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New research advances and clinical treatment of scar.

Scar formation is the abnormal healing process of skin after being damaged. The mechanism of scar formation is not clear, and many studies have shown that it is affected by many factors. Based on the over deposition of collagen in scars, many researchers have carried out studies on the mechanism, pathological manifestation, and treatment method of scars. In the treatment aspect of scar, the combination of traditional and new treatment methods has been well accepted and achieved good results. To understand t...

Modeling the buffer capacity of ingredients in salad dressing products.

The pH of most acid food products depends on undefined and complex buffering of ingredients but is critically important for regulatory purposes and food safety. Our objective was to define the buffer capacity (BC) of ingredients in salad dressing products. Ingredients of salad dressings were titrated individually and in combination using concentrations typical of dressing products. Titration curves from pH 2 to 12 were generated with sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid, which were then used to generate B...

Efficient Angiogenesis-Based Diabetic Wound Healing/Skin Reconstruction through Bioactive Antibacterial Adhesive Ultra-Violet Shielding Nanodressing with Exosome Release.

Diabetic wound healing and angiogenesis remain a worldwide challenge for both clinic and research. The use of adipose stromal cells (ASCs) derived exosomes delivered by bioactive dressing provides a potential strategy for repair diabetic wounds with less scar formation and fast healing. In this study, we fabricated an injectable adhesive thermosensitive multifunctional polysaccharide-based dressing (FEP) with sustained pH-responsive exosomes release for promoting angiogenesis and diabetic wound healing. The...

Split Skin Graft Take in Leg Ulcers: Conventional Dressing Versus Locally Adapted Negative Pressure Dressing.

Split-thickness skin grafting is widely used in the management of leg ulcers but is fraught with suboptimal take especially in less than ideal wound beds. The use of negative pressure dressing to prepare wound beds is an established practice. However, its use to improve graft survival is yet to be a common practice. We aim to compare quantitative and qualitative split thickness skin graft take in leg and foot ulcers using either traditional wound dressing or negative pressure dressing methods.

Analysis of Immunogenicity Data in the Product Information of Biological Drugs: A Need to Report Immunogenicity Data Systematically.

The aim of this analysis was to evaluate whether the current unsystematic assessment leads to sufficient reporting of immunogenicity-related information in the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPCs) of biological products approved in the European market.

Collagen dressing in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer: A prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, single-center study.

Because collagen is fundamental to wound healing and skin formation, collagen-containing dressing materials might be beneficial in treating diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), but supporting evidence is needed. Here, we examined the effectiveness and safety of collagen dressing material in DFU treatment.

Cesarean scar pregnancy: A case report with surgical management after initially effective conservative treatment.

The incidence of cesarean scar pregnancies (CSPs) is increasing, possibly due to higher rates of cesarean sections. We report a case of a CSP with severe bleeding following initial conservative management, that was eventually treated surgically.

Research on energy efficiency improvement in a supply chain with discontinuous market demand.

In many countries, products are divided into several grades according to their energy efficiencies by the government. It leads to the discontinuous market demand for the products with different governmental energy efficiency certifications and further influences the relevant strategies of firms. Considering both increasing consumer environmental awareness and strict governmental grading standard, this paper develops a Stackelberg differential game between a manufacturer and a retailer. The optimal pricing s...

SOX10 commonly stains scar in Mohs sections.

Sox10 immunostaining is used for the diagnosis and margin evaluation of melanocytic lesions. Sox10 was initially thought not to stain fibrohistiocytic processes. Consequently, it was believed to reliably distinguish desmoplastic melanoma from scar. However, recent data from formalin sections suggest Sox10 is less specific than previously thought. In this report, we demonstrate that Sox10-stained Mohs sections commonly show strong, fractional staining of scar. When using Sox10 with frozen section immunohisto...

The analysis of medical market in Russia in 2016-2018: main economic indices and research results.

The article presents the main indicators of development of Russian medical market in 2016-2018. The basic data concerning main activities in market of medical services and goods, key figures on patterns and trends of market of medical sphere, pricing policy, organizational forms of medical institutions is presented. The conclusions on the research oт supply and demand in medical market are made. The conclusions related to forecasting and planning of development of Russian medical market in Russia, its pers...

Medial rectus plication for consecutive exotropia in a patient with stretched scar syndrome.

We report a case of stretched scar syndrome in a 12-year-old girl with consecutive exotropia who had previously been treated with bilateral medial rectus muscle recessions. Stretched scar syndrome was confirmed intraoperatively, and bilateral medial rectus muscle plication was performed, successfully restoring normal alignment. Use of plication rather than resection of rectus muscles (stretched scar) can reduce the risk of a lost or slipped muscle and reduce surgical trauma and bleeding.

A randomized trial of a distraction-type intervention to assist in managing dressing changes for children experienced burns.

To evaluate the impact of the specially designed medical dressing screen during wound dressing changes for children aged 1-3 who experienced a burn on their hand or foot.

Leveraging Human Genetics to Identify Safety Signals Prior to Drug Marketing Approval and Clinical Use.

When a new drug or biologic product enters the market, its full spectrum of side effects is not yet fully understood, as use in the real world often uncovers nuances not suggested within the relatively narrow confines of preapproval preclinical and trial work.

Appropriate Timing of Early Postoperative Botulinum Toxin Type A Injection for Thyroidectomy Scar Management: A Split-Scar Study.

Botulinum toxin type A (BTxA) injection is effective for surgical scar prevention. Although some studies have aimed to confirm the efficacy of BTxA injection at different time points, none has been conducted to determine the most appropriate timing of injection for scar management. The authors predicted that the injection of BTxA at different times during the wound healing process would cause differing scar quality improvement and clarify unknown molecular mechanisms.

Evaluation of a superabsorbent wound dressing, patient and clinician perspective: a case series.

The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the fluid management capabilities of a superabsorbent wound dressing (Zetuvit Plus Silicone), with secondary objectives related to parameters that support whether the dressing enables undisturbed healing.

Practising asepsis during dressing changes in community settings.

Community nurses often face challenges when going into a patient's home to change a dressing, particularly if the surroundings are likely to be contaminated by multiple strains of bacteria or viruses. For housebound patients, cleaning the house can be an extremely difficult task due to physical or mental illness. They may also experience a large amount of exudate as a result of possibly debilitating painful wounds, for example, leg ulcers, and may be prone to infection as a result of the difficulties posed ...

Comparison of platelet-rich plasma gel in the care of the pressure ulcers with the dressing with serum physiology in terms of healing process and dressing costs.

This research was carried out with the aim of comparing the effects of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) gel and gas dressing with serum physiologic applied to stage II pressure ulcer in coccyx of patients for 2 months on healing process and dressing costs. This prospective randomised controlled experimental study was conducted with 60 patients hospitalised in the palliative care unit after surgery. The experimental group (n = 30) was dressed with platelet-rich plasma gel. The control group (n = 30) was treated ...

Parenchymal pericytes are not the major contributor of extracellular matrix in the fibrotic scar after stroke in male mice.

Scar formation after injury of the brain or spinal cord is a common event. While glial scar formation by astrocytes has been extensively studied, much less is known about the fibrotic scar, in particular after stroke. Platelet-derived growth factor receptor ß-expressing (PDGFRß ) pericytes have been suggested as a source of the fibrotic scar depositing fibrous extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins after detaching from the vessel wall. However, to what extent these parenchymal PDGFRß cells contribute to the...

Use of a TLC-Ag dressing on 2270 patients with wounds at risk or with signs of local infection: an observational study.

A description of wounds treated with a poly-absorbent silver dressing (with technology lipido-colloid with silver ions, TLC-Ag), and evaluation of the short-term clinical impact of the dressing on the wound healing process, under real-life conditions.

Hydrogel-based commercial products for biomedical applications: a review.

Hydrogels are hydrophilic polymer networks, able to absorb large amount of water, increasing their volume and showing a plethora of different material behaviors. Since their first practical application, dating from sixties of last century, they have been employed in several fields of biomedical sciences. After more than half a century of industrial uses, nowadays a lot of hydrogels are currently on the market for different purposes, and offering a wide spectra of features. In this review, even if it is virt...

Tobacco Product Use and Cessation Indicators Among Adults - United States, 2018.

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States (1). The prevalence of adult cigarette smoking has declined in recent years to 14.0% in 2017 (2). However, an array of new tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, has entered the U.S. market (3). To assess recent national estimates of tobacco product use among U.S. adults aged ≥18 years, CDC, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the National Cancer Institute analyzed data from the 2018 National Health Int...

Cannabis and youth protection in Colorado's commercial adult-use market: A qualitative investigation.

Arguments both for and against the legalization of cannabis often include the issue of youth protection. At the time of writing 5-years after the implementation of the Coloradan recreational cannabis market (CRCM), no statistically significant increase in consumption had been identified. This paper aimed to provide a thick descriptive account of youth prevention objectives stipulated in the pre-implementation phase of the CRCM and compare these with the real-world experience of regulators and other stakehol...

Randomized Controlled Trial on Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma Versus Saline Dressing in Treatment of Non-healing Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

This randomized clinical trial was conducted to assess the role of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) gel as a treatment of clean non-healing diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) in comparison with regular dressing with saline as a control.

Efficacy of an Innovative Film-Forming Wound Dressing on Open Wounds.

Standards in post-surgery wound care management require a rapid healing process in order to prevent and minimize abnormal scarring. For the healing process to start as early as possible, the ideal dressing should be applied directly on the open wound and perfectly adapt to it. The authors report a case study series regarding the efficacy of a flexible film-forming wound dressing in the form of a gel (Stratamed, Stratpharma AG, Switzerland) that is approved for the use on open wounds and injured skin. Eviden...

Comparative Physicochemical and Biological Characterisation of the Similar Biological Medicinal Product Teriparatide and Its Reference Medicinal Product.

In January 2017, the European Commission approved Terrosa (company code RGB-10) as one of the first biosimilar medicinal products of teriparatide for the same indications as for the reference medicinal product Forsteo (Lilly France S.A.S.), which has been on the market in the European Union since 2003. The active pharmaceutical ingredient of the reference medicinal product is the biologically active 1-34 fragment of the endogenous human parathyroid hormone [PTH(1-34)]. It is one of the three bone anabolic a...

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