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The innovative surgical technologies for the treatment of chronic suppurative otitis media.

Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is a most common pathology among all other ENT diseases that accounts for approximately 48% of the total number of their cases. Modern surgery witnesses the advent of new methods for the management of these conditions in parallel with the modification of the known techniques intended to improve the post-operative outcomes of the treatment and rehabilitation of the patients. The objective of the present study was to enhance the effectiveness of the surgical treatment o...

The 'major' complications of cochlear implantation.

The objective of the present study was to improve the selected surgical stages of cochlear implantation (CIP) taking into consideration the results of the analysis of the outcomes of re-operations.

Paresthesias of the upper respiratory tract in the patients of the elder age group.

The present study was designed to carry out the comprehensive clinical examination of 120 patients presenting with paresthesia of the upper respiratory tract (42 men (35%) and 78 women (65%P) aged 56 to 90 years). The most frequent complaints included cough (72%), globus sensation (46%), itching (43%), dry throat (38%), and difficulty of swallowing (28%). The duration of the clinical symptoms ranged from 1 month to 3 years (m±M: 1+to 1.46). The etiological factors behind paresthesias in the patients of the...

Optimization of the present-day diagnostics of tuberculosis of the upper respiratory tract and ears.

This study included a total of 365 patients presenting with tuberculosis of the respiratory organs followed up based at the the Republican TB dispensary. All the patients underwent the comprehensive clinical and laboratory examination with the use of the diagnostic algorithm designed for the otorhinolaryngological examination of the patients suffering from respiratory tuberculosis. The upper respiratory tract tuberculosis was diagnosed in 46 (12.6%) of the examined patients. Laryngeal tuberculosis was docum...

The results of surgical ablation of parathympanic spaces in the patients presenting with cholesteatoma.

On the one hand, open-type surgical modalities have the advantage of the low frequency of relapses; on the other hand, they lead to the undesirable changes in the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the ear that in the long run create serious problems for both the doctor and the patient. In contrast, the closed-type surgical interventions are associated with a more favourable hygienic status and functional outcome but create a high risk of development of recurrent and residual cholesteatomas. Th...

The influence of corticosteroids on the frequency of vestibular crises.

The objective of the present study was to elucidate the dynamics of the hormonal status of the adrenal glands in the patients suffering from Menière's disease in its different clinical forms. We examined a total of 26 patients at the age from 29 to 47 years presenting with this condition. All the patients were divided into two groups depending on the character of the disease. Group 1 was comprised of 20 patients experiencing the crises from 2 to 6 times during a year. Group 2 was composed of six patients i...

Reflectory cough. The causes, diagnostics and the possibilities for the combined treatment.

The main cause of reflectory cough is neurogenic hyperventilation. The clinical signs of reflectory cough include its dry and back-breaking character, the gradual increase and abrupt beginning, impossibility to stop the coughing fit, and the feeling of shortness of breath. The triggers of a coughing attack can be a deep breath, a talk, physical and/or psycho-emotional stress, fatigue, and other sensations. The typical laryngological signs of the condition in question include the broad glottal aperture (up t...

Evaluation of clinical effectiveness of 'erespal' preparation with surgical treatment of patients with the pathology of the surgery crops.

The article presents the results of the evaluation of the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory therapy in the perioperative period in patients with pathology of the paranasal sinuses. The study included patients (n=150) who underwent endoscopic surgery on the paranasal sinuses. All patients were divided into 3 groups. In the first (control) group (n=50) in the postoperative period, patients received standard therapy, which included antibiotic therapy and irrigation of the nasal cavity with saline. In the seco...

Possibilities of treatment of inflammatory pathology of the nasopharynx in children with chronic adenoiditis and otitis media with effusion.

The purpose of observation is to increase the effectiveness of treatment of children with chronic adenoiditis and exudative medium otitis. MATERIAL AND METHODS: In the observation were included 102 children with exudative medium otitis and chronic adenoiditis at the age of 3 to 14 years. All patients passed clinical and anamnestic diagnostic, endoscopic study, study of the nasopharynx, and PCR diagnostics of the stroke of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. The treatment was conducted, taking into accou...

The observation of two cases of isolated parapharyngeal abscess in a single child.

This article reports a rare observation of the simultaneous appearance of two isolated parapharyngeal abscesses in a 3 year-old child.

Cancer of the thyroglossal duct.

The authors present the clinical observation of the cancer of the tongue-lingual duct together with the concise overview of the relevant literature and the discussion of etiology and pathogenesis of this condition.

The combined endoscopic treatment of the patient presenting with a large orolaryngopharyngeal papilloma.

The present article was designed to illustrate the potential for the combined treatment of a orolaryngopharyngeal papilloma under the conditions of an out-patient setting with the application of the minimally invasive endoscopic surgical intervention, the so-called photodynamic therapy (PDT). The authors describe the clinical case which demonstrate the possibilities for using photodynamic therapy as a component of the combined treatment of papilloma of the hypopharynx including its radical removal. The appl...

An open safety pin in the oesophagus of an one-year old child.

The objective of the present work was the description of the observations documented in the clinical practice concerning the cases of detection of the foreign bodies in the internal organs of human patients. This publication is devoted to the case of the child's accidental swallowing the safety pin. The presence of the open safety pin in the esophagus of the one-year-old child created a serious threat to its health. This case highlights the risk of the child's accidentally swallowing the safety pin and the ...

A mucosal melanoma of the larynx (a case report).

In this article describe the clinical case of treatment of melanoma of the larynx mucous membrane.Presented the clinic, immunohistochemistrydiagnostics and methods of surgical treatment.

Extended trans-ethmoidal decompression of the orbit for the treatment of frontal sinus mucopyocele.

Mucocele of the paranasal sinuses is a rare disease not infrequently associated with massive bone destruction, orbital and intracranial complications. The authors report a patient presenting with the giant post-traumatic frontal mucopyocele associated with the erosion of the posterior and inferior sinus walls that was clinically manifested as hypo- and exophthalmos and has caused the inferolateral eye deviation and orbital decompression. The patient displayed the ophtalmological symptoms 8 years after the f...

A glomus tumour of the bulb of the jugular vein: complications during the postoperative period.

The article presents a clinical case that reflects the difficulties of postoperative management of patients after the removal of the jugular glomus tumor.

Cochlear implantation with cochlear otosclerosis with bilateral deafness. Case from practice.

Rehabilitation of patients with sensorineural hearing loss is an urgent task of otorhinolaryngology. One of the diseases leading to a pronounced hearing loss is the cochlear form of otosclerosis. The article describes a clinical case of rehabilitation of a patient with this pathology by means of cochlear implantation. The classification of otosclerosis based on the interpretation of computer tomography of temporal bones is presented.

The application of the YamIk nasal catheter in the outpatient practice.

The objective of the present study was the enhancement of the effectiveness of the treatment of acute inflammatory diseases of the paranasal sinuses with the unilateral application of a medication mixture containing the vasoconstricting antiseptic agents, antibiotics, and other medications introduced into all paranasal sinuses by means of the procedure performed with the use of the Yamik nasal catheter.

Opportunistic mycoses of ENT organs. Part 1.

The present literature review summarizes information about the diseases of the upper respiratory tract and the ears caused by opportunistic fungi. The factors responsible for the increased frequency of opportunistic infections, among which mycosis is the leading one, are given. The exogenous and endogenous risk factors are described. The main pathogens of opportunistic mycotic infections of the ENT-organs are listed. Special attention is given to the mechanism underlying the development of anti-colonial imm...

Rosai-Dorfman disease: the review of the literature and the clinical observation of the extranodal form of the disease with the involvement of mucous membranes of the nose and paranasal sinuses.

Rosai-Dorfman disease originally known as sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy is a rare non-neoplastic condition of unexplored etiology characterized by a benign clinical picture. The present article summarizes the results of the literature publications and clinical observations of the extranodal form of Rosai-Dorfman disease manivfested as the lesions of mucous membranes of the nose and paranasal sinuses.

Nasal irrigation: opportunities and disadvantages.

Despite the widespread use of nasal irrigation in routine medical practice and a significant list of salt solution for nasal irrigation on the pharmaceutical market, contradictions remain in understanding of process essence, when salt solution acts on the mucous membrane of nasal cavity and evaluation of their effectiveness.

The experience with the education based at the clinical residency of the Department of Ear, Throat and Nose Diseases, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (on the occasion of the 260th anniversary of the Sechenovsky University).

This publication was designed to report the experience gained by the Department of ear, nose and throat diseases at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University in the matters concerning professional medical education in the framework of the clinical residency. The main factors that contribute to the adequate shaping of the future ENT-doctor are considered. These include the continuity of generations and conservation of the traditions in the combination with the development of the leading areas of sc...

The Ural school of otorhinolaryngologists. Department of Ototrhinolaryngology of the Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education 'Ural State Medical University'.

The article highlights the main stages of the development of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education 'Ural State Medical University' since its foundation up to the present time. The principal areas of research and clinical activities of the Department at different periods of its history are presented.

The current trends and the tactical-technical approaches to the management of the neoplastic processes in the base of the skull.

The neoplastic processes localized in the base of the skull and the surrounding region have until recently been considered as the inoperable condition. Juvenile angiofibroma of the base of the skull or angiofibroma of the base of the skull (ABS) is most frequently encountered in the otorhinolaryngological practice. In terms of the histological picture, ABS is a benign tumour having a very complicated structure. The multi-disciplinary approach and the application of up-to-date medical technologies made it po...

Age-specific dynamics of the auditory function in the extremely premature babies.

Extremely early premature babies (i.e. those born before the 32 week of pregnancy) constitute a group at high risk of development of the perceptive forms of hearing impairment represented mostly by chronic sensorineural hearing loss (CSNHL) and hearing neuropathy (HN). The timely diagnostics of these hearing disorders in premature children and, accordingly, their early and adequate rehabilitation provide a basis for the prevention of hearing and speech problems. At the same time, the hearing function in pre...

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