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Modified Yupingfeng Formula for the Treatment of Stable Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), is a very common disease of respiratory system. An increasing number of clinical trials on Yupingfeng formula in the management of stable COPD have been performed. However, the evidence base for it remains unknown. This review aims at assessing the efficacy, and safety of modified Yupingfeng formula in the treatment of stable COPD through a systematic review of all available randomized controlled trials.

Anti-tumour effects of polysaccharides isolated from artemisia annua L by inducing cell apoptosis and immunomodulatory anti-hepatoma effects of polysaccharides.

It is well known that various polysaccharides present anti-tumour effects by inducing cell apoptosis and immunomodulation. However, it is still unclear about the roles of polysaccharides isolated from Artemisia apiacea (HQG) to hepatoma and its underlying mechanism. The objective of the study was to examine the anti-hepatoma effects of HQG and its related mechanism.

The antibacterial activity of traditionally used salvadora persica L. (Miswak) and commiphora gileadensis (palsam) in saudi arabia.

Nowadays there is a need to find naturally occurring substances from plants with antimicrobial activity as an alternative to available used antibiotics.

Prevalence of functional supplement use among korean adolescents.

Studies on the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyrexic activities of betulinic Acid derived from tetracera potatoria.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive activity of betulinic acid (BA) was investigated in this study. The triterpene was isolated from the ethyl acetate extract of Tetracera potatoria and its structure was verified by IR and NMR spectroscopy. The bioactivity of this compound was assessed using carrageenan-induced paw oedema in rats and carrageenan-induced pulmonary oedema in mice for the anti-inflammatory activity, while acetic acid-induced writhing test in mice and zymosan-induced fever in rats were u...

Cytotoxicity, phytochemical analysis and antioxidant activity of crude extracts from rhizomes of elephantorrhiza elephantina and pentanisia prunelloides.

Elephantorrhiza elephantina (Ee) and Pentanisia prunelloides (Pp) are two medicinal plants which are widely used to remedy various ailments including diarrhoea, dysentery, inflammation, fever, rheumatism, heartburn, tuberculosis, haemorrhoids, skin diseases, perforated peptic ulcers and sore joints in southern Africa (South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana and Zimbabwe). The following study was conducted to explore the in vitro cytotoxicity, antioxidant properties and phytochemical profile of the two medicinal p...

Antidepressant properties of aqueous macerate from gladiolus dalenii corms.

Gladiolus dalenii Van Geel (Iridaceae) has been used for the treatment of depression and psychotic disorders in African traditional medicine. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of the aqueous extract from the corm of Gladiolus dalenii and its possible mechanisms of action.

Effects of vietnamese sophora root on growth, adhesion, invasion and motility of melanoma cells.

Vietnamese Sophora Root mainly contains active constituents such as alkaloids, and it has anti-tumour, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects. The objective of the paper was to study the effects of Vietnamese Sophora Root on growth, adhesion, invasion and motility of mouse melanoma B16BL6 cells, and to preliminarily explore its mechanism of action.

The flavonoid constitunts of leucaena leucocephala. Growing in egypt, and their biological activity.

Leucaena leucocephala is native to Southern Mexico and Northern Central America, but is now naturalized throughout the tropics. The phyto-chemical data of L. leucocephala revealed the presence of terpenes, flavonoids, coumarins and sterols. Various parts of L. leucocephala have been reported to have medicinal properties.

Study on anti-osteosarcoma activity of ethanol extract of venenum bufonis in vitro.

Venenum bufonis is the dried white secretion of the auricular and skin glands of Bufo gargarizans Cantor, or Bufo melanostictus Schneider, Bufonidae. It is used in the treatment of deep-rooted carbuncle, boils and swelling; pain in the throat, heart stroke, coma, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. The objective of this paper is to preliminarily observe the effects of ethanol extract of Venenum bufonis on growth, and proliferation of human osteosarcoma U2OS cell lines, and to provide a theoretical basis ...

Exploration of nutraceutical potential of herbal oil formulated from parasitic plant.

Cuscuta reflexa (C. reflexa) is a parasitic climber of medicinal importance. The present study was aimed to evaluate the nutraceutical potential of C. reflexa stems collected from different hosts and to evaluate the role of the herbal formulation in dandruff, hair fall control as well as hair growth promoter.

Anti-ulcer and wound healing activities of sida corymbosa in rats.

There are strong beliefs in the efficacy of traditional medical systems worldwide. Many herbs have been acclaimed to possess antiulcer effects and could be unexplored sources of new lead compounds. Sida corymbosa R. E. Fries (Malvaceae) is used in Northern Nigeria to treat ulcers and wounds. This work aimed to investigate the usefulness of Sida corymbosa in treatments of stomach ulcers and wounds in traditional medicine.

Preliminary examination of herbal extracts on the inhibition of helicobacter pylori.

This work aims at describing the traditional uses, to determine the antimicrobial potential of two different extracts hexane, acetone of the leaves of Citrus unshiu, Citrus sinensis, Citrus limon, Laurus nobilis, Citrus paradisi on clinical strain of H. pylori in a bid to identify potential sources of cheap starting materials for the synthesis of new drugs. H. pylori strain was a culture collection of Hacettepe University, Turkey.

Study on anti-atherosclerotic effect of suxiao jiuxin pill and its mechanism.

Suxiao Jiuxin Pill is composed of Ligusticum wallichii, Borneolum Syntheticum and other drugs; it has qi promoting and blood circulation activating, meridian dredging and pain relieving efficacies. The objective of this paper is to study the effect of Suxiao Jiuxin Pill (quick-acting heart reliever), in atherosclerosis (AS) rat model and explore the mechanism for its prevention and treatment of AS.

Expert system for skin problem consultation in thai traditional medicine.

This paper aimed to demonstrate the research and development of a rule-based expert system for skin problem consulting in the areas of acne, melasma, freckle, wrinkle, and uneven skin tone, with recommended treatments from Thai traditional medicine knowledge.

Chinese herb-resistance and adherence to human uroepithelial cells of uropathogenic Escherichia coli.

In order to define the virulence factors between Chinese herb-resistant uropathogenic E. coli and susceptible strains, the UPEC isolates were classified into two groups according to its resistance to Chinese herbs.

A study on antimicrobial, antioxidant and antimutagenic activities of elaeagnus angustifolia L. Leaves.

The aim of this work was to investigate the antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antimutagenic potentials of methanol extracts from E. angustifolia.

Clinical Study of the Hypothesis of Endogenous Collateral Wind on Acute Coronary Syndrome: A Review.

Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS), is a serious threat to people's health, and life, and in recent years, the incidence has increased yearly. This study was to propose the hypothesis of "endogenous collateral wind" based on the patho-mechanism of thrombogenesis complicated by ruptured plaque on ACS, and the theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

In vitro anti-inflammatory mechanism of folium hibisci mutabilis leaves ethanol extracts.

Folium Hibisci Mutabilis was one of the traditional Chinese medicines with pharmacological activities of wound healing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, normally applied to the clinical treatment of local purulent infection, scald, and epidemic parotitis. However, few people reported that its effects of extracts on RAW264.7, cells and TNF-α, IL-6, and NO levels in rats serum of inflammation rats.

Experimental Study on the Inhibitory Effect of Sodium Cantharidinate on Human Hepatoma HepG2 Cells.

Cantharidin, and its derivatives can not only inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells, but can also induce tumor cell apoptosis. It shows cantharidin exhibits a wide range of reactivity in anticancer. The objective of this paper was to study the inhibitory effect of sodium cantharidinate on human hepatoma HepG2 cells.

Identification of the plants use as natural herbal shampoo in manipur.

A field survey was conducted in the year, 2011 - 12 in Imphal valley of Manipur, on the use of herbs as ingredient sources for the preparation of traditional natural herbal shampoo referred to as 'Chinghi', by Meitei community.

Assessment of the anti-diarrhea function of compound chinese herbal medicine cangpo oral liquid.

Diarrhea is a big problem in piglets. Cangpo Oral Liquid (COL) is a compound of Chinese herbal medicine. The preparation was fed to piglets had diarrheal disease in order to determine its anti-diarrhea activity and potential applications in vivo.

Evaluation of royal jelly as an alternative to fetal bovine serum in cell culture using cell proliferation assays and live cell imaging.

Royal jelly is a nutritious substance produced by the young nurse bees and contains significant amounts of proteins which are important for cell growth and proliferation. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of royal jelly as an alternative to fetal bovine serum (FBS) in cell culture using cell proliferation assays and live cell imaging.

A study on isolation of chemical constituents from sophora flavescens ait. And their anti-glioma effects.

Sophora flavescens Ait. is a traditional Chinese medicine with a long history in China. It is mainly used in the treatment of heat dysentery and similar ailments in the clinical. The objective of this paper was to isolate, purify and identify alkaloids from Sophora flavescens Ait. and to explore their inhibitory effects on C6 glioma cells.

Study on the anti-cerebral ischemia effect of borneol and its mechanism.

Borneol is the processed item from resin of Dryobalanops aromatica Gaertn. f. It can enhance the activity of antioxidant enzymes in brain tissue and reduce inflammatory response by improving the energy metabolism of ischemic brain regions, and thereby reduces brain tissue damage. The objective of this paper was to study the anti-cerebral ischemia effect of borneol and its mechanism.

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