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Medicinal Complex Therapy - Drug Interaction of Valproate and Dipyrone.

The clinical relevance of the drug interaction between valproic acid and dipyrone is presented in the context of a gerontopsychiatric case. It is assumed that dipyrone at a dose of 4 g/d has a relevant influence on the valproate level and the associated clinical outcome. This may be due to a possible induction of CYP2B6 and increased valproate metabolism. In the case of a treatment of valproate combined with dipyrone, a close monitoring of the valproate level is recommended.

Treatment Preferences of Depressed Primary Care Patients.

Assessment of patients' preferences regarding depression treatment using a ranking approach.

The German Version of DIALOG+ for Patients with Psychosis - A Pilot Study.

The pilot study aimed to apply and evaluate the German version of DIALOG+ in patients with psychosis.

Changes on Ward Atmosphere and Job Satisfaction after Implementation of the Safewards Model in Two Locked Acute Psychiatric Wards - A Multi-Perspective Evaluation.

Evaluation of the changes of ward atmosphere and job satisfaction after the implementation of the Safewards model in acute psychiatry in Germany.

User Acceptance of an Online-Intervention for Improving Depressive Symptoms in Adults with Obesity - Results of a Pilot Study.

Investigating the user acceptance and associated factors regarding the use of an unguided online-intervention in people with obesity and comorbid depressive symptoms.

Benzodiazepines and Z-Drugs - Analyses of Ambulatory Prescriptions from 2006 to 2015.

The majority of medication-dependent persons uses sedatives and hypnotics for many years. In this study we describe trends of benzodiazepine and z-drug prescriptions over a 10-years period.

Quality and Structure of Outpatient Care for Adults with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) - Results of the RAABE-Study Retrospective Data Analysis of ADHD Treatment in Adults.

Data on the quality and structure of outpatient care for adults with ADHD in Germany are scarce. The study describes the reality of care and identifies possible measures for improvement.

soulspace - Implementing a Low Threshold Specific Treatment and Early Intervention Programme for Young Adults and Adolescents in Routine Care in Germany.

Clinical Effectiveness of "FlexiTeam" (Home Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Treatment) - Comparison of a Model Project According to § 64b in Berlin with Inpatient Treatment-as-Usual.

To investigate the clinical effectiveness of "Home Treatment" (HT) together with intensive outpatient treatment (IAB) in comparison to the usual psychiatric inpatient treatment.

Sexual Abuse of Children by Catholic Priests since 2009: Course and Relative Frequency Compared to the Male General Population.

This paper explores the frequency of sexual abuse allegations against Catholic priests and deacons in the years 2009 to 2015 in relation to the male general population in Germany.

Opioid Maintenance for Patients in Inpatient Long-Term Rehabilitation Treatment - which Patients Benefit?

Patients from opioid maintenance treatment (OMT) may taper off from opioids during rehab treatment. It is investigated whether this option improves treatment outcomes in particular for those patients who are affected by psychiatric or somatic comorbidity, or by social problems.

Increased Clozapine Levels During Infection: more Frequent than Assumed?

Systemic infections are known to alter the metabolism of various drugs via inhibition of the cytochrome P450 family. Here, we report the cases of two patients with schizophrenic psychosis and highly elevated clozapine levels during pulmonary systemic infection, however without experiencing side effects. After antibiotic treatment and temporary reduction of clozapine dosage blood levels of clozapine normalized within a few days. These cases show that clozapine levels may be highly elevated without necessaril...

Supported Employment in Routine Operation: Evaluation of the Bern Job Coach Placement Program 2005 - 2016.

This study reports on the evaluation of the Bern Job Coach Placement program, a supported employment intervention, in the routine operation.

Personality Disorders and Value Orientation as Predictors for Male Depression in Military and Civilian Patients.

The aim of this clinical study was to detect differences between a civil and a military inpatient population with depressive disorders with respect to traits of male depression, personality disorders and value orientations. Fifty civil and fifty military participants answered various psychometric testings at the beginning of treatment. No differences were found concerning male depression. Personality traits and value orientations were found to be predictive for severity and frequency of depressive disorders...

Are Diagnoses of Depression Increasing all over the Population? - Prevalence of Self-Reported Clinician Diagnosed Depression in the 2009 and 2012 Representative Cross-Sectional "German Health Update (GEDA)" Surveys.

The study examines, if the increase in self-reported clinician diagnosed depression appears throughout the whole population and to what extent it can be explained by changes in the population structure over time.

Do we Need our own "Operating Language" for Psychiatry?

Transition Psychiatry - a Contemporary Challenge.

Level of Development of Clinical Ethics Consultation in Psychiatry - Results of a Survey Among Psychiatric Acute Clinics and Forensic Psychiatric Hospitals.

More Focus on Postdischarge Suicides!

Mental Health Research - "Lost in Translation?"

Interaction in Jeopardizing Situations in Psychiatry.

Inpatient Mental Health Care without Mechanical Restraint, Seclusion or Compulsory Medication.

Mechanical restraint is a common occurance in Germany's mental health care facilities; less common though not unusual are seclusion and compulsory medication. The authors describe a model to calculate additional resources required to provide mental health care without any of these forms of coercive measures. An analysis of actual clinical situations that led to mechanical restraint provides information of the 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 intensive support necessary to cope with crises in inpatient mental health care. Th...

Mixed-Methods Design for Analyzing Jeopardizing Situations by Means of Communication Profiles - Part I: "Simulation and Reduction of Coercive Measures in Psychiatry".

Psychiatric research needs more information about what happens in times using coercive measures. In their structure jeopardizing situations are fundamental different from allday-life situations (e. g. school lesson) or even other environmental crisis situations (e. g. airplane cockpit). Results of communication analysis of jeopardizing situations in psychiatry ward within mixed-methods design are presented for the first time. Data basis comprises videos of psychodramatical rearranged standard conflict s...

Towards Communication Structure of Jeopardizing Situations - PART II: "Simulation and Reduction of Coercive Measures in Psychiatry".

Could forms of communication between therapists and inpatients distinguish (un-) similarities of different jeopardizing situations in psychiatry? Explorative cluster- and discriminance analysis of data material (communication profiles from video analysis in PART I) result in at least five situation types. Calculating discriminance function with 18 predictor variables could correctly classify 96.3 % of all situations. The results show some ways of differentiation of jeopardizing situations in psychiatry by...

Towards Communication Dynamics of Jeopardizing Situations - Part III: "Simulation and Reduction of Coercive Measures in Psychiatry".

How do female and male nurses communicate dynamically in jeopardizing situations? On the data basis of video material (see PART I and II) the dynamics of communication is represented by means of and sequence analysis, tree and time diagrams. The results give insights into typical patterns of directives (requests, commands) and assertives (notes, statements) as circuits of negative reciprocity and as paradox courses of time, in which action success is negatively correlated with serious efforts of nurses.

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