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An Ultrasound Scoring Model for the Prediction of Intrapartum Morbidly Adherent Placenta and Maternal Morbidity: A Cross-Sectional Study.

 To design an ultrasound scoring model for the prediction of the intrapartum morbidly adherent placenta (MAP) and maternal morbidity.

Cerebroplacental and Uterine Doppler Indices in Pregnancies Complicated by Congenital Heart Disease of the Fetus.

 Children with congenital heart disease (CHD) are known to have impaired neurodevelopment possibly influenced by altered cerebroplacental hemodynamics antenatally. We compared fetomaternal Doppler patterns in different CHD groups with published normative values during gestation.

International Interdisciplinary Consensus Meeting on the Evaluation of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip.

In September 2018, an international meeting of doctors of various disciplines, with expertise in the detection and treatment of DDH, was held in Csolyospalos, Hungary. The aim was to achieve consensus on the detection and early treatment of the condition and to develop a standardized system of teaching and training for hip ultrasound. There was strong agreement that US screening is essential. Specifically the Graf technique was selected as the technique of choice. Universal US screening was strongly favored...

Improved Carotid Stenosis Quantification on Novel 4D/3D-Doppler Ultrasonography Indexing to the Common Carotid Artery.

 The accuracy of internal carotid artery stenosis (ICAS) quantification depends on the method of stenosis measurement, impacting therapeutic decisions and outcomes. The NASCET method references the stenotic to the distal ICAS lumen, the ECST method to the local outer and the common carotid artery (CC) method to the CC diameter. Direct morphometric stenosis measurement with four-dimensionally guided three-dimensional ultrasonography (4D/3DC-US) demonstrated good validity for the commonly used NASCET method...

Assessment of Echogenicity of Thyroid Nodules.

Prospective Evaluation of Semiquantitative Strain Ratio and Quantitative 2D Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography (SWE) in Association with TIRADS Classification for Thyroid Nodule Characterization.

 To evaluate the diagnostic performance of strain ratio elastography (SRE) and shear wave elastography (SWE) alone and in combination with Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System (TIRADS) classification parameters to improve differentiation between benign and malignant thyroid nodules.

Color Duplex Doppler US can Follow up the Response of Radioiodine in Graves' Disease by Evaluating the Thyroid Volume and Peak Systolic Velocity.

 The objective of this study was to prove the efficacy of Doppler ultrasonography (US-Doppler) in the follow-up of patients with GD treated with radioactive iodine.

Three-dimensional visualization of a fetal double aortic arch with HDlive color Doppler.

30-year anniversary of ultrasound: Clinical use of 3D ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology (1989-2019).

Sonographic and Doppler Sonographic Diagnosis of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Preterm Infants and Newborns.

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) occurs primarily in immature preterm infants with low birth weight. It has a prevalence of 7 - 11 % with a poor prognosis and a mortality rate of 20 - 40 %. Plain abdominal radiography is still considered the diagnostic method of first choice even though ultrasound can visualize significantly more findings suspicious for NEC. Such as thickened bowel walls, dilated fluid-filled bowel loops, and gas bubbles in the intestinal wall, portal vein. Moreover, it is possib...

Simulation-Based Training of Ultrasound-Guided Procedures in Radiology - A Systematic Review.

 To perform a systematic review of the effect of simulation-based training (SBT) of percutaneous abdominal and thoracic ultrasound-guided procedures and to assess the transfer of procedural competence to a clinical context.

Letter to the Editor Answer: A Standardized Metrical 3D Ultrasound Approach for Limb Examination.

A Standardized Metrical 3D Ultrasound Approach for Limb Examination.

Point of Care Ultrasound in Geriatric Patients: Prospective Evaluation of a Portable Handheld Ultrasound Device.

 The aim of the current study was to evaluate point of care ultrasound (POCUS) in geriatric patients by echoscopy using a handheld ultrasound device (HHUSD, VScan) at bedside in comparison to a high-end ultrasound system (HEUS) as the gold standard.

Head Biometry in Fetuses with Isolated Congenital Heart Disease.

Ultrasound in the Assessment of Tumor Response in the Age of Targeted and Immuno-Oncology Therapies. Back to the Future.

Clinical Ultrasound in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Ultrasound should be the first-line imaging method in the medical care of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. It can be used to differentiate between Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis and to detect numerous complications like stenoses, fistulas, and abscesses. As the method is also highly suitable for follow-up, stressful endoscopic procedures and examinations involving radiation are less necessary. Comparison studies with MRI and CT show that ultrasound is not an inferior method and it is theref...

True Cord Knot Means True Fetal Risk - Comment on the Title Image of Ultraschall in Med 2018; 39(02):127-128.

Reply to the letter of Ebbing EJU-08-2018-2789-LE (Letter to the editor).

The Use of Handheld Ultrasound Devices - An EFSUMB Position Paper.

Evaluation of Cervical Elastography Strain Pattern to Predict Preterm Birth.

 To evaluate cervical elastography strain pattern as a predictive marker for spontaneous preterm delivery (SPTD).

Changes in Liver and Spleen Stiffness by Virtual Touch Quantification Technique after Balloon-Occluded Retrograde Transvenous Obliteration of Gastric Varices and Exacerbation of Esophageal Varices: A Preliminary Study.

 To assess liver stiffness (LS) and spleen stiffness (SS) values measured by virtual touch quantification (VTQ) technique in the monitoring of portal pressure and their usefulness for the prediction of the exacerbation of esophageal varices (EV) in patients with gastric varices undergoing balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteration (B-RTO).

Segmental Testicular Infarction after Methamphetamine Abuse in a 16-Year-Old - Diagnosis by Using Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS).

What Ultrasound Operators Must Be Well Aware of in a World With Raising Burden of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?

Acknowledgement to reviewers for UiM/EJU in 2018.

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