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Effects of Invisalign treatment on speech articulation.

To determine the effects of Invisalign aligners on patients' abilities to articulate consonants.

Modeling household energy consumption and adoption of energy efficient technology.

This study develops a model to study household energy use behavior that can impose common preferences for feasible demand estimation with multiple discrete technology choices and multiple continuous energy consumption uses. The model imposes fixed proportions production and additivity of uses for plausible estimation feasibility while adopting a second-order translog flexible functional form to focus on flexibility in identification of consumer preferences that determine interactions among energy uses and b...

Align Technology showcases two new iTero scanners at ADI Congress.

Comparison of achieved and predicted tooth movement of maxillary first molars and central incisors: First premolar extraction treatment with Invisalign.

To compare achieved and predicted tooth movements of maxillary first molars and central incisors in first premolar extraction cases treated with Invisalign.

Technology-mediated macrocognition: Investigating how physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists make critical decisions.

Although intensive care clinicians are expected to make data-driven critical decisions using the technologies available to them, the effect of those technologies on decision-making are not well understood. Using the macrocognitive framework, we studied critical decision-making and technology use to understand how different specialists within teams make decisions and guide the development of decision-making support technologies.

Severe injuries and household catastrophic health expenditure in Vietnam: findings from the Household Living Standard Survey 2014.

To assess the extent that the presence of severe injuries among rural and urban household members is associated with household catastrophic expenditure.

Dosimetric comparison of fractionated radiosurgery plans using frameless Gamma Knife ICON and CyberKnife systems with linear accelerator-based radiosurgery plans for multiple large brain metastases.

For patients with multiple large brain metastases with at least 1 target volume larger than 10 cm3, multifractionated stereotactic radiosurgery (MF-SRS) has commonly been delivered with a linear accelerator (LINAC). Recent advances of Gamma Knife (GK) units with kilovolt cone-beam CT and CyberKnife (CK) units with multileaf collimators also make them attractive choices. The purpose of this study was to compare the dosimetry of MF-SRS plans deliverable on GK, CK, and LINAC and to discuss related clinical iss...

Networks of face-to-face social contacts in Niakhar, Senegal.

We present the first analysis of face-to-face contact network data from Niakhar, Senegal. Participants in a cluster-randomized influenza vaccine trial were interviewed about their contact patterns when they reported symptoms during their weekly household surveillance visit. We employ a negative binomial model to estimate effects of covariates on contact degree. We estimate the mean contact degree for asymptomatic Niakhar residents to be 16.5 (95% C.I. 14.3, 18.7) in the morning and 14.8 in the afternoon (95...

Phase I orthodontic treatment using Invisalign First.

Heart-sparing radiotherapy with three-dimensional printing technology after mastectomy for patients with left breast cancer.

The purpose of this study was to analyze the effectiveness of electron beam therapy (EBT) with patient-tailored bolus (PTB) using three-dimensional printing technology to reduce heart and lung doses during post-mastectomy radiotherapy (PMRT). For 28 patients with left breast cancer, we designed customized virtual bolus for PMRT to compensate for surface irregularities on computed tomography images and developed optimized plans for EBT. As comparison between the PTB and tangential plans, the PTB plan reduced...

Comparison of volumetric-modulated arc therapy and intensity-modulated radiation therapy prostate cancer plans accounting for cold spots.

This study compared dosimetric indices of volumetric-modulated arc therapy (VMAT) with intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) accounting for cold spots in prostate cancer plans. IMRT plans were retrospectively generated from 30 prostate cancer patients with ten cases for each risk group, who received VMAT plans. The mean, maximum, and minimum doses, and conformity and homogeneity indexes were evaluated for planning target volume (PTV) and the mean dose and V20-V70 for organs at risk (OAR) including th...

A hands-on introduction to medical physics and radiation therapy for middle school students.

Lesson plans were developed to present concepts of medical physics and radiation therapy to a middle school audience. These workshop learning units relied on hands-on participation and collaboration within student groups to acquaint students with computed tomography simulation and treatment planning processes. These lesson plans were delivered at two different educational outreach programs targeted at student groups that have traditionally been underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathe...

Developing country-specific wheelchair service provision strategic plans for Romania and the Philippines.

Achieving appropriate wheelchair provision at a national level is complex, requiring regulations, funding and policies established through governments. Understanding wheelchair provision within different countries is key. This paper describes the process used to support the development of wheelchair service strategic plans in Romania and the Philippines. It considers the influences, meaning, challenges and developments when producing strategic priorities within two different contexts.

Estimation and decomposition analysis of carbon emissions from the entire production cycle for Chinese household consumption.

To guide households on implementing low-carbon consumption patterns, it is necessary to comprehensively measure carbon emissions of household consumption. This study expands the input-output relationship into the production-consumption relationship. It uses optimized data of the relationship between household consumption and production industry to calculate the entire production-side carbon emissions, including from capital formation, of Chinese household consumption, and uses LMDI model to analyze the fact...

Private health plans and the health of workers in Brazil.

The scope of this paper was to compare the changes in coverage patterns by health insurance plans among public servants, the military and other employees in Brazil and verify if the purchase of such health plans is reflected in the respective self-reported prevalence of Systemic Arterial Hypertension (SAH) and Diabetes Mellitus (DM) in the country. For this purpose, workers in the public sector (federal, state, municipal or military) and other workers aged ≥18 who were included in the 1998, 2003 and 2008 ...

Excessive drinking and drug use during college: Prospective associations with graduate school plans and attendance.

This study examines the prospective relationship between substance use during college and two outcomes: having definite plans to attend graduate school; and, among individuals with plans, enrolling in graduate school upon college graduation.

Homologous Component Analysis for Domain Adaptation.

Covariate shift assumption based domain adaptation approaches usually utilize only one common transformation to align marginal distributions and make conditional distributions preserved. However, one common transformation may cause loss of useful information, such as variances and neighborhood relationship in both source and target domain. To address this problem, we propose a novel method called homologous component analysis (HCA) where we try to find two totally different but homologous transformations to...

Paediatric tuberculosis transmission outside the household: challenging historical paradigms to inform future public health strategies.

Tuberculosis is a major cause of death and disability among children globally, yet children have been neglected in global tuberculosis control efforts. Historically, tuberculosis in children has been thought of as a family disease, and because of this, household contact tracing of children after identification of an adult tuberculosis case has been emphasised as the principal public health intervention. However, the population-level effect of household contact tracing is predicated on the assumption that mo...

Physician satisfaction with health plans: results from a national survey.

Physician satisfaction is associated with patient satisfaction, adherence to treatment recommendations, and quality. However, burnout is prevalent, and physician experience with health plans is likely a key contributor. We explored physician satisfaction with health plans and assessed physician and plan characteristics associated with greater satisfaction.

Household water insecurity may influence common mental disorders directly and indirectly through multiple pathways: Evidence from Haiti.

Living in poverty significantly elevates risk of common mental disorders, but the underlying mechanisms are poorly specified. The stress of coping with household food insecurity is posed as one fundamental driver. While much less tested, the stress of failing to meet household water needs may also matter. We test (a) a hypothesized direct influence of household water insecurity (as household access to water sources and quality/quantity of water available in the household) on anxiety and depression symptoms....

Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of the Make Safe Happen App: Mobile Technology-Based Safety Behavior Change Intervention for Parents.

Nearly half of the unintentional injuries in children happen in and around the home; many of these injuries are preventable. Providing parents and caregivers with proper injury prevention information that is easily accessible may help them make their homes safer for children.

Household energy efficiency and health: Area-level analysis of hospital admissions in England.

Fuel poverty affects up to 35% of European homes, which represents a significant burden on society and healthcare systems. Draught proofing homes to prevent heat loss, improved glazing, insulation and heating (energy efficiency measures) can make more homes more affordable to heat. This has prompted significant investment in energy efficiency upgrades for around 40% of UK households to reduce the impact of fuel poverty. Despite some inconsistent evidence, household energy efficiency interventions can improv...

A GPU-based multi-criteria optimization algorithm for HDR brachytherapy.

Currently in HDR brachytherapy planning, a manual fine-tuning of an objective function is necessary to obtain case-specific valid plans. This study intends to facilitate this process by proposing two patient-specific inverse planning algorithms for HDR prostate brachytherapy: knowledge-based multi-criteria optimization (kMCO) and brute-force multi-criteria optimization (bMCO). Two GPU-based optimization engines including simulated annealing (gSA) and a quasi-Newton optimizer (gL-BFGS) were implem...

The "All of Us" Research Program.

Knowledge gained from observational cohort studies has dramatically advanced the prevention and treatment of diseases. Many of these cohorts, however, are small, lack diversity, or do not provide comprehensive phenotype data. The All of Us Research Program plans to enroll a diverse group of at least 1 million persons in the United States in order to accelerate biomedical research and improve health. The program aims to make the research results accessible to participants, and it is developing new approaches...


Health care policy positions breastfeeding as an important part of the solution to household food insecurity. The relationship between breastfeeding duration (exposure variable) and household food insecurity (outcome variable) has critical gaps in knowledge to support this hypothesis. Our objective was to examine this relationship.

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