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Administration of medical electronics: A review of some criteria basic to effective and economical management of medical electronic equipment.

The role of patient care items as a fomite in healthcare-associated outbreaks and infection prevention.

Patient-care items can serve as a source or reservoir for healthcare associated pathogens in hospitals. We reviewed healthcare-associated outbreaks from medical equipment and provided infection prevention recommendations. Multiple healthcare-associated outbreaks via a contaminated patient-care item were identified, including infections with multidrug-resistant organisms. The type of patient-care items implicated as a fomite causing healthcare-associated infections (HAI) has changed over time. Patient popula...

Effects of low oxygen dead space ventilation and breath-holding test in evaluating cerebrovascular reactivity: A comparative observation.

This study aims to explore the application prospect of low oxygen dead space ventilation (LODSV) in evaluating vasomotor reactivity (VMR) by comparison between LODSV and breath-holding test (BHT).

Holding Hands.

[Full article available at].

Pilot study on the effectiveness and students' attitude towards undergraduate training provided by industry.

Rapid developments in CAD/CAM technology necessitate the adaptation of curriculum content. Limited resources hinder institutions in holding state of the art equipment available for student training.

Availability of Life Support Equipment and its Utilization by Ambulance Drivers.

An effective ambulance is a vital requirement for providing an emergency medical service. Well-equipped ambulances with trained paramedics can save many lives during the golden hours of trauma care. The objective was to document the availability and utilization of basic life support equipment in the ambulances and to assess knowledge on first aid among the drivers.

Key factors influencing management decisions concerning safety equipment selection.

The construction industry involves many hazardous activities that may expose workers to a wide variety of health hazards. Selection of construction safety equipment is crucial in ensuring workers' safety. This paper aims at examining key factors influencing management decisions concerning safety equipment selection, utilizing the exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and analytic hierarchy process (AHP) methods. A questionnaire survey is conducted in the construction companies in Bangkok, Thailand. The factor a...

Evaluating the effectiveness and the impact of donated neurosurgical equipment on neurosurgical units in low and middle income countries: the WFNS experience.

Surgical practice highly depends on the availability of surgical equipment; this is particularly relevant to low and middle income countries (LMICs), where resources are limited. A key part of the efforts to improve surgical provision globally include providing affordable equipment to LMICs; however, the effectiveness and the impact of these initiatives has not yet been assessed. We aim to evaluate the WFNS neurosurgical equipment program in this context.

Is There a Doctor Onboard? Medical Emergencies at 40,000 Feet.

It is estimated 2.75 billion people travel aboard commercial airlines every year and 44,000 in-flight medical emergencies occur worldwide each year. Wilderness medicine requires a commonsense and improvisational approach to medical issues. A sudden call for assistance in the austere and unfamiliar surroundings of an airliner cabin may present the responding medical professional with a "wilderness medicine" experience. From resource management to equipment, this article sheds light on the unique conditions, ...

Healthcare provider perceptions of accessible exam tables in primary care: Implementation and benefits to patients with and without disabilities.

Recent healthcare mandates require availability of accessible medical exam equipment, which may reduce barriers to care for patients with disabilities (PWD). However, more research is needed to explore healthcare provider views on implementation and routine use of accessible equipment.

Operational Measures Taken for the Authorization of X-ray Generators Used in the Medical Sector in Cameroon.

The use of x-ray generators for diagnostic radiology in the medical sector in Cameroon, Central Africa, is wide spread and on the increase in recent times. Regulatory control of x-ray machines used in medical sector has been achieved in the Littoral Region of Cameroon by means of notification and authorization systems, routine inspections, and enforcement programs. Quality control of x-ray equipment is performed to test the components of the radiological system and verify that the equipment is operating sat...

Holding Ashley (X): Bestowing Identity Through Caregiving in Profound Intellectual Disability.

The controversy over the so-called Ashley Treatment (AT), a series of medical procedures that inhibited both growth and sexual development in the body of a profoundly intellectually impaired girl, usually centers either on Ashley's rights, including a right to an intact, unaltered body, or on Ashley's parents' rights to make decisions for her. The claim made by her parents, that the procedure would improve their ability to care for her, is often dismissed as inappropriate or, at best, irrelevant. We argue, ...

Holding immature bovine oocytes in a commercial embryo holding medium: High developmental competence for up to 10 h at room temperature.

Bovine in vitro embryo production (IVP) following Ovum Pick Up (OPU) is all too often hampered by a large time gap between the harvest of oocytes of the first and last OPU session of the day. Immediately after retrieval, oocyte maturation is initiated, resulting in oocytes maturing at different time points which necessitates laborious scheduling of the IVP process. In this study, the potential of a commercial embryo holding medium (EHM; Syngro, Bioniche Inc.) to hold immature bovine oocytes was validated. ...

Myofibrillar protein oxidation affects filament charges, aggregation and water-holding.

Hypochlorous acid (HClO) is a strong oxidant that is able to mediate protein oxidation. In order to study the effect of oxidation on charges, aggregation and water-holding of myofibrillar proteins, extracted myofibrils were oxidized by incubation with different concentrations of HClO (0, 1, 5, and 10mM). Loss of free thiols, loss of histidine and formation of carbonyls were greater with increasing oxidation level and the particle size increased. Water-holding in the 5 and 10mM HClO groups were greater than ...

Valved Holding Chambers and In Vitro Metered Dose Inhaler Performance: Effects of Flow Rate and Inhalation Delay.

Multiple factors may influence the performance of a metered dose inhaler (MDI) when used with a valved holding chamber (VHC or "spacer").

Predictors of transitions from single to multiple job holding: Results of a longitudinal study among employees aged 45-64 in the Netherlands.

To construct prediction models for transitions to combination multiple job holding (MJH) (multiple jobs as an employee) and hybrid MJH (being an employee and self-employed), among employees aged 45-64.

Financial and environmental costs of reusable and single-use anaesthetic equipment.

An innovative approach to choosing hospital equipment is to consider the environmental costs in addition to other costs and benefits.

Ten-minute snapshots - a team approach to teaching postgraduates about professional dilemmas.

As medical professionals, most of us face professional dilemmas that catch us unawares and are not discussed in medical training. One often learns about these dilemmas on one's own and deals with them with a common sense approach, rather than reflection. The professional dilemmas may concern receiving gifts from patients, handling issues of confidentiality or dealing with personal questions. There is seldom any formal instruction in competencies related to professionalism, especially in India. We adopted a ...

Evaluating the Implementation of an Interdisciplinary Evidence-Based Practice Educational Program in a Large Academic Medical Center.

The purpose of this study was to create a system-wide education program in a large academic medical center to increase exposure and understanding of the evidence-based practice (EBP) process with multidisciplinary healthcare professionals. We also hoped to increase their confidence in utilizing and implementing EBP at the bedside. Although our approach to educating professional staff on EBP provided initial benefits, holding the gains over a 1-year period proved to be difficult.

Microbiota and Particulate Matter Assessment in Portuguese Optical Shops Providing Contact Lens Services.

The aim of this work was to assess the microbiota (fungi and bacteria) and particulate matter in optical shops, contributing to a specific protocol to ensure a proper assessment. Air samples were collected through an impaction method. Surface and equipment swab samples were also collected side-by-side. Measurements of particulate matter were performed using portable direct-reading equipment. A walkthrough survey and checklist was also applied in each shop. Regarding air sampling, eight of the 13 shops analy...

Academic Medical Support to the Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in Liberia.

During the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) epidemic in West Africa (2014-2016), many faculty, staff, and trainees from U.S. academic medical centers (i.e., teaching hospitals and their affiliated medical schools; AMCs) wished to contribute to the response to the outbreak, but many barriers prevented their participation. Here, the authors describe a successful long-term academic collaboration in Liberia that facilitated participation in the EVD response. This Perspective outlines the role the authors played in the...

Introduction and development of modern western medicine into Chaoshan (Chaozhou-Shantou)area.

Shantou was opened officially in 1861. Willian Gauld, a doctor of British Presbyterian arrived in Shantou in 1863 topractisemedicine and missionary work, and set up the Medical Missionary Hospital. Since then, western medicine began to enter the Chaoshan area. Hereafter, the American Baptists, the Japanese Hakuai Society and the French Catholic Church also entered successively into the Chaoshan area, and the hospitals of western medicine were founded. At the same time, local organizations and individuals of...

The legacy of Cabanis: a hypothesis on the roots of medical education in Brazil.

Georges Cabanis was a reformer of clinical practice and medical education who laid the conceptual foundations during the French Revolution for the development of education in France over the course of the 19th century. The model, in turn, marked the organization of educational systems in many Latin American countries. The objective of this article is to present and justify a hypothesis: the model of medical education still hegemonic in Brazil is still based upon the Cabanisian reform, holding a linear and C...

Ramsey interferometry of a bosonic Josephson junction in an optical cavity.

We investigate the nonlinear Ramsey interferometry of a bosonic Josephson junction coupled to an optical cavity by applying two identical pumping field pulses separated by a holding field in the time domain. When the holding field is absent, we show that the atomic Ramsey fringes are sensitive to both the cavity-pump detuning and the initial state, and their periods can encode the information on both the atom-field coupling and the atom-atom interaction. For a weak holding field, we find that the fringes ch...

Handling and reprocessing of semicritical medical devices in the ENT - a prospective study.

Numerous laws, guidelines and recommendations govern the handling and reprocessing of semi-critical medical devices in the field of ENT. Although mechanically reprocessing is characterized as a preferential, manual reprocessing is still conducted in most ENT clinics and medical practices for reasons of cost and practicability. In the presented study, we developed an optimized hygienic concept for reprocessing of medical products in the field of ENT.A demand analysis of rigid endoscopes and of ENT equipment ...

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