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Effects of Physical Activity on Neurophysiologic and Gene Expression Profiles in Chronic Back Pain: Study Protocol.

Despite the emphasis on exercise to reduce pain and improve function among people with chronic low back pain (cLBP), little is known about the underlying mechanism of the impact of exercise on the neurophysiologic and gene transcription alterations that characterize cLBP.

Consensus Definition of Muscle Tightness from Multidisciplinary Perspectives.

Muscle tightness is a complex ailment that affects quality of life in people who experience it. Muscle tightness is not clearly defined by National Library of Medicine, which creates confusion in clinical practice.

Moderator Effects in Intervention Studies.

Although nursing intervention studies typically focus on testing hypothesized differences between intervention and control groups, moderator variables can reveal for whom or under what circumstances an intervention may be most effective.

"A man gets things done." A hermeneutic phenomenological study of health and disability among young Black men.

Black men experience the highest rate of disability compared to White, Asian, and Hispanic men. Yet, we know little about how Black men with disabilities experience the embodiment of their gender, race, social class, and disability positionalities, and how they draw from their cultural backgrounds as they engage in health-seeking behaviors.

Relationship between the Developmental Trajectory of Sleep-Wake States and Feeding Progression in Preterm Infants.

Previous studies demonstrated a short-term relationship between infant sleep-wake states and oral feeding performance, with state being an indication of infants' neurobehavioral readiness for feeding. However, the relationship between sleep-wake states and feeding skills has not been evaluated longitudinally during hospitalization.

Characteristics and Practices within Research Partnerships Addressing Health and Social Equity.

As federal research funding focuses more on academic/community collaborations to address health inequities; it is important to understand characteristics of these partnerships and how they work to achieve health equity outcomes.

Inpatient Maternal Mortality in the United States, 2002-2014.

Although prior studies of inpatient maternal mortality in the U.S provides data on the overall rate and trend in inpatient maternal mortality, there are no published reports of maternal mortality data stratified by timing of its occurrence across the pregnancy continuum (antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum).

Symptom Experience of Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes and Diabetes-Related Distress.

An older, more diverse population and longer life spans are major contributors to the anticipated tripling of Type 2 diabetes prevalence by 2050. Diabetes-related distress affects up to 40% of people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and may be a greater risk for older adults due to greater prevalence of comorbidities.

Experience of Perinatal Death From the Father's Perspective.

Although perinatal deaths are still a common pregnancy outcome in developing countries, little is known about the effect perinatal death has on fathers.

Agent-based Modeling: A Research Strategy for Challenging Problems in Nursing Research.

For all our successes, many urgent health problems persist, and while some of these problems may be explored with established research methods, others remain uniquely challenging to investigate-maybe even impossible to study in the real world because of practical and pragmatic obstacles inherent to the nature of the research question.

Recruitment of Research Participants through Facebook: An Integrative Review.

Facebook (FB) has been widely used recently to recruit participants for adult health research. However, little is known about its effectiveness, cost, and the characteristics of participants recruited via FB when compared to other recruitment methods.

Stress and Health in Nursing Students: The Nurse Engagement and Wellness Study.

Evidence suggests that behavioral, social, and environmental factors may modify the effects of life stress on health and performance of new nurses as they transition to hospitals.

Pilot Study of the Mastery Lifestyle Intervention.

Recognizing the effects of acculturation on quality of life and emotional health, especially during pregnancy, we developed an intervention that would target these factors in order to improve maternal well-being during the prenatal period and potentially improve infant outcomes-particularly preterm birth for Mexican-American women (Latinas).

Closing Questions in Qualitative Research: Results of a Web-Based Survey.

Scarce and differing reasons for including closing questions in qualitative research exist, but how data generated from these questions are used remains uncertain.

Validation of the Presence of Nursing Scale Using Data Triangulation.

Nursing presence has been developed as a distinct concept with identifiable behaviors but remains only partially defined as a quantifiable construct.

Protocol for Pilot Study on Self-Management of Depressive Symptoms in Pregnancy.

Pregnant women with depressive symptoms face significant treatment challenges, and are in great need of safe, effective, accessible, inexpensive, and nonpharmacologic self-management therapies to enhance well-being, reduce the burden of symptoms both during their pregnancy and postpartum, and prevent chronic sequelae.

Self-Management Through Social Support Among Emerging Adults With Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Emerging adulthood is a unique developmental stage, which may affect individuals' self-management behaviors, social support, and the relationship between these two constructs. Among older adults, social support has been shown to improve self-management behaviors for individuals with chronic conditions; however, this relationship has not been examined with emerging adults (age 18-29 years) who have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Evaluation of Science Through Peer Review.

Overcoming Challenges in Multisite Trials: Erratum.

31st Annual Scientific Sessions: Transforming the Future of Nursing Research: Imagination, Innovation and Engagement: Erratum.

Pain Assessment for Nursing Home Residents: A Systematic Review Protocol.

The burden of pain in nursing homes is substantial; however, pain assessment for both acute and chronic conditions remains inadequate, resulting in inappropriate or inadequate treatment. Complexities in assessing resident pain have been attributed to factors (barriers and facilitators) arising at the resident, healthcare provider, and healthcare system levels.

Using Facebook To Recruit Pregnant Women for Research.

An estimated 80% of clinical trials fail to meet recruitment and enrollment goals. Recruitment can be even more challenging when vulnerable populations are the focus of the study. This problem may be mitigated with the use of contemporary and innovative methods such as Facebook recruitment.

Revalidation of a Perioperative Risk Assessment Measure for Skin.

Validated perioperative pressure injury (PI) risk assessment measures are few and often cumbersome to complete, leading to missed opportunities to identify and target prevention interventions to those patients at increased risk for developing a postsurgical PI.

Psychometrics of the SCL-90-R and Development and Testing of Brief Versions SCL-45-I and SCL-9-I in Infertile Couples.

Although infertile couples are mentally healthy, dealing with infertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment is usually associated with psychological distress. It would therefore be useful to have short, multidimensional instruments to be able to identify people who present more intense emotional reactions and follow-up their emotional distress throughout the ART.

Mediterranean Diet, Body Composition, and Activity Associated with Bone Health in Women with Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

There is very little scientific literature on the potential relationships between modifiable factors, including body composition, dietary pattern and physical activity (PA), and bone status in patients with fibromyalgia: A musculoskeletal condition characterized by chronic, widespread pain that is often accompanied by a broad spectrum of symptoms.

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