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Comparisons of Laboratory Results between Two Blood Samplings: Venipuncture versus Peripheral Venous Catheter - A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis.

To compare the results of hematology, blood chemistry, and coagulation tests between two blood sampling methods via venipuncture and peripheral venous catheter.

Parents' and nurses' experiences of partnership in neonatal intensive care units: a qualitative review and meta-synthesis.

To explore how parents and nurses experience partnership in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) and to identify existing barriers and facilitators to a successful partnership.

Are Carbohydrate Drinks More Effective Than Preoperative Fasting: A Systematic Review of Randomised Controlled Trials.

To evaluate current evidence to determine whether oral preoperative carbohydrate drinks shorten hospital stays, reduce insulin resistance and/or improve postoperative discomfort for patients undergoing abdominal or cardiac surgery.

Exploring nursing competence to care for older patients in municipal in-patient acute care: a qualitative study.

To identify critical aspects of nursing competence to care for older patients in the context of municipal in-patient acute care.

Continuous glucose monitoring in adults with type 1 diabetes: a balance between benefits and barriers: a critical incident study.

To describe positively and negatively perceived situations experienced by adults with type 1 diabetes using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and the actions they take to deal with these situations.

Microscopic colitis: Struggling with an invisible, disabling disease.

Microscopic colitis causes chronic or recurrent non-bloody, watery diarrhoea, which is associated with urgency, faecal incontinence and abdominal pain. The patient's health-related quality of life is often impaired. In microscopic colitis health-related quality of life has been studied using questionnaires originally constructed and validated for patients with inflammatory bowel disease. The aim of this study was to explore the impact of microscopic colitis on everyday life.

Parents' reasons for not attending parental education (PE) groups in antenatal and child healthcare. A qualitative study.

To explore expectant and new parents' reasons not to participate in PE groups in antenatal care or child healthcare.

Nursing care and management of patients' sleep during hospitalization: A cross-sectional study.

To explore and describe how patients' sleep is addressed at acute-care hospitals in Sweden with regard to nursing care, management, and the development of knowledge in this area.

Nurses' practices in the preparation and administration of intramuscular injections in mental health: a cross-sectional study.

Intramuscular injections (IMI) remain a frequent practice in mental health. Few studies have examined the issue of nurses' practices concerning IMI in this domain, and none considered specifically hygiene. Finally, no study appears to have looked at emergency situations and their possible influence on practices. The principal objective of our study was to assess the practices associated with IMI in mental health, especially the hygiene-related practices. The secondary objectives were: 1) to assess the prac...

The Mediating and Moderating Effects of Meaning in Life on the Relationship between Depression and Quality of Life in Patients with Dysphagia.

To identify whether meaning in life has moderating and mediating effects on the relationship between depression and quality of life in patients with dysphagia.

The EBP lockout. What clinicians need to put the 'E' into EBP.

The question is as simple as it is challenging for those who control and determine access to libraries, full-text journal databases and 'the literature'. Can we expect clinicians and practitioners to be able to use, update, understand and implement evidence-based practice (EBP) if they are denied access to the very evidence that they are supposed to be basing their practice upon? This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Understanding Mothers' Perception of Child's Illness: Adapting the CONNECT Instrument for Pediatrics.

To adapt the CONNECT Instrument for use in the pediatric population, to assess validity of this instrument after its adaptation, and to assess concordance between mothers' perception of their child's illness and providers' understanding of mothers' perceptions.

Clinical Practice and Work-Related Burden among Second Career Nurses: A Cross-Sectional Survey.

To explore the differences in clinical practice activities and work-related burden between nurses with past work experience other than nursing (second career nurses: SCNs) and nurses without any past work experience (non-second career nurses: NSCNs).

Young adult cancer patients' experiences of private social network support during cancer treatment.

To explore young adult cancer patients' experiences of support from their private social network during cancer treatment.

The integration of new nurse practitioners into care of older adults: A survey study.

To assess Norwegian advanced geriatric nurses' (AGNs) use of their knowledge and skills, and factors that may influence AGNs' opportunities to use their knowledge and skills to reach their full potential.

Parents' journey caring for a preterm infant until discharge from hospital based neonatal home care - a challenging process to cope with.

To present parents' lived experience of having a preterm infant cared for at the neonatal unit until discharge from hospital-based neonatal home care (HNHC).

Using two models of workplace facilitation to create conditions for development of a person-centred culture: a participatory action research study.

To examine facilitation in workplace learning where nurses are focused on creating person-centred cultures; to provide a framework for novice and proficient facilitators/practitioners to learn in and from their own workplaces and practices; to provide the conditions where practitioners can gain an understanding of the culture and context within their own workplace.

Strengthening nursing surveillance in general wards: a practice development approach.

To explore the context and culture of nursing surveillance on an acute care ward.

Discussing Sexuality in Healthcare: A Systematic Review.

The World Health Organization and Healthy People 2020 emphasize the importance of sexual healthcare. Although the nursing profession has the ability to develop a competent level of sexuality education, sexual healthcare is often ignored in nursing care and education. Many nurses are failing to engage in meaningful conversations about sexual health with patients and this could lead to negative health events. However, patients would like reliable and non-judgmental access to education about sexual health.

Response to Wi, D. (2018) Letter: Sleep disturbance in people with diabetes: A concept analysis.

We would like to thank Dahee Wi for the interest and comments on our recent publication (Zhu et al., 2018). We welcome this dynamic dialogue on defining the concept of sleep disturbance in people with diabetes. Wi suggested that the attributes, antecedents, and consequences of the concept should be divided separately according to the age of participants and the type of diabetes (Wi, 2019). We agree that the concept of sleep disturbance in people with diabetes could differ depending on patient age and type ...

No time to delay reperfusion: a cross-sectional study of Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention times.

To establish and report cross-sectional data of reperfusion times for emergency primary percutaneous coronary interventions (PPCI) and to examine factors associated with times to reperfusion.

Bearing witness and being bounded; the experiences of nurses in adult critical care in relation to the survivorship needs of patients and families.

To discern and understand the responses of nurses to the survivorship needs of patients and family members in adult critical care units.

Patient acceptability of wearable vital sign monitoring technologies in the acute care setting: a systematic review.

To examine patient acceptability of wearable vital sign monitoring devices in the acute setting.

Knee joint function, walking ability, and quality of life within 6 weeks after total knee arthroplasty: a prospective cohort study.

The aims of this study were to track changes in patients' knee function, walking ability, and quality of life (QOL) before and after knee arthroplasty surgery and explore factors that influenced these parameters.

Facilitating closeness between babies with congenital abnormalities and their parents in the NICU: A qualitative study of neonatal nurses' experiences.

This qualitative study explored the experiences of neonatal nurses with facilitating closeness between parents and babies with congenital abnormalities in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

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