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Antiretroviral drug use by individuals living with HIV/AIDS and compliance with the Clinical Protocol and Therapy Guidelines.

To describe antiretroviral treatment regimens prescribed and their compliance with the Clinical Protocol and Therapy Guidelines of the Ministry of Health for the management of HIV infection.

Storage and disposal of expired medicines in home pharmacies: emerging public health problems.

To characterize storage and disposal practices associated with expired medicines in home pharmacies of Primary Care users.

Serious adverse event: late neurotropic disease associated with yellow fever vaccine.

The yellow fever is a systemic disease that was under control due to the effective campaigns against the vector and promotion of vaccines programs. However, since 1999, outbreaks appeared because of inefficient control of the vector, and led to the need of amplifying the immunization in large scale against the yellow fever virus, and consequently, raising the risk of adverse reactions to the vaccine. We report a case of previously healthy infant, who was referred to our care service, after 3 days with fever...

Erratum : Evaluation and reconditioning of donor organs for transplantation through ex vivo lung perfusion.

[This corrects the article doi: 10.31744/einstein_journal/2019AO4288].

Correlation between nutritional assessment and oxidative stress in candidates for liver transplant.

To evaluate the oxidative profile, nutritional status and food intake (caloric value; macronutrients; vitamins A, E and C; and zinc), and to correlate oxidative stress with nutritional status in patients who were candidates for liver transplant.

Scientometrics on interventions used for adherence of hypertension and diabetes therapies.

To identify interventions aimed to improve adherence to medical and non-medical antihypertensive and antidiabetic therapy.

INSAF-HAS: a tool to select patients with hypertension for pharmaceutical care.

To develop and validate the content of a tool aimed to select patients with hypertension for pharmaceutical care, based on identification of individuals in greater need of attention.

Prevalence and intensity of pain during diagnostic hysteroscopy in women attending an infertility clinic: analysis of 489 cases.

To investigate the prevalence and intensity of pain perception during diagnostic hysteroscopy in women and potential related factors.

Echoendoscopy with elastography in mediastinal lymph nodes.

Elastography is a widely used procedure in conventional ultrasonography that has recently been incorporated in echoendoscopy. This is an innovative and promising technology that aims to increase the negative predictive value of endoscopic ultrasonography and fine-needle aspiration punctures. It is useful for directing punctures in suspect areas and, consequently, improves diagnostic performance. This is a non-invasive technique, easy to perform, without additional costs or complications. The main indication...

Evaluating the disease and treatment information provided to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at the time of discharge according to GOLD discharge guidelines.

To evaluate the disease and treatment information provided to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at hospital discharge.

Prevalence of rectovaginal colonization by group B Streptococcus in pregnant women seen at prenatal care program of a health organization.

To evaluate the prevalence of group B Streptococci in pregnant women of a corporate health program, as well as the epidemiological correlations.

Congenital nystagmus, disability, visual impairment, and noncompaction suggest hereditary disease.

Is muscular strength compromised by overnight fasting or food ingestion in hospital settings?

Reply to: Congenital nystagmus, disability, visual impairment, and noncompaction suggest hereditary disease.

Reply to: Is muscular strength compromised by overnight fasting or food ingestion in hospital settings?

Common origin of the coronary arteries from the right sinus with intramyocardial course of the anterior descent artery.

Comparative overview of innovation and patent filings in Radiopharmacy.

To expose the current situation of the Brazilian Nuclear Medicine in relation to innovation, taking into account the Intellectual Property protection and the particularities of this field.

The direct and indirect effects of the pneumococcal conjugated vaccine on carriage rates in children aged younger than 5 years in Latin America and the Caribbean: a systematic review.

To demonstrate the impact of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in Streptococcus pneumoniae carriage status in children younger than 5 years in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Visual data: a new tool to improve the presentation of clinical trial results.

Randomized controlled trials are known to be the best tool to determine the effects of an intervention; however, most healthcare professionals are not able to adequately understand the results. In this report, concepts, applications, examples, and advantages of using visual data as a complementary tool in the results section of original articles are presented. Visual simplification of data presentation will improve general understanding of clinical research.

Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio change after curative gastrectomy for gastric cancer: a subgroup analysis.

To evaluate the impact of neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio change after curative surgery for gastric cancer.

Loss of tolerance 5 days after discontinuing sulphonamide introduced via desensitization in delayed reaction.

The fixed drug eruption is a non-immediate hypersensitivity reaction to drug, characterized by recurrent erythematous or violaceous, rounded, well-defined border plaques, which always appear in the same location every time the culprit drug is administered. The usual practice is to avoid the drug involved and to use a structurally different drug. However, there are situations in which there is no safe and effective therapy. In such situations, desensitization is the only option. We describe the case of a pat...

Pregestational body mass index, weight gain during pregnancy and perinatal outcome: a retrospective descriptive study.

To analyze the pregestational body mass index and weight gain during pregnancy, and to associate data to perinatal outcomes of pregnant women from a Prenatal Care Program.

Effect of physical activity on asthma control in schoolchildren.

To investigate the effect of levels of physical activity on asthma control in children.

Use of misoprostol in the treatment of postpartum hemorrhage: a pharmacoepidemiological approach.

To characterize the use of the drug misoprostol for treatment of postpartum hemorrhage in pregnant women.

Traditional chest drainage versus drainage by thoracotomy: a prospective randomized study.

To compare the chest tube drainage by the same thoracotomy intercostal space with the traditional approach in patients undergoing muscle-sparing thoracotomy.

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