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Antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Bacteroides fragilis using the MALDI Biotyper antibiotic susceptibility test rapid assay (MBT-ASTRA).

This study evaluated the MBT-ASTRA for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Bacteroides fragilis with different classes of antibiotics. MALDI-TOF MS peak AUCs from suspensions with B. fragilis with and without an antibiotic were used to calculate the relative growth (AUC "with antibiotic" divided by "without antibiotic"). Antimicrobial susceptibility testing of B. fragilis ATCC 25285 (susceptible) and B. fragilis O18 (resistant) was demonstrated with a clear difference of the relative growth between susc...

Sino-Austrian High-Tech Acupuncture Network: Annual Report 2017.

The Sino-Austrian High-Tech Acupuncture Research Network was founded in 2005 and has been growing ever since. The network comprises many partners from China and is highly involved in research and education activities. This report introduces the network's activities in the year 2017.

Publisher Correction: ERK-mediated phosphorylation regulates SOX10 sumoylation and targets expression in mutant BRAF melanoma.

In the original version of this Article, financial support was not fully acknowledged. The PDF and HTML versions of the Article have now been corrected to include the following: The National Basic Research Program (2015CB553602 to J.L.), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31570777, 91649106, 31770917 to J.L.) and Tianjin Applied Basic and Frontier Tech Major Project (12JCZDJC34400 to J.L.) and Tianjin Higher Education Sci-Tech Development Project (20112D05 to J.L.).

Hi-tech restoration by two steps biocleaning process of Triumph of Death fresco at the Camposanto Monumental Cemetery (Pisa, Italy).

In this work, the "hi-tech" complex biocleaning and restoration of the 14th-century fresco Triumph of Death (5.6x15.0 m) at the Camposanto Monumental Cemetery (Pisa, Italy) is reported. Since 2000, the restoration based on the biological cleaning of noble medieval frescoes, has been successfully utilized in this site.

Gender-Specific Differences in Access to Polysomnography and Prevalence of Sleep Disorders.

Previous studies have shown that women have less access or longer waiting times to high-tech medicine compared with men. This study aimed to detect possible gender differences in access to the diagnostic high-tech method of polysomnography (PSG). Furthermore, the study explored gender differences in prevalence of specific sleep diseases.

"You got to love rosin: Solventless dabs, pure, clean, natural medicine." Exploring Twitter data on emerging trends in Rosin Tech marijuana concentrates.

"Rosin tech" is an emerging solventless method consisting in applying moderate heat and constant pressure on marijuana flowers to prepare marijuana concentrates referred to as "rosin." This paper explores rosin concentrate-related Twitter data to describe tweet content and analyze differences in rosin-related tweeting across states with varying cannabis legal statuses.

Google tech company must spell out how it will make money from the NHS.

The hi-tech way to handle the new gen kind in the procedure room.

Your Best Life: The Low-tech Diet-Shedding Those Unwanted Emails, Texts, and Notifications.

MRI thermal burn injury: an unrecognised consequence of wearing novel, high-tech undergarments.

Screening for Atrial Fibrillation using Smartphone-based Technology and Layperson Volunteers: High-Tech Meets Community Participatory Research for the Best of Both Worlds.

Anti-Agglomerants Affect Gas Hydrate Growth.

In gas clathrate hydrates, inclusion gas molecules stabilize crystalline water structures. In addition to being fundamentally interesting, gas hydrates attract significant practical attention because of their possible application in various high-tech technologies. However, gas hydrates pose health, safety, and environmental risks when they form within oil and gas pipelines, as well as within hydrocarbon-producing and treatment facilities. Among available strategies to control and sometimes prevent hydrate p...

Re: "Trends in the Prevalence of Severe Obesity and Bariatric Surgery Access: A State-Level Analysis from 2011 to 2014" (J Laparoendosc Adv Surg Tech A 2017;27:669-675).

Re: "In Pursuit of the Most Cost-Effective Pediatric Laparoscopic Appendectomy: The Effect of Disposable Instrument Choice on Operative Time and Surgeon-Controllable Cost" (J Laparoendosc Adv Surg Tech A 2017;27:1309-1313).

A systematic review of the barriers and facilitators to the provision and use of low-tech and unaided AAC systems for people with complex communication needs and their families.

Speech-language pathologists may introduce augmentative or alternative communication (AAC) systems to people who are unable to use speech for everyday communication. Despite the benefits of AAC systems, they are significantly underutilized by the people with complex communication needs. The current review aimed to synthesize the barriers and facilitators to the provision and use of low-tech and unaided AAC systems.  Materials and methods: Relevant literature was identified via a systematic search strategy....

Blood flow changes in pelvic vessels associated with the application of an abdominal compression belt in healthy postpartum women

Postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) accounts for a high proportion of maternal mortality and morbidity throughout the world. A uterine compression belt which has been developed recently represents a very low tech, low cost solution in managing postpartum haemorrhage.

Dynamic Quadripolar Radiofrequency: Pilot Study of a New High-Tech Strategy for Prevention and Treatment of Vulvar Atrophy.

The well-being of the vulva and a woman's quality of life are distinctly correlated. Recent years have seen an increasing flow of papers about nonsurgical vulvar rejuvenation techniques. Dynamic Quadripolar RadioFrequency (DQRFTM), one of the newest light- and energy-based vulvar rejuvenation technologies, has showed to be an effective option in aesthetic gynecology.

Calculator "Available prognosis": Method of evaluation for predicting survival of patients with chronic heart failure and reduced left ventricular ejection fraction.

A method for predicting one-year survival of patients with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) is required to choose a management tactics and determine indications for high-tech care at the outpatient stage.

Year-round monitoring reveals prevalence of fatal bird-window collisions at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center.

Collisions with glass are a serious threat to avian life and are estimated to kill hundreds of millions of birds per year in the United States. We monitored 22 buildings at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC) in Blacksburg, Virginia, for collision fatalities from October 2013 through May 2015 and explored possible effects exerted by glass area and surrounding land cover on avian mortality. We documented 240 individuals representing 55 identifiable species that died due to collisions with win...

Differential Susceptibility to T Cell-Induced Colitis in Mice: Role of the Intestinal Microbiota.

One of the best characterized mouse models of the inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD; Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis) is the CD4+CD45RBhigh T cell transfer model of chronic colitis. Following our relocation to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), we observed a dramatic reduction in the incidence of moderate-to-severe colitis from a 16-year historical average of 90% at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) to

A Reactive Balance Rating Method that Correlates with Kinematics after Trip-Like Perturbations on a Treadmill and Fall Risk Among Residents of Older Adult Congregate Housing.

A growing number of studies are using modified treadmills to train reactive balance after trip-like perturbations that require multiple steps to recover balance. The goal of this study was thus to develop and validate a low-tech reactive balance rating method in the context of trip-like treadmill perturbations to facilitate the implementation of this training outside the research setting.

Cost Effective Innovations in Low Resource Settings.

As health technologies are slowly adapted in low resource settings, the support modalities, equipment and supplies that allow these advances to be implemented are often not fully considered. It is not uncommon to install a new computed tomography scan machine in a hospital in sub-Saharan Africa only to suffer extensive downtime from unreliable electricity supply or unavailability of contrast agents (Essential Health Technologies WHO 2011). Countless expensive high-tech devices sit idle in low resource setti...

Development of an Open-Source Laparoscopic Simulator Capable of Motion and Force Assessment: High Tech at Low Cost.

Laparoscopic simulators help improve surgical skills in an ex vivo setting. New simulators incorporate force and motion assessment, but often at high financial cost. Our goal is to establish global access to a laparoscopic simulator, which offers both traditional summative assessment (time to task completion and precision) as well as advanced formative assessment (force and motion sensing capabilities) so that educators anywhere may be able to create simulators with increased educational value.

Challenges in pediatric neuroimaging.

Pediatric neuroimaging is challenging due the rapid structural, metabolic, and functional changes that occur in the developing brain. A specially trained team is needed to produce high quality diagnostic images in children, due to their small physical size and immaturity. Patient motion, cooperation and medical condition dictate the methods and equipment used. A customized approach tailored to each child's age and functional status with the appropriate combination of dedicated staff, imaging hardware, and s...

Research on the dispersion of carbon nanotubes by ultrasonic oscillation, surfactant and centrifugation respectively and fiscal policies for its industrial development.

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have attracted wide attention because of their unique structure and properties. However, the prepared CNTs often present agglomeration state, which destroys the excellent properties of single carbon nanotubes and seriously affects the application of carbon nanotubes. How to effectively disperse carbon nanotubes has become an urgent problem to be solved. There are many factors affecting the dispersion of carbon nanotubes. In this paper, the effects of three aspects of surfactant, ultr...

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