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The burden of ozone pollution on years of life lost from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a city of Yangtze River Delta, China.

Ambient ozone is one of the most important air pollutants with respect to its impacts on human health and its increasing concentrations globally. However, studies which explored the burden of ozone pollution on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and estimated the relevant economic loss were rare.

Changes in Metabolites Present in Lung Lining Fluid Following Exposure of Humans to Ozone.

Controlled human exposure to the oxidant air pollutant ozone causes decrements in lung function and increased inflammation as evidenced by neutrophil influx into the lung and increased levels of proinflammatory cytokines in the airways. Here we describe a targeted metabolomics evaluation of human bronchioalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) following controlled in vivo exposure to ozone to gain greater insight into its pulmonary effects. In a two-arm cross-over study, each healthy adult human volunteer was randomly...

Impact of ozone on claudins and tight junctions in the lungs.

Claudins (CLDNs) are a major transmembrane protein component of tight junctions (TJs) in endothelia and epithelia. CLDNs are not only essential for sustaining the role of TJs in cell permeability but are also vital for cell signaling through protein-protein interactions. Ozone induces oxidative stress and lung inflammation in humans and experimental models, but the impact of ozone on claudins remains poorly understood. This study was to determine the expression of TJ proteins, such as claudin 3, 4, 5, and 1...

Molecular insights into the effect of ozone on human hemoglobin in autohemotherapy: Highlighting the importance of the presence of blood antioxidants during ozonation.

Ozone has been known for several decades, with its antiseptic and therapeutic effects determined by the hormesis theory. It is shown that the therapeutic efficacy of ozone therapy may be partly due to the controlled and moderate oxidative stress produced by the reaction of ozone with several biological components. In this study, the effect of ozone on healthy human hemoglobin (Hb) in the whole blood environment (in the presence of antioxidants) and in the purified form (in the absence of antioxidants) is in...

Assessing the associations of daily respiratory symptoms and lung function in schoolchildren using an Air Quality Index for ozone: Results from the RESPOZE panel study in Athens, Greece.

Air Quality indicators or indices (AQIs) are mainly used for communicating the air pollution levels and risk to the general population. However, very few epidemiological studies have used AQIs for characterizing exposure.

Tropospheric ozone affects SRB1 levels via oxidative post-translational modifications in lung cells.

Exposure to air pollution is associated with increased respiratory morbidities and susceptibility to lung dysfunction. Ozone (O) is commonly recognized as one of the most noxious air pollutant and has been associated with several lung pathologies. It has been demonstrated that decreased lung disorder severity and incidence are connected with the consumption of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, suggesting that higher intake of dietary micronutrients and phytoactive compounds can be beneficial. However, d...

Strong ozone production at a rural site in theNorth China Plain: Mixed effects of urban plumesand biogenic emissions.

Regional ozone (O) pollution has drawn increasing attention in China over the recent decade, but the contributions from urban pollution and biogenic emissions have not been clearly elucidated. To better understand the formation of the regional O problem in the North China Plain (NCP), intensive field measurements of O and related parameters were conducted at a rural site downwind of Ji'nan, the capital city of Shandong province, in the summer of 2013. Markedly severe O pollution was recorded, with the O mix...

Pre- and postnatal exposure of mice to concentrated urban PM decreases the number of alveoli and leads to altered lung function at an early stage of life.

Gestational exposure to air pollution is associated with negative outcomes in newborns and children. In a previous study, we demonstrated a synergistic negative effect of pre- and postnatal exposure to PM on lung development in mice. However, the means by which air pollution affects development of the lung have not yet been identified. In this study, we exposed pregnant BALB/c mice and their offspring to concentrated urban PM (from São Paulo, Brazil; target dose 600 μg/m for 1 h daily). Exposure was s...

Cardiovascular function and ozone exposure: The Multicenter Ozone Study in oldEr Subjects (MOSES).

To date, there have been relatively few studies of acute cardiovascular responses to controlled ozone inhalation, although a number of observational studies have reported significant positive associations between both ambient ozone levels and acute cardiovascular events and long-term ozone exposure and cardiovascular mortality.

Functional and morphological differences of the lung upon acute and chronic ozone exposure in mice.

Environmental air pollutants including ozone cause severe lung injury and aggravate respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD. Here we compared the effect of ozone on respiratory epithelium injury, inflammation, hyperreactivity and airway remodeling in mice upon acute (1ppm, 1 h) and chronic exposure (1.5ppm, 2 h, twice weekly for 6 weeks). Acute ozone exposure caused respiratory epithelial disruption with protein leak and neutrophil recruitment in the broncho-alveolar space, leading to lung inflamma...

Observational Study of Air Pollution Complex in Nanjing in June 2014.

Studying the evolution of secondary inorganic aerosols, which are important components of PM, is crucial to improving our understanding about the air pollution in big cities. This study investigates the evolution and factors of secondary inorganic aerosols based on two pollution incidences in Nanjing in June 2014. A significant characteristic of air pollution complex with the coexistence of higher concentrations of both PM and ozone is observed. In the earlier stage of the pollution episode, ozone concentra...

Ozone protects the rat lung from ischemia-reperfusion injury by attenuating NLRP3-mediated inflammation, enhancing Nrf2 antioxidant activity and inhibiting apoptosis.

Ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) is a major cause of lung dysfunction during cardiovascular surgery, heart transplantation and cardiopulmonary bypass procedures, and the inflammatory response, oxidative stress, and apoptosis play key and allegedly maladaptive roles in its pathogenesis. The aim of this study was to initially elucidate whether ozone induces oxidative preconditioning by activating nuclear factor (erythroid-derived 2)-like 2 (Nrf2) and secondly to determine whether ozone oxidative precondition...

Residential air pollution does not modify the positive association between physical activity and lung function in current smokers in the ECRHS study.

Very few studies have examined whether a long-term beneficial effect of physical activity on lung function can be influenced by living in polluted urban areas.

Effects of ozone repeated short exposures on the airway/lung inflammation, airway hyperresponsiveness and mucus production in a mouse model of ovalbumin-induced asthma.

The purpose of this study is to explore the influence of ozone repeated short exposures on airway/lung inflammation, airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) and airway hypersecretion in ovalbumin (OVA) sensitized/challenged asthmatic mouse model.

Ethylenediurea (EDU) mitigates the negative effects of ozone in rice: insights into its mode of action.

Monitoring of ozone damage to crops plays an increasingly important role for the food security of many developing countries. Ethylenediurea (EDU) could be a tool to assess ozone damage to vegetation on field scale, but its physiological mode of action remains unclear. This study investigated mechanisms underlying the ozone-protection effect of EDU in controlled chamber experiments. Ozone sensitive and tolerant rice genotypes were exposed to ozone (108 ppb, 7 h day ) and control conditions. EDU alleviated oz...

Future ozone-related acute excess mortality under climate and population change scenarios in China: A modeling study.

Climate change is likely to further worsen ozone pollution in already heavily polluted areas, leading to increased ozone-related health burdens. However, little evidence exists in China, the world's largest greenhouse gas emitter and most populated country. As China is embracing an aging population with changing population size and falling age-standardized mortality rates, the potential impact of population change on ozone-related health burdens is unclear. Moreover, little is known about the seasonal varia...

Estimation of personal ozone exposure using ambient concentrations and influencing factors.

Evidence is limited regarding whether ambient monitoring can properly represent personal ozone exposure. We conducted a longitudinal panel study to measure personal exposure to ozone using real-time personal ozone monitors. Corresponding ambient ozone concentrations and possible influencing factors (meteorological conditions and activity patterns) were also collected. We used linear mixed-effect models to analyze personal-ambient ozone concentration associations and possible influencing factors. Ambient ozo...

Uptake of ozone and modification of lipids in Betula Pendula pollen.

Pollen allergy risk is modified by air pollutants, including ozone, but the chemical modifications induced on pollen grains are poorly understood. Pollen lipidic extract has been shown to act as an adjuvant to the allergenic reaction and therefore, the modification of lipids by air pollutants could have health implications. Birch pollen was exposed in vitro to ozone to explore the reactivity of O on its surface and on its lipidic fraction. Uptake coefficients of ozone were determined for ozone concentratio...

Inhalation of House Dust and Ozone Alters Systemic Levels of Endothelial Progenitor Cells, Oxidative Stress, and Inflammation in Elderly Subjects.

Ambient air pollution including ozone and especially particulate matter represents important causes of cardiovascular disease. However, there is limited knowledge on indoor air dust with respect to this risk and the potential interactions between dust and ozone. Here, we exposed 23 healthy elderly subjects for 5.5 h, to either clean air, house dust at 275 µg/m3 (diameter < 2.5 µm), ozone at 100 ppb or combined house dust and ozone in a double-blinded randomized cross-over study. The combined house dust an...

Sources of household air pollution: The association with lung function and respiratory symptoms in middle-aged adult.

The objective of the present study was to investigate the relationship between sources of household air pollution, respiratory symptoms and lung function.

Effect of VOCs on O and SOA Formation Potential During the Combined Pollution Process in Guangzhou Panyu Atmospheric Composition Station.

An analysis was made by using historical observational data of Guangzhou Panyu Atmospheric Composition Station(GPACS). The results showed that typical haze processes accompanied with high ozone episodes happened during the period from September 2rd, 2011 to September 5th, 2011(P) and the period from June 12th, 2012 to June 15th, 2012(P) respectively. During the two combined pollution processes (P and P), daily visibility ranged from 5.78 km to 6.91 km and from 5.60 km to 9.25 km, and the maximum 8 h Oreache...

Causes of ozone pollution in summer in Wuhan, Central China.

In August 2016, continuous measurements of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and trace gases were conducted at an urban site in Wuhan. Four high-ozone (O) days and twenty-seven non-high-O days were identified according to the China's National Standard Level II (∼100 ppbv). The occurrence of high-O days was accompanied by tropical cyclones. Much higher concentrations of VOCs and carbon monoxide (CO) were observed on the high-O days (p 

Quantification of the impact of the offshore petrochemical industrial park on ambient ozone using photochemical grid modeling and assessment monitoring.

This study integrated the results of photochemical grid modeling and assessment monitoring to quantify the impact of the offshore petrochemical industrial park (OPIP), with area of 26.03 km, on ambient ozone in a coastal region of Taiwan. A highly repetitive ozone-spreading phenomenon in the adjacent OPIP area was observed, which shows that ozone spreading follows a clear cycle between offshore and inland areas during the prevailing periods of ozone events (≥ 120 ppb). The incremental ratio of ambient o...

Prenatal nitrate air pollution exposure and reduced child lung function: Timing and fetal sex effects.

Prenatal particulate air pollution exposure may alter lung growth and development in utero in a time-sensitive and sex-specific manner, resulting in reduced lung function in childhood. Such relationships have not been examined for nitrate (NO).

Effects of Traffic-related Air Pollution Exposure on DNA Methylation.

The goal of the present study was to explore the effects of traffic-related air pollution exposure on DNA methylation. Into five groups of 6, 30 healthy Wistar rats were randomly divided. Three groups of rats were then exposed to traffic-related air pollution at high (tunnel), moderate (crossroad), and low (control) pollution levels for 7 d, whereas the two other groups were exposed in the tunnel for 14 d/28 d. The levels of PM and NO were measured during the exposure. The study was performed in spring and ...

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