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Evaluating the Burnout-Thriving Index in a Multidisciplinary Cohort at a Large Academic Medical Center.

There has been significant discussion about the quality of burnout research, especially with regard to abbreviated measurements of burnout and/or well-being. The purpose of this study was to compare a single-item, investigator-developed question measuring perceived well-being with validated multi-item measures of burnout and well-being.

Outcomes in an Interdisciplinary Diabetes Clinic in Rural Primary Care.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of an interdisciplinary diabetes team model of care in assisting patients to achieve improved glucose control in a primary care rural setting.

Is Endurance Exercise Safe? The Myth of Pheidippides.

With the increase in participation in endurance events in the general population, patient concern may arise as to whether endurance exercise is safe. Acute but not chronic increases in blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, and urine albumin occur in endurance exercise. Iron-deficiency anemia may be observed in female athletes. Upper respiratory illness is increased in elite athletes but decreased in intense recreational athletes. No convincing evidence of developing osteoarthritis exists. Common gastrointestinal...

Commentary on "Is Endurance Exercise Safe? The Myth of Pheidippides".

Meningitis: Approach to Lumboperitoneal Shunt Infection.

is a rare, opportunistic pathogen most frequently contracted through contact with a contaminated source. An immunocompetent 26-year-old female patient presented to our institution with an infected lumboperitoneal (LP) shunt presenting as continued nonhealing wounds. After multiple debridements, shunt revisions, and wound closure failures, infectious disease specialists were consulted. The wound cultures returned positive for and the shunt was removed. Cerebrospinal fluid studies revealed significant pleocy...

Inconsistencies in Colonic Tattooing Practice: Differences in Reported and Actual Practices at a Tertiary Medical Center.

Accurate localization of a colonic lesion is crucial to successful resection. Although colonic tattooing is a widely accepted technique to mark lesions for future identification surgery or repeat colonoscopy, no consensus guidelines exist. The objective of this study was to determine whether the current tattooing practice at a tertiary medical center differs from recommendations in the literature and self-reported provider practice.

A Brief Review of the Pharmacology of Hyperkalemia: Causes and Treatment.

Hyperkalemia is a common problem in both inpatients and outpatients. Many disease states (eg, chronic kidney disease) and medications may precipitate hyperkalemia. There are several drugs now available to treat hyperkalemia. Many of these drugs are relatively new. This review provides information regarding drug-induced causes of hyperkalemia and provides detailed information on the medications used to treat this problem.

Objectively Measured Physical Activity and All-Cause Mortality Among Cancer Survivors: National Prospective Cohort Study.

The understanding of the effects of physical activity on all-cause mortality among cancer survivors is limited. We attempted to draw a relation between physical activity and survival among those with a diagnosis of cancer.

Native Joint Septic Arthritis: Comparison of Outcomes with Medical and Surgical Management.

To determine whether there are differences in the outcomes of native joint septic arthritis (SA) in adults, based on medical versus surgical management.

Comparison of Factors Identified by Patients and Physicians Associated with Hospital Readmission (COMPARE2).

Factors contributing to hospital readmission have rarely been sought from the patient perspective. Furthermore, it is unclear how patients and physicians compare in identifying factors contributing to readmission. The objective of the study was to identify and compare factors contributing to hospital readmission identified by patients and physicians by surveying participants upon hospital readmission to a teaching medicine service.

Know the New HIV Testing Guidelines?

On "Importance of Interdisciplinary Medical Education: A Frontline Perspective".

Addressing Mental Health Needs among Physicians.

Comparison of Medical Student Communication Skills Measured by Standardized Patients During an OSCE and by Faculty During an In-Hospital Encounter.

At our institution, learner communication skills during an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) are measured by standardized patients (SPs) using the New Mexico Clinical Communication Scale (NM-CCS). Faculty physicians also conduct a direct observation of a clinical encounter (DOCE) to observe students' interactions with real hospitalized patients. The objective of this study was to determine whether students have similar communication skills scores with real patients as compared with SPs.

What Attracts Medical Students to Primary Care? A Nominal Group Evaluation.

To examine the perceptions of first-year medical students on their experiences in primary care.

Commentary on "What Attracts Medical Students to Primary Care? A Nominal Group Evaluation".

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Increasing Patient Notification of Test Results in an Internal Medicine Resident Continuity Clinic.

Informing patients of their test results is an important patient safety issue, yet many physicians perform dismally in this regard. Residents often face additional barriers to communicating test results to patients. We wanted to determine whether streamlining the notification process, communicating expectations, and having residents audit their performance would increase result notification rates.

Curing Health Care by Adding Value: How About a Physical Examination?

The Importance of Health and Social Services Spending to Health Outcomes in Texas, 2010-2016.

Public health and social services spending have been shown to improve health outcomes at the county level, although there are significant state and regional variations in such spending. Texas offers an important opportunity for examining nuances in the patterns of association between local government health and social services spending and population health outcomes. The primary objectives of this study were to describe local investments in education, health, and social services at the county-area level for...

Healthcare Disparities in People with Disabilities: Is There a Cure?

Strengthening Rural States' Capacity to Prepare for and Respond to Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2013-2015.

Commentary on "Strengthening Rural States' Capacity to Prepare for and Respond to Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2013-2015".

Can C-Reactive Protein Be Used to Predict Acute Septic Arthritis in the Adult Population?

The objective of this study was to establish whether C-reactive protein (CRP) could be used to predict native joint septic arthritis (SA) in the adult population.

Cancer Risk Awareness among Uninsured Primary Care Patients.

Underserved populations are at risk of low cancer risk awareness. The purpose of this study was to examine cancer risk awareness and lifestyle issues among uninsured primary care patients in the United States.

Imaging in Acute Pyelonephritis: Utilization, Findings, and Effect on Management.

To determine the frequency, timing, and types of imaging obtained in patients with a discharge diagnosis of acute pyelonephritis, and how often imaging findings affect therapy.

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