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Advances in thermoelectric materials research: Looking back and moving forward.

High-performance thermoelectric materials lie at the heart of thermoelectrics, the simplest technology applicable to direct thermal-to-electrical energy conversion. In its recent 60-year history, the field of thermoelectric materials research has stalled several times, but each time it was rejuvenated by new paradigms. This article reviews several potentially paradigm-changing mechanisms enabled by defects, size effects, critical phenomena, anharmonicity, and the spin degree of freedom. These mechanisms dec...

Preprint ecosystems.

News at a glance.

Hurricane damage threatens Arecibo's future.

Sloppy reporting on animal studies proves hard to change.

Xenotransplant advances may prompt human trials.

Microwave background teams mull a grand unification.

Mission aims to salvage what's left of Nimrud.

Critics pan wolf plan.

Minisatellite surge spurs downlink infrastructure.

The preprint dilemma.

How biologists pioneered preprints-with paper and postage.

Reducing antimicrobial use in food animals.

The rewarding nature of social contact.

Storing light in a tiny box.

Tsunami debris spells trouble.

Long-distance operator for energy transfer.

New insights into melanoma development.

Illegal fishing on the Galápagos high seas.

Social media: More scientists needed.

Social media: Actions speak louder than likes.

Supersonic gas streams enhance the formation of massive black holes in the early universe.

The origin of super-massive black holes in the early universe remains poorly understood. Gravitational collapse of a massive primordial gas cloud is a promising initial process, but theoretical studies have difficulty growing the black hole fast enough. We report numerical simulations of early black hole formation starting from realistic cosmological conditions. Supersonic gas motions left over from the Big Bang prevent early gas cloud formation until rapid gas condensation is triggered in a protogalactic h...

Electronic crystal growth.

Interacting atoms or molecules condense into liquid, and, when cooled further, they form a crystal. The time evolution of the atomic or molecular ordering has been widely studied as a nonequilibrium emergence of order from a supercooled liquid or a glass. Interacting electrons in a variety of correlated electron systems also form crystals, but observing the time evolution of electronic crystallization has been experimentally challenging. Here, working with an organic conductor exhibiting a supercooled charg...

Crystallization and vitrification of electrons in a glass-forming charge liquid.

Charge ordering (CO) is a phenomenon in which electrons in solids crystallize into a periodic pattern of charge-rich and charge-poor sites owing to strong electron correlations. This usually results in long-range order. In geometrically frustrated systems, however, a glassy electronic state without long-range CO has been observed. We found that a charge-ordered organic material with an isosceles triangular lattice shows charge dynamics associated with crystallization and vitrification of electrons, which ca...

Spin-imbalance in a 2D Fermi-Hubbard system.

The interplay of strong interactions and magnetic fields gives rise to unusual forms of superconductivity and magnetism in quantum many-body systems. Here, we present an experimental study of the two-dimensional Fermi-Hubbard model-a paradigm for strongly correlated fermions on a lattice-in the presence of a Zeeman field and varying doping. Using site-resolved measurements, we revealed anisotropic antiferromagnetic correlations, a precursor to long-range canted order. We observed nonmonotonic behavior of th...

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