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A secure heterogeneous mobile authentication and key agreement scheme for e-healthcare cloud systems.

Heterogeneous mobile authentication is a crucial technique to securely retrieve the resource of e-healthcare cloud servers which are commonly implemented in a public key Infrastructure (PKI). Conventionally, a mobile data user can utilize a self-chosen password along with a portable device to request the access privilege of clouds. However, to validate the membership of users, a cloud server usually has to make use of a password table, which not only increases the burden of management, but also raises the p...

Updating energy security and environmental policy: Energy security theories revisited.

The energy security theories are based on the premises of sufficient and reliable supply of fossil fuels at affordable prices in centralized supply systems. Policy-makers and company chief executives develop energy security strategies based on the energy security theories and definitions that dominate in the research and policy discourse. It is therefore of utmost importance that scientists revisit these theories in line with the latest changes in the energy industry: the rapid advancement of renewables and...

Evaluating the Privacy Policies of Mobile Personal Health Records for Pregnancy Monitoring.

A mobile personal health record (mPHR) for pregnancy monitoring allows the pregnant woman to track and manage her personal health data. However, owing to the privacy and security issues that may threaten the exchange of this sensitive data, a privacy policy should be established. The aim of this study is to evaluate the privacy policies of 19 mPHRs for pregnancy monitoring (12 for iOS and 7 for Android) using a template covering the characteristics of privacy, security, and standards and regulations. The fi...

An Improved Two-Layer Authentication Scheme for Wireless Body Area Networks.

Wireless body area networks (WBANs) comprises a number of sensor nodes and the portable mobile device such as smartphone. It is used to monitor the physical condition and provide a reliable healthcare system. Utilizing the wireless communication network, sensor nodes collect the physiological data of one patient to the portable mobile device and the latter analyzes and transmits them to the application providers. Therefore, the personal data confidentiality and user privacy are cores of WBANs. Recently, She...

Real-time Mobile Monitoring of the Dynamic Associations Among Motor Activity, Energy, Mood, and Sleep in Adults With Bipolar Disorder.

Biologic systems involved in the regulation of motor activity are intricately linked with other homeostatic systems such as sleep, feeding behavior, energy, and mood. Mobile monitoring technology (eg, actigraphy and ecological momentary assessment devices) allows the assessment of these multiple systems in real time. However, most clinical studies of mental disorders that use mobile devices have not focused on the dynamic associations between these systems.

Randomized and controlled pilot study of the pragmatic use of mobile phone based follow up of actinic keratoses treated with topical 5-fluorouracil.

Store-and-forward teledermatology involves transmission of a patient's images to a healthcare provider and subsequent response from the provider about the diagnosis or management. Furthermore, teledermatology in which mobile phones (e.g. smartphones) are utilized for communication between the patient and their provider is referred to as mobile-teledermatology. In this study, we investigate the use of mobile-teledermatology in the management of actinic keratoses. We demonstrate that mobile-teledermatology ma...

Emotional security theory: An application to sibling bereavement.

There is a need for guiding theory to understand the experiences and outcomes of bereaved siblings, particularly from a family systems framework. The present study investigated the relevance of emotional security theory in a sample of 72 young adults who experienced sibling bereavement. We investigated (1) whether perceptions of prolonged parental grief predicted key aspects of emotional security (disengagement, preoccupation, and security), and (2) whether emotional security mediated a relation between per...

Putting on a bow-tie to sort out who does what and why in the complex arena of marine policy and management.

Marine policy and management has to cope with a plethora of human activities that cause pressures leading to changes to the natural and human systems. Accordingly, it requires many policy and management responses to address traditional, cultural, social, ecological, technical, and economic policy objectives. Because of this, we advocate that a fully-structured approach using the IEC/ISO 31010 Bow-tie analysis will allow all elements to be integrated for a cost-effective system. This industry-standard system...

Mobile Technology for Cognitive Assessment of Older Adults: A Scoping Review.

The number of people diagnosed with dementia is rising appreciably as the population ages. In an effort to improve outcomes, many have called for facilitating early detection of cognitive decline. Increased use of mobile technology by older adults provides the opportunity to deliver convenient, cost-effective assessments for earlier detection of cognitive impairment. This article presents a review of the literature on how mobile platforms-smartphones and tablets-are being used for cognitive assessment of ol...

How to Lead During the Next Health Security Crisis The Public Health Crisis Survival Guide: Leadership and Management in Trying Times , by Joshua M. Sharfstein , Reviewed by Jennifer B. Nuzzo.

Keeping secrets in the cloud: Mobile phones, data security and privacy within the context of pregnancy and childbirth in Tanzania.

Growing evidence points to the potential value of mobile phone-based technologies ('mHealth') to help strengthen community health systems in low- and middle-income countries, but mHealth approaches also carry considerable risks with respect to data security, individual privacy, and confidentiality. We examined the perspectives of frontline community health workers and their female clients regarding data security and privacy within the context of an mHealth intervention to improve women's uptake of maternal ...

Social security of aging: problem statement.

The article raises the question of the need to consider aging in the context of social security. The author the author shows the main stages of the humanitarization of social security, the trend of development of theoretical ideas in the direction of «human security», which develops within the framework of «enhanced security». The main object of social security of the elderly people is the safety of physical and psychological health. The object of security is comprised of three components: safety of med...

Dietary Supplement Use in Australian Army Personnel.

Military personnel are reported to use more dietary supplements (DS) than the general population. However, a comprehensive investigation of DS use in Australian Army personnel has not been conducted. This study investigated the prevalence and types of DS used by Australian Army personnel and examined the underpinning reasons and demographic factors influencing this use.

A systematic review of the effectiveness of mobile apps for monitoring and management of mental health symptoms or disorders.

There are a growing number of mobile apps available for monitoring and management of mental health symptoms or disorders. However, clinically validated evidence for most of them is unclear; their benefits to patients on long term use are thus debatable.

Synthesizing water quality indicators from standardized geospatial information to remedy water security challenges: A review.

Water is vital not only for food, energy and sanitation but also for ecosystem functioning, human health, socio-economic progress and poverty reduction. Water security exists when all people have physical and economical access to sufficient, safe, and clean water that meets basic needs. However, water security is threatened by growing human population, episodic environmental disasters, indiscriminate land management practices, contaminants, and escalation in geopolitical conflicts.

Exploring "Internet+Recycling": Mass balance and life cycle assessment of a waste management system associated with a mobile application.

Individual users cannot readily access the collection channels is a persistent problem in municipal solid waste (MSW) management, resulting in low MSW collection rates. A new waste management model, "Internet+Recycling", has come into being; this model enables individuals to arrange collection appointment through various online platforms, then the collectors pick up the waste on-site. It is believed that "Internet+Recycling" can be a solution to mitigate the collection barrier in MSW management, as it provi...

A novel image encryption scheme based on quantum dynamical spinning and rotations.

Quantum information processing made a tremendous and remarkable impact on number of classical mechanic's problems. The impact does not only stop at classical mechanics but also the cyber security paradigm. Quantum information and cryptography are two classes of quantum information processing which use the idea of qubits instead of bits as in classical information security. The idea of fast computations with multiple complexity level is becoming more realistic in the age of quantum information due to quantum...

A Systematic Review on Promoting Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV-infected Patients Using Mobile Phone Technology.

 Adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) is paramount to successful long-term suppression of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). For poorly adherent patients with HIV, barriers to remaining adherent may be overcome by the implementation of targeted interventions delivered via mobile devices. This systematic review is focused specifically on mobile phone technologies to deliver adherence interventions in HIV/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) populations.

m-Health 2.0: New perspectives on mobile health, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics.

Mobile health (m-Health) has been repeatedly called the biggest technological breakthrough of our modern times. Similarly, the concept of big data in the context of healthcare is considered one of the transformative drivers for intelligent healthcare delivery systems. In recent years, big data has become increasingly synonymous with mobile health, however key challenges of 'Big Data and mobile health', remain largely untackled. This is becoming particularly important with the continued deluge of the structu...

Developing Medical Surveillance Examination Guidance for New Occupational Hazards: The IMX-101 Experience.

New materials are constantly being created to address the operational needs of the US Army. These materials provide challenges to occupational health practitioners by presenting unknown health risks and possible effects to workers they evaluate. The responsibility for developing a medical surveillance exam, as part of a comprehensive workplace surveillance program, may become the responsibility of the provider working in a clinic on a military installation where manufacturing, testing, and/or use of the mat...

A Comparison of Mentorship Attitudes and Attributes Between Civilian and Army Healthcare Leaders.

The purpose of this study is to compare the differences in mentorship expectations and attitudes between Army and civilian healthcare leaders, and to review cultural differences between the Army and civilian sectors.

Lessons Learned from Implementation of the Food Insecurity Screening and Referral Program at Kaiser Permanente Colorado.

Traditionally, health care systems have addressed gaps in patients' diet quality with programs that provide dietary counseling and education, without addressing food security. However, health care systems increasingly recognize the need to address food security to effectively support population health and the prevention and management of diet-sensitive chronic illnesses. Numerous health care systems have implemented screening programs to identify food insecurity in their patients and to refer them to commun...

Developing mobile health applications for neglected tropical disease research.

Mobile applications (apps) can bring health research and its potential downstream benefits closer to underserved populations. Drawing on experience developing an app for detecting and referring cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Colombia, called Guaral/app, we review key steps in creating such mobile health (mHealth) tools. These require consideration of the sociotechnical context using methods such as systems analysis and human-centered design (HCD), predicated on engagement and iteration with all stakeho...

Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) for the security of the supply chain system of the gas station in China.

With the popularity of automobiles, gas stations carry more gas supply and security risks. In order to effectively analyze the security of the supply chain system of the gas station, this study set the gas station as the center, then the upstream suppliers and downstream consumers were classified into three sub-systems, and the whole system was analyzed by using the method of failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA). A total of 50 typical cases of accidents at gas stations in China in the past 20 years hav...

Return to Duty Practices of Army Behavioral Health Providers in Garrison.

While combat readiness is a top priority for the U.S. Army, there is concern that behavioral health (BH) return to duty (RTD) practices may under-represent the number of soldiers available for deployment. Profiling, the official administrative process by which medical duty limitations are communicated to commanders, was recently found to be significantly under-reporting BH readiness levels in one Army Division. This is a safety issue in addition to a readiness problem, and underscores the importance of bett...

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