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Progress towards universal health coverage in Myanmar.

Progress towards universal health coverage in Myanmar: a national and subnational assessment.

Attainment of universal health coverage is a global health priority. The Myanmar Government has committed to attainment of universal health coverage by 2030, but progress so far has not been assessed. We aimed to estimate national and subnational health service coverage and financial risk protection.

Time to realise our sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Investing in sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls to reach HIV and UHC goals.

National, regional, and global prevalence of smoking during pregnancy in the general population: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Smoking during pregnancy has been linked to numerous adverse health consequences for both the developing fetus and mother. We estimated the prevalence of smoking during pregnancy by country, WHO region, and globally and the proportion of pregnant women who smoked during pregnancy, by frequency and quantity, on a global level.

A global perspective on smoking during pregnancy.

May Measurement Month 2017: an analysis of blood pressure screening results worldwide.

Increased blood pressure is the biggest contributor to the global burden of disease and mortality. Data suggest that less than half of the population with hypertension is aware of it. May Measurement Month was initiated to raise awareness of the importance of blood pressure and as a pragmatic interim solution to the shortfall in screening programmes.

All gender inequality is not equal.

African women working in global health: closing the gender gap in Africa?

Are older women forgotten in the fight against sexual violence?

Are we ready for a quality revolution?

Crunching health expenditure numbers: important but treacherous terrain.

Quality of care for paediatric admissions: is a score-based approach viable?

Tranexamic acid for postpartum haemorrhage: a major advance.

Indigenous languages and global health.

The complexity of biological events.

Malaria innovations: pursuing value in an evolving market.

Does immunity after Zika virus infection cross-protect against dengue?

Authorship trends in The Lancet Global Health.

How feasible is pharmaceutical regulation in India?

Pakistan's slow progress towards gender parity.

Equitable access to global health internships: a documentary short.

Mental health nurses and disaster response in Sierra Leone.

Correction to Lancet Glob Health 2018; 6: e84-94.

Correction to Lancet Glob Health 2018; 6: e34.

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