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Health care policy positions breastfeeding as an important part of the solution to household food insecurity. The relationship between breastfeeding duration (exposure variable) and household food insecurity (outcome variable) has critical gaps in knowledge to support this hypothesis. Our objective was to examine this relationship.

Mothers' Perceptions of the Cardboard Box as a Potential Sleep Space.

Due to increasing popularity, our hospital began considering distributing cardboard boxes combined with safe sleep education to new mothers. As a first step in studying the impact of this intervention on bedsharing in our community, we sought to understand mothers' perceptions of the cardboard box.

Trends in Visits and Costs for Mental Health Emergencies in a Pediatric Emergency Department, 2010-2016.

To analyze trends in visit numbers, length of stay (LOS), and costs of pediatric mental health emergency department (ED) visits over time.

Social and Functional Characteristics of Receipt and Service Use Intensity of Core Early Intervention Services.

To describe children's diagnostic, social, and functional characteristics associated with use of core early intervention (EI) services.

Weight Bias in Pediatric Inpatient Care.

Weight bias can influence medical care but has not been studied in the pediatric inpatient setting. We will quantify implicit and explicit weight bias of pediatric inpatient providers and qualitatively explore providers' attitudes toward children with obesity and patient/family perceptions of weight bias in the hospital.

Impact of a Baby Friendly Aligned Pacifier Policy on Pacifier Use at One Month of Age.

Pacifier use decreases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) but its impact on breastfeeding remains controversial. We evaluated the impact of a Baby Friendly-aligned pacifier policy on subsequent pacifier use and breastfeeding at one month of age.

Reducing Burnout and Reinforcing Resilience: Answering the Call for Rigorous Research.

Teachable Moments from the Maasai.

The Most Memorable One.

A Qualitative Study Examining Stakeholder Perspectives of a Local Child Abuse Program in Community Emergency Departments.

Emergency Department (ED) providers may fail to recognize or report child abuse and/or neglect (CAN). To improve recognition and reporting, we designed the Community ED CAN Program in which teams of local clinicians (nurses, physicians, physician assistants) received training in CAN and 1) disseminated evidence-based education, 2) provided consultation, case follow-up and access to specialists, and 3) facilitated multi-disciplinary case review. The aims of this study were to understand the Program's strengt...

Reported Knowledge and Management of Potential Penicillin Allergy in Children.

PEM and PCP providers are the most likely physicians to initially label a child as penicillin allergic. Differences in knowledge and management of reported penicillin allergy between these two groups has not been well characterized.

Impacts of a Pediatric Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (ECPR) Simulation Training Program.

To examine the impacts of a large-scale simulation-based extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ECPR) training program in an academic children's hospital.

Parental and Provider Perceptions of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Interventions in the First 1,000 Days: A Qualitative Study.

Novel approaches to reduce sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) consumption during the first 1,000 days - pregnancy through age 2 years - are urgently needed.

Disappearing Medicaid enrollment disparities for US citizen children in immigrant families: State level trends from 2008-2015.

Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provide health insurance to 38% of all children in the United States. Uninsured rates continued to fall over the past decade, and citizen children in immigrant families experienced the most dramatic gains. Our objective is to test whether states have managed to close Medicaid enrollment gaps between U.S. citizen children in native and immigrant families.

Temperature-Adjusted Respiratory Rate for the Prediction of Childhood Pneumonia.

As both fever and pneumonia can be are associated with tachypnea, we investigated the relationship between body temperature and respiratory rate (RR) in young children and whether temperature-adjusted RR enhances the prediction of pneumonia.

Key Studies in Medical Education from 2017: A Narrative Review.

Education, like clinical medicine, should be based on the most current evidence in the field. Despite the overwhelming breadth of literature in medical education, pediatric educators desire and need to incorporate best practices into their educational approaches. This article provides an overview of 18 articles from the literature in 2017 that the authors consider the key articles in the field of pediatric medical education. The seven authors, all medical educators with combined leadership experience and ex...

Pre-Registration of Educational Trials: Should Educational Trials Be Expected to Be Conducted with the Same Rigor as Clinical Trials?

Quality Improvement Driven Reduction in County-wide, Medicaid Acute Asthma Healthcare Utilization.

This study evaluates the impact of a coordinated effort by an urban pediatric hospital and its associated accountable care organization (ACO) to reduce asthma-related emergency department (ED) and inpatient (IP) utilization by a large, county-wide Medicaid patient population.

Justifications for Discrepancies Between Competency Committee and Program Director Recommended Resident Supervisory Roles.

Explore justifications for differences between summative entrustment decisions made about pediatric residents by individuals who are charged with the review of residents (clinical competency committee, or CCC, members) and those who ultimately make final summative decisions about resident performance (program directors, or PDs).

Neighborhood Risk Factors For Pediatric Fall-Related Injuries: A Retrospective Analysis Of A State-Wide Hospital Network.

Falls represent the leading cause of nonfatal unintentional injuries among children in the U.S. While unintentional injury risks have been studied, neighborhood impact on falls remains underexplored. This study examined the association of neighborhood attributes with rates of fall-related injuries.

Mothers' Mental Health Care Utilization After Screening for Postpartum Depression at Well Child Visits.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends postpartum depression (PPD) screening. It is unknown if pediatricians are effective in linking mothers to mental health services. The objectives of the current study are to determine: 1) mental health care utilization among women with Medicaid insurance after a positive PPD screen and 2) maternal and infant factors that predict the likelihood of mental health care utilization.

Are incoming pediatric interns ready to obtain the essential components of an informed consent for lumbar puncture?

In 2013, the Association of American Medical Colleges created the "Core Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for Entering Residency" to more clearly define the set of activities that entering residents should be able to perform on day one of residency without direct supervision. EPA #11 is obtaining informed consent for tests and/or procedures. This EPA acknowledges that an entrustable learner should be able to document a complete consent among other components. The aim of this study is to explore if ...

Pediatric Chief Residents' Experiences as Inpatient Attending Physicians.

Some pediatric chief residents perform supervisory clinical duties during chief residency, but these activities are highly variable and descriptions are limited. Our goals were to characterize inpatient service performed by pediatric chief residents and to explore factors that influence their experiences as inpatient attending physicians.

Community Resource Needs Assessment Among Families Presenting to a Pediatric Emergency Department.

To identify community resource needs among families presenting to a pediatric emergency department (PED).

Development of a brief screening tool for Early Literacy Skills in Preschool Children.

Preschool children develop early literacy skills (ELS) needed for reading acquisition. Screening for delayed ELS could trigger interventions to prevent reading problems.

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