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Effects of unstable shoes on trunk muscle activity in patients with chronic low back pain.

Unstable shoes were developed as a walking device to strengthen the lower extremity muscles and reduce joint loading. Many studies have reported increased muscle activity throughout the gait cycle in most of the lower limb muscles in healthy adults using these shoes. However, no previous studies have explored the effects of wearing unstable shoes on trunk muscle activity in patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP). Therefore, the aim of the present study was to compare the activity of selected trunk muscl...

Allergic contact dermatitis to shoes: contribution of a specific series to the diagnosis.

In our country, the Brazilian Standard Series is the most used for the etiological diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis to shoes. However, there is no assessment of the usefulness of specific allergens for shoes.

Should I sign this form my patient asked me to sign?

Registered nurses and nurse practitioners may be asked by patients to sign many different types of forms. These forms may be government-issued, employer-related or exist due to certain legislation. You may be asked to sign forms related to disability, injury or the provision of reimbursement from an insurance carrier or board, including worker's compensation. When you are asked to sign a form, should you sign it?

Combined effects of whole body vibration and unstable shoes on balance measures in older adults: A randomized clinical trial.

The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy of 4 weeks of whole body vibration training on balance in older adults who word two different types of shoes: unstable (unstable group) versus standard shoes (stable group).

Does the Shoe Fit? Considerations for Proper Shoe Fitting.

It is important to be properly evaluated for shoes to avoid complications. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to pathologies in different populations. The focus of this article is to review the components and function of a basic athletic-type shoe, general shoe-fitting techniques, and selecting appropriate footwear for various populations including those with diabetes, elderly, and females. Poorly fitting shoes can exacerbate structural foot deformities. Unevenly distributed plantar pressures and wear can lead to u...

Longer-term effects of minimalist shoes on running performance, strength and bone density: A 20-week follow-up study.

This study investigated whether male runners improve running performance, running economy, ankle plantar flexor strength, and alter running biomechanics and lower limb bone mineral density when gradually transitioning to using minimalist shoes for 100% of weekly running. The study was a planned follow-up of runners (n = 50) who transitioned to minimalist or conventional shoes for 35% of weekly structured training in a previous 6-week randomised controlled trial. In that trial, running performance and ec...

Electromyography activity of triceps surae and tibialis anterior muscles related to various sports shoes.

Triceps surae (TS) and tibialis anterior (TA) activation patterns have not yet been studied under different types of sport shoes. We hypothesized that sports shoes may reduce the activity patterns of these muscles in relation to barefoot condition. Thus, our main aim was to evaluate the activity patterns of TS and TA muscles in healthy people during all gait phases using five types of sport shoes with respect to barefoot condition. A total sample of thirty healthy participants, mean age 36.20 ± 8.50, w...

Effect of the cushioning running shoes in ground contact time of phases of gait.

The main objective of this research was to know how five different cushioning shoes may interfere in ground contact times of each gait phase of walking and running in contrast with barefoot condition. Thirty healthy sport recreational male runners participated in this study. They played over a treadmill wearing minimalist, Boost®, Ethyl-vinyl-acetate (EVA), Air® chamber and pronation-control cushioning shoes technologies and under barefoot condition, recording the last 30 s of walking and running at 5.1...

Lazarević-Lasègue sign.

Charles Lasègue is reputed to have described the test/sign bearing his name, but he never wrote about it and misinterpreted its mechanism. The purpose of this note is to highlight the work of the Serbian, Laza Lazarević, who was first to present the original report of this seminal sign in sciatica and provide its appropriate pathophysiological interpretation.

Enhancing motor learning of young soccer players through preventing an internal focus of attention: The effect of shoes colour.

The purpose of this research was to assess how the motor learning skills in 7-years old soccer players can be improved by preventing an internal focus of attention via the use coloured shoes. We painted the classic black soccer shoes in six areas corresponding to six regions of the foot with which it is possible to interact with the ball. Thirty-four 7-years-old soccer players were randomized to two groups (Coloured n = 17 and Black, n = 17) to perform four basic football manoeuvres/tasks: reception (RECP),...

Pharmacokinetics of fentanyl after intravenous administration in isoflurane-anesthetized red-tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) and Hispaniolan Amazon parrots (Amazona ventralis).

OBJECTIVE To compare the disposition of fentanyl citrate after a single IV injection in isoflurane-anesthetized red-tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) and Hispaniolan Amazon parrots (Amazona ventralis). ANIMALS 6 adult red-tailed hawks and 6 adult Hispaniolan Amazon parrots. PROCEDURES Anesthesia was induced and maintained with isoflurane; intermittent positive-pressure ventilation was provided. The minimum alveolar concentration of isoflurane was determined for each bird by use of the bracketing method and a...

Alcohol Outlets, Neighborhood Retail Environments, and Pedestrian Injury Risk.

Alcohol outlet density has been associated with increased pedestrian injury risk. It is unclear whether this is because alcohol outlets are located in dense retail areas with heavy pedestrian traffic or whether alcohol outlets contribute a unique neighborhood risk. We aimed to compare the pedestrian injury rate around alcohol outlets to the rate around other, similar retail outlets that do not sell alcohol.

Naclerio's V sign and continuous diaphragm sign after endoscopy.

Evaluating the predictive value of island sign and spot sign for hematoma expansion in spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage.

Hematoma expansion (HE) is closely related to poor outcome in spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage (sICH). Island sign (IS) is a novel HE predictor based on non-contrast computed tomography (NCCT). This study is aimed to confirm the accuracy of IS for predicting HE and compare it to the spot sign (SS) on computed tomography angiography (CTA).

Keys to the Gate? Equal Sign Knowledge at Second Grade Predicts Fourth-Grade Algebra Competence.

Algebraic competence is a major determinant of college access and career prospects, and equal sign knowledge is taken to be foundational to algebra knowledge. However, few studies have documented a causal effect of early equal sign knowledge on later algebra skill. This study assessed whether second-grade students' equal sign knowledge prospectively predicts their fourth-grade algebra knowledge, when controlling for demographic and individual difference factors. Children (N = 177; M = 7.61) were assesse...

Three-curve rocker-soled shoes and gait adaptations to intermittent claudication pain: A randomised crossover trial.

Intermittent claudication (IC) is a symptom of peripheral arterial disease where a cramp-like leg pain is exhibited during walking, which affects gait and limits walking distance. Specifically-designed rocker-soled shoes were purported to mechanically unload the calf musculature and increase walking distances until IC pain.

Variability of Retail Pricing of Generic Urologic Medications in a Major US Metropolitan Area.

To investigate retail pricing for generic urologic medications in the St. Louis area as a function of pharmacy type, zip-code, and median income.

Using CDOM optical properties for estimating DOC concentrations and pCO in the Lower Amazon River.

Coloured dissolved organic matter (CDOM) is one of the major contributors to the absorption budget of most freshwaters and can be used as a proxy to assess non-optical carbon fractions such as dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and the partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO). Nevertheless, riverine studies that explore the former relationships are still relatively scarce, especially within tropical regions. Here we document the spatial-seasonal variability of CDOM, DOC and pCO, and assess the potential of CDOM...

A Baseline Quantitative Survey of Campylobacter spp. on Retail Chicken Portions and Carcasses in Metropolitan Perth, Western Australia.

Limited baseline retail surveys have been published over the past 10 years on Campylobacter in Australian chicken meat. This study generates quantitative baseline data to assist in risk assessment and management strategies.

Running Economy While Running in Shoes Categorized as Maximal Cushioning.

The purpose of the study was to determine if running economy was influenced by wearing maximal cushioning shoes vs. control (neutral cushioning) shoes. Participants (n=10, age=28.2±6.1yrs; mass=68.1±10.2 kg; height=170±6.1 cm) completed two experiments. Each experiment included running conditions wearing control and maximal cushioning shoes. In Experiment 1, participants ran on a treadmill at three speeds in each shoe condition (6 total conditions). The speeds were: 1) preferred speed, 2) preferred speed...

Developing a bilingual mobile dictionary for Indian Sign Language and gathering users experience with SignDict.

Availability of a sign language dictionary is very important for the literacy of deaf people. But the intricacies involved in the representation of the sign language impede attempts at representing it in a printed format. A video based solution helps to solve this problem. This article discusses the development of a bilingual mobile sign language dictionary which has features for converting camera captured text into sign language and translating simple sentences from a spoken language into their correspondi...

Comparative Evaluation of Radiographic Parameters of Foot Pronation in Two Different Conditions versus Barefoot.

To date, there is conflicting evidence that high-end "motion control" running shoes can correct and control rearfoot pronation. Many methods have been used to evaluate the efficacy of motion control footwear in reducing hindfoot pronation during gait, including stop-motion photography, three-dimensional camera kinematic analysis, and three-dimensional bone modeling using computed tomography. Until now, there have been no radiographic studies that examined the effect of motion control running shoes on the st...

Visual field plasticity in hearing users of Sign Language.

Studies have observed that deaf signers have a larger Visual Field (VF) than hearing non-signers with a particular large extension in the lower part of the VF. This increment could stem from early deafness or from the extensive use of sign language, since the lower VF is critical to perceive and understand linguistics gestures in sign language communication. The aim of the present study was to explore the potential impact of sign language experience without deafness on the VF sensitivity within its lower pa...

Impact of elevated aging temperatures on retail display, tenderness, and consumer acceptability of beef.

Palatability, color, and aroma of steaks derived from subprimals aged for 14 d at conventional temperatures (0.0 to 1.1 °C) versus those aged for 7 d at conventional temperatures followed by 7 d at elevated temperatures (3.3 to 4.4 °C) were evaluated before and after 5-d retail display. Subprimals from the elevated temperature aging treatment had stronger (P < 0.05) sweet and sour aromas, and the top sirloin had stronger (P < 0.05) bloody/serumy scores. After the 5-day retail display, aroma (sour, bloody/...

Alcohol retail sales licenses and sexually transmitted infections in Texas counties, 2008-2015.

Research suggests that reduced retail alcohol outlet density may be associated with lower prevalence of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). On-premise sale of alcohol for immediate consumption is theorized as increasing social interactions that can lead to sexual encounters.

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