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Ten-Year Systematic Review of Sexuality and Breastfeeding in Medicine, Psychology, and Gender Studies.

To shed light on the current literature surrounding sexuality and breastfeeding from several domains (gender studies, psychology, and medicine), providing a discourse for discussions of sexuality, breastfeeding, and their interface while acknowledging the intersections of race and sexual orientation.

A Proactive Approach to Quantification of Blood Loss in the Perinatal Setting.

To educate nurses and physicians on changing practice from visual estimation of blood loss to quantification of blood loss (QBL) and to replace estimation of blood loss with QBL for at least 85% of vaginal births during a 3-month period.

Women's Choice Regarding Breastfeeding and Its Effect on Well-Being.

Because of the many known maternal and neonatal health benefits of breastfeeding, there have been significant efforts to encourage exclusive breastfeeding, and many hospitals follow the guidelines of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. However, even with the right support, many women are unable to exclusively breastfeed, which may make them feel anxious and/or depressed. Psychological pressure to exclusively breastfeed has the potential to contribute to postpartum depression symptoms in new mothers who a...

Parents' Descriptions of Feeding Their Young Infants.

To explore parents' descriptions of and concerns about their infants' feeding in the first 6 months of life.

Integration of a Comprehensive Contraception Education Program Into Clinical Practice in a Family Planning Clinic.

To improve rates of contraception adherence by implementing a comprehensive contraception educational program for women receiving care at a family planning clinic.

Weaving All the Threads to Prevent Maternal Mortality.

The etiology of maternal mortality is multifactorial and requires a concerted and comprehensive effort to address the problem.

Partnership Between a Health System and a Correctional Center to Normalize Birth for Incarcerated Women.

Women of childbearing age make up a growing segment of the prison population; many are pregnant while incarcerated. The care this population has received during pregnancy often has been characterized by inattention to nutritional needs, failure to provide for safe sleeping in lower bunks, and lack of childbirth education. These women may be unprepared for childbirth and the early postpartum period. To improve care for these women, staff from a health system and a correctional center collaborated to develop ...

Women's Knowledge of Cardiovascular Risk After Preeclampsia.

To determine women's self-reported knowledge of the association between preeclampsia and cardiovascular disease and to determine if they received appropriate education on the recommendations of the American Heart Association for follow-up and for cardiovascular risk reduction strategies after preeclampsia.

Brexanolone Is the First Drug Specifically for Postpartum Depression.

Postpartum depression is a mood disorder that affects up to 20% of women in the first year after childbirth. Symptoms can range from mild depression and anxiety to severe mood alterations and psychosis. A mainstay of treatment has included selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. However, it can take 2 to 6 weeks for clinical improvement with this approach. In March 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved brexanolone, the first medication specifically indicated for the treatment of postpartum...

Fear of Change and the Courage to Overcome.

A nurse describes how she and her colleagues overcame their fears surrounding a change in practice.

Clinician's Guide to Supporting Women With Breast Milk Pumping.

The benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk are well established. Women may intend to exclusively breastfeed their infants, but they often need to provide expressed breast milk upon returning to employment or other activities. Without specialized lactation services, women may turn to health care providers, social media, and Web-based information for support and education. Nurses can support breastfeeding women and help them make informed decisions by providing factual, practical information about breast p...

Implementation of a Comprehensive Safety Bundle to Support Newborn Fall/Drop Event Prevention and Response.

To create a comprehensive newborn fall/drop event prevention and response strategy in the form of a Newborn Fall Safety Bundle and to reduce newborn fall/drop events across an eight-hospital health system.

Systematic Review of Factors Influencing Non-Medically Indicated Formula Supplementation of Newborns in the Hospital Setting.

To examine maternal and newborn factors that influence non-medically indicated (NMI) formula supplementation of newborns in the hospital setting.

Unexpected Influences-A Maternity Nursing Career and the Next Generation.

A nurse reflects on what her daughters have picked up from her career in maternity nursing, education, and research.

A Case of Perceived Lack of Prenatal Caring.

This qualitative case study tells the story of one woman's experience of prenatal care through her own words and those of her mother, who is a nurse. Frequent sonograms, referral to a maternal-fetal medicine physician, and the unexpected recommendation to schedule an induction made this woman anxious about the well-being of her fetus, influenced her experience of pregnancy, and affected her developing identity as a mother. She felt neither cared for nor included as a partner in her own prenatal care. Althou...

Elagolix as a Novel Treatment for Endometriosis-Related Pain.

Endometriosis, which is the growth of endometrial tissue outside of the uterus, is estimated to affect up to 10% of reproductive-age women. Symptoms associated with endometriosis include dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic pain, and dyspareunia. In July 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved elagolix (Orilissa, AbbVie, North Chicago, IL) as an oral treatment for endometriosis-related pain. This medication is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonist that works by suppressing levels of hor...

Exclusive Breastfeeding, 24-Hour Rooming-In, and the Importance of Women's Informed Choices.

To measure the relationship between exclusive breastfeeding and 24-hour rooming-in for low-risk primiparous women with uncomplicated vaginal births at term.

Implementation of a Perinatal Depression Care Bundle in a Nurse-Managed Midwifery Practice.

To implement a perinatal depression care bundle at a midwifery practice to help certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) educate women about perinatal depression and direct those affected to mental health services.

A Call for Comprehensive Care in the Fourth Trimester.

Childbirth is an event that is remembered for years to come. At the time of discharge from a hospital, new mothers are sent home with many instructions on how to properly care for their newborns, but many may be unprepared for the changes to their bodies and their emotions. Unfortunately, the postpartum period can be a time of great angst and unanswered questions. This commentary presents one of the author's personal experiences of having difficulty navigating the health care system during the postpartum p...

Design and Implementation of a Group Prenatal Care Model for Somali Women at a Low-Resource Health Clinic.

To design and implement group prenatal care (GPC) for Somali women and to evaluate participants' satisfaction, knowledge, and care engagement.

Effect of Peanut Ball and Position Changes in Women Laboring With an Epidural.

To examine the effect of a nurse-driven intervention using a peanut ball (PB) with position changes on length of labor and incidence of cesarean birth among women who receive epidural anesthesia.

Women's Perceived Quality of Care and Self-Reported Empowerment With CenteringPregnancy Versus Individual Prenatal Care.

To compare perceived quality of prenatal care and pregnancy-related self-reported empowerment between women participating in CenteringPregnancy versus those receiving individual prenatal care provided by certified nurse-midwives in the same clinic.

The Value of Evidence.

We strive to put evidence into action to promote optimal nursing care, regardless of whether those care practices are brand new or decades old.

Benefits of Infant Massage for Infants and Parents in the NICU.

Infant massage is an ancient therapeutic technique used around the world. For infants who are exposed to the stressful NICU environment, experience painful procedures, and are separated from their parents, infant massage has been promoted as a method to reduce stress and promote bonding. In this article, we review the current literature on infant massage in the NICU. There is evidence that infant massage has beneficial effects on preterm infants in the NICU, including shorter length of stay; reduced pain; a...

Shared Decision-Making With Choosing Wisely.

Choosing Wisely is a national health care improvement campaign to promote conversations between women and their health care professionals about selecting high-value health care practices. It disseminates lists of recommendations and downloadable educational materials from professional societies on its website. In November 2018, we searched for and categorized Choosing Wisely recommendations pertinent to women's health care. Of 69 recommendations, 24 (35%) were related to perinatal care, 17 (25%) were relate...

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