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Woman-to-woman rape and sexual assault, and its impact upon the occupation of work: Victim/survivors' life roles of worker or student as disruptive and preservative.

Woman-to-woman rape and sexual assault globally remains largely unknown and unaddressed. Expectedly, victim/survivors often cope alone, or with limited support, in the traumatic aftermath of their sexual victimisation. Work is one occupation that is impacted upon at this time.

What survivors want: Understanding the needs of sexual assault survivors.

Sexual assault is a pervasive crime on our college campuses and many survivors do not seek post-assault resources. This study will explore components of alternative interventions to consider in the development of campus-based interventions for sexual assault survivors.

Qualitative Analysis of Prosecutors' Perspectives on Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners and the Criminal Justice Response to Sexual Assault.

The aim of this study was to understand prosecutors' perspectives on the contribution of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) to evidence collection and trials in sexual assault cases.

An Ecological Model of Well-being After Sexual Assault: The Voices of Victims and Survivors.

In this article, the authors describe factors that enhance or detract from well-being after adult sexual assault from the perspective of sexual assault victims and survivors. The authors present a holistic view of the complex ways in which women respond to and cope with the impact of adult sexual assault while trying to create a sense of well-being. The forces that facilitate or detract from well-being are organized into an ecological model. The data originate from a grounded theory study in 2015, with 22 a...

A Systematic Review of Sexual Assaults in Nursing Homes.

The dramatic growth in the older adults (65 years+) has created an equivalent increase in the number of nursing home (NH) residents. NH residents often lack physical and cognitive abilities, making them particularly vulnerable to assault. Although sexual assault is among one of the most shocking types of assault, it is also the least acknowledged, detected, and reported type of assault against NH residents. This systematic review examines victim/perpetrator sociodemographic and relationship characteristics ...

Genital and anal injuries: A cross-sectional Australian study of 1266 women alleging recent sexual assault.

To describe the frequency of genital and anal injury and associated demographic and assault characteristics in women alleging sexual assault.

Sexual assault and general body injuries: A detailed cross-sectional Australian study of 1163 women.

To describe the frequency and severity of general body injury in women alleging recent sexual assault and then identify demographic and assault characteristics associated with injury severity.

Impact of Air Frying on Cholesterol and Fatty Acids Oxidation in Sardines: Protective Effects of Aromatic Herbs.

The high temperatures used to fry fish may induce thermo-oxidation of cholesterol, forming cholesterol oxidation products (COPs). COPs have been associated to coronary heart diseases, atherosclerosis, and other chronic diseases. Air fryers are an alternative thermal process technology to fry foods without oil, and are considered a healthier cooking method. This study is the 1st to evaluate the formation of COPs and the degradation of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in air-fried sardine fillets. Furtherm...

Development of a glycoconjugate vaccine to prevent invasive Salmonella Typhimurium infections in sub-Saharan Africa.

Invasive infections associated with non-typhoidal Salmonella (NTS) serovars Enteritidis (SE), Typhimurium (STm) and monophasic variant 1,4,[5],12:i:- are a major health problem in infants and young children in sub-Saharan Africa, and currently, there are no approved human NTS vaccines. NTS O-polysaccharides and flagellin proteins are protective antigens in animal models of invasive NTS infection. Conjugates of SE core and O-polysaccharide (COPS) chemically linked to SE flagellin have enhanced the anti-COPS ...

Dietary docosahexaenoic acid supplementation prevents the formation of cholesterol oxidation products in arteries from orchidectomized rats.

Testosterone deficiency has been correlated with increased cardiovascular diseases, which in turn has been associated with increased oxidative stress. Several studies have considered cholesterol oxidation products (COPs) as oxidative stress biomarkers, since some of them play pro-oxidant and pro-inflammatory roles. We have previously described the cardioprotective effects of a dosahexaenoic acid (DHA) supplemented diet on the aortic and mesenteric artery function of orchidectomized rats. The aim of this stu...

The lived experience of help-seeking by South African women after sexual assault.

The purpose of this study was to explore the lived experience of help-seeking by South African women following sexual assault. Hermeneutic phenomenology guided the study. Interviews were conducted with six women who had experienced sexual assault at some point in their lives. Three venues were most significant to women's help-seeking experiences: the criminal justice system, health care facilities, and/or social service agencies. Essentially, the women's help-seeking experiences in these three venues are be...

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs of Prenursing and Nursing Students About Sexual Assault.

Sexual assault has been identified as a major public health problem in the United States, yet little research has been done regarding nursing students' knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about sexual assault. Lack of knowledge, or victim-blaming attitudes held by healthcare providers can be problematic for the care of the sexual assault victim, leaving them feeling upset and distressed after the healthcare encounter. Prenursing and nursing students were surveyed about their knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs ...

Characteristics of Patients Involved in Physical Assault in an Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Setting.

Although aggressive behavior in psychiatric settings is a major concern, very few studies have focused exclusively on physical assault in a general inpatient psychiatric population.

Factors Affecting the Development and Sustainability of Communities of Practice Among Primary Care Physicians in Hong Kong.

Primary care physicians (PCPs) maintain high standards of medical care by partaking in continuous learning. The learning model of communities of practice (COPs) is increasingly being used in the field of health care. This study explores the establishment and maintenance of COPs among PCPs in Hong Kong.

Assault in children admitted to trauma centers: Injury patterns and outcomes from a 5-year review of the national trauma data bank.

While assault is commonly reported or suspected in children with traumatic wounds, a recent overview of these injuries, especially those requiring trauma surgery consultation is lacking in the literature.

Sexual assault incidents among college undergraduates: Prevalence and factors associated with risk.

Sexual assault on college campuses is a public health issue. However varying research methodologies (e.g., different sexual assault definitions, measures, assessment timeframes) and low response rates hamper efforts to define the scope of the problem. To illuminate the complexity of campus sexual assault, we collected survey data from a large population-based random sample of undergraduate students from Columbia University and Barnard College in New York City, using evidence based methods to maximize respon...

Pyrene-cored covalent organic polymers by thiophene-based isomers, their gas adsorption, and photophysical properties.

Two new pyrene-cored covalent organic polymers (COPs), CK-COP-1 and CK-COP-2, were synthesized via the one-step polymerization of two thiophene-based isomers, 1,3,6,8-tetra(thiophene-2-yl) pyrene (L1 ) and 1,3,6,8-tetra(thiophene-3-yl) pyrene (L2 ). The resulting pyrene-cored COPs exhibit rather different surface areas of 54 m(2) g(-1) and 615 m(2)g(-1) for CK-COP-1 and CK-COP-2, respectively. The CO2 uptake capacities of CK-COP-1 and CK-COP-2 also show different values of 2.85 and 9.73 wt % at 273 K, resp...

Ctf4 Prevents Genome Rearrangements by Suppressing DNA Double-Strand Break Formation and Its End Resection at Arrested Replication Forks.

Arrested replication forks lead to DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs), which are a major source of genome rearrangements. Yet DSB repair in the context of broken forks remains poorly understood. Here we demonstrate that DSBs that are formed at arrested forks in the budding yeast ribosomal RNA gene (rDNA) locus are normally repaired by pathways dependent on the Mre11-Rad50-Xrs2 complex but independent of HR. HR is also dispensable for DSB repair at stalled forks at tRNA genes. In contrast, in cells lacking the ...

Genital piercings in the context of acute sexual assault.

After an acute sexual assault, children and adolescents often present for medical evaluation and treatment. Physicians have an important role in both the medical and legal components of these cases. Careful physical examination and questioning are important in determining the origin of the trauma. In the presented case report, genital trauma after an acute sexual assault was noted and attributed to the alleged offender's penis piercing. The genital trauma caused by the piercing provided physical evidence li...

Sexual Assault and HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis at an Urban African Hospital.

Antiretroviral postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) may be underutilized in sexual assault cases in Kenya. This study evaluated the characteristics of survivors of sexual violence attending the Gender-Based Violence Recovery Center (GBVRC) at the Kenyatta National Hospital and reviewed the uptake, adherence, and outcomes of those initiated on PEP. In a retrospective cohort, data from charts of the assaulted seen at the GBVRC from 2009 to 2012 were abstracted. Data were collected describing sociodemographic charac...

Analysis of the female mortality trend due to assault in Brazil, States and Regions.

This study aimed to analyze time trend of female mortality due to assault in Brazil, regions and states from 2002 to 2012. This is an ecological times series study with secondary data from women aged 20-59 years who died due to assault. Mortality rates were analyzed by simple linear regression and stratified by region, Gini Index and Human Development Index (HDI). The trend of female rate of mortality due to assault was stable in the country, with differences between states and regions. The Midwest had the ...

Forensic examination of sexual assault victims: Medical aspects and associations with the legal outcomes.

To describe the medical and legal characteristics of sexual assault victims and to highlight which aspects of the medical examination may be associated with a conviction of the alleged offender.

Anogenital and Physical Injuries in Adolescent Sexual Assault Patients: The Role of Victim-Offender Relationship, Alcohol Use, and Memory Impairment.

Prior research has documented high rates of anogenital and physical injuries among adolescent sexual assault patients. Although a number of factors related to rates of injury detection in adolescents have been identified, there may be additional features of the assault that are disclosed in the patient history that could be important indicators of injury risk. The purpose of the current study was to expand this literature by examining whether factors that are salient in sexual assaults committed against ado...

Evaluation of pilot-scale in-vessel composting for Hanwoo manure management.

The study investigated the effect of in-vessel composting process on Hanwoo manure in two different South Korea regions (Pyeongchang and Goechang) with sawdust using vertical cylindrical in-vessel bioreactor for 42days. The stability and quality of Hanwoo manure in both regions were improved and confirmed through the positive changes in physico-chemical and phytotoxic properties using different commercial seed crops. The pH and electrical conductivity (EC, ds/m) of composted manure in both regions were slig...

Simultaneous drug identification in urine of sexual assault victims by using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.

According to domestic and international epidemiological investigation, the proportion of substance involved sexual assault has the trend of ascent. In the past, laboratory methods that investigated urine sample of the sexual assault victims was to screen with enzyme immunoassay and then confirmed with mass spectrometry. The objective of the study is to simultaneously identify abused drugs in 126 decoded urine samples of sexual assault victims by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. The instrument...

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