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Defining and Estimating Healthy Aging in Spain: A Cross-sectional Study.

Using an operational continuum of healthy aging developed by U.S. researchers, we sought to estimate the prevalence of healthy aging among older Spaniards, inform the development of a definition of healthy aging in Spain, and foster cross-national research on healthy aging.

1,25(OH)D promotes chondrocyte apoptosis and restores physical function in rheumatoid arthritis through the NF-κB signal pathway.

We explored the modulatory effect of 1,25(OH)D on chondrocytes and physical function in rats with RA and its mechanism underlying the regulation of NF-κB signal pathway. RA patients and healthy volunteers were selected. Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats were used to establish RA models. The paw volume of rats was estimated. Chondrocytes were isolated from RA rats. The protein levels in both cartilage tissues and chondrocytes were determined using western blotting. Apoptosis was evaluated using TUNEL assay. Serum le...

Short-term escitalopram treatment normalizes aberrant self-referential processing in major depressive disorder.

Increased self-focus and negative self-concept play an important role in depression. Antidepressants influence self-referential processing in healthy volunteers, but their function in self-processing of depressed patients remains unknown.

Associations of nocturnal sleep with experimental pain and pain catastrophizing in healthy volunteers.

Strong alterations of night sleep (e.g., sleep deprivation, insomnia) have appeared to affect pain in inducing hyperalgesic changes. However, it has remained unclear whether everyday variations of night sleep in healthy individuals have any influence on pain processing. Forty healthy subjects were studied by portable polysomnography (PSG) and sleep questionnaire during two non-consecutive nights at home. Experimental pain parameters (pressure pain threshold, temporal summation = TS, conditioned pain mod...

Successful fluconazole treatment of catheter-related candidemia caused by Candida haemulonii: report of 2 neonatal cases.

Candida haemulonii forms part of the non-albicans Candida species. The candidemia caused by C. haemulonii is extremely rare but fatal in neonates. We reported the first two neonates with C. haemulonii candidemia in China which were treated with fluconazole and reviewed two papers previously reported. Our report adds further awareness on C. haemulonii candidemia in critical neonates and points out the importance of an early diagnosis and treatment of this fatal infection.

Locally Acting ACE-083 Increases Muscle Volume in Healthy Volunteers.

ACE-083 is a locally acting follistatin-based therapeutic that binds myostatin and other muscle regulators and has been shown to increase muscle mass and force in neuromuscular disease mouse models. This first-in-human study examined these effects.

Amenamevir: Studies of Potential CYP3A-Mediated Pharmacokinetic Interactions With Midazolam, Cyclosporine, and Ritonavir in Healthy Volunteers.

Amenamevir (formerly ASP2151) is a helicase-primase inhibitor being developed for the treatment of herpesvirus infection. Amenamevir is both a substrate and inducer of cytochrome P450 (CYP) 3A4. Three studies were done in healthy volunteers to investigate potential CYP3A pharmacokinetic interactions with the following drugs: (1) Midazolam (probe substrate for CYP3A): After 10 days' pretreatment with amenamevir 400 mg daily, geometric mean maximum concentration of drug in blood plasma (C ) and area under the...

No Clinical Impact of CYP3A5 Gene Polymorphisms on the Pharmacokinetics and/or Efficacy of Maraviroc in Healthy Volunteers and HIV-1-Infected Subjects.

Maraviroc is a C-C chemokine receptor type-5 antagonist approved for the treatment of HIV-1. Previous studies show that cytochrome P450 3A5 (CYP3A5) plays a role in maraviroc metabolism. CYP3A5 is subject to a genetic polymorphism. The presence of 2 functional alleles (CYP3A5*1/*1) confers the extensive metabolism phenotype, which is rare in whites but common in blacks. The effect of CYP3A5 genotype on maraviroc and/or metabolite pharmacokinetics was evaluated in 2 clinical studies: a post hoc analysis from...

Risk benefit assessment of ethinylestradiol using a physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling approach.

Current formulations of combined oral contraceptives (COC) containing ethinylestradiol (EE) have ≤ 35 µg due to increased risks of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) with higher doses of EE. Low dose formulations have however resulted in increased incidences of breakthrough bleeding and contraceptive failure particularly when co-administered with inducers of cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYP). The developed physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model quantitatively predicted the effect of CYP3A4 inhibit...

Muscle activation and sound during voluntary single coughs and cough peals in healthy volunteers: Insights into cough intensity.

Very few studies have addressed how coughing varies in intensity. We assessed the influence of cough effort and operating volume on the mechanics of coughing using respiratory muscle surface electromyography (EMG), oesophageal/gastric pressures and cough sounds recorded from 15 healthy subjects [8 female, median age 30(IQR 30-50)years] performing 120 voluntary coughs from controlled operating volume/effort and three cough peals. For single coughs, low operating volumes and high efforts were associated with ...

Cortical stress regulation is disrupted in schizophrenia but not in clinical high risk for psychosis.

While alterations in striatal dopamine in psychosis and stress have been well studied, the role of dopamine in prefrontal cortex is poorly understood. To date, no study has investigated the prefrontocortical dopamine response to stress in the psychosis spectrum, even though the dorsolateral and medial prefrontal cortices are key regions in cognitive and emotional regulation, respectively. The present study uses the high-affinity dopamine D2/3 receptor radiotracer 11C-FLB457 and PET together with a validated...

Positive experiences of volunteers working in deployable laboratories in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak.

The largest outbreak of Ebola virus disease ever started in West Africa in December 2013; it created a pressing need to expand the workforce dealing with it. The aim of this study was to gain insight into the experiences of volunteers from the European Union who worked in deployable laboratories in West Africa during the outbreak. This study is part of the EMERGE project. We assessed the experiences of 251 volunteers with a 19-item online questionnaire. The questions asked about positive aspects of voluntee...

Antiviral Activity of Oral JNJ-53718678 in Healthy Adult Volunteers Challenged with Respiratory Syncytial Virus: A Placebo-Controlled Study.

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) disease has no effective treatment. JNJ-53718678 is a fusion inhibitor with selective activity against RSV.

Changes in Ocular Perfusion Pressure in Response to Short Term Isometric Exercise in Young Adults.

Ocular Perfusion Pressure (OPP) is the pressure difference between the Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) and theIntra Ocular Pressure (IOP). Decreased OPP could be a major risk factor for glaucoma. The aim is to study the effect ofIsometric exercise on OPP in apparently healthy young adults. Forty apparently healthy young adult volunteers comprising20 males and 20 females in the age group of 18-21 years were selected among MBBS Phase I students of JSS Medicalcollege, JSSU, Mysore. IOP and BP were recorded. Mean ...

Does informed consent given by healthy individuals when enrolling in clinical research feel less voluntary than for ill individuals?

Clinical research is predicated ethically on the authentic voluntarism of individuals who choose to enroll in human studies. Existing literature has focused on aspects of informed consent for clinical research other than voluntarism. The objective of this study was to compare the perspectives of clinical research participants who are in good health and who are ill regarding voluntarism-related aspects of informed consent and to assess situational influences that enable voluntarism in the process of obtainin...

Estimating glutamate and Glx from GABA-optimized MEGA-PRESS: Off-resonance but not difference spectra values correspond to PRESS values.

Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy measurements of glutamate and GABA are important in neuropsychiatric research. Some study designs require simultaneous measurement of both metabolites. GABA measurement requires specialized pulse sequences, the most common approach being J-difference spectral editing with MEGA-PRESS. This method enables two different strategies for concurrently measuring glutamate - from either off-resonance or difference spectra. However, it is uncertain how either strategy compares t...

Differences in lung function after the use of 2 extrication systems: a randomized crossover trial.

The main purpose of this study in healthy volunteers was to compare the lung function effects of 2 extrication devices that use spinal vests: the Kendrick Extrication Device (KED) and the Ferno KED-XT board.

Language function shows comparable cortical patterns by functional MRI and repetitive nTMS in healthy volunteers.

In preoperative planning, fMRI and repetitive navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) repeatedly revealed differences in the detected language sites, which can be attributed to tumor-induced oxygenation changes impairing the accuracy of fMRI. We therefore compared the accordance of those techniques in healthy subjects using exactly the same tasks in both investigations. 19 healthy right-handed subjects performed object naming, pseudoword reading, verb generation, and action naming during fMRI at ...

Regional cardiac function analysis from tagged MRI images. Comparison of techniques: Harmonic-Phase (HARP) versus Sinusoidal-Modeling (SinMod) analysis.

Cardiac MRI tagging is a valuable technique for evaluating regional heart function. Currently, there are a number of different techniques for analyzing the tagged images. Specifically, k-space-based analysis techniques showed to be much faster than image-based techniques, where harmonic-phase (HARP) and sine-wave modeling (SinMod) stand as two famous techniques of the former group, which are frequently used in clinical studies. In this study, we compared HARP and SinMod and studied inter-observer variabilit...

Drug susceptibility in emerging fungal infections: tests with fluconazole, itraconazole, and amphotericin B.

The number of new cases of emerging fungal infections has increased considerably in recent years, mainly due to the large number of immunocompromised individuals. The objective of this study was to evaluate the susceptibility of emerging fungi to fluconazole, itraconazole and amphotericin B by disk diffusion method. In 2015, 82 emerging fungi were evaluated in IPB-LACEN/RS and 13 (15.8%) were resistant: 10/52 were from superficial mycoses and 3/30 from systemic mycoses. The data from the study point to the ...

Free-Breathing Pulmonary MR Imaging to Quantify Regional Ventilation.

Purpose To measure regional specific ventilation with free-breathing hydrogen 1 (H) magnetic resonance (MR) imaging without exogenous contrast material and to investigate correlations with hyperpolarized helium 3 (He) MR imaging and pulmonary function test measurements in healthy volunteers and patients with asthma. Materials and Methods Subjects underwent free-breathingH and static breath-hold hyperpolarizedHe MR imaging as well as spirometry and plethysmography; participants were consecutively recruited b...

Nutritional implications of olives and sugar: attenuation of post-prandial glucose spikes in healthy volunteers by inhibition of sucrose hydrolysis and glucose transport by oleuropein.

The secoiridoid oleuropein, as found in olives and olive leaves, modulates some biomarkers of diabetes risk in vivo. A possible mechanism may be to attenuate sugar digestion and absorption.

Effects of Interval Aerobic Training Program with Recovery bouts on cardiorespiratory and endurance fitness in seniors.

Interval aerobic training programs (IATP) improve cardiorespiratory and endurance parameters. They are however unsuitable to seniors as frequently associated with occurrence of exhaustion and muscle pain. The purpose of this study was to measure the benefits of an IATP designed with recovery bouts (IATP-R) in terms of cardiorespiratory and endurance parameters and its acceptability among seniors (≥70 years). Sedentary healthy volunteers were randomly assigned either to IATP-R or sedentary lifestyle. All p...

"Life continues": Patient, health care and community care workers perspectives on self-administered treatment for rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis in Khayelitsha, South Africa.

Self-administered treatment (SAT), a differentiated model of care for rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis (RR-TB), might address adherence challenges faced by patients and health care systems. This study explored patient, health-care worker (HCW) and community care worker (CCW) perspectives on a SAT pilot programme in South Africa, in which patients were given medication to take at home with the optional support of a CCW.

Dysbiosis in Functional Bowel Disorders.

Functional bowel disorders (FBD) resemble a group of diseases of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract that are without a clear pathogenesis; the best known is probably the "irritable bowel syndrome" (IBS). Only recently we have been able to explore the role of the gut microbiota in FBD due to progress in microbiological analytic techniques. There are different ways to explore the role of the gut microbiota and its dysbiosis in FBD. Comparison of the microbial composition in a group of patients with FBD, for exam...

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