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The Mission of Safety Net Hospitals: Charity or Equity?

The traditional mission of safety net hospitals has been charity, providing the best healthcare for all individuals no matter their ability to pay. The focus has been on vulnerable populations that are low-income, uninsured, and other upstream circumstances that manifest downstream as poor health, poor health outcomes, and repeated high-cost interventions that fail to break cycles of perpetual health instability. Safety net hospitals are committed to serving their populations, even if only temporarily, thro...

PRACTITIONER APPLICATION: Impact of ACA Medicaid Expansion on Hospitals' Financial Status.

Implementation and Benefits of a Vendor-Neutral Archive and Enterprise-Imaging Management System in an Integrated Delivery Network.

The use of digital imaging has substantially grown in recent decades, in traditional services, new specialties, and departments. The need to share these data among departments and caregivers necessitated central archiving systems that are able to communicate with various viewing applications and electronic medical records. This promoted the development of modern vendor neutral archive (VNA) systems. The need to aggregate and share imaging data from various departments promoted the development of enterprise-...

CEO Turnover Among U.S. Acute Care Hospitals, 2006-2015: Variations by Type of Geographic Area.

Recent reports have documented rising rates of CEO turnover. This phenomenon can have negative implications for hospitals and their surrounding communities, particularly in under-resourced rural communities. Ostensibly, components of the Affordable Care Act have addressed some of these resource challenges and may have helped to slow the CEO turnover trend in rural areas. We examined this possibility with a longitudinal analysis of U.S. acute care hospitals over an extended period (2006-2015) to examine whet...

A Review of Risk Matrices Used in Acute Hospitals in England.

In healthcare, patient safety has received substantial attention and, in turn, a number of approaches to managing safety have been adopted from other high-risk industries. One of these has been risk assessment, predominantly through the use of risk matrices. However, while other industries have criticized the design and use of these risk matrices, the applicability of such criticism has not been investigated formally in healthcare. This study examines risk matrices as used in acute hospitals in England and ...

CEO Turnover Among U.S. Acute Care Hospitals, 2006-2015: Variations by Type of Geographic Area.

Astronaut Michael Collins, Apollo 8, and the anterior cervical fusion that changed the history of human spaceflight.

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy declared that the United States would send a man to the moon and safely bring him home before the end of the decade. Astronaut Michael Collins was one of those men. He flew to the moon on the historic flight of Apollo 11 while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on its surface. However, this was not supposed to be the case.Astronaut Collins was scheduled to fly on Apollo 8. While training, in 1968, he started developing symptoms of cervical myelopathy. He underwent evalu...

The Relationship Between Work Environment Satisfaction and Retention Intention Among Nursing Administrators in Taiwan.

Nursing administrators are essential to ensuring the quality of healthcare provided in hospitals. The nursing manpower shortage that has affected hospitals in Taiwan over the past decade has weighed particularly heavily on nursing administrators, who are expected to maintain high levels of nursing care quality in frequently understaffed healthcare settings.

Do healthcare financing systems influence hospital efficiency? A metafrontier approach for the case of Mexico.

The objective of this article is to discuss the impact of healthcare financing systems on the efficiency of Mexican hospitals. The Mexican healthcare system is undergoing a process of transformation to establish conditions for allocating limited health resources in order to achieve efficiency and transparency; in this line, there is a concern about the implications of different funding options. In terms of financing arrangements, the Mexican health system is divided into three categories (one private and tw...

Impact of ACA Medicaid Expansion on Hospitals' Financial Status.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's insurance reforms were expected to have significant and positive implications for hospital finances. In particular, state expansion of Medicaid programs held the promise of reducing hospitals' uncompensated care costs as a result of expanding health insurance to many previously uninsured individuals. Recent research indicates that in the early phases of Medicaid expansion, many hospitals did experience a substantial decline in uncompensated care costs. Howeve...

Structural features and regional characteristics of psychiatric hospitals in Germany.

The German Law for the Development of Care and Funding for Psychiatric and Psychosomatic Services (PsychVVG) has established a new regulation for the mental healthcare system. In the future, characteristics of hospitals and catchment areas will be an elementary part of negotiations on remuneration.

Trust, Money, and Power: Life Cycle Dynamics in Alliances Between Management Partners and Accountable Care Organizations.

Policy Points Accountable care organizations (ACOs) form alliances with management partners to access financial, technical, and managerial support. Alliances between ACOs and management partners are subject to destabilizing tension around decision-making authority, distribution of shared savings, and conflicting goals and values. Management partners may serve either as trainers, ultimately breaking off from the ACO, or as central drivers of the ACO. Management partner participation in ACOs is currently unre...

Prevalence and molecular characteristics of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus among nasal carriage strains isolated from emergency department patients and healthcare workers in central Taiwan.

Screening and identification of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) carriage are helpful for controlling MRSA dissemination in hospitals. The aim of our study was to determine the prevalence of nasal carriages and diversity of MRSA among patients and healthcare workers (HCWs) at two regional hospitals in Taiwan.

Developing medical record-based, healthcare quality indicators for psychiatric hospitals in China: a modified Delphi-Analytic Hierarchy Process study.

To develop a medical record-based, comprehensive system of healthcare quality indicators for psychiatric hospitals in China.

Can differences in length of stay between Dutch university hospitals and other hospitals be explained by patient characteristics? A cross-sectional study.

The indicator unexpectedly long length of stay (UL-LOS) is used to gain insight into quality and safety of care in hospitals. The calculation of UL-LOS takes patients' age, main diagnosis and main procedure into account. University hospitals have relatively more patients with a UL-LOS than other hospitals. Our main research question is whether the high number of patients with a UL-LOS in university hospitals is caused by differences in additional patient characteristics between university hospitals and othe...

Differences in healthcare outcomes between teaching and non teaching hospitals for patients with delirium: a retrospective cohort study.

The physician workforce at teaching hospitals differs compared to non-teaching hospitals, and data suggest that patient outcomes may also be dissimilar. Delirium is a common, costly disorder among hospitalized patients and approaches to care are not standardized.

Sustaining participation in multisector health care alliances: The role of personal and stakeholder group influence.

Cross-sectoral collaborative organizations (e.g., alliances, coalitions) bring together members from different industry sectors to ameliorate multifaceted problems in local communities. The ability to leverage the diverse knowledge and skills of these members is predicated on their sustained participation, which research has shown to be a significant challenge.

Status of antimicrobial stewardship programs in Nigerian tertiary healthcare facilities; findings and implications.

The problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is increasing worldwide with health-related and economic consequences. This is a concern in Africa, including Nigeria the most populous country in Africa, with its high rates of infectious diseases. Approaches to reducing AMR include instigating antimicrobial stewardship programs (ASPs) in hospitals. Currently, no information is available regarding the extent of ASPs in Nigerian hospitals. Consequently, the objective was to address this starting in tertiary hosp...

The development of indicator measure for monitoring the quality of patient-centered care in China's tertiary hospitals.

To develop a set of structure and process indicators to evaluate tertiary hospitals' performance in the Healthcare Improvement Initiative, a national program with a goal to improve quality of patient-centered care.

Inpatient Beds? We Don't Need No Stinking Inpatient Beds.

At the Mercy Virtual Care Center more than 850 employees deliver care by way of telehealth services to hospitals that are both inside and outside the Mercy system. Intermountain Healthcare has taken a similar approach, with its telehealth operation providing care to patients in more than 20 hospitals.

Efficacy analysis of LVIS and Enterprise stent assisted coil in the treatment of vertebral artery dissection aneurysm.

To observe and evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of LVIS stent and Enterprise stent assisted coil in embolization of vertebral artery dissection aneurysm (VDA). Clinical data of 96 patients with VDAs treated by LVIS stent and Enterprise stent assisted coil were analyzed retrospectively between January, 2013 and June, 2017.Of all, the LVIS stent assisted coil was performed in 28 patients (LVIS-stent group) and Enterprise in 68 patients (Enterprise-stent group). The clinical and imaging follow-up were perfor...

Swimming activity in zebrafish larvae exposed to veterinary antiparasitic pharmaceuticals.

Veterinary antiparasitic pharmaceuticals have been detected in surface waters and several of these pharmaceuticals act on the nervous system on the target organisms implying that neurological effects also might be of concern in non-target animals such as fish. We tested if exposure to antiparasitic pharmaceuticals affect swimming activity in 6 days old zebrafish larvae. The results revealed that most pharmaceuticals did not cause any effects in swimming activity. However, larvae exposed to 0.58 mg/L doram...

Musculoskeletal injuries and absenteeism among healthcare professionals-ICD-10 characterization.

Healthcare workers account for 10% of the EU's total workforce, with a significant proportion of those employed in hospitals. Musculoskeletal injuries are the predominant group of injuries in healthcare professionals due to the physical demands of their work, such as the mobilization and positioning of the dependent patients. The management of this type of problem should take into account direct and indirect costs, such as periods of incapacity for work due to illness, hiring and training of new employees d...

Effectiveness of National Pricing Policies for Patent-Protected Pharmaceuticals in the OECD: A Systematic Literature Review.

The aim of this review is to assess the current state of empirical research regarding the effectiveness of national pricing regulations of the patent-protected market for prescription pharmaceuticals. Effectiveness is understood to be the capacity of policies to have a desired impact on outcomes, such as health status, patient access, healthcare expenditure, and research investments, among others.


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