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Enhancing positive perceptions of aging by savoring life lessons.

This study examined the effects of savoring valuable life lessons on perceptions of aging and on well-being among older adults.

The optimal short version of the Zarit Burden Interview for dementia caregivers: diagnostic utility and externally validated cutoffs.

Using a sample of dementia caregivers, we compared the diagnostic utility of the various short versions of the Zarit Burden Interview (ZBI) with the original scale to identify the most optimal one. Next, we established externally validated cutoffs for the various ZBI versions using probable depression cases as a reference standard.

Social integration, perceived discrimination, and self-esteem in mid- and later life: intersections with age and neuroticism.

Social relations can influence well-being throughout the life course. Integration in one's community may serve as a source of social support whereas negative interactions such as day-to-day discrimination can be psychosocial stressors, particularly for neurotic persons. Yet social connectedness may vary in importance across the age range. Individuals trim their social networks in later life to optimize emotional well-being, but older adults may also be at heightened risk of social isolation. This study exam...

Dyadic construction of dementia: meta-ethnography and behaviour-process synthesis.

Good interaction with family caregivers helps maintain positive identity in people with dementia. However, research in this area is limited. We aimed to systematically review the dyadic experience of dementia caring.

Examining the possible impact of daily transport on depression among older adults using an agent-based model.

Daily transport may impact depression risk among older adults through several pathways including facilitating the ability to meet basic needs, enabling and promoting contact with other people and nature, and promoting physical activity (e.g. through active transportation such as walking or walking to public transit). Both daily transport and depression are influenced by the neighborhood environment. To provide insights into how transport interventions may affect depression in older adults, we developed a pi...

Loneliness and social isolation among older adults in a community exercise program: a qualitative study.

Loneliness and social isolation (L&SI) are associated with physical and cognitive decline in older adults. Walk 'n' Talk for your Life (WTL) is a community-based program of socialization, health education, falls prevention exercise and walking for community-dwelling older adults. This qualitative study was done to gain further insight into the experience and impacts of the WTL on seniors' L&SI.

Assistive technology for communication of older adults: a systematic review.

Describe the use of assistive technology to enhance communication opportunities for older adults.

The curvilinear relationship of early-life adversity and successful aging: the mediating role of mental health.

The steeling effect suggests that early-life adversity can have a beneficial impact later in life. However, little is known about its underlying mechanisms and long-term outcomes . The study aimed to examine the role of early-life adversity (ELA) on successful aging, and whether this relationship can be explained by mental and physical health.

Heart rate variability biofeedback: implications for cognitive and psychiatric effects in older adults.

Two decades of heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback research have focused on adolescent and adult populations with a variety of symptoms and conditions at the exclusion of older adults. This study explores HRV biofeedback as a novel treatment to decrease psychiatric symptoms and improve cognitive functioning in older adults.

Cognitive functioning among cognitively intact dementia caregivers compared to matched self-selected and population controls.

Caregiving for a person with dementia is frequently used to model the impact of chronic stress on health, including cognitive functioning. However, the prevalence of typically healthier, self-selecting non-caregiving control groups could contribute to a picture of poorer caregiver performance and overstate the negative effects of stress. We investigated differences in cognitive performance between dementia caregivers and two groups of non-caregivers recruited using different sampling methods.

Associations between subclinical depressive symptoms and reduced brain volume in middle-aged to older adults.

The associations between subclinical depressive symptoms, as well specific symptom subscales, on brain structure in aging are not completely elucidated. This study investigated the extent to which depressive symptoms were related to brain volumes in fronto-limbic structures in a sample of middle-aged to older adults.

Do religious activities among young-old immigrants act as a buffer against the effect of a lack of resources on well-being?

Despite a large body of sociological and psychological literature suggesting that religious activities may mitigate the effects of stress, few studies have investigated the beneficial effects of religious activities among immigrants. Immigrants in particular may stand to benefit from these activities because they often report a religious affiliation and often occupy disadvantaged positions. This study investigates whether private and public religious activities reduce the negative effects of a lack of phys...

Health professionals' perceptions of developing dementia services in primary care settings in China: a qualitative study.

Primary care plays a crucial role in the timely diagnosis and proper management of dementia. Evidence from low and middle income countries is much needed to inform service development in primary care and to address the dementia burden in these countries. The aim of this study was to explore community health professionals' perceptions of dementia service development using China as a case.

Intergenerational support, satisfaction with parent-child relationship and elderly parents' life satisfaction in Hong Kong.

This study examines in what exchange patterns that three types of intergenerational support are associated with elderly parents' life satisfaction, and whether elderly parents' evaluation on parent-child relationship plays a mediation role on those associations.

Pain intensity, depressive symptoms, and functional limitations among older adults with serious mental illness.

To examine pain-related activity interference as a mediator for the relationship between pain intensity and depressive symptoms among older adults with serious mental illness (SMI).

The psychometric properties of the control, autonomy, self-realisation and pleasure scale (CASP-19) for older adults with dementia.

Asset based approaches to dementia research and measurement emphasise the need to also assess the strengths and capabilities that people with dementia retain, rather than assessing only losses or deficits. The CASP-19 proposes wellbeing as the satisfaction of four 'needs' (control, autonomy, self-realisation and pleasure). The CASP-19 may reflect the asses-based approach and has been validated in over 20 countries. The aim of this study was to evaluate the CASP-19's psychometric properties in older adults w...

Usability study and pilot validation of a computer-based emotion recognition test for older adults with Alzheimer's disease and amnestic mild cognitive impairment.

This study aimed to carry out a pilot validation of Affect-GRADIOR, a computer-based emotion recognition test, with older adults. The study evaluated its usability, reliability and validity for the screening of people with Alzheimer´s disease (AD) and amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI).

How do community-dwelling LGBT people perceive sexuality in residential aged care? A systematic literature review.

To investigate what empirical studies report on the perceptions of community-dwelling LGBT adults regarding sexuality and sexual expression in residential aged care (RAC), and how their sexuality should be addressed in RAC.

Unmet care needs, care provision and patient satisfaction in patients with a late life depression: a cross-sectional study.

Research has shown that some 30% of total care needs in people with late-life depression (LLD) are unmet. It is not known to what extent patients actually don't receive any care for these needs or consider the care to be insufficient and their satisfaction with the provided care.

Perceived discrimination and mental health among older African Americans: the role of psychological well-being.

Examine the effect of perceived discrimination (both racial and non-racial) on the mental health of older African Americans and explore the buffering role of psychological well-being (purpose in life and self-acceptance).

Guilt after placement questionnaire: a new instrument to assess caregiver emotional functioning following nursing home placement.

Guilt is a core feature of dementia caregivers' experiences following placement. This study describes and validates a new assessment tool for monitoring caregiver adjustment after placement.

Confirmatory factor analysis of the Revised UCLA Loneliness Scale (UCLA LS-R) in individuals over 65.

The UCLA LS-R is the most extensively used scale to assess loneliness. However, few studies examine the scale's use on older individuals. The goal of the study is to analyse the suitability of the scale´s structure for assessing older individuals.

Age, memory loss and perceptions of dementia in South Asian ethnic minorities.

South Asian older adults are represented less frequently in mainstream mental health services or those for people with dementia. This study aimed to explore in detail the perceptions of dementia (symptoms, causes, consequences, treatments) held by South Asians and to discern how these understandings vary by age and by the self-recognition of memory problems, as these influence help-seeking behaviour.

The first use of dementia care mapping in the care for older people with intellectual disability: a process analysis according to the RE-AIM framework.

The aging of the population with intellectual disability (ID), with associated conseqences as dementia, creates a need for evidence-based methods to support staff. Dementia Care Mapping (DCM) is perceived to be valuable in dementia care and promising in ID-care. The aim of this study was to evaluate the process of the first use of DCM in ID-care.

Loneliness and social isolation among young and late middle-age adults: Associations with personal networks and social participation.

Associations between social networks and loneliness or social isolation are well established among older adults. Yet, limited research examines personal networks and participation on perceived loneliness and social isolation as distinct experiences among younger adults. Accordingly, we explore relationships among objective and subjective measures of personal networks with loneliness and isolation, comparing a younger and older cohort.

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