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Innovative IgG Biomarkers based on Phage Display Microbial Amyloid Mimotope for State/Stage Diagnosis in Alzheimer's Disease.

An innovative approach to identify new conformational antigens of Aβ42 recognized by IgG autoantibodies as biomarkers of state/stage in Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients is described. In particular, through the use of bioinformatics modeling, conformational similarities between several Aβ42 forms and other amyloid-like proteins with F1 capsular antigen (Caf1) of Yersinia pestis were firstly found. pVIII M13 phage display libraries were then screened against YPF19, anti-Caf1 monoclonal antibody, and agains...

Race and Asthma Outcomes in Older Adults: Results from the National Asthma Survey.

The number of older adults with asthma continues to rise, yet the effects of race and ethnicity on asthma outcomes in this population are unknown.

Gold-decorated M13 I-forms and S-forms for Targeted Photothermal Lysis of Bacteria.

With the emergence of multidrug resistant bacteria, photothermal therapy has been proposed as an alternative to antibiotics for targeting and killing pathogens. In this study, two M13 bacteriophage polymorphs were studied as nanoscaffolds for plasmonic bactericidal agents. Receptor-binding proteins found on the pIII minor coat protein targeted E. coli bacteria with F-pili (F+ strain), while a gold-binding peptide motif displayed on the pVIII major coat protein templated Au nanoparticles. Temperature-depende...

Dynamics of Race Structures of the Rice Blast Pathogen Population in Heilongjiang Province, China From 2006 Through 2015.

Rice blast caused by the fungus is one of the most destructive diseases of rice. Its control through the deployment of host resistance genes would be facilitated by understanding the pathogen's race structure. Here, dynamics of race structures in this decade in Heilongjiang province were characterized by Chinese differential cultivars. Two patterns of dynamics of the race structures emerged: both race diversity and population-specific races increased gradually between 2006 and 2011, but they increased much...

Representativeness of a Heart Failure Trial by Race and Sex: Results From ASCEND-HF and GWTG-HF.

This study sought to determine the degree to which U.S. patients enrolled in a heart failure (HF) trial represent patients in routine U.S. clinical practice according to race and sex.

Socioeconomic status and race are correlated with affective symptoms in multiple sclerosis.

Investigate the relationship between socioeconomic status (SES) and race with self-reported fatigue, depression, and anxiety levels in multiple sclerosis (MS).

Feasibility and outcomes of Anti-Reflux Mucosectomy (ARMS) for proton pump inhibitor dependent Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: First Indian study (with video).

Anti-reflux mucosectomy (ARMS) is a newfangled minimally invasive technique, with successful outcomes for the management of Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER). We present our initial experience (success rate) and safety profile for this procedure.

Trends of Intra-Cranial Bacterial Infection in Patients Requiring Emergency Neurosurgery.

Intra-cranial bacterial infection is a serious complication in emergency neurosurgical patients, and few data are available on the trends of these infections and the rates of antibacterial drug resistance. We surveyed retrospectively the patients with intra-cranial bacterial infection in our emergency neurosurgical center between January 2009 and December 2018. Demographic characteristics, causative bacteria, and antimicrobial susceptibility test results were collected. A total of 100 patients with intra-...

Effect of Physician Gender and Race on Simulated Patients' Ratings and Confidence in Their Physicians: A Randomized Trial.

Women and black physicians encounter workplace challenges because of their gender and race. It is unclear whether these individuals are assessed with lower patient satisfaction or confidence ratings compared with white male physicians.

Identification of antigenic sites destructed by high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) of the β subunit of β-conglycinin.

β-conglycinin is one of the most allergenic proteins, and its constituent subunits α', α, and β are all potential allergens to humans. In the present study, we concentrated on the destructed antigenic sites of β subunit of β-conglycinin after high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) treatment. In this paper, the overlapping gene fragments of the β subunit of β-conglycinin were amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and cloned into T7 phage vectors. After being packaged in vitro, the recombinant T7 phag...

Racial/ethnic differences in circulating natriuretic peptide levels: The Diabetes Prevention Program.

Natriuretic peptides are cardiac-derived hormones that enhance insulin sensitivity and reduce fat accumulation. Low natriuretic peptide levels are associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2); a condition with variable prevalence across racial/ethnic groups. Few studies have examined whether circulating natriuretic peptide levels and their response to preventive interventions for DM2 differ by race/ethnicity. The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is a clinical trial (July 31, 1996- July ...

Association of race with anal incontinence in parous women.

To investigate the relationship between race and anal incontinence (AI). Our hypotheses were (a) AI symptoms are similar between white and black women and (b) asymptomatic black and white women are equally likely to develop AI over one year of prospective observation.

Development of a time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay for measuring plasma growth hormone in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus).

Growth hormone is a hormone secreted from the pituitary and is involved in the regulation of most major physiological processes such as growth, development and metabolism. Therefore, an accurate and sensitive detection method is needed for the detection of tilapia serum Gh level. Phage display technology is widely used in the expression of antibody fragments, in which fragments of antibodies are expressed as a fusion with phage proteins and are displayed on the phage surface for easy screening. Time-resolve...

A novel CNS-homing peptide for targeting neuroinflammatory lesions in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.

Using phage peptide library screening, we identified peptide-encoding phages that selectively home to the inflamed central nervous system (CNS) of mice with experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), a model of human multiple sclerosis (MS). A phage peptide display library encoding cyclic 9-amino-acid random peptides was first screened ex-vivo for binding to the CNS tissue of EAE mice, followed by in vivo screening in the diseased mice. Phage insert sequences that were present at a higher frequency in...

An efficient CRISPR-based strategy to insert small and large fragments of DNA using short homology arms.

We previously reported a CRISPR-mediated knock-in strategy into introns of genes, generating an - transgenic library for multiple uses (Lee et al., 2018b). The method relied on double stranded DNA (dsDNA) homology donors with ~1 kb homology arms. Here, we describe three new simpler ways to edit genes in flies. We create single stranded DNA (ssDNA) donors using PCR and add 100 nt of homology on each side of an integration cassette, followed by enzymatic removal of one strand. Using this method, we generated...

Influence of race on the effect of premature birth on salivary cortisol response to stress in adolescents.

To compare pre- and post-stress salivary cortisol levels in adolescents born preterm to those born term and to assess the influence of race and sex on this relationship.

Health Care Disparities in Urologic Oncology: A Systematic Review.

For prostate cancer (PCa), we review racial differences in incidence, androgen pathways, growth factors, tumor location, rate of definitive treatment, and outcomes. We review the effect of race on risk-stratification and discuss studies of active surveillance in the African American (AA) population. For bladder cancer, race- and gender- associated differences in incidence, sex hormone pathways. For renal cell carcinoma (RCC), disparities in incidence, genetic factors, tumor pathology, time to presentation, ...

Characterization and genome sequencing of a novel T7-like lytic phage, kpssk3, infecting carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae.

Carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae (CRKP) has spread globally and emerged as an urgent public health threat. Bacteriophages are considered an effective weapon against multidrug-resistant pathogens. In this study, we report a novel lytic phage, kpssk3, which is able to lyse CRKP and degrade exopolysaccharide (EPS). The morphological characteristics of kpssk3 observed by transmission electron microscopy, including a polyhedral head and a short tail, indicate that it belongs to the family Podoviridae. ...

Long distance ski racing is associated with lower long-term incidence of depression in a population based, large-scale study.

Physical activity has been proposed to be beneficial for prevention of depression, although the importance of exercise intensity, sex-specific mechanisms, and duration of the effects need to be clarified. Using an observational study design, following 395,369 individuals up to 21 years we studied whether participation in an ultralong-distance cross-country ski race was associated with lower risk of developing depression. Skiers (participants in the race) and matched non-skiers from the general population (n...

Temperate Phages of .

Most isolates carry multiple bacteriophages in their genome, which provide the pathogen with traits important for niche adaptation. Such temperate phages often encode a variety of accessory factors that influence virulence, immune evasion and host preference of the bacterial lysogen. Moreover, transducing phages are primary vehicles for horizontal gene transfer. Wall teichoic acid (WTA) acts as a common phage receptor for staphylococcal phages and structural variations of WTA govern phage-host specificity...

Postpartum blood pressure trends are impacted by race and BMI.

Our objective was to evaluate postpartum blood pressure trends, and time to resolution of hypertension among women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, specifically focusing on impact of race and BMI on these trends.

Racial and ethnic differences in patients involved in alcohol-impaired motor vehicle crashes and its related clinical outcomes among various age groups in the U.S.

1) to determine whether the proportion of alcohol-impaired patients involved in motor vehicle crashes (MVCs) varies by race/ethnicity within different age groups; 2) to explore the relationship between alcohol impairment, race/ethnicity and clinical outcomes among patients involved in MVCs across age groups. The 2012 National Trauma Data Bank (NTDB) queried for patients aged 16-55 involved in MVCs who received a blood ethanol test on admission. Of the 44,216 patients involved in MVC, 68% were White, 14% Bla...

Trend and inequality in the completeness of information on race/color in deaths of elderly in the Mortality Information System in Brazil, 2000 to 2015.

The quality of information on race/color is a necessary condition for knowing the impact of inequality on mortality. This study aims to analyze the trend and inequality in completeness of race/color in death records of elderly in Brazil's Mortality Information System (SIM in Portuguese) from 2000 to 2015. The study analyzes the completeness of this variable according to different geographic areas, the race or color most affected by poor completeness of records, and the association between excellent completi...

Removal of lead from acidic wastewater by bio-mineralized bacteria with pH self-regulation.

Microorganisms with the function of bio-mineralization were isolated from a soil. They were identified as urease-producing bacteria and phosphate-solubilizing bacteria. These two kinds of bacteria belong to the eosinophilic bacteria, which regulated the pH of solution and removed Pb the best at the initial solution pH of 4. The Pb removal mechanism was further explored using various techniques including zeta potential measurement, three-dimensional fluorescence, FTIR, XRD, and TEM-EDS. The results showed th...

Highly Efficient Cyclic Dinucleotide Based Artificial Metalloribozymes for Enantioselective Friedel-Crafts Reactions in Water.

The diverse secondary structures of nucleic acids are emerging as attractive chiral scaffolds to construct artificial metalloenzymes (ArMs) for enantioselective catalysis. DNA-based ArMs using duplex and G-quadruplex scaffolds have been widely investigated, yet RNA-based ArMs are scarce. Here we report that a cyclic dinucleotide of c-di-AMP and Cu2+ ions assemble into an artificial metalloribozyme (c-di-AMP·Cu2+) that enables catalysis of enantioselective Friedel-Crafts reactions in aqueous media with high...

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