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Interseason variability in isokinetic strength and poor correlation with nordic hamstring eccentric strength in football players.

In elite sport, the use of strength testing to establish muscle function and performance is common. Traditionally, isokinetic strength tests have been used, measuring torque during concentric and eccentric muscle action. A device that measures eccentric hamstring muscle strength while performing the Nordic hamstring exercise is now also frequently used. The study aims to investigate the variability of isokinetic muscle strength over time, e.g. between seasons, and the relationship between isokinetic testing...

Plasma metabolites associated with healthy Nordic dietary indexes and risk of type 2 diabetes-a nested case-control study in a Swedish population.

Epidemiologic evidence on the association of a healthy Nordic diet and future type 2 diabetes (T2D) is limited. Exploring metabolites as biomarkers of healthy Nordic dietary patterns may facilitate investigation of associations between such patterns and T2D.

Joint Nordic nuclear research to strengthen nuclear emergency preparedness after the Fukushima accident.

Contrary to most areas of Europe, the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the Faroe Islands) have for many years shared a regional research and development program on nuclear reactor safety and emergency preparedness - NKS. In spite of its project results having received great recognition and having been integrated in state-of-the-art emergency preparedness tools over the world, NKS as an organization does not seem well known outside the Nordic countries. Although the Fukushima ...

Occupation and Risk of Kidney Cancer in Nordic Countries.

The aim of this study was to describe the occupational variation in the incidence of kidney cancer in the Nordic population.

Occupation and risk of cancer of the renal pelvis in Nordic countries.

To evaluate occupational variation in the incidence of the malignant neoplasm of the renal pelvis in the population of the Nordic countries.

Emergency Care of Trauma Patients with the Bavarian "Rebel" Kit.

Due to the increasing threat by terrorism and the resulting range of operations for the emergency medical service, the equipment as well as the rescue strategies are being adapted and expanded. An example is the "Recommended Action for Emergency Medical Services in Special Operations" (REBEL, Handlungsempfehlung für Rettungsdienst bei besonderen Einsatzlagen) of the highest Bavarian rescue service authority. In the following article, three cases are presented using new tools such as hemostyptics, thoracic ...

A Pilot Experiment in Responding to Individual Patient Requests for Compassionate Use of an Unapproved Drug: The Compassionate Use Advisory Committee (CompAC).

Janssen Research & Development, LLC, part of the Janssen pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson, and NYU School of Medicine partnered to establish the Compassionate Use Advisory Committee (CompAC) to evaluate the use of an independent, external, expert committee in ensuring transparent, fair, beneficent, evidence-based, and patient-focused compassionate access to investigational medicines, a public health challenge that has been an ongoing issue for over 3 decades.

Obstetric and neonatal outcome in women aged 50 years and up: A collaborative, Nordic population-based study.

Childbearing at extremely advanced maternal age is a globally increasing trend, but only a few studies have described the outcomes of these pregnancies. The aim of this study was to describe the occurrence of childbearing at age 50 and up in the Nordic countries, as well as to examine the frequency of adverse obstetric and neonatal outcomes.

Effects of phrase and word frequencies in noun phrase production.

There is mounting evidence that the ease of producing and understanding language depends not only on the frequencies of individual words but also on the frequencies of word combinations. However, in two picture description experiments, Janssen and Barber (2012) found that French and Spanish speakers' speech onset latencies for short phrases depended exclusively on the frequencies of the phrases but not on the frequencies of the individual words. They suggested that speakers retrieved phrase-sized units from...

Influence of Training Load and Altitude on HRV Fatigue Patterns in Elite Nordic Skiers.

We aimed to analyse the relationship between training load/intensity and different heart rate variability (HRV) fatigue patterns in 57 elite Nordic-skiers. 1063 HRV tests were performed during 5 years. R-R intervals were recorded in resting supine (SU) and standing (ST) positions. Heart rate, low (LF), high (HF) frequency powers of HRV were determined. Training volume, training load (TL, a.u.) according to ventilatory threshold 1 (VT1) and VT2 were measured in zones I≤VT1; VT1VT2, IV for strength. TL was ...

Biological treatment in ankylosing spondylitis in the Nordic countries during 2010-2016: a collaboration between five biological registries.

Large-scale observational cohorts may be used to study the effectiveness and rare side effects of biological disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (bDMARDs) in ankylosing spondylitis (AS), but may be hampered by differences in baseline characteristics and disease activity across countries. We aimed to explore the research infrastructure in the five Nordic countries regarding bDMARD treatment in AS.

Health, Education and Employment Outcomes in Young Refugees in the Nordic Countries: A Systematic Review.

Since 2000, approximately 500,000 refugees have settled in the Nordic countries, about a third of them being children and young people. To identify general trends, and to detect gaps in the existing knowledge about the socioeconomic and health status of these young refugees, this review discusses the literature regarding three key areas related to welfare policy: health, education and employment.

Principles for managing OUD related to chronic pain in the Nordic countries based on a structured assessment of current practice.

Long-term use of opioid analgesics (OA) for chronic pain may result in opioid use disorder (OUD). This is associated with adverse outcomes for individuals, families and society. Treatment needs of people with OUD related to chronic pain are different compared to dependence related to use, and also injection, of illicit opioids. In Nordic countries, day-to-day practical advice to assist clinical decision-making is insufficient.

Reproducing whiteness and enacting kin in the Nordic context of transnational egg donation: Matching donors with cross-border traveller recipients in Finland.

The multimillion-euro fertility industry increasingly tailors its treatments to infertile people who are willing to travel across national borders for treatments inaccessible at home, especially reproductive tissue donor treatments. Finland is the Nordic destination for access to donor eggs, particularly for Swedes and Norwegians hoping for a donor match that will achieve a child of phenotypically plausible biological descent. Finns are seen as Nordic kin, and the inheritability of "Nordicness" is reinforce...

Ensuring Product Quality, Consistency and Patient Supply over Time for a Large-Volume Biologic: Experience with Remicade.

Biologics are produced from living organisms in complex, multi-stage manufacturing processes and contain inherent variability, which must be understood and controlled during manufacturing to avoid unexpected changes in key quality attributes that may contribute to clinically meaningful differences. The process must also meet large commercial demand, while simultaneously being able to accommodate change without sacrificing product consistency. The four key components of successful biologics manufacturing are...

Preoperative radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer - Is survival improved? An update of the "Nordic" LARC study in non-resectable cancers.

The randomized "Nordic" LARC study compared preoperative long-course radiotherapy alone (RT) or with chemotherapy (CRT) in the most locally advanced/ugly rectal cancers. Despite significantly better local control in the CRT group, no overall survival benefit was seen after 10 years follow-up. The relations between local control and survival are discussed.

An Analysis of Different Components of a High-Throughput Screening Library.

Since many projects at pharmaceutical organizations get their start from a high-throughput screening (HTS) campaign, improving the quality of the HTS deck can improve the likelihood of discovering a high-quality lead molecule that can be progressed to a drug candidate. Over the last decade, Janssen has implemented several strategies for external compound acquisition to augment the screening deck beyond the chemical space and number of molecules synthesized for internal projects. In this report, we analyzed ...

DNA Barcoding in Forensic Entomology - Establishing a DNA Reference Library of Potentially Forensic Relevant Arthropod Species.

Throughout the years, DNA barcoding has gained in importance in forensic entomology as it leads to fast and reliable species determination. High-quality results, however, can only be achieved with a comprehensive DNA barcode reference database at hand. In collaboration with the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office, we have initiated at the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology the establishment of a reference library containing arthropods of potential forensic relevance to be used for DNA barcoding applicat...

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is an increasing indication for liver transplantation in the Nordic countries.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the second most common cause of liver transplantation (LTX) in the US. Data on NAFLD as a LTX indication from countries with lower prevalences of obesity are lacking. We studied the temporal trends of NAFLD as an indication for LTX in the Nordic countries, and compared outcomes for patients with NAFLD to patients with other indications for LTX.

Herd health problems with a focus on potential involvement of Clostridium botulinum in dairies in Bavaria. - A survey among veterinarians.

To evaluate the perceptions of Bavarian bovine practitioners in regard to ailments that could potentially be associated with chronic infections.

The effect of Nordic hamstring exercise training volume on biceps femoris long head architectural adaptation.

To determine the time course of architectural adaptations in the biceps femoris long head (BF) following high or low volume eccentric training.

Who Benefits from Forensic Psychiatric Treatment? Results of a Catamnestic Study in Swabia.

Evaluation of treatment outcomes of forensic inpatients in the Bavarian district of Swabia (2010 - 2014).

Muscular and metabolic responses to different Nordic walking techniques, when style matters.

Due to poling action and upper body engagement, Nordic walking (NW) has additional health benefits with respect to conventional walking. The aim of this study was to evaluate the differences in muscle activation and metabolic responses between NW, performed with the technique suggested by NW instructors, and with some modifications in the way to move upper limb and poles. Ten NW instructors volunteered to walk on a treadmill at 5.5 km•h-1 in five conditions: walking (W), Nordic walking (NW), NW with a wea...

Short communication: Multivariate outlier detection for routine Nordic dairy cattle genetic evaluation in the Nordic Holstein and Red population.

It is of practical importance to ensure the data quality from a milk-recording system before use for genetic evaluation. A procedure was developed for detection of multivariate outliers based on an approximation for Mahalanobis distance and was implemented in the Nordic Holstein and Red population. The general target of this procedure is based on the Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation yield model, which is a 9-trait model for milk, protein, and fat in the first 3 lactations. The procedure is based on the phen...

Correction to: Comparing the UK EQ-5D-3L and English EQ-5D-5L Value Sets.

The article Comparing the UK EQ-5D-3L and English EQ-5D-5L Value Sets, written by Brendan Mulhern, Yan Feng, Koonal Shah, Mathieu F. Janssen, Michael Herdman, Ben van Hout, Nancy Devlin was originally published electronically on the publisher's internet portal (currently SpringerLink) on February 23, 2018 without open access.

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