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Age-Dependent Changes in the Cochlea.

Age-related hearing loss is a progressive, bilateral, and symmetrical sensorineural hearing loss due to degeneration of inner ear structures and it is considered a multifactorial complex disorder. Changes in tissue performance act from the cellular level to the molecular level. Histological visible damage in different structures of the inner ear signifies that the high frequency region is more sensitive and earlier affected. For many years it has been known that, with advancing age, there is an increasing l...

Connected and Automated Vehicles: Chances for Elderly Travellers.

Connected and automated vehicles (CAV) are expected to improve the mobility of older people by compensating for the effects of a decreasing age-related fitness to drive. However, the technology is still under development and it is unclear how automated transport services will be implemented and which effects will be achievable. This paper aims to assess the potential of connected and automated transport to improve the mobility of older people. The discussion focuses on potentially disrupting highly automate...

The Adapted Lifestyle-Integrated Functional Exercise Program for Preventing Functional Decline in Young Seniors: Development and Initial Evaluation.

The Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise (LiFE) program is an intervention integrating balance and strength activities into daily life, effective at reducing falls in at-risk people ≥70 years. There is potential for LiFE to be adapted to young seniors in order to prevent age-related functional decline.

Recombinant Buckwheat Trypsin Inhibitor Improves the Protein and Mitochondria Homeostasis in Caenorhabditis elegans Model of Aging and Age-Related Disease.

With the acceleration of aging process in human society, improvements of the physical functionality and life quality in the elderly population are more meaningful than pure longevity. Buckwheat trypsin inhibitor is a low molecular weight polypeptide extracted from buckwheat, which is a beneficial food for improving the health in the elderly.

Clinical, Electrocardiographic, and Echocardiographic Features in Hospitalized Nonagenarians (90+): Comparison between the Genders.

We investigated the clinical, electrocardiographic, and echocardiographic determinants of the cardiac status in nonagenarian patients.

A Mini-Review of Virtual Reality-Based Interventions to Promote Well-Being for People Living with Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment.

Assistive technology including virtual reality and augmented reality has gained interest as a novel intervention in a range of clinical settings. This technology has the potential to provide mental stimulation, a connection to autobiographical memory through reminiscence, and enhanced quality of life (QoL) to people living with dementia (PLWD) and mild cognitive impairment (MCI). In this mini-review, we examine the available evidence from studies reporting on the potential benefits of virtual and augmented ...

Low-Intensity Exercise Suppresses CCAAT/Enhancer-Binding Protein δ/Myostatin Pathway Through Androgen Receptor in Muscle Cells.

Androgen production following exercise has been suggested to contribute anabolic actions of muscle. However, the underlying mechanisms of the androgen receptor (AR) in androgen's action are still unclear.

Examining Relationships between Multiple Self-Reported Sleep Measures and Gait Domains in Cognitively Healthy Older Adults.

Gait-related changes in older adulthood may be related to changes in cognition (e.g., executive functioning), and recent work suggests that different self-reported measures of sleep may be tied to contrasting aspects of executive functioning. However, the relationship between these self-reported sleep measures and gait domains has not been explored. Such an investigation would be useful in helping to determine which older adults might exhibit changes in gait as well as experience other gait-associated chang...

Implementing Accessibility Settings in Touchscreen Apps for People Living with Dementia.

Accessibility options within apps can enable customisation and improve usability. The consideration of accessibility for people living with dementia has not been explored but is necessary to prevent a "digital divide" in our society. This study set out to examine whether the introduction of accessibility settings for people with dementia in two mainstream gaming apps (Solitaire and Bubble Explode) could improve the user experience.

Epigenetic Mechanisms Underlying the Aging of Articular Cartilage and Osteoarthritis.

Aging is a progressive and complicated bioprocess with overall decline in physiological function. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disease in middle-aged and older populations. Since the prevalence of OA increases with age and breakdown of articular cartilage is its major hallmark, OA has long been thought of as "wear and tear" of joint cartilage. Nevertheless, recent studies have revealed that changes in the chondrocyte function and matrix components may reduce the material properties of articu...

Pathophysiology of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Benign Prostatic Enlargement: A Mini-Review.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), benign prostatic enlargement (BPE) and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) belong to the most frequent diseases in ageing men. Beyond the 6th decade of life, more than 30% of men suffer from moderate to severe LUTS requiring intervention. The pathophysiology of BPH/BPE is still incompletely understood. The dominant role of the androgen system and the androgen receptor is well defined. Androgen receptors are expressed in BPH tissue in which they are activated by the potent...

Physical Activity and Mobility Differentially Predict Nondemented Executive Function Trajectories: Do Sex and APOE Moderate These Associations?

In nondemented aging, higher levels of everyday physical activity (EPA) and mobility performance are associated with better executive function (EF) trajectories. However, these associations may be moderated by both sex and Alzheimer's disease (AD) genetic risk.

Is Life Expectancy of French Women Going to Plateau and Oscillate?

Some authors have hypothesised that life expectancy at birth could reach 100 years in developed countries in the next decades. Using recent data for French women, it is shown that life expectancy changes from 1993 to 2016 are mainly linked to mortality rates of oldest women. In recent years, it happened that life expectancy of French women oscillated, because of for instance influenza epidemics killing mainly oldest frail people. It is hypothesised that in coming years, life expectancy of French women (and ...

Cell Therapy for Knee Osteoarthritis: Mesenchymal Stromal Cells.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is designated the 11th highest contributor of 291 diseases of global disability and the most common cause of chronic disability in elderly people. OA has a devastating impact on quality of life and represents an enormous socio-economic burden. Currently, OA is incurable, and no approved medications, biological therapy, or procedure prevents the progressive destruction of the osteoarthritic knee joint. All current treatments provide symptomatic relief rather than preventative or regenerat...

Myostatin: A Powerful Biomarker for Sarcopenia and Frailty?

Identifying Features that Enhance Older Adults' Acceptance of Robots: A Mixed Methods Study.

With global aging, robots are considered a promising solution for handling the shortage of aged care and companionships. However, these technologies would serve little purpose if their intended users do not accept them. While the socioemotional selectivity theory predicts that older adults would accept robots that offer emotionally meaningful relationships, selective optimization with compensation model predicts that older adults would accept robots that compensate for their functional losses.

Iridescent Life Course: LGBTQ Aging Research and Blueprint for the Future - A Systematic Review.

LGBTQ* (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer) older adults are demographically diverse and growing populations. In an earlier 25-year review of the literature on sexual orientation and aging, we identified four waves of research that addressed dispelling negative stereotypes, psychosocial adjustment to aging, identity development, and social and community-based support in the lives of LGBTQ older adults.

Is the Effect of Physical Activity on Quality of Life in Older Adults Mediated by Social Support?

Increasing evidence suggests positive associations between physical activity, social support, and quality of life in later life. However, the role of physical activity and social support in the influence on quality of life is unclear. In this viewpoint, definitions of central terms and key research findings on factors influencing quality of life in older adults are provided. We highlight the importance of both a physically active lifestyle and high social support in positively influencing quality of life. H...

Pillars of Successful Research: Serendipity, Pasteur's Axiom, Kairos, and Luck.

Behaviors and Strategies Supporting Everyday Memory in Older Adults.

Little is known about the means by which older adults achieve memory-demanding goals in everyday life or alternatively about why they fail to do so.

Development of a Home Health Patient Assessment Tool for Disaster Planning.

Historically, older adults have been disproportionately affected by disasters. In particular, homebound adults are especially at risk. As one facet of bolstering community resilience, home health agencies have been tasked with improving their patients' disaster preparedness. However, home health practitioners often lack the information necessary to fulfill these requirements. Providing resources about disaster preparedness will allow these practitioners, often seen as trusted advisors, to better prepare the...

Gait Test or No Gait Test: Do We Need Walking Assessment to Determine Physical Frailty?

Hard Tissue Augmentation of Aged Bone by Means of a Tin-Free PLLA-PCL Co-Polymer Exhibiting in vivo Anergy and Long-Term Structural Stability.

Due to aging, tissue regeneration gradually declines. Contemporary strategies to promote tissue-specific regeneration, in particular in elderly patients, often include synthetic material apt for implantation primarily aiming at upholding body functions and regaining appropriate anatomical and functional integrity.

Office-Based Physical Assessment in Patients Aged 75 Years and Older with Cardiovascular Disease.

The detection of impaired physical performance in older adults with cardiovascular disease is essential for clinical management and therapeutic decision-making. There is a requirement for an assessment tool that can be used conveniently, rapidly, and securely in clinical practice for screening decreased physical performance.

Resistance Exercise Improves Mitochondrial Quality Control in a Rat Model of Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is implicated in the pathogenesis of multiple muscular diseases, including sporadic inclusion body myositis (s-IBM), the most common aging-related muscle disease. However, the factors causing mitochondrial dysfunction in s-IBM are unknown.

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