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The frequency and magnitude of price-promoted beverages available for sale in Australian supermarkets.

Price promotions are used to influence purchases and represent an important target for obesity prevention policy. However, no long-term contemporary data on the extent and frequency of supermarket price promotions exists. We aimed to evaluate the frequency, magnitude and weekly variation of beverage price promotions available online at two major Australian supermarket chains over 50 weeks.

A dynamic discount pricing strategy for viral marketing.

Viral marketing has been one of the main marketing modes. However, theoretical study of viral marketing is still lacking. This paper focuses on the problem of developing a cost-effective dynamic discount pricing strategy for a viral marketing campaign. First, based on a novel word-of-mouth propagation model, we model the original problem as an optimal control problem. Second, we show that the optimal control problem admits an optimal control and present the optimality system for solving the optimal control ...

Cartoon-based e-cigarette marketing: Associations with susceptibility to use and perceived expectations of use.

Manufacturers of e-cigarette-related products are using cartoons as a marketing strategy, despite restrictions on cartoon marketing for combustible cigarettes. Here, we examined associations between exposure to e-liquid packaging with cartoons (operationally defined as recognition of actual marketing images) and e-cigarette use, susceptibility to use, and expectations of benefits and risks of use.

Effects of ozone processing on patulin, phenolic compounds and organic acids in apple juice.

In this study, ozone processing was used to degrade patulin in apple juice, and the ozonolysis efficiency of patulin and its effects on phenolic compounds and organic acids in apple juice were investigated. Ozone processing was performed using a self-developed ozonolysis reactor at the ozone concentration of 12 mg/L and flow rate of 3 L/min for increasing ozonation times ranged from 0 to 30 min. Ozone processing significantly degraded patulin in apple juice, and decreased it from 201.06 to below 50 μg/...

Legal limits of (online) marketing for doctors.

The online marketing of physicians must be measured against the same advertising regulations as conventional marketing. In this context, the Medical Professional Code of Conduct, the Medical Products Advertising Act ("Heilmittelwerbegesetz") and the Law against Unfair Competition are particularly relevant. In addition, data and personal rights aspects have to be considered in the area of online marketing. Despite increasing liberalisation tendencies, there continue to be considerable legal advertising limit...

Discovery of Negative-Sense RNA Viruses in Trees Infected with Apple Rubbery Wood Disease by Next-Generation Sequencing.

Apple rubbery wood is a disease of apple found around the world, often associated with Apple flat limb disease, and regulated in many countries. Despite its long history in apple cultivation, the disease's causal agent has remained elusive. In this study, next-generation sequencing (NGS) was used to identify and characterize several related novel viral agents from apple rubbery wood-infected plants, which have been named Apple rubbery wood virus (ARWV) 1 and 2. Additional specimens with apple rubbery wood d...

Validity of the Apple Watch for monitoring push counts in people using manual wheelchairs.

A recent Apple Watch activity-monitoring innovation permits manual wheelchair users to monitor daily push counts. This study evaluated the validity of the Apple Watch push count estimate.

Safety of Repeated Imported Fire Ant Ultra-Rush Protocols.

Treatment of imported fire ant (IFA) hypersensitivity includes avoidance and venom immunotherapy (VIT) that reduces the risk of reactions to less than 5%. Previous studies have shown that rush immunotherapy (RIT) is safe and efficacious. It is unknown if multiple RIT procedures on individuals with breaks in VIT are safe and effective. This is a retrospective chart review of three patients who have undergone six IFA VIT rush protocols at our institution. Patients were all female with a median age of 27 years...

Online tobacco marketing among US adolescent sexual, gender, racial, and ethnic minorities.

The tobacco industry has previously targeted sexual/gender and racial/ethnic minorities with focused campaigns in traditional, offline marketing. We assess whether these populations report more engagement with online tobacco marketing compared with heterosexual and non-Hispanic white youth.

UV-C treatment promotes quality of early ripening apple fruit by regulating malate metabolizing genes during postharvest storage.

Early ripening apples are usually used for fresh marketing because of short storage life, although they are with high acid and low sugar contents. Understanding the malate metabolism in fleshy fruit and underpinning process during ripening is crucial for particular crop improvement where acidity is a concern for direct consumption or further processing. In this research, a traditional Chinese apple cultivar 'Hongyu', which belongs to early ripening apple cultivar, were freshly harvested at commercial maturi...

Paecilomyces Rot: A New Apple Disease.

Paecilomyces niveus is an important food spoilage fungus that survives thermal processing in fruit products, where it produces the mycotoxin patulin. Spoilage of products has been attributed to soil contamination; however, little is known about the ecology of this organism. In this study, orchard soils and culled apple fruit were surveyed and the ability of P. niveus to infect apple was tested on two popular apple varieties. P. niveus was found in 34% of sampled orchard soils from across New York. Completin...

Incorporating Adjuvants with Captan to Manage Common Apple Diseases.

Captan has become an increasingly important fungicide in the management of common apple diseases such as apple scab (Venturia inaequalis) and bitter rot (Colletotrichum spp.) due to the low risk of fungicide resistance evolving in either pathogen population to this product. Restrictions on the amount of captan that can be applied per season limits the amount and the number of applications a grower may use, resulting in control failures during high disease pressure years. This 3-year field study evaluated ho...

Distribution and Characterization of Monilinia spp. Causing Apple Fruit Decay in Serbia.

Brown rot, caused by Monilinia spp., is an economically important pre- and postharvest disease of pome and stone fruits worldwide. In Serbia, apple is the most widely grown pome fruit, and the distribution of economically important Monilinia spp. responsible for apple brown rot is unknown. Hence, we conducted a three year survey, from 2010 to 2012, where 349 isolates were obtained from six orchards and four storage facilities from five different apple cultivars with brown rot symptoms. Morphological charact...

Active edible films of methylcellulose with extracts of green apple (Granny Smith) skin.

The aim a present study was developed methylcellulose (MC) active edible films with extracts of green apple skin, as model systems of edible coating. Active edible films were developed by incorporation of ethanolic extract of freeze-dried apple skin (EEFD) and aqueous extract of apple skin (AES) at 10, 20 and 25% (v/v) concentrations. Analysis of thermal, mechanical and functional properties was carried out. Results showed that incorporation of green apple skin extracts into MC films contribute to total phe...

Apple SUMO E3 ligase MdSIZ1 is involved in the response to phosphate deficiency.

In plants, SIZ1 regulates abiotic and biotic stress responses by promoting the SUMOylation of proteins. The apple MdSIZ1 protein has conserved domains similar to those of Arabidopsis AtSIZ1. Real-time fluorescent quantitative analysis showed that MdSIZ1 gene expression was induced by phosphate-deficient conditions. In addition, the level of SUMOylation was also significantly increased under these conditions. The MYB transcription factor MdPHR1 might be a target for the SUMO protein, which is a phosphorus st...

Effects of restricting movement between root and canopy populations of woolly apple aphid.

Movement of insect pests between spatially subdivided populations can allow them to recolonize areas where local extinction has occurred, increasing pest persistence. Populations of woolly apple aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum [Hausmann]; Hemiptera: Aphididae), a worldwide pest of apple (Malus domestica [Borkhausen]), occur both below- and aboveground. These spatially subdivided subpopulations encounter different abiotic conditions, natural enemies, and control tactics. Restricting movement between them might be ...

Prime Minister for a day: children's views on junk food marketing and what to do about it.

This study explored children's awareness of and engagement with food marketing, and their views on action to address it.

Alternaria malicola sp. nov., a New Pathogen Causing Fruit Spot on Apple in China.

Alternaria spp. are pathogens of several diseases that pose significant threats to apple production. Several putative Alternaria sp. isolates were obtained from lesions of a disease commonly referred to as black dot on apple fruit in Shaanxi Province, China. Pathogenicity tests using mycelial plugs and conidial suspensions indicated that this isolate could cause leaf blotch, as well as moldy core and black dot on fruit. On the basis of sequence analysis of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH), R...

From glass boxes to social media engagement: an audit of tobacco retail marketing in Indonesia.

To assess tobacco promotion intensity, retailer behaviours and tobacco company efforts to link retailer marketing to online channels.

Baseline Sensitivity and Control Efficacy of Pyraclostrobin Against Isolates in China.

is an important fungal pathogen that causes apple ring rot, which can significantly reduce apple yield. Fungicide applications are the main control measure of apple ring rot worldwide. Pyraclostrobin is a quinone outside inhibitor (QoI) fungicide that has yet to be registered for control of in China. Baseline sensitivity of to pyraclostrobin (EC of mycelial growth inhibition) was assessed for 97 isolates collected in Shandong Province. The EC values ranged from 0.7010 to 7.1378 μg/ml with the mean value ...

MdMYB46 Could Enhance Salt and Osmotic Stress Tolerance in Apple by Directly Activating Stress Responsive Signals.

To expand the cultivation area of apple (Malus×domestica Borkh.) and select resistant varieties by genetic engineering, it is necessary to clarify the mechanism of salt and osmotic stress tolerance in apple. The MdMYB46 transcription factor was identified and the stress treatment test of MdMYB46-overexpressing and -RNAi apple lines indicated that MdMYB46 could enhance the salt and osmotic stress tolerance in apple. In transgenic Arabidopsis and apple, MdMYB46 promoted the biosynthesis of secondary cell wal...

Assessment of Packaged Foods and Beverages Carrying Nutrition Marketing against Canada's Food Guide Recommendations.

Canadians' food purchases consist largely of packaged processed and ultra-processed products, which typically fall outside the "core" foods recommended by Canada's Food Guide (CFG). Almost half of packaged products in Canada carry nutrition marketing (i.e., nutrient content and health claims). This study assessed whether packaged foods carrying nutrition marketing align with recommendations outlined in the 2007 CFG. Label data ( = 9376) were extracted from the 2013 Food Label Information Program (FLIP). Lab...

Detection of group a Streptococcus in pharyngitis by two rapid tests: comparison of the BD Veritor™ and the QuikRead go® Strep A.

We compared the performance of two rapid antigen tests-QuikRead go® Strep A test (Orion Diagnostica, Espoo, Finland) and BD Veritor™ system (Becton, Dickinson and Company, Sparks, MD) with throat culture. Our aim was to evaluate each assay's performance and agreement compared to throat culture in order to choose one of the assays as a point-of-care test in the emergency room. One hundred throat samples were collected in triplicates from patients with suspected pharyngitis admitted to the emergency room. ...

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Comparison of post-marketing surveillance approaches regarding infections related to tumor necrosis factor inhibitors (TNFIs) used in treatment of autoimmune diseases.

: To examine agreement between the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) and observational studies in common infections for tumor necrosis factor inhibitors (TNFi's). : Using MedDRA® preferred terms, all infection cases in FAERS with each TNFi were retrieved using Evidex. Observational studies reporting TNFi-related infections were identified from PubMed (OS-PM) and (OS-CT). Infections with a reporting rate of ≥2% (based on percentage of total number of infections) from each data ...

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