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Extending the User Fee Approach to Pharmaceuticals.

A review of methods to estimate the visibility factor for bias correction in Network Scale Up Studies.

Network Scale Up (NSU) is an indirect size estimation method, where participants are questioned on sensitive behaviors of their social network members. Therefore the visibility of the behavior affects the replies and estimates. Many attempts to estimate the visibility are made. The aims of this manuscript are to review main methods to address the visibility, and to provide a summary of reported Visibility Factor (VF) across populations.

The Performance of two silica based ion exchange resins in the separation of Bi from its parent solution of Ac.

The performance of two inorganic ion exchange resins, Isolute SCX and Isolute SCX-2, were compared to the performance of the organic resin AG-50X8 in the separation of the radionuclide bismuth-213 from its parent solution of actinium-225. The breakthrough of the actinium-225 for all three columns was well below the toxicity level but the Isolute SCX and Isolute SCX-2 produced less of the bismuth-213 available on the column.

High Enhancement Settings for White Light Observation Improves Colorectal Polyp Visibility in Color Difference Value and an Endoscopist's Visibility.

Settings of structure and color enhancement (CE) change view of white light imaging and a preset low enhancement setting is used regularly. The aim of this study was to investigate whether higher enhancement settings increased colorectal lesions' visibility with endoscopists' visibility scoring and objective color difference (CD) value.

Bi+ Visibility: Characteristics of Those Who Attempt to Make Their Bisexual+ Identity Visible and the Strategies They Use.

There are numerous forms of stigma that contribute to the de-legitimization and erasure of bisexual and other non-monosexual identities (collectively referred to as bisexual+ or bi+ identities). To reduce such stigma, efforts are needed to increase bi+ visibility. Little is known, however, about whether bisexual+ individuals attempt to attain greater bi+ visibility (i.e., make their bisexual+ identity visible to others) and, if so, how they do this. Using data from a mixed-method (quantitative and qualitati...

Identifying design guidelines to meet the circular economy principles: A case study on electric and electronic equipment.

This study presents a methodology that allows the analysis of how an existing product design meets the design guidelines required from the circular economy perspective, and which are the design guidelines that would need to be incorporated into its design to become a better circular design product. For that, as a starting point, the design guidelines required for the circular product design have been identified from an extensive literature review. Then, criteria have been defined to measure the margin of im...

Visibility graphs for image processing.

The family of image visibility graphs (IVG/IHVG) have been recently introduced as simple algorithms by which scalar fields can be mapped into graphs. Here we explore the usefulness of such operator in the scenario of image processing and image classication. We demonstrate that the link architecture of the image visibility graphs encapsulates relevant information on the structure of the images and we explore their potential as image filters. We introduce several graph features, including the novel concept of...

Swimming activity in zebrafish larvae exposed to veterinary antiparasitic pharmaceuticals.

Veterinary antiparasitic pharmaceuticals have been detected in surface waters and several of these pharmaceuticals act on the nervous system on the target organisms implying that neurological effects also might be of concern in non-target animals such as fish. We tested if exposure to antiparasitic pharmaceuticals affect swimming activity in 6 days old zebrafish larvae. The results revealed that most pharmaceuticals did not cause any effects in swimming activity. However, larvae exposed to 0.58 mg/L doram...

Maximizing Young fringe visibility with a universal SU2 polarization gadget: erratum.

In this erratum, the experimental value of the maximum attainable visibility reported in Opt. Lett.43, 2844 (2018)OPLEDP0146-959210.1364/OL.43.002844 has been corrected.

Visibility of Normal Appendix on CT, MRI, and Sonography: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

The purpose of the present study is to assess the visibility of the normal appendix on CT, MRI, or ultrasound (US) images of a healthy population.

The influence of terrestrial transport on visibility and aerosol properties over the coastal East China Sea.

Air pollutants from East Asia continent can affect the physio-chemical and optical properties of marine aerosols under seasonal winds. We investigated the change of visibility and haze frequency from 1974 to 2017 over the coastal East China Sea (ECS), and reconstructed the light extinction coefficients according to the chemical compositions of PM samples collected at Huaniao Island in the ECS. The annual average visibility significantly decreased from over 25 km in the early 1970s to

Insight into the distribution of pharmaceuticals in soil-water-plant systems.

Pharmaceuticals in agricultural soils originating from irrigation with treated wastewater and land-applied biosolids can enter field crops. However, little is known about the role of pore water in plant uptake of pharmaceuticals from soils. In this study, the fate, uptake and distribution of fifteen commonly used pharmaceuticals in soil-water-radish systems were investigated to examine the relationship between the accumulation and their physicochemical processes in soils. The results indicate that the distr...

Enrichment of Relevant Oxidative Degradation Products in Pharmaceuticals with Targeted Chemoselective Oxidation.

The ability to produce and isolate relatively pure amounts of relevant degradation products is key to several aspects of drug product development: (a) aid in the unambiguous structural identification of such degradation products, fulfilling regulatory requirements to develop safe formulations (ICH Q3B and M7); (b) pursue as appropriate safety evaluations with such material, such as chronic toxicology or Ames testing; (c) for a specified degradation product in a late-stage regulatory filing, utilize pure and...

Chiral pharmaceuticals: Environment sources, potential human health impacts, remediation technologies and future perspective.

Chiral pharmaceuticals (CPs), including non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), β-blockers and some herbicide and pesticides, are widely used in aquaculture, clinical treatment and many other fields. However, people are increasingly concerned about such ubiquitous pollutants, which can frequently be detected in contaminated soil and water. In large part, the significant sources of chiral pharmaceuticals stem from industrial processes, such as the direct discharge of untreated or incompletely treated ...

Assessment of 83 pharmaceuticals in WWTP influent and effluent samples by UHPLC-MS/MS: Hourly variation.

The removal efficiency of pharmaceuticals in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) is variable and some of these compounds pass these plants almost intact and others presenting a removal efficiency close to 100%. Their incomplete removal results in a continuous discharge of pharmaceuticals into the environment. To assess the profile of contamination of influents and effluents over a day, a set of 83 pharmaceuticals were evaluated hourly in a WWTP in Leiria, Portugal. The composite samples of the influent and ...

Exposure and ecotoxicological risk assessment of mixtures of top prescribed pharmaceuticals in Swedish freshwaters.

Surface water concentrations of 54 pharmaceuticals were predicted for seven major Swedish rivers and the Stockholm City area basins using the STREAM-EU model. These surface water concentrations were used to predict the ecotoxicological impact resulting from the exposure of aquatic organisms to this mixture of 54 pharmaceuticals. STREAM-EU model results indicated that

Investigation of fogging behavior in a lyophilized drug product.

Vial "fogging" is a common observation in lyophilized biological products and has been reported in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to unappealing appearance, severe fogging that reaches the shoulder or neck of the vial can potentially compromise the container closure integrity of the vials. In this study, we performed experiments to identify parameters impacting the fogging phenomena in lyophilized DP vials. Glass vial surface properties were found to have a significant impact to vial fogging. In l...

Effects of pharmaceuticals on microbial communities and activity of soil enzymes in mesocosm-scale constructed wetlands.

Cyperus alternifolius based mesocosm-scale constructed wetland was employed to remove pharmaceuticals. We investigated the microbial community composition using phosphor lipid fatty acids (PFLAs) analysis and substrate enzyme activity during long-term exposure to pharmaceuticals in mesocosm-scale constructed wetlands. The results showed that there was no visible inhibition effect of pharmaceuticals on CW substrate enzymes activities in the experimental range (0-500 μg/L). Microbial communities, as reveal...

Characterizing the removal routes of seven pharmaceuticals in the activated sludge process.

The removal routes of pharmaceuticals especially biodegradation routes in the activated sludge process are still unclear. Some studies indicated pharmaceuticals were mainly removed via nitrification process (autotrophic biodegradation), while others suggested pharmaceuticals were mainly removed via COD degradation process (heterotrophic biodegradation). These unclear problems limited the improvements of pharmaceuticals removal. In this study, in order to elucidate three biodegradation routes (nitrification,...

Removal efficiency of As(V) and Sb(III) in contaminated neutral drainage by Fe-loaded biochar.

Performance of raw and two Fe-loaded biochars, produced either by evaporation (E-product, 26.9% Fe) or precipitation (P-product, 12.6% Fe), was evaluated in batch and column testing for As(V) and Sb(III) removal from contaminated neutral drainage (CND). Batch testing results showed that sorption capacity of the E-product tripled for As(V) and quintupled for Sb(III), whereas for the P-product, it doubled for both contaminants, relative to the raw biochar. Moreover, As(V) removal by the E-product reached 90% ...

From Oxiranes to Oligomers: Architectures of US FDA Approved Pharmaceuticals Containing Oxygen Heterocycles.

Oxygen heterocycles are the second most common type of heterocycles that appear as structural components of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved pharmaceuticals. Analysis of our database of drugs approved through 2017, reveals 311 distinct pharmaceuticals containing at least one oxygen heterocycle. Most prevalent among these are pyranoses, with furanoses, macrolactones, morpholines, and dioxolanes rounding out the top five. The main body of this perspective is organized according to ring-size, com...

The influence of wind turbine visibility on the health of local residents: a systematic review.

The health effects of visible wind turbine features on residents were investigated. Further, it was examined, if visual annoyance has an influence on residents' health, and if wind turbine visibility impacts residents' health independently of or in combination with acoustical aspects.

In-depth synthetic, physicochemical and in vitro biological investigation of a new ternary V(IV) antioxidant material based on curcumin.

Curcumin is a natural product with a broad spectrum of beneficial properties relating to pharmaceutical applications, extending from traditional remedies to modern cosmetics. The biological activity of such pigments, however, is limited by their solubility and bioavailability, thereby necessitating new ways of achieving optimal tissue cellular response and efficacy as drugs. Metal ion complexation provides a significant route toward improvement of curcumin stability and biological activity, with vanadium be...

Seasonal occurrence and fate of chiral pharmaceuticals in different sewage treatment systems in Hong Kong: Mass balance, enantiomeric profiling, and risk assessment.

Concern about the presence of chiral pharmaceuticals in the environment from wastewater discharge is mounting. In this work, the occurrence and fate of atenolol, metoprolol, venlafaxine, and chloramphenicol, including 10 different stereoisomers, were investigated in sewage and sludge from diverse treatment processes in 4 sewage treatment plants (STPs) in Hong Kong via 4 sampling campaigns over a period of 2 years. The average amounts of individual pharmaceuticals entering the STPs ranged from 4.91 g/d to ...

Chemically activated high grade nanoporous carbons from low density renewable biomass (Agave sisalana) for the removal of pharmaceuticals.

Enlarging the range of viable nanoporous carbon precursors, namely by the acid treatment of low density biomass residues, can overcome issues related with the availability and quality of raw materials that have potential impact on cost and quality grade of the final product.

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