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A pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial of a tailored intervention to improve the initial management of suspected encephalitis.

To determine whether a tailored multifaceted implementation strategy improves the initial management of patients with suspected encephalitis.

Cluster randomized trial of comprehensive gender-based violence programming delivered through the HIV/AIDS program platform in Mbeya Region, Tanzania: Tathmini GBV study.

The Tathmini GBV study was a cluster randomized trial to assess the impact of a comprehensive health facility- and community-based program delivered through the HIV/AIDS program platform on reduction in gender-based violence and improved care for survivors. Twelve health facilities and surrounding communities in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania were randomly assigned to intervention or control arms. Population-level effects were measured through two cross-sectional household surveys of women ages 15-49, at base...

Uterine contractility changes in a perfused swine uterus model induced by local anesthetics procaine, lidocaine, and ropivacaine.

Local anesthetics (LAs) are increasingly used as therapeutics due to their multiple molecular effects. They may be potential agents also in gynecology and reproductive medicine. The objective of this study was to investigate the contractility response of the perfused swine uterus to different concentrations of the LAs procaine, lidocaine, and ropivacaine.

Non-professional caregiver burden is associated with the severity of patients' cognitive impairment.

To analyse the relationship between caregiver burden and severity of patients' cognitive impairment.

Using time series analysis approaches for improved prediction of pain outcomes in subgroups of patients with painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Prior work applied hierarchical clustering, coarsened exact matching (CEM), time series regressions with lagged variables as inputs, and microsimulation to data from three randomized clinical trials (RCTs) and a large German observational study (OS) to predict pregabalin pain reduction outcomes for patients with painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Here, data were added from six RCTs to reduce covariate bias of the same OS and improve accuracy and/or increase the variety of patients for pain response pre...

Molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 infection among men who have sex with men in Taiwan from 2013 to 2015.

Men who have sex with men (MSM) is the major risk population of HIV-1 infection in Taiwan, and its surveillance has become critical in HIV-1 prevention. We recruited MSM subjects from 17 high-risk venues and 4 community centers in northern and southern Taiwan for anonymous HIV-1 screening during 2013-2015. Blood samples were obtained for genotyping and phylogenetic analysis, and a questionnaire survey covering demographic variables and social behavior was conducted. In total, 4,675 subjects were enrolled, y...

Temporal changes in the viromes of Swedish Varroa-resistant and Varroa-susceptible honeybee populations.

The parasitic mite, Varroa destructor, in combination with the viruses it vectors, is the main cause for global colony losses of the European honeybee, Apis mellifera. However, an isolated honeybee population established in 1999 on the Island of Gotland, Sweden has naturally acquired resistance to the mite, and has survived without mite control treatment for more than 18 years. A recent study has shown that this mite resistant (MR) population also appears to be resistant to Black queen cell virus (BQCV) and...

Comparison of efficacy of SHENQI compound and rosiglitazone in the treatment of diabetic vasculopathy analyzing multi-factor mediated disease-causing modules.

Atherosclerosis-predominant vasculopathy is a common complication of diabetes with high morbidity and high mortality, which is ruining the patient's daily life. As is known to all, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) SHENQI compound and western medicine rosiglitazone play an important role in the treatment of diabetes. In particular, SHENQI compound has a significant inhibitory effect on vascular lesions. Here, to explore and compare the therapeutic mechanism of SHENQI compound and rosiglitazone on diabetic ...

Effects of turbulent aggregation on clay floc breakup and implications for the oceanic environment.

Understanding how turbulence impacts marine floc formation and breakup is key to predicting particulate carbon transport in the ocean. While floc formation and sinking rate has been studied in the laboratory and in-situ, the breakup response to turbulence has attracted less attention. To address this problem, the breakup response of bentonite clay particles flocculated in salt water was studied experimentally. Flocs were grown in a large aggregation tank under unmixed and mixed aggregation conditions and th...

Pain characterization and response to palliative care in dogs with naturally-occurring appendicular osteosarcoma: An open label clinical trial.

This study aimed to characterize bone cancer pain (quantitative sensory testing (QST), stance asymmetry index, actimetry, scores of pain and quality of life (QoL)) in dogs with appendicular osteosarcoma (OSA), and to evaluate a stepwise palliative analgesic treatment. The pain profile of thirteen client-owned dogs with OSA was compared with seven healthy dogs. Dogs with OSA were then enrolled in a prospective, open-label, clinical trial. Outcome measures included: primary and secondary mechanical thresholds...

Association between metabolic parameters and glomerular hyperfiltration in a representative Korean population without chronic kidney disease.

To investigate associations of glomerular hyperfiltration with other metabolic factors in a nationally representative dataset.

Identification of midgut membrane proteins from different instars of Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) that bind to Cry1Ac toxin.

Helicoverpa armigera is a polyphagous pest sensitive to Cry1Ac protein from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). The susceptibility of the different larval instars of H. armigera to Cry1Ac protoxin showed a significant 45-fold reduction in late instars compared to early instars. A possible hypothesis is that gut surface proteins that bind to Cry1Ac differ in both instars, although higher Cry toxin degradation in late instars could also explain the observed differences in susceptibility. Here we compared the Cry1Ac-...

The impact of a fine-scale population stratification on rare variant association test results.

Population stratification is a well-known confounding factor in both common and rare variant association analyses. Rare variants tend to be more geographically clustered than common variants, because of their more recent origin. However, it is not yet clear if population stratification at a very fine scale (neighboring administrative regions within a country) would lead to statistical bias in rare variant analyses. As the inclusion of convenience controls from external studies is indeed a common procedure, ...

Association of pre-eclampsia risk with maternal levels of folate, homocysteine and vitamin B12 in Colombia: A case-control study.

Maternal serum concentrations of folate, homocysteine, and vitamin B12 have been associated with pre-eclampsia. Nevertheless, reported studies involve limited number of cases to reliably assess the nature of these associations. Our aim was to examine the relation of these three biomarkers with pre-eclampsia risk in a large Colombian population.

Human bone marrow contains high levels of extracellular vesicles with a tissue-specific subtype distribution.

Extracellular vesicles (EV) are shed from a broad variety of cells and play an important role in activation of coagulation, cell to cell interaction and transport of membrane components. They are usually measured as circulating EV in peripheral blood (PB) and other body fluids. However, little is known about the distribution, presence and impact of EV and their subpopulations in bone marrow (BM). In our study, we focused on the analysis of different EV subtypes in human BM as compared to EV subsets in PB.

Prospective patterns of modifiable health risk behaviors and the utilization of healthcare services in the "Health Workers Cohort Study" in Mexico.

We still lack information about how changes in modifiable health risk behaviors influence the utilization of healthcare services. This study assesses the relationships between prospective patterns of modifiable health risk behaviors and the utilization of healthcare services.

Baroreflex function, haemodynamic responses to an orthostatic challenge, and falls in haemodialysis patients.

Stage 5 chronic kidney disease patients on haemodialysis (HD) often present with dizziness and pre-syncopal events as a result of the combined effect of HD therapy and cardiovascular disease. The dysregulation of blood pressure (BP) during orthostasis may be implicated in the aetiology of falls in these patients. Therefore, we explored the relationship between baroreflex function, the haemodynamic responses to a passive orthostatic challenge, and falls in HD patients.

Polyphenol enriched ethanolic extract of Cajanus scarabaeoides (L.) Thouars exerts potential antifilarial activity by inducing oxidative stress and programmed cell death.

Development of antifilarial drug from the natural sources is considered as one of the most efficacious, safe, and affordable approaches. In this study, we report the antifilarial activity of a leguminous plant Cajanus scarabaeoides (L.) Thouars. The polyphenol-rich ethanolic extract obtained from the stem part of the plant C. scarabaeoides (EECs) was found to be efficient in killing the filarial nematode Setaria cervi in all the three developmental stages viz. oocytes, microfilariae (Mf) and adults with LD5...

Gender differences in the relationship between alcohol consumption and insomnia in the northern Chinese population.

Insomnia is one of the main symptoms of sleep disorders. Previous studies have suggested that alcohol intake is associated with several adverse health outcomes. The association between alcohol consumption and insomnia has been addressed in several studies with different results. However, whether gender may modify the association between alcohol consumption and insomnia is not clear. This study will focus on gender differences in the relationship between alcohol consumption and insomnia.

'I should not feed such a weak woman'. Intimate partner violence among women living with podoconiosis: A qualitative study in northern Ethiopia.

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a serious, preventable public health problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Research indicates that adults suffering from long term, disabling conditions are more likely to be victims of IPV due to the intersection of disease-associated stigma and discrimination. IPV in turn is known to worsen the overall health and wellbeing of those affected by it. Little research however explores the relationship between neglected tropical diseases such as podoconiosis and I...

Plasma donor-derived cell-free DNA kinetics after kidney transplantation using a single tube multiplex PCR assay.

After transplantation, cell-free DNA derived from the donor organ (ddcfDNA) can be detected in the recipient's circulation. We aimed to quantify ddcfDNA levels in plasma of kidney transplant recipients thereby investigating the kinetics of this biomarker after transplantation and determining biological variables that influence ddcfDNA kinetics in stable and non-stable patients.

Risk prediction system for dengue transmission based on high resolution weather data.

Dengue is the fastest spreading vector-borne viral disease, resulting in an estimated 390 million infections annually. Precise prediction of many attributes related to dengue is still a challenge due to the complex dynamics of the disease. Important attributes to predict include: the risk of and risk factors for an infection; infection severity; and the timing and magnitude of outbreaks. In this work, we build a model for predicting the risk of dengue transmission using high-resolution weather data. The lev...

Gut microbiota signatures in cystic fibrosis: Loss of host CFTR function drives the microbiota enterophenotype.

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a disorder affecting the respiratory, digestive, reproductive systems and sweat glands. This lethal hereditary disease has known or suspected links to the dysbiosis gut microbiota. High-throughput meta-omics-based approaches may assist in unveiling this complex network of symbiosis modifications.

Validity and measurement invariance across sex, age, and education level of the French short versions of the European Health Literacy Survey Questionnaire.

Short versions of the European Health Literacy Survey (HLS-EU) questionnaire are increasingly used to measure and compare health literacy (HL) in populations worldwide. As no validated versions of these questionnaires have thus far appeared in French, this study aimed to study the psychometric properties of the French translation of the 16- and 6-item short versions (HLS-EU-Q16 and HLS-EU-Q6), including their measurement invariance across sex, age, and education level.

Effectiveness of influenza and pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccines against influenza-related outcomes including pneumonia and acute exacerbation of cardiopulmonary diseases: Analysis by dominant viral subtype and vaccine matching.

Influenza and pneumonia are leading causes of morbidity and mortality among the elderly. Although vaccination is a main strategy to prevent these infectious diseases, concerns remain with respect to vaccine effectiveness.

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