence of increased amplitude or speed of visual feedback. Seventeen young and 18 older adults performed a constant isometric force task with the index finger at 5% of MVC. We manipulated the vertical (force gain) and horizontal (time gain) aspect of the visual feedback so participants perfor...

The influence of gait and speed on the dynamic navicular drop - A cross sectional study on healthy subjects.

Variations of gait speed influence kinematic variables that may have an effect on dynamic foot deformation. The influence of gait speed on the navicular drop has not yet been investigated.

Anti-retroviral drugs: current state and development in the next decade.

The pace of discovery of new antiretroviral (ARV) drugs has slowed, although the efficacy and safety of once-daily fixed dose combinations have been extensively investigated. Several traditional ARV drugs remain in phase III clinical trials. This review summarizes current information on ARV drugs in phase III clinical trials and focuses on the development of ARV drugs in the next decade.

Variations in the breast reconstruction rate in France: A nationwide study of 19,466 patients based on the French medico-administrative database.

Access to breast reconstruction (BR) surgery after a mastectomy remains limited, with a large degree of national and international variation despite its known psychological benefits and impact on quality of life. The aim of this study was to investigate the factors influencing breast reconstruction in France where cancer-related healthcare costs are fully reimbursed.

Transnational access to large prospective cohorts in Europe: current trends and unmet needs.

Biobank samples and data from studies of large prospective cohorts (LPC) represent an invaluable resource for health research. Efficient sharing and pooling of samples and data is a central pre-requisite for new advances in biomedical science. This requirement, however, is not compatible with the present scattered and traditional access governance structures, where legal and ethical frameworks often form an obstacle for effective sharing. Moreover, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is demandi...

Progress report on new antiepileptic drugs: A summary of the Fourteenth Eilat Conference on New Antiepileptic Drugs and Devices (EILAT XIV). II. Drugs in more advanced clinical development.

The Fourteenth Eilat Conference on New Antiepileptic Drugs and Devices (EILAT XIV) took place in Madrid, Spain, on May 13-16, 2018 and was attended by 168 delegates from 28 countries. The conference provided a forum for professionals involved in basic science, clinical research, regulatory affairs, and clinical care to meet and discuss the latest advances related to discovery and development of drugs and devices aimed at improving the management of people with epilepsy. This progress report provides a summa...

Prediction of vascular access stenosis: Blood temperature monitoring with the Twister versus static intra-access pressure ratio.

The Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (KDOQI) guidelines recommend intra-access flow (Qa) measurement as the preferred vascular access surveillance method over static intra-access pressure ratio (SIAPR). Recently, it has become possible to perform Qa measurement during hemodialysis using thermodilution method called blood temperature monitoring (BTM) with the Twister device. The aim of this study was to investigate the correlation between Qa by BTM and SIAPR and to compare the performance of two te...

Investigational small molecules in phase II clinical trials for the treatment of epilepsy: cannabidivarin, selurampanel (BGG492) and ganaxolone.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that significantly impacts the quality of life of the affected person and affects approximately 70 million people globally. Despite advances in research, nearly a third of patients have refractory or pharmacoresistant epilepsy. Even though numerous antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) have been approved over the past decade, there are no agents that halt the development of epilepsy. Thus, new and improved AEDs to prevent refractory seizures and modify the disease are necessary. Are...

Percutaneous neonatal carotid access for interventional catheterization.

Neonatal percutaneous carotid access is a safe technique that compares favorably to neonatal surgical carotid access. Mid-term ultrasound and angiographic follow after percutaneous carotid access shows 100% vessel patency rate with no severe stenoses or aneurysms detected. Mild stenosis (

Anaerobic Speed Reserve: A Key Component of Elite Male 800m Running.

In recent years (2011-2016), men's 800m championship running performances have required greater speed than previous eras (2000-2009). The "Anaerobic speed reserve" (ASR) may be a key differentiator of this performance, but profiles of elite 800m runners and its relationship to performance time have yet to be determined.

Electric-Field Driven Translocation of ssDNA Through Hydrophobic Nanopores.

The accurate sequencing of DNA using nanopores requires control over the speed of DNA translocation through the pores and also of the DNA conformation. Our studies show that ssDNA translo-cates through hour-glass shaped pores with hydrophobic constriction regions when an electric field is applied. The constriction provides a barrier to translocation and thereby slows down DNA movement through the pore compared to pores without the constriction. We show that ssDNA moves through these hydrophobic pores in an ...

A Surfactant-Free Direct Access to Porphyrin-Crosslinked Nanogels for Photodynamic and Photothermal Therapy.

Photosensitizing nanogels were obtained through a surfactant free single step protocol by using a porphyrin based crosslinker for stabilizing self-assembled nanosized aggregates of thermoresponsive copolymers. Nanogels with varying amounts of porphyrin retained the singlet oxygen generation ability of the porphyrin core and were also capable of inducing temperature increase upon irradiation at 635 nm. Photo-induced killing efficiency was tested against three cells lines: human breast adenocarcinoma (MDA-MB-...

Pancreatic cancer: French clinical practice guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up (SNFGE, FFCD, GERCOR, UNICANCER, SFCD, SFED, SFRO, ACHBT, AFC).

This document is a summary of the French intergroup guidelines regarding the management of pancreatic adenocarcinoma (PA), updated in July 2018.

Branched Thoraco-Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair with Branch Access Through a Transapical Left Ventricular Approach.

Branched thoracic aortic aneurysm repair requires arterial access from above the diaphragm in order to insert the visceral branches. This is routinely performed from the subclavian, axillary or carotid arteries and less commonly direct thoracic aorta puncture. The left ventricular apex is an alternative access route which is commonly used for percutaneous aortic valve replacement and rarely used for EVAR, FEVAR and TEVAR access. Here we describe two patients for which the left ventricular apex was the most ...

Relation Between Iliopsoas Cross-sectional Area and Kicked Ball Speed in Soccer Players.

This study aimed to investigate the relationship between the maximal anatomical cross-sectional area (ACSA) of the iliopsoas muscle and ball speed in side-foot and instep kicks. The ACSA of the psoas major and iliacus was measured in 29 male collegiate soccer players by using magnetic resonance imaging. They performed maximal side-foot and instep kicks to a stationary ball. The kicked ball speed was measured with a high-speed camera. Ball speed in the side-foot and instep kicks was significantly correlated ...

Integrative literature review: access to primary healthcare services.

Analyze the scientific production that describes the type of access to primary healthcare services and identify specific populations that have differentiated access to health services.

Dribble Deficit: A novel method to measure dribbling speed independent of sprinting speed in basketball players.

Basketball tests assessing dribbling speed predicated on total performance times are influenced by sprinting speed. This study examines an approach termed Dribble Deficit to counter this limitation by examining the relationships between sprinting and dribbling speed during linear and change-of-direction (COD) tasks measured using total performance time and Dribble Deficit. Ten semi-professional basketball players completed linear sprints and COD sprints with and without dribbling. Dribble Deficit was calcul...

Internal validity of the French version of the Family Coping Questionnaire (FCQ): A confirmatory factor analysis.

Family members of patients with schizophrenia, especially when they assume caregivers' positions, experience difficulties to adapt to the situation. To gain insight into these caregivers' coping style is a challenge to decrease the stress of family members, and in this way, improve patient related outcome. The FCQ (Family Coping Questionnaire) is an adapted clinical assessment tool that focuses on specific ways to cope with dysfunction that characterize the psychotic pathology. The goal of this study was to...

Access to healthcare for children in Palestine.

Currently, 5 million Palestinian refugees live in Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon and around 40% of these are children. Mortality rates for Palestinian children are comparable to neighbouring Arab countries but the speed of reduction has faltered in recent years. Morbidity is greatly affected by the occupation which has increased violence towards children, mental health problems and poor nutrition, particularly in Gaza which is experiencing a health crisis. Access to healthcare for children in Palestin...

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