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An endophytic strain of genus Paenibacillus isolated from the fruits of Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) has antagonistic activity against a Noni's pathogenic strain of genus Aspergillus.

Endophytes are microbes capable of colonizing the tissues of healthy plants and subsequently establishing a harmonious relationship with their hosts. In this research, the endophytic strain Paenibacillus sp. NEB was isolated from fruits of healthy Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.). Strain NEB was identified as Paenibacillus polymyxa using MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry. Pathogenic fungal strain NP-1 was isolated from Noni fruits infected by smut, and was identified as Aspergillus aculeatus by polyphasic taxonomy ba...

Juice Displaces Milk and Fruit in High School Lunches.

To compare beverages and foods selected by high school students on days when juice was offered (juice days) and not offered (non-juice days) with the reimbursable school meal.

Usage, biological activity, and safety of selected botanical dietary supplements consumed in the United States.

In view of the continuous growth of the botanical dietary supplement industry and the increased popularity of lesser known or exotic botanicals, recent findings are described on the phytochemical composition and biological activities of five selected fruits consumed in the United States, namely, açaí, noni, mangosteen, black chokeberry, and maqui berry. A review of the ethnomedicinal uses of these plants has revealed some similarities ranging from wound-healing to the treatment of fever and infectious dis...

Trauma-informed yoga training in Kenya: A qualitative pilot study on feasibility and acceptability.

The current study presents a pilot qualitative exploration of the collaboration of two yoga service agencies in implementing a trauma-informed mindfulness-based teaching curriculum in Kenya, Africa. Yoga and mindfulness practices have been demonstrated as successful complementary and alternative approaches to managing the impacts of stress trauma. This study explores the feasibility and acceptability of mindfulness programming for yoga teachers in the Nairobi region of Kenya. Grounded theory is used to expl...

Juice Clarification with Pectinase Reduces Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen in Apple Juice without Affecting the Polyphenol Composition in Cider.

The term "cider" refers to the fermented beverage produced from apples. The rapid growth in the cider industry coupled with the prominence of traditional, or craft, approaches emphasizes the need for research on cider production. A common problem in ciders is the production of sulfur off-aromas by yeast during fermentation. Prefermentation juice clarification has the potential to reduce the occurrence of unwanted sulfur off-aromas. Concerns that prefermentation juice clarification will reduce the yeast assi...

Increased burden of comorbidities and risk of cardiovascular death in atrial fibrillation patients in Europe over ten years: A comparison between EORP-AF pilot and EHS-AF registries.

In 2002, the European Society of Cardiology conducted the Euro Heart Survey (EHS), while in 2014concluded 1-year follow-up of the EURObservational Research Programme AF (EORP-AF) Pilot Registry.

Cranberry juice decreases disease activity in women with rheumatoid arthritis.

Studies have shown that cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) has antiinflammatory and antioxidant effects; however, to our knowledge, the effects of cranberry juice consumption have not been studied in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The aim of this study was to verify the effect of cranberry juice consumption on several inflammatory biomarkers and on the disease activity of patients with RA.

New Degradation Pathways of the Key Aroma Compound 1-Penten-3-one during Storage of NFC Orange Juice.

1-Penten-3-one with its fresh and pungent smell at a very low odor threshold of 0.94 µg/L water has been characterized as impact aroma compound in many foods, such as grapefruit, orange juice, black tea, olive oil, or tomatoes. While its importance to the fresh sensation of unstored NFC orange juice was recently confirmed by aroma recombinates, a total loss was determined already after 4 weeks in NFC orange juice stored at 0 °C. Until now, the degradation pathway of this compound has not been clarified. S...

Cannabis use in myotonic dystrophy patients in Germany and USA: a pilot survey.

Survey of local impacts of biofuel crop production and adoption of ethanol stoves in southern Africa.

The two datasets outlined in this paper contain information related to (a) the local impacts of biofuel feedstock production, and (b) the factors that influence the adoption and/or sustained use of ethanol stoves in southern Africa. The first dataset was generated through extensive household surveys around four operational jatropha and sugarcane production sites in Malawi, Mozambique, and Swaziland. This project aimed to examine the local impacts of the most prominent modes of existing or intended biofuel f...

Identification and Quantitation of Four New 2-Alkylthiazolidine-4-carboxylic Acids Formed in Or-ange Juice by a Reaction of Saturated Aldehydes with Cysteine.

Despite several technological efforts to maximize the quality and shelf life of chilled stored not-from-concentrate (NFC) orange juice, changes in the overall aroma profile might occur during storage. Besides the degradation of terpenoids, a loss of the aroma-active aldehydes, hexanal, octanal, nonanal and decanal as well-as of 1-penten-3-one were recently confirmed as a major cause for the changes in the aro-ma profile of orange juice even during storage under aseptic conditions at 0 °C. To unravel the fa...

Pilot Survey of Female Anesthesiologists' Childbearing and Parental Leave Experiences.

While the literature regarding physicians' childbearing experiences is growing, there are no studies documenting those of anesthesiologists. We surveyed a convenience sample of 72 female anesthesiologists to obtain pilot data. Sixty-six women completed the survey (91.7% response rate), reporting 113 total births from before 1990 to present. Of all birth experiences, proportions of respondents reporting parental leave, lactation facilities, and lactation duration as adequate were 52.3%, 45.2%, and 58.3%, res...

White grape juice increases high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and reduces body mass index and abdominal and waist circumference in women.

Grape juice is a drink that is rich in phenolic compounds, which are important natural antioxidants that reduce the incidence of diseases linked to oxidative stress including cardiovascular disease. Studies on the effects of purple grape juice supplementation have already been conducted; however, there are no data on the effects of the consumption of white grape juice (WGJ) to date. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of WGJ supplementation on body mass index, waist and abdominal circumference...

Clinical outcomes and inflammatory response to Single-Incision Laparoscopic (SIL) colorectal surgery: a single-blinded randomised-controlled pilot study.

Single-incision laparoscopic (SIL) surgery is expanding, but its benefits, efficacy and safety over conventional laparoscopic (CL) surgery remain unclear. This pilot study examined clinical outcomes and biochemical markers of inflammation for SIL and CL colorectal resections in a randomised-controlled pilot trial.

Pregnancy and post-partum muscle and cerebral oxygenation during intermittent exercise in gestational diabetes: A pilot study.

This pilot, prospective, observational, cohort study aimed to examine, for the first time, the in vivo alterations in the oxygenation of the forearm skeletal muscles and the prefrontal lobes during intermittent exercise in women diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), during and after pregnancy.

Improvement in Work Ability, Psychological Distress and Pain Sites in Relation to Low Back Pain Prognosis: A Longitudinal Observational Study in Primary Care.

Prospective observational study pooled from two clinical cohorts.

Management of patients with hereditary angioedema in Germany: comparison to other countries in the Icatibant Outcome Survey.

The Icatibant Outcome Survey (IOS; NCT01034969) is a Shire-sponsored, international, observational study monitoring the safety and effectiveness of icatibant, a bradykinin B2 receptor antagonist approved for the acute treatment of adults with hereditary angioedema with C1 inhibitor deficiency (HAE-C1-INH).

Chinese version of the clinical learning environment comparison survey: Assessment of reliability and validity.

Simulation is recommended as a substitute for clinical practice among nursing students. No current guidelines exist regarding the accurate percentage of simulation hours versus clinical practice hours. Comparing simulation with clinical practice is needed so that both strategies can be optimally combined in nursing education. The 29-item Clinical Learning Environment Comparison Survey (CLECS) is validated to compare the traditional and simulated clinical environment in meeting nursing students' learning nee...

Inactivation of Salmonella enterica and spoilage microorganisms in orange juice treated with dimethyl dicarbonate (DMDC).

Salmonella enterica is the pertinent pathogen associated with orange juice products that have resulted in numerous foodborne outbreaks. Although fresh orange juice typically has a pH below 4.0, which inhibits most pathogen growth, S. enterica can survive at low pH for extended periods. Additionally, fresh juice contains spoilage microorganisms such as natural yeasts and molds, which can grow at low pH, and may cause fermentation and product spoilage if left untreated. Numerous Salmonella outbreaks linked to...

Monitoring the Effectiveness of Fatigue Risk Management: A Survey of Pilots' Concerns.

Airlines are required to monitor the effectiveness of their pilot fatigue risk management. The present survey sought the views of all pilots at Delta Air Lines on fatigue-related issues raised by their colleagues participating in regular airline safety audits.

Fresh Fruit Juice of Opuntia dillenii Haw. Attenuates Acetic Acid-Induced Ulcerative Colitis in Rats.

The present study aimed to evaluate the protective effect of fresh fruit juice of Opuntia dillenii Haw. (FJOD) on acetic acid-induced ulcerative colitis in rats. Fresh FJOD (2.5 and 5 ml/kg) and sulfasalazine (100 mg/kg) were given orally for seven consecutive days prior to colitis induction on the eighth day by intrarectal acetic acid (4% v/v) administration. Macroscopic, clinical activity scoring, biochemical, and histopathological examinations of colon were used to assess colonic damage. FJOD and sulfa...

Observational study of vaccine effectiveness 20 years after the introduction of universal hepatitis B vaccination in Tunisia.

The objectives of this study were to estimate the national prevalence of hepatitis B infection in Tunisia using data from a nationwide survey, to compare results with those obtained in 1996 survey and to evaluate the impact of vaccination twenty years after its introduction.

NRG Oncology medical physicists' manpower survey quantifying support demands for multi-institutional clinical trials.

A survey was created by NRG to assess a medical physicists' percent full time equivalent (FTE) contribution to multi-institutional clinical trials. A 2012 American Society for Radiation Oncology report, "Safety Is No Accident," quantified medical physics staffing contributions in FTE factors for clinical departments. No quantification of FTE effort associated with clinical trials was included.

Indication-specific immunomodulatory effects of extracorporeal photopheresis: A pilot study in heart transplanted patients.

The clinical use of extracorporeal photopheresis (ECP) is based on its ability to induce cell-mediated immune tolerance towards foreign and self-antigens. Up-to-date, no clear consensus consists on how to use ECP after heart transplantation (HTx). In this pilot study, we evaluated the stimulatory effects of ECP on immune cells in HTx patients.

Cancer patients' experiences with and opinions on the process 'Screening of Distress and Referral Need' (SDRN) in clinical practice: A quantitative observational clinical study.

This observational clinical study investigated patients' experiences with and opinions on the Dutch 'Screening of Distress and Referral Need' (SDRN) process implemented in oncology practice. Insight into these can guide improvement of the SDRN process.

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