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Elevated C-reactive protein as a predictor of a random one-year clinical course in the first ten years of schizophrenia.

We investigate whether C-reactive protein (CRP) levels could predict the clinical course of patients with schizophrenia in a prospective study of 50 stable outpatients during a random 1-year period within the first 10 years of illness. Positive, negative, depressive, and cognitive symptoms were evaluated. Patients with low-grade inflammation (CRP = 3-10 mg/L; 28%) at baseline showed significant worsening of PANSS-positive and general psychopathology at 1-year follow-up compared with those with CRP ...

Two-Year Changes in Child Weight Status, Diet, and Activity by Neighborhood Nutrition and Physical Activity Environment.

The aim of this study was to examine 2-year changes in weight status and behaviors among children living in neighborhoods differing on nutrition and activity environments.

Physical Activity and Cognitive Function Among Older Adults with an Elevated Gamma Gap.

We evaluated whether gamma gap is associated with cognitive function among older adults and whether physical activity is favorably associated with cognition among those with an elevated gamma gap. Materials (Subjects) and MethodsData from the 1999-2002 NHANES were used to identify 2,352 older adults, ages 60-85. The gamma gap was evaluated from subtracting albumin from total protein (i.e., Gamma Gap = Total Protein (g/dl) - Albumin (g/dl). Those at or above 3.1 g/dl (31.0 g/L) were considered to have an el...

Elevated 68Ga-DOTATATE Activity in IgG4-Related Lymphadenopathy.

Ga-DOTATATE PET/CT was performed in a 60-year-old man to detect culprit tumor responsible for tumor-induced osteomalacia (TIO). The images revealed multiple foci of abnormal activity in soft tissue lesion, which were not typical of tumor causing TIO in Ga-DOTATATE PET/CT. Considering other neoplastic processes, FDG PET/CT were subsequently performed, which showed all same lesions, although the lesions with highest activity were different between the scans. Pathological examination demonstrated that the pati...

Patterns in first and daily cigarette initiation among youth and young adults from 2002 to 2015.

This study's objective was to describe long-term trends and patterns in first cigarette use (cigarette initiation) and daily cigarette use (daily initiation) among youth and young adults in the U.S. We used cross-sectional survey data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 2002-2015, to estimate annual incidence of first cigarette use (N = 270,556) and first daily cigarette use (N = 373,464) for each year by age groups, race/ethnicity and gender, examining trends over time and the average annual c...

Community-Wide Efforts to Improve the Consumer Food Environment and Physical Activity Resources in Rural Kentucky.

Community interventions to improve access to food and physical activity resources can reduce obesity rates and improve obesity-related health outcomes. We describe a Kentucky community project that consisted of collaborating with grocery store managers to improve the consumer food environment and partnering with community members to improve walking trails, bicycle racks, and other physical activity resources. We surveyed 2 random samples of community residents in 6 participating rural counties, 741 in 2016 ...

Hypermetabolism Caused by Seizure Mimicking Tumor Recurrence.

A 41-year-old man had a right frontal grade I glioma resection 17 years ago. He was tumor free since. However, 1 month ago, he presented with an uncontrollable seizure, which raised the possibility of recurrent tumor. The FDG PET/CT brain scan showed increased tracer uptake at the margin of the previous resected tumor, suggesting the possibility of tumor recurrence. However, on a repeat FDG PET brain scan confirmed by electroencephalography monitory as an interictal study, no elevated FDG uptake was reveale...

Practical Teaching Case: An Eight-year History of Elevated Aspartate Aminotransferase.

Case 3: Gait Instability and Elevated Troponin Level in a 16-year-old Boy.

Mating Opportunity Increases with Synchrony of Flowering among Years More than Synchrony within Years in a Nonmasting Perennial.

The timing and synchrony of mating activity in a population may vary both within and among years. With the exception of masting species, in which reproductive activity fluctuates dramatically among years, mating synchrony is typically studied within years. However, opportunities to mate also vary among years in nonmasting iteroparous species. We demonstrate that studying only within-year flowering synchrony fails to accurately quantify variation in mating opportunity in an experimental population ([Formula:...

Perches or grids? What do rearing chickens differing in growth performance prefer for roosting?

The domestic fowl (Gallus gallus f. dom.) is highly motivated to roost on elevated structures. Previous studies indicated that broiler chickens hardly use elevated perches but frequently use elevated platforms. However, it is unclear which height and type of elevated structures broilers prefer at various daytimes.We investigated the use of elevated perches and grids varying in height (10, 30, and 50 cm above the floor) by chickens of 3 strains differing in growth performance. In 2 successive trials, male c...

Natural resource extraction and mortality in the United States.

This article further develops the literature on the local consequences of natural resource extraction by using newly collected county data from 1964 to 1988 to capture both short- and long-term mortality effects. The article identifies the net impact on mortality and provides evidence that throughout the majority of its distribution, increases in extractive industry activity are associated with small decreases in total and cancer mortality on a year-to-year basis. However, increases in extractive activity a...

Elevated CA-125 in IgG4 mesenteritis: a red herring or a disease biomarker? Case report and literature review.

Mesenteric panniculitis (MP) is a rare chronic disease characterized by inflammation and subsequently fibrosis of adipose tissue of the omentum. Only recently it has been associated with IgG4-related disease. Cancer antigen 125 (CA-125) is a high-molecular mass glycoprotein, traditionally associated with ovarian cancer, although it can be elevated in other conditions. Herein we describe a case of a 56-year-old man with IgG4 related mesenteric panniculitis associated with very high levels of CA-125 at the on...

Methionine restriction leads to hyperhomocysteinemia and alters hepatic HS production capacity in Fischer-344 rats.

Dietary methionine restriction (MR) increases lifespan in several animal models. Despite low dietary intake of sulphur amino acids, rodents on MR develop hyperhomocysteinemia. On the contrary, MR has been reported to increase HS production in mice. Enzymes involved in homocysteine metabolism also take part in HS production and hence, in this study, the impact of MR on hyperhomocysteinemia and HS production capacity were investigated using Fischer-344 rats assigned either a control or a MR diet for 8 weeks. ...

The co-existence of elevated high sensitivity C-reactive protein and homocysteine levels is associated with increased risk of metabolic syndrome: A 6-year follow-up study.

Accumulating evidence has revealed that both high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) and homocysteine (HCY) are associated with increased risk of metabolic syndrome (MetS) and cardiovascular disease. However, it is unclear whether the coexistence of these conditions accelerates the risk of metabolic syndrome (MetS). We hypothesized that the combination of high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) and homocysteine (HCY) levels could exacerbate the development of MetS in a large prospective cohort study...

Chitotriosidase on treatment-naïve patients with Gaucher disease: A genotype vs phenotype study.

Chitotriosidase (ChT) is used as a biomarker for the follow-up of patients with Gaucher disease (GD), once his activity is extremely elevated and declines during ERT. However, some variants in the CHIT1 gene affect ChT activity.

Relationship between thyroid function and elevated blood pressure in euthyroid adults.

Thyroid hormones (THs) have profound effects on cardiovascular functions, suggesting that THs may contribute to the development of elevated blood pressure (BP). Few studies, however, have systematically assessed the relationship between THs and elevated BP. We therefore conducted a cross-sectional study to examine how serum THs concentrations are related to the prevalence of elevated BP in a euthyroid population. This study (n = 12 487) was performed in Tianjin, China. Serum free triiodothyronine (FT3), ...

Medication reconciliation in a department of internal medicine and infectious and tropical diseases: Feedback after one year practice.

Since April 2015, medication reconciliation is performed in our Department. The objective of this study is to assess the impact of this activity on patients' care after one year of practice.

Rhabdomyolysis of Unknown Etiology - Initial Suspicion and Detection on 99mTc-MDP Skeletal Scintigraphy.

The classical bone scan findings of Rhabdomyolysis is presented in this illustration. A 60 year old female patient with complaints of low backache and bilateral lower limbs weakness over 1 year was referred for whole body skeletal status evaluation. Whole body skeletal scintigraphy undertaken 3 hrs after I.V injection of 15 mci of 99mTc-MDP revealed bilaterally symmetrical diffuse skeletal muscle tracer activity in deltoid, lattisimus dorsi, diaphragm, paraspinal muscles, gluteus muscles and muscles of thig...

Correlation of Cognitive Abilities of Male Hamadryas Baboon with Age and Hierarchical Status.

We studied the correlation between the rank and age of baboons (n=12) with their cognitive abilities. A positive correlation was found between performances of different tests by male. The ability to solve the tests related to bait placement depended on the age of the males and age-related hierarchical status. Four-year-old males performed these tests in 52% of cases, whereas five-year-old males, who reached a higher hierarchical status by this age solved with them in 93% of cases. In the tests for explorato...

A Rnd3/p190RhoGAP pathway regulates RhoA activity in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis fibroblasts.

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is an incurable disease of the lung that is characterized by excessive deposition of extracellular matrix (ECM), resulting in disruption of normal lung function. The signals regulating fibrosis include both TGFβ and tissue rigidity, and a major signaling pathway implicated in fibrosis involves activation of the GTPase RhoA. During studies exploring how elevated RhoA activity is sustained in IPF, we discovered that not only is RhoA activated by profibrotic stimuli, but al...

Physical activity preferences of 10-year-old children and identified activities with positive and negative associations to cardiorespiratory fitness.

This study investigated children's physical activity preferences, as these can aid the design of school-based interventions.

Pro-inflammatory S100A11 is elevated in inflammatory myopathies and reflects disease activity and extramuscular manifestations in myositis.

S100A11 (calgizzarin), a member of the S100 family, is associated with oncogenesis, inflammation and myocardial damage. Our aim was to analyse S100A11 in idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIMs) and its association with disease activity features and cancer development.

Guideline-Based Physical Activity and Survival Among US Men With Nonmetastatic Prostate Cancer.

The survival impact of adhering to current physical activity guidelines after prostate cancer diagnosis is unknown. We therefore emulated a target trial of guideline-based physical activity interventions and 10-year survival among US men with nonmetastatic prostate cancer. We used observational data on 2,299 men in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study diagnosed with nonmetastatic prostate cancer from 1998-2010 and free of conditions that might preclude participation at baseline (first post-diagnostic qu...

Hepatic Metastases From Prostatic Adenocarcinoma Without Elevated 18F-Choline Activity.

We report the case of a 69-year-old man referred for F-fluorocholine (FCH) PET/CT for a biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer. FCH PET/CT demonstrated 2 hypodense hepatic lesions with no uptake but progressing in size compared with a previous assessment. MRI showed a suspicious peripheral contrast enhancement, raising the question of a liver metastasis. Histopathologic examination concluded to a prostate adenocarcinoma metastasis. This case highlights an unusual pitfall in FCH PET/CT: the lack of uptake...

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