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A novel approach for dimension reduction of microarray.

This paper proposes a new hybrid search technique for feature (gene) selection (FS) using Independent component analysis (ICA) and Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) called ICA+ABC, to select informative genes based on a Naïve Bayes (NB) algorithm. An important trait of this technique is the optimization of ICA feature vector using ABC. ICA+ABC is a hybrid search algorithm that combines the benefits of extraction approach, to reduce the size of data and wrapper approach, to optimize the reduced feature vectors. T...

The Implications of Using Internet Search Engines in Structured Scientific Reviews.

COPD: Abandoning a Drunkard's Search.

The Search for High-Risk Coronary Plaque in Patients With Diabetes.

Computer-aided diagnosis of lung nodule using gradient tree boosting and Bayesian optimization.

We aimed to evaluate a computer-aided diagnosis (CADx) system for lung nodule classification focussing on (i) usefulness of the conventional CADx system (hand-crafted imaging feature + machine learning algorithm), (ii) comparison between support vector machine (SVM) and gradient tree boosting (XGBoost) as machine learning algorithms, and (iii) effectiveness of parameter optimization using Bayesian optimization and random search. Data on 99 lung nodules (62 lung cancers and 37 benign lung nodules) were inclu...

Association between Search Behaviors and Disease Prevalence Rates at 18 U.S. Children's Hospitals.

Injury rate and prevention in elite football: let us first search within our own hearts.

Mango: A general tool for CID-cleavable cross-linked peptide identification.

Chemical cross-linking combined with mass spectrometry provides a method to study protein structures and interactions. The introduction of cleavable bonds in a cross-linker provides an avenue to decouple released peptide masses from their precursor species, greatly simplifying the downstream search, allowing for whole proteome investigations to be performed. Typically, these experiments have been challenging to carry out, often utilizing non-standard methods to fully identify cross-linked peptides. Mango is...

Reporting randomized controlled trial quality and search date in systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

The search for cardiovascular benefit from treating obstructive sleep apnoea with CPAP therapy.

XPlex: an effective, multiplex cross-linking chemistry for acidic residues.

Cross-linking/Mass spectrometry (XLMS) is a consolidated technique for structural characterization of proteins and protein complexes. Despite its success, the cross-linking chemistry currently used is mostly based on N-hydroxysuccinimed (NHS) esters, which react primarily with lysine residues. One way to expand the current applicability of XLMS into several new areas is to increase the number of cross-links obtainable for a target protein. We introduce a multiplex chemistry (denoted XPlex) that targets Asp,...

Search for Invisible Decays of a Dark Photon Produced in e^{+}e^{-} Collisions at BaBar.

We search for single-photon events in 53  fb^{-1} of e^{+}e^{-} collision data collected with the BABAR detector at the PEP-II B-Factory. We look for events with a single high-energy photon and a large missing momentum and energy, consistent with production of a spin-1 particle A^{'} through the process e^{+}e^{-}→γA^{'}; A^{'}→invisible. Such particles, referred to as "dark photons," are motivated by theories applying a U(1) gauge symmetry to dark matter. We find no evidence for such processes and...

Biomarkers and Imaging of Breast Cancer.

The goals of this review are to provide background information on the definitions and applications of the general term "biomarker" and to highlight the specific roles of breast imaging biomarkers in research and clinical breast cancer care. A search was conducted of the main electronic biomedical databases (PubMed, Cochrane, Embase, MEDLINE [Ovid], Scopus, and Web of Science). The search was focused on review literature in general radiology and biomedical sciences and on reviews and primary research article...

Search for Neutrinoless Double-β Decay in ^{76}Ge with the Majorana Demonstrator.

The Majorana Collaboration is operating an array of high purity Ge detectors to search for neutrinoless double-β decay in ^{76}Ge. The Majorana Demonstrator comprises 44.1 kg of Ge detectors (29.7 kg enriched in ^{76}Ge) split between two modules contained in a low background shield at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, South Dakota. Here we present results from data taken during construction, commissioning, and the start of full operations. We achieve unprecedented energy resolution of 2...

rSNPBase 3.0: an updated database of SNP-related regulatory elements, element-gene pairs and SNP-based gene regulatory networks.

Here, we present the updated rSNPBase 3.0 database (, which provides human SNP-related regulatory elements, element-gene pairs and SNP-based regulatory networks. This database is the updated version of the SNP regulatory annotation database rSNPBase and rVarBase. In comparison to the last two versions, there are both structural and data adjustments in rSNPBase 3.0: (i) The most significant new feature is the expansion of analysis scope from SNP-related regulatory elements to include...

Search for biomarkers to identify surgical patients at high cardiovascular and perioperative mortality risk.

Systemic immune-inflammation index in germ-cell tumours: search for a biological prognostic biomarker.

Airway Pressure Release Ventilation (APRV): A Therapy in Search of a Disease?

Indeed association does not equal prediction: the never-ending search for the perfect acute:chronic workload ratio.

Genome Context Viewer: visual exploration of multiple annotated genomes using microsynteny.

The Genome Context Viewer (GCV) is a visual data-mining tool that allows users to search across multiple providers of genome data for regions with similarly annotated content that may be aligned and visualized at the level of their shared functional elements. By handling ordered sequences of gene family memberships as a unit of search and comparison, the user interface enables quick and intuitive assessment of the degree of gene content divergence and the presence of various types of structural events withi...

Aripiprazole use during pregnancy, peripartum and lactation. A systematic literature search and review to inform clinical practice.

Aripiprazole is used relatively frequently in women with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia in childbearing years, owing to its efficacy and relatively favorable side effect profile. As is the case for other psychotropic medications, for ethical reasons, no prospective randomized placebo controlled trial to assess aripiprazole safety during pregnancy has ever been conducted. However, animal data are available and the amount of exposure and outcome data for human fetuses and infants has recently increased, pr...

Visual search for changes in scenes creates long-term, incidental memory traces.

Humans are very good at remembering large numbers of scenes over substantial periods of time. But how good are they at remembering changes to scenes? In this study, we tested scene memory and change detection two weeks after initial scene learning. In Experiments 1-3, scenes were learned incidentally during visual search for change. In Experiment 4, observers explicitly memorized scenes. At test, after two weeks observers were asked to discriminate old from new scenes, to recall a change that they had detec...

Caregiver Shortage Reaches Critical Stage.

Stronger economy and shifting demographics put providers in bind in search for workers.

Content and Design Features of Academic Health Sciences Libraries' Home Pages.

The goal of this content analysis was to identify commonly used content and design features of academic health sciences library home pages. After developing a checklist, data were collected from 135 academic health sciences library home pages. The core components of these library home pages included a contact phone number, a contact email address, an Ask-a-Librarian feature, the physical address listed, a feedback/suggestions link, subject guides, a discovery tool or database-specific search box, multimedia...

A rapidly acquired foraging-based working memory task, sensitive to hippocampal lesions, reveals age-dependent and age-independent behavioural changes in a mouse model of amyloid pathology.

Three experiments examined the ability of mice to forage efficiently for liquid rewards in pots located in an open field arena. Search behaviour was unconstrained other than by the walls of the arena. All mice acquired the task within 4 days of training, with one trial per day. Experiment 1 tested the hypothesis that hippocampal lesions would disrupt foraging behaviour using extramaze cues. Mice with hippocampal lesions showed normal latency to initiate foraging and to complete the task relative to sham-ope...

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