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Development and Validation of the Performance-Based Situation Awareness Observation Schedule (PBSAOS): The Process and Lessons Learned.

No instruments are currently available to assess nursing students' maintenance of situation awareness. The aim of this study was to develop and validate the Performance-Based Situation Awareness Observation Schedule for measuring nursing students' use of situation awareness.

Coaching Primary Care Clinicians in the Ambulatory Setting: Direct Observation and Deliberate Practice.

Clinical coaching programs can improve clinician performance through feedback following direct observation and the promotion of reflection. This study assessed the feasibility and acceptability of a primary care coaching program applied in community-based practices.

Compared to outcome pressure, observation pressure produces differences in performance of N-back tasks: an ERP study.

Previous studies have reported that observation pressure and outcome pressure impact working memory, but have not investigated whether they exert different effects on working memory. The neuronal activity in some brain areas encodes task-related information corresponding to working memory across delay periods. Therefore, changes in working memory under pressure can be further verified by exploring neuronal activity changes in brain areas under pressure. In this study, we used an N-back task and event-relate...

Observation of strong polarization enhancement in ferroelectric tunnel junctions.

Ferroelectric heterostructures, with capability of storing data at ultra-high densities, could act as the platform for next-generation memories. The development of new device paradigms has been hampered by the long-standing notion of inevitable ferroelectricity suppression under reduced dimensions. Despite recent experimental observation of stable polarized states in ferroelectric ultrathin films, the out-of-plane polarization components in these films are strongly attenuated compared to thicker films, impl...

Serial clinical observation for management of newborns at risk of early-onset sepsis.

Current management approaches for asymptomatic neonates at risk of early onset sepsis remain controversial. Strategies based entirely on clinical observation (SCO, serial clinical observation) have gained consensus.

Dynamic task observation: A gaze-mediated complement to traditional action observation treatment?

Action observation elicits changes in primary motor cortex known as motor resonance, a phenomenon thought to underpin several functions, including our ability to understand and imitate others' actions. Motor resonance is modulated not only by the observer's motor expertise, but also their gaze behaviour. The aim of the present study was to investigate motor resonance and eye movements during observation of a dynamic goal-directed action, relative to an everyday one - a reach-grasp-lift (RGL) action, commonl...

Can gesture observation help people with aphasia name actions?

It has been suggested that gesture can play a role in the treatment of naming impairments in aphasia, however investigation is still sparse, especially when compared to research on verbal treatments. Critically, previous studies have included either verbal or gesture production in the training. However, while in speakers without language impairment, action naming is facilitated by gesture observation, no study has yet systematically determined whether gesture observation alone influences word retrieval in p...

Benzoxazine Formation Mechanism Evaluation by Direct Observation of Reaction Intermediates.

Benzoxazine formation is a fundamental step in the preparation of polybenzoxazine resins, and a detailed description of the mechanism governing the formation of benzoxazine and side products is vital for improving the properties and performance of these resins. Determination of the nature and properties of reaction intermediates is not trivial. Therefore, a Mannich-type condensation of aniline, formaldehyde, and phenol was evaluated as a potential method to form benzoxazine. Coupling positive mode electrosp...

Upturn of the contour-interaction function at small flanking bar-to-target separations.

Nearby flanking bars degrade letter identification and resolution, a phenomenon known as contour interaction. However, many previous studies found that the relationship between foveal letter identification and flanker separation is non-monotonic, with an upturn in performance at very small target-to-flanker separations. Here, we replicate this observation and show that a similar upturn occurs also for targets presented at 5 deg in the inferior field, if the target-to-flanker separation is sufficiently smal...

Does effectiveness in performance appraisal improve with rater training?

Performance appraisal is a complex process by which an organization can determine the extent to which employees are performing their work effectively. However, this appraisal may not be accurate if there is no reduction in the impact of problems caused by possibly subjective rater judgements. The main objective of this work is to check the effectiveness-separately and jointly-of the following four training programmes in the extant literature aimed at improving the accuracy of performance assessment: 1) Perf...

Clinical Performance of Anterior Full Veneer Restorations Made of Lithium Disilicate with a Mean Observation Time of 8 Years.

To evaluate the survival and complication rates of full veneer restorations after up to 11 years of clinical service.

Repair or Observation of Resin Margin Defects: Clinical Trial After Five Years.

To assess the effectiveness of repair/resealing of stained composite margins as an alternative to controlled observation without treatment in a randomized clinical trial after five years.

Comparison of peer assessment and faculty assessment in an interprofessional simulation-based team training program.

Challenges related to limited clinical sites and shortage of clinical instructors may reduce the quality of clinical experiences, leading to increased demand for the establishment of simulation-based training programs in the curricula of educational institutions. However, simulation-based training programs in health education place great demands on faculty resources. It is interesting, therefore, to investigate peers contributions in formal assessment, and how this compares to faculty assessment. This paper...

Performance Monitoring during Visual Priming.

Repetitive performance of single-feature (efficient or pop-out) visual search improves RTs and accuracy. This phenomenon, known as priming of pop-out, has been demonstrated in both humans and macaque monkeys. We investigated the relationship between performance monitoring and priming of pop-out. Neuronal activity in the supplementary eye field (SEF) contributes to performance monitoring and to the generation of performance monitoring signals in the EEG. To determine whether priming depends on performance mo...

Does Tail Label Help for Large-Scale Multi-Label Learning?

Large-scale multi-label learning (LMLL) annotates relevant labels for unseen data from a huge number of candidate labels. It is perceived that labels exhibit a long tail distribution in which a significant number of labels are tail labels. Most previous studies consider that the performance would benefit from incorporating tail labels. Nonetheless, it is not quantified how tail labels impact the performance. In this article, we disclose that whatever labels are randomly missing or misclassified, the impact ...

Childhood nontuberculous mycobacterial lymphadenitis-observation alone is a good alternative to surgery.

Cervicofacial lymphadenitis caused by nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) is commonly treated with surgery or antimicrobial therapy. The aim of this study was to analyze the utility of our new blood-based diagnostic method and the treatment protocol, surgery or observation alone, in NTM lymphadenitis in children.

Ischemic Preconditioning: Improved Cycling Performance Despite Nocebo Expectation.

Ischemic preconditioning (IPC) through purposeful circulatory occlusion may enhance exercise performance. The value of IPC for improving performance is controversial owing to challenges with employing effective placebo controls. This study examines the efficacy of IPC vs a deceptive sham protocol for improving performance to determine whether benefits of IPC are attributable to true physiological effects. It was hypothesized that IPC would favorably alter performance more than a sham treatment and that phys...

The Effectiveness of Action Observation Therapy Based on Mirror Neuron Theory in Chinese Patients with Apraxia of Speech after Stroke.

The present study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of action observation therapy (AOT) on apraxia of speech (AOS) in patients after stroke.

Observation of the Leptonic Decay D^{+}→τ^{+}ν_{τ}.

We report the first observation of D^{+}→τ^{+}ν_{τ} with a significance of 5.1σ. We measure B(D^{+}→τ^{+}ν_{τ})=(1.20±0.24_{stat}±0.12_{syst})×10^{-3}. Taking the world average B(D^{+}→μ^{+}ν_{μ})=(3.74±0.17)×10^{-4}, we obtain R_{τ/μ}=Γ(D^{+}→τ^{+}ν_{τ})/Γ(D^{+}→μ^{+}ν_{μ})=3.21±0.64_{stat}±0.43_{syst}., which is consistent with the standard model expectation of lepton flavor universality. Using external inputs, our results give values for the D^{+} decay constant f_{D^...

GRAM: a True Null Model for Relative Binding Affinity Predictions.

Relative binding affinity prediction is a critical component in computer aided drug design. Significant amount of effort has been dedicated to developing rapid and reliable in silico methods. However, robust assessment of their performance is still a complicated issue, as it requires a performance measure applicable in the prospective setting and more importantly a true null model that defines the expected performance of random in an objective manner. Although many performance metrics, such as Pearson corre...

Sorafenib Versus Observation Following Radical Metastasectomy for Clear-cell Renal Cell Carcinoma: Results from the Phase 2 Randomized Open-label RESORT Study.

In selected metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) patients, radical metastasectomy followed by observation is a potential strategy. It is still to be defined whether systemic therapy should be administered following metastasectomy.

Full-Squat as a Determinant of Performance in CrossFit.

This study analyzed the relationship between CrossFit performance and power and strength variables measured in the full-squat exercise. Twenty male trained subjects (33±7 years) performed an incremental load full-squat test for assessment of the 1-repetition maximum (1RM) and the mean (Pmean) and peak (Ppeak) power. Performance in 5 different Workouts of the Day (WODs) was measured on different days, and overall CrossFit performance was determined as the sum of the scores obtained in these WODs. Athletes w...

Development and performance verification of a 3-D position-sensitive Compton camera for imaging MeV gamma rays.

In gamma-ray astronomy, the 1-10 MeV range is one of the most challenging energy bands to observe owing to low photon signals and a considerable amount of background contamination. This energy band, however, comprises a substantial number of nuclear gamma-ray lines that may hold the key to understanding the nucleosynthesis at the core of stars, spatial distribution of cosmic rays, and interstellar medium. Although several studies have attempted to improve observation of this energy window, development of ...

Rate of Initial Hearing Loss During Early Observation Predicts Time to Non-Serviceable Hearing in Patients With Conservatively Managed Sporadic Vestibular Schwannoma.

To date, prediction models for estimating risk of acquiring non-serviceable hearing in subjects with observed vestibular schwannoma (VS) have evaluated outcomes primarily based on features at initial diagnosis. Herein, we evaluate the association of rate of hearing decline during the initial period of observation with time to non-serviceable hearing. If significant, rate of hearing decline may inform decision making after an introductory period of observation.

Deep Learning Improves Automated Rodent Behavior Recognition Within a Specific Experimental Setup.

Automated observation and analysis of rodent behavior is important to facilitate research progress in neuroscience and pharmacology. Available automated systems lack adaptivity and can benefit from advances in AI. In this work we compare a state-of-the-art conventional Rat Behavior Recognition (RBR) system to an advanced deep learning method and evaluate its performance within and across experimental setups. We show that using a Multi-Fiber network (MF-Net) in conjunction with data augmentation strategies w...

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