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Publisher Correction: Radioactive drugs emerge from the shadows to storm the market.

In the version of this article initially published, Betalutin was described as directing a radioisotope to CD45-expressing B cells; in fact, it directs it to CD37-expressing B cells. The error has been corrected in the HTML and PDF versions of the article.

Clonal seeds from hybrid rice by simultaneous genome engineering of meiosis and fertilization genes.

Heterosis, or hybrid vigor, is exploited by breeders to produce elite high-yielding crop lines, but beneficial phenotypes are lost in subsequent generations owing to genetic segregation. Clonal propagation through seeds would enable self-propagation of F hybrids. Here we report a strategy to enable clonal reproduction of F rice hybrids through seeds. We fixed the heterozygosity of F hybrid rice by multiplex CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing of the REC8, PAIR1 and OSD1 meiotic genes to produce clonal diploid gamete...


Genentech trade secrets theft highlights risk for biotechs.

Informal STEM education will accelerate the bioeconomy.

Illumina swallows PacBio in long shot for market domination.

Checkpoint inhibitors go viral.

Ten ways in which He Jiankui violated ethics.

Reply to: "Brain modulation and patent law".

The blind babymaker.

Amendments: Author Correction: A catalog of the mouse gut metagenome.

An export-only exception to pharmaceutical patents in Europe: should the United States follow suit?

A llama-derived antibody for flu.

Around the world in a month.

To win at gene therapy, companies pick viruses with production credentials.

Not 'fake' meat but 'clean'.

Recent patents in cancer detection.

Amendments: Author Correction: ClampFISH detects individual nucleic acid molecules using click chemistry-based amplification.

Lupus in crisis: as failures pile up, clinicians call for new tools.

Encyclopedia of cells in early pregnancy.

Brain modulation and patent law.

Amendments: Publisher Correction: An oncolytic herpesvirus expressing E-cadherin improves survival in mouse models of glioblastoma.

A step toward making human oocytes.

Yeast solar panels.

UC's latest CRISPR patent.

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