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development of motivation towards education in medical students.

Introduction: The quality of professional medical training is a relevant issue for clinical and educational setting due to modernization and reform processes at the present stage of the society's development. The formation of the future doctors' interest in professional activities mostly depends on the implementation of pedagogical conditions, aimed at developing the positive motivation towards education. The aim: The authors aim to examine the concept of motivation and define its role in the process of pro...

Health-related behaviour in adolescents who have received basic instruction in health promotion.

Introduction: Both positive and risky health behaviours among adolescents are of paramount importance as they often pathway further lifestyles and determine future health outcomes. The paper focuses on the trends of health promotion activities and health risks among adolescents who have been instructed on these topics at secondary schools. The aim: to detect trends in pro-active health behaviour and risk taking activities of Ukrainian adolescents in the last 14 years.

Treatment of lactase deficiency in children's obesity with genotype c/c 13910 of lactase gene.

Introduction: Excess lactose in the diet of modern man causes the development of not only lactase deficiency, but it can be a factor that contributes to obesity. The aim: To study associations between obesity and genotype C/C 13910 of lactase gene (LCT) in children, to investigate the effectiveness of treatment using drug exogenous lactase and a low-lactose diet.

Organization of urological care for patients with iatrogenic ureteral injury.

Introduction: We conducted a retrospective assessment of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in patients with iatrogenic ureteral injury, who were treated in a specialized medical center. The aim: The aim of the research was to determine the optimal treatment method for correction of iatrogenic ureteral defects.

Analysis of medical rescue operations performed by medical rescue teams from all over poland in patients with burn wounds.

Introduction: A burn is a superficial or deep tissue damage caused by the action of: heat (high temperature), chemicals, electric current, solar rays and ionizing radiation. The aim: To analyze the trips of emergency medical teams in the period from November 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018 to patients diagnosed with burns throughout the country.

Influence of autoleukocyte vaccination on activity level of tumor necrosis factor alpha in patients with chronic hepatitis B.

Introduction: data about influence of intradermal vaccination with native autoleukocytes on activity level of pro-inflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor alpha in patients with chronic hepatitis B have been presented in the article. The aim: Based on positive results, obtained from autoleukocyte immunization in patients with psoriasis [14], the aim of our research was to use and study such therapy for reducing the synthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-α in patients with chronic hepatitis B (chroni...

Medical and social issues of cardiovascular diseases and their solution based on the experimental study of myocardial fibrosis.

Introduction: The prevalence and incidence of cardiovascular diseases have been attracting considerable attention in recent decades. This is partly due to the fact that myocardial fibrosis is the major consequence of the most nosological units of cardiovascular diseases. We believe that early pathogenic therapy of myocardial fibrosis should be taken into consideration as a solution to this issue. The change of the connective tissue metabolism in myocardium is the central chain in pathogenesis of diffuse isc...

Trends in parathyroid hormone plasma concentration in critically ill patients: prospective observational study.

Introduction: There is no data in the literature regarding trends in parathormone serum concentration assessment in critically ill patients. The aim: To assess the parathyroid hormone plasma concentrations and kinetics in critically ill patients admitted to the intensive care unit due to multiorgan failure.

Improved quality of life of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and nonpsychotic mental disorders.

Introduction: Somatic pathology of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) combined with nonpsychotic mental disorders (NMD) leads to deterioration in the quality of life. The aim: We aimed to examine the quality of life of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and nonpsychotic mental disorders.

Basic clinical and pathogenetic aspects of developing the complications during multiple pregnancies.

Introduction: In order to evaluate the value of the Placenta Growth Factor (PlGF) in the developing the gestational complications during multiple pregnancies, a study of this indicator in serum of 320 pregnant women with multiple pregnancies in the first trimester, as well as 40 pregnant women with single pregnancy, constituted a control group. The aim: of the study is to investigate the effect of the placental growth factors on gestational process during multiple pregnancies.

Breasts self examination - everything we want you to know about it - survey study.

Introduction: Breasts self examination is first line prevention in case of breast cancer. It is cheap, it is easy and it can save your life. That is why it is so important that every woman and even man know how to do it. The aim: To estimate the level of knowledge about breasts self examination among women and also among people connected with medicine.

Possibility for non-invasive diagnosis of chronic endometritis in women at risk during pregravid preparation.

Introduction: Detection and treatment of chronic endometritis (CE) is clinically significant, though involves intrauterine intervention to collect endometrium. The aim: To estimate the possibility to use fertility α2-microglobulin (FAMG) as the marker of the high risk for CE.

Superficial candidosis course in patients with carbohydrate metabolism disorder and diabetes mellitus.

Introduction: One of the pressing issues of modern dermatology is the prevalence of diseases of skin and mucous membranes caused by yeast-like fungi. The aim: To study specific features of the course of skin and mucous membranes superficial candidosis against the background of initial carbohydrate metabolism disorders or diabetes mellitus.

Peculiarities of prenatal vagina morphogenesis.

Introduction: The rapid development of perinatal gynecology requires from the anatomists comprehensive studies of the patterns of prenatal morphogenesis and the development of topographic and anatomical relationships of female reproductive organs in the human fetuses of different age groups. The aim: To study the development and formation of the vaginal topography in the prenatal period of human ontogenesis.

Peculiarities of antibiotic-associated diarrhea development in children with acute respiratory infections.

Introduction: Acute respiratory infections (ARI) are the main cause of morbidity in most countries. The probability of complications and age determine antibiotics administration. Antibiotic associated diarrhea (AAD) is one of the side effects of antibiotics. The aim: The study of the prevalence rate of AAD and the characteristics of its development in children with ARI.

Non-pharmacological treatment of chronic neck-shoulder myofascial pain in patients with forward head posture.

Introduction: Today, chronic pain remains a pressing medical and socio-economic problem, despite the rapid development of medical technologies, the presence of a vast arsenal of drug and non-drug treatments. Estimates for chronic pain prevalence ranged from 8% to 60%. At the same time, about 40% of patients report insufficient effectiveness in the treatment of chronic pain syndrome. The aim of the study was to compare the effectiveness of MTrPS management by biomechanical correction of the musculoskeletal s...

Modern approaches to prevention of periodontal diseases in pregnancy: a review.

Introduction: In the modern literature, a variety of treatment regimens for periodontal diseases in pregnant women have been suggested and recommended for use in practical public health. And yet the concept of "dental diseases prevention in pregnancy" does not fully reflect the essence of the necessary measures to maintain the dental health of women during this period. The aim: The aim of the present paper is to study the scientific literature on the issue of preventing periodontal diseases in pregnancy.

The study of regional peculiarities of parenteral viral hepatitis incidence dynamics among children as an instrument of developing complex regional social programs on the prevention of its increase.

Introduction: the problem of increase of viral hepatitis incidence which are transmitted in the haemocontact (parenteral) way remains unresolved in the majority countries of the world. The special relevance is acquired lately by a problem of increase of risk of transfer of an infection among children of teenage age, youth, in the main ways of transmission of infection among which there is a risky behavior, addictions (the injection use of narcotic substances) and the unprotected sexual relations due to the ...

The genese of predictive-personified medicine and the problems of its implementation in Ukraine.

The concepts, content and significance of predictive-personified medicine that are able to improve the quality of treatment, using genetic information when choosing the medical procedures that are necessary for a particular person are considered. Characteristic of the principles of predictive-personified medicine and its fundamental foundations are carried out: genomics; proteomics; metabolism; bioinformatics The history of the formation and development of predictive-personified medicine in the world is inv...

The use of medical knowledge in the crime investigation.

Introduction: Investigation of many types of crimes is accompanied by the involvement of health care workers. They, with the help of their special skills in the sphere of medicine, assist the investigator in identification, fixation and caption of evidence. Health care workers take part in many investigative procedures, carry out forensic, psychiatric and other kinds of examinations. The aim: To reveal modern forms of using medical knowledge during the crime investigation.

The foundation of an effective health care system of ukraine - family medicine.

The article discusses approaches to the reforming of the Health Care System of Ukraine, the key objectives of which are: the strengthening of preventive services, the increasing of availability and quality of health care, the enhancement of primary health care, the improving of personnel maintenance, infrastructure upgrading and the equity in health care. Conclusions: Any measures aimed at the modernization of the health care system should be accompanied by joint efforts of all parties (patients, the medica...

Heart failure in opole voivodeship - epidemiology and future perspectives.

Heart failure appears in 2% of the adult population in Europe. One in five people aged 40 years will develop heart failure during their lifetime. Heart failure touch 20,000 people in the Opole province. Heart failure is the second, after acute coronary syndromes, urgent cause of admissions to the Clinic of Cardiology at the University Hospital in Opole. The paper presents the prognosis of hospitalization of patients with heart failure for the years 2015-2050 taking into account the processes of depopulation...


Generalized or partial epileptic seizures may be accompanied by autonomic dysfunction. They may also take the form of self-inflicted seizures or be present during interictal period. Arrhythmias, resulting in haemodynamic disturbances in the circulatory system and prolonged hypoxia of the central nervous system, may itself provoke secondary episodes of seizure morphology. The doctor when diagnosing patients with epileptic seizures should always be aware of the potential for cardiogenic disorders. Considerati...

Severe metabolic syndrome and primary amenorrhea as main pathophysiological features in a subtype of turner syndrome (46, X, del (X) Q 21).

Turner syndrome can be manifest with a considerable genetic and phenotypic variability. This merely accounts for about 50% of patients who do not have the "classic" 45 X genotype. We report the case of a 42-year-old female patient with a 46, X, del (X) q 21 genotype (deletion on the second X chromosome on the long arm). As the patient displayed a non-typical phenotype and was infertile, a diagnosis was established at the age of 24 with no follow-up treatment. As part of our therapy of the individual due to ...

Diagnostic errors during intramedullar processes.

Introduction: The article describes a clinical case of a malignant tumor of the brain and spinal cord with metastasis, which remained undetected for many years and was treated as syringomyelia. Long-term exhausting examinations of the brain and spinal cord, dynamic follow-up of medical specialists, and repeated surgical interventions on the spine helped to differentiate this process and make the correct diagnosis. The aim: The objectives of the present paper are to analyze the existing classifications of sy...

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