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Shared decision-making.

Paradoxes of death and dying.


Support for people with long-term neurological conditions in rural English communities.

Almost one-fifth of the population in England lives in rural areas. Compared to urban populations, the rural population is older and faces greater difficulties in accessing medical services. At the same time, healthcare teams in rural areas face particular challenges in recruiting and retaining staff, travelling between patients and keeping specialised knowledge up-to-date. Drawing upon a recent health needs assessment for people living with long-term neurological conditions in a rural English county, as we...

Government proposal that nurses must report knife crime could undermine confidentiality.

Dental care in older adults.

Good oral health is an essential part of ageing well. Good mouth care enables people to eat, speak and socialise without pain or embarrassment and contributes hugely to quality of life and general health. Community-dwelling older adults may find access to dental services difficult, and increasing co-morbidities can make self-care a challenge. Older adults are at increased risk of dental disease, and general health complications can make access to dental services and treatment planning difficult. Further, th...

The future of physiotherapy.

Helping older patients to adapt to stomas using an enhanced recovery programme.

An overview of 'Pressure ulcers: revised definition and measurement'.

Admission avoidance: hospital at home.

District nurse apprenticeship standard-next steps for district nursing.

Greener treatments: the NHS carbon footprint.

Aids for activities of daily living in people with Parkinson's disease.

Introducing the British Lymphology Society position paper on ankle brachial pressure index.

Prompt application of appropriate compression therapy is essential for effective treatment of lymphoedema. However, it is accepted that prior to the application of compression to the lower limbs, either with bandaging or compression garments, patients should demonstrate a satisfactory vascular status, as assessed via axillary brachial pressure index (ABPI). Unfortunately, the presence of peripheral oedema may render a reading impossible or grossly inaccurate. Relying solely on ABPI assessment is potentially...

Lymphoedema Support Network update.

Patient concordance in the management of chronic oedema: role of the independent prescriber.

BLS Lymphoedema Awareness Week 3-9 March 2019 and beyond!


Haddenham Easywrap: an alternative to compression bandaging in chronic oedema and wound care.

Haddenham Easywrap has been available since 2016 and since then case studies have been presented to demonstrate the efficacy of the product in clinical practice. The aim of the article is to demonstrate how its use in chronic oedema, and wound care is beneficial and cost effective and how versatile one product can be in treating both of these conditions. Information gained from the evaluation of easywrap in wound care and management of chronic oedema, demonstrates that easywrap can be a suitable cost effect...

Flat knit hosiery: purpose, selection and application in chronic oedema and lipoedema.

British Lymphology Society update.

2018 BLS Annual Conference review.

Management in the absence of a specialist service.

Importance of a collaborative approach to lymphoedema management.

The older person with diabetes: considerations for care.

With the increasingly ageing population worldwide, more older people are living with diabetes. The conditions that often accompany older age, such as dementia, renal impairment, visual impairment and manual dexterity difficulties, can make diabetes management complex and self-care challenging. However, the status of older people varies considerably, and so choice of glucose-lowering agents and clinical targets should be individualised to maximise safety and ensure that the risks of treatments do not outweig...

Duty of candour and community nursing.

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