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Comparison of energy consumption of wheat production in conservation and conventional agriculture using DEA.

Energy is one of the essential resources for human life and mainly classified as non-renewable resources. Since huge amounts of energy are consumed in the agriculture sector, an energy audit is an essential strategy in countries. Conservation agriculture as a tool for sustainable development can lead to saving agricultural resources. In the current investigation, energy audit for wheat conservation and conventional production systems was performed. For this purpose, 48 farms were selected randomly in 2016, ...

A global meta-analysis of yield stability in organic and conservation agriculture.

One of the primary challenges of our time is to enhance global food production and security. Most assessments in agricultural systems focus on plant yield. Yet, these analyses neglect temporal yield stability, or the variability and reliability of production across years. Here we perform a meta-analysis to assess temporal yield stability of three major cropping systems: organic agriculture and conservation agriculture (no-tillage) vs. conventional agriculture, comparing 193 studies based on 2896 comparisons...

Adoption of Sustainable Agriculture Practices among Farmers in Kentucky, USA.

Promoting the sustainable agricultural practices at an individual farm level is essential to ensure agricultural sustainability. This study analyzed whether and how various factors related to farm or farmers' characteristics influence the adoption intensity of sustainable agriculture practices. We used a negative binomial regression model to fit the data collected from a mail survey of farmers in Kentucky, USA. Our results showed that the adoption intensity of sustainable agriculture practices varied signif...

Degradation of triadimefon and residue behaviors of metabolite triadimenol: tracing rapeseed from harvesting, storage to household oil processing.

Triadimefon is a fungicide used in agriculture to control fungal diseases such as sclerotinia sclerotiorum.

Agriculture Occupational Exposures and Factors Affecting Health Effects.

Agriculture environments contain a variety of inflammatory aerosols that may increase risk for lung inflammation and disease in exposed individuals. In addition, epidemiological studies have also identified protective effects of rural environments and farming exposures.

Social acceptance and perceived ecosystem services of urban agriculture in Southern Europe: The case of Bologna, Italy.

Urban agriculture has become a common form of urban land use in European cities linked to multiple environmental, social and economic benefits, as well as to diversified forms (from self-production allotments to high-tech companies). Social acceptance will determine the development of urban agriculture and specific knowledge on citizens' perception is required in order to set the basis for policy-making and planning. The ecosystem services provided by urban agriculture can be determinant in this process. Th...

Insights from agriculture for the management of insecticide resistance in disease vectors.

Key to contemporary management of diseases such as malaria, dengue, and filariasis is control of the insect vectors responsible for transmission. Insecticide-based interventions have contributed to declines in disease burdens in many areas, but this progress could be threatened by the emergence of insecticide resistance in vector populations. Insecticide resistance is likewise a major concern in agriculture, where insect pests can cause substantial yield losses. Here, we explore overlaps between understandi...

Height and nutritional inequality in rural Mediterranean Spain, 1840-1965: irrigated versus dryland agriculture.

since the 2000s the nutritional status of Spanish rural populations has been studied by anthropometric history. But despite this undoubted progress, we hardly have comparative studies on the height and biological inequality between agrarian zones of different productive specialization (irrigated and dryland agriculture).

Fly ash toxicity, emerging issues and possible implications for its exploitation in agriculture; Indian scenario: A review.

Fly ash is considered as an environmental hazard worldwide, since it generally contain organic pollutants, probable toxic metals like Se, As, B, V, Al, Pb, Hg, Cr and radionuclide's Uranium, Thorium. Although fly ash contains toxic substances, it also contains most of the oxides and trace elements. Presence of oxides contributes to its alkaline pH while trace elements provides nutrients for plant growth hence, it is suggested that it can be used in low concentration in agriculture sector as well as a soil c...

On the thermal behavior of protein isolated from different legumes investigated by DSC and TGA analyses.

Peas, lentils, faba beans, chickpeas and beans proteins are potentially renewable raw materials for bioplastic production that can be obtained from agriculture waste. Plastics are usually processed under heating and thus the thermal stability is a mandatory requirement for the application. In this study the thermal behaviour of several legume proteins isolates at different purity degree were investigated.

Society of Behavioral Medicine position statement: increase funding for fruits and vegetables production in The Farm Bill reauthorization.

The Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) recommends that Congress increase funding for fruit and vegetable production and intake in The Farm Bill reauthorization. Analysis of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's databases indicates that the availability of fruits and vegetables in the food supply is at half or less than half of what is needed to meet federal dietary recommendations for Americans. Based on the extant literature, SBM supports including funding allocations for fruit and vegetable production, i...

New salicylic acid and pyroglutamic acid conjugated derivatives confer protection to bread wheat against Zymoseptoria tritici.

To promote sustainable agriculture and healthy food, research that contributes towards a new generation of eco-friendly phytosanitary compounds are increasingly encouraged. The plant hormone salicylic acid (SA) is known for its ability to induce resistance in plants against a wide range of pathogens, while pyroglutamic acid (PGA), a constrained analogue of γ-aminobutyric acid, has never been studied in a context of plant protection.

Simulated response of a multi-element thick gas electron multiplier-based microdosimeter to high energy neutrons.

The response of a microdosimeter for neutrons above 14 MeV is investigated. The mean quality factors and dose-equivalents are determined using lineal energy distributions calculated by Monte Carlo simulations (Geant4 toolkit). From 14 MeV to 5 GeV, the mean quality factors were found to vary between 6.00 and 9.30 and the dose-equivalents were in agreement with the true ambient dose-equivalent at the depth of 10 mm inside the ICRU sphere, H(10). An energy-independent dose-equivalent response around a...

Formation of struvite from agricultural wastewaters and its reuse on farmlands: Status and hindrances to closing the nutrient loop.

To meet the needs of a fast growing global population, agriculture and livestock production have been intensified, resulting in environmental pollution, climate change, and soil health declining. Closing the nutrient circular loop is one of the most important sustainability factors that affect these issues. Apart from being a serious environmental issue, the discharge of N and P via agricultural wastewater is also a major factor that disturbs nutrient cycling in agriculture. In this study, the performance, ...

Energy use and economic analysis for wheat production by conservation tillage along with sprinkler irrigation.

This study was conducted to investigate the combination of both sprinkler irrigation and conservation tillage in sustainable agriculture for wheat production. To exploit the advantages of the two systems, conventional tillage along with surface irrigation (T) and conservation tillage along with sprinkler irrigation (T) were compared based on energy indices and economic analysis. The study was carried out for two years of 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 in a semi-arid environment located at the northwest of Iran. Re...

Women's empowerment in agriculture and agricultural productivity: Evidence from rural maize farmer households in western Kenya.

This paper documents a positive relationship between maize productivity in western Kenya and women's empowerment in agriculture, measured using indicators derived from the abbreviated version of the Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index. Applying a cross-sectional instrumental-variable regression method to a data set of 707 maize farm households from western Kenya, we find that women's empowerment in agriculture significantly increases maize productivity. Although all indicators of women's empowerment si...

Increasing resilience of smallholder farmers to climate change through multiple adoption of proven climate-smart agriculture innovations. Lessons from Southern Africa.

Conservation agriculture, drought tolerant maize, and improved legume varieties are key climate change management strategies for smallholder farmers in southern Africa. Their complementary efforts in adaptation to climate change are sternly important for farm productivity and income. This study evaluates factors explaining individual and multiple adoption of climate change management strategies and their differential impacts on productivity and income using a sample of 1172 smallholder farmers from Malawi a...

In silico farming drives next wave in agriculture.

Appraisal of the water footprint of irrigated agriculture in a semi-arid area: The Segura River Basin.

Irrigated agriculture is a key activity in water resources management at the river basin level in arid and semi-arid areas, since this sector consumes the largest part of the water resources overall. The current study proposes a methodology to evaluate the water footprint (WF) of the irrigated agriculture sector at the river basin level, through a simulation of the anthropised water cycle combining a hydrological model and a decision support system. The main difference from the approaches that have already ...

How Should Physicians Help Patients Who Are Ill Because They Work in Agriculture?

Occupational health issues are not just common for farmworkers; they are practically unavoidable. Farmworkers who seek treatment for work-related injury or illness are often unable to meaningfully reduce their exposure to risk factors without further jeopardizing their already fragile well-being and tenuous livelihoods. This case commentary addresses why and how physicians presented with patients who are ill because they work in agriculture should adjust their clinical practices to better meet the unique ch...

Nanoparticle-plant interaction: Implications in energy, environment, and agriculture.

In the recent techno-scientific revolution, nanotechnology has gained popularity at a rapid pace in different sectors and disciplines, specifically environmental, sensing, bioenergy, and agricultural systems. Controlled, easy, economical, and safe synthesis of nanomaterials is desired for the development of new-age nanotechnology. In general, nanomaterial synthesis techniques, such as chemical synthesis, are not completely safe or environmentally friendly due to harmful chemicals used or to toxic by-product...

Seeds as perfect factories for developing sustainable agriculture.

Towards bridging the water gap in Texas: A water-energy-food nexus approach.

The 2017 Texas Water Development Board's State Water Plan predicts a 41% gap between water demand and existing supply by 2070. This reflects an overall projection, but the challenge will affect various regions of the state differently. Texas has 16 regional water planning zones characterized by distinct populations, water demands, and existing water supplies. Each is expected to face variations of pressures, such as increased agricultural and energy development (particularly hydraulic fracturing) and urban ...

Cadmium, copper and lead levels in different cultivars of lettuce and soil from urban agriculture.

Urban agriculture plays an important role in sustainable food supply. However, because of the atmospheric pollution and soil contamination associated with urban areas, this activity may be of concern. In fact, contamination of soil with metals and the transference of contaminants to vegetables can represent health and safety risks associated with urban agriculture. The objective of this study was to evaluate the concentrations of selected trace metals (cadmium, copper and lead) in three lettuce cultivars pr...

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