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Re: Absorbable sutures for skin closure after carpal tunnel decompression: A Cochrane review summary.

Letter to the Editor: Sentinel lymph node biopsy in melanoma: Which hot nodes should be harvested and is blue dye really necessary?

Surgical outcomes of VRAM versus gracilis flaps for the reconstruction of pelvic defects following oncologic resection.

Pelvic reconstruction following abdominoperineal resection or pelvic exenteration is associated with signification surgical site morbidity. Immediate pelvic reconstruction with a muscle flap is now the gold standard, associated with reduced perineal morbidity compared to primary closure alone. The purpose of the present study was to directly compare outcomes of VRAM and gracilis flap pelvic reconstruction following oncologic resection.

Endoscopic retrieval of retracted flexor tendons: An atraumatic technique.

The repair of retracted flexor tendons is a challenging problem for hand surgeons. The tendon stump should be handled in an atraumatic manner because any microtrauma to the sheath and tendon can lead to poor functional outcomes.

Evaluation of the eyebrow position after external Müller's muscle tucking: A new technique for ptosis repair.

Eyebrow descent commonly occurs after ptosis repair or blepharoplasty surgery. The procedures used to correct acquired blepharoptosis are primarily classified into four groups. These procedures target the levator aponeurosis, Müller's muscle, both the aponeurosis and Müller's muscle, or the frontalis muscle. In this study, we used a new technique called external Müller's muscle tucking (EMMT) on 51 patients (94 eyelids), which targets the Müller's muscle for involutional blepharoptosis. The patients wer...

The use of laser speckle contrast imaging to predict flap necrosis: An experimental study in a porcine flap model.

We evaluated the use of laser speckle contrast imaging (LSCI) in the perioperative planning in reconstructive flap surgery. The aim of the study was to investigate whether LSCI can predict regions with a high risk of developing postoperative necrosis. Our hypothesis was that, perioperatively, such regions have perfusion values below a threshold value and show a negative perfusion trend.

PART 2: Can improvement in outcome measurement in plastic surgery be achieved in today's health systems?

Combined Karapandzic-Abbé/Estlander/Stein flap for subtotal and total lower lip reconstruction.

Lower lip reconstruction remains a challenging task due to multi-functional and high aesthetic requirements that have to be achieved for successful outcome. This is particularly true to near-total lower lip defects, encompassing over 70% of lower lip loss due to cancer, trauma or burns. Despite the fact that numerous flaps and their modifications have been described over the past century, only a few valuable techniques and concepts withstood the test of time for sub-total lower lip defects, each having thei...

Selective non-operative management for penetrating extremity trauma (SNOM-PET).

Preconditioning and postoperative hyperbaric oxygen therapy to reduce skin flap erosion after osmidrosis surgery.

Augmented Reality Microsurgical Planning with a Smartphone (ARM-PS): A dissection route map in your pocket.

Perioperative microsurgical planning increases the likelihood of successful results. Augmented reality (AR) is the addition of artificial information to allow the user to perform tasks more efficiently. The aim of our study is to report the use of AR for microsurgical planning with a smartphone (ARM-PS) as a dissection route map.

Commentary on JPRAS-D-18-00185: The use of Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging to predict flap necrosis: An experimental study in a porcine flap model article.

Temporal Trends in Immediate Post-Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction.

The Polish version of the Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire: Associations between patient-rated outcome measures and nerve conduction studies.

The aim of this study was to investigate the associations between nerve conduction studies and three commonly used patient-reported outcome measures (Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand [DASH], Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire [MHQ], and the Polish version of the Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire [BCTQ]) METHODS: A total of 218 consecutive patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) completed the BCTQ, MHQ, and DASH questionnaires followed by nerve conduction studies on their first visit to the c...

Intraoral anastomosis of a vascularized iliac-crest flap in maxillofacial reconstruction.

Intraoral anastomosis of free flaps was introduced to avoid extraoral scars. In addition, advances in vascularized iliac-crest flap have greatly facilitated jaw reconstruction. The primary aim of this study was to evaluate feasibility and outcomes of intraoral anastomosis of vascularized iliac-crest flaps used for jaw reconstruction. Methods: From December 2015 to June 2018, 10 (3 men and 7 women) patients aged 12-55 (median, 28) years were treated at the Peking University School and Stomatology Hos...

Use of Integra Flowable Wound Matrix for nasal dorsum reconstruction or augmentation: A series of 6 cases.

The use of ultrasound guidance for foreign body removal.

Keystone island flaps for reconstruction following lower leg skin cancer resection: A comparison with split-thickness skin grafts.

CO laser treatment for burn scarring.

The influence of social media on women undergoing immediate breast reconstruction.

Patient satisfaction after levator aponeurosis surgery for the treatment of involutional blepharoptosis.

Reply to: "Updated guidelines on complex regional pain syndrome in adults".

"Reduction mammaplasty with superomedial pedicle technique: A literature review and retrospective analysis of 938 consecutive breast reductions".

The superomedial pedicle reduction mammaplasty has been noted in the literature to provide superior aesthetic results and longevity as well as shorter operative times. However, the inferior pedicle continues to be the most commonly utilized technique in the United States. There is a lack of large-volume outcome studies examining how the superomedial pedicle technique compares against more established reduction methods.

ALT flap with vascularized fascia lata for one-stage functional patellar tendon reconstruction.

Composite anterolateral thigh (ALT) flap with vascularized fascia lata can reconstitute patellar tendon integrity and knee soft tissue coverage in one stage. However, long-term evidence of outcomes is lacking. This work analyzes long-term functional results, compares subtotal and total reconstruction of patellar tendon, and assesses the respective function of the extensor apparatus.

Application of suction retractor for lymphaticovenular anastomoisis.

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