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A dynamic discount pricing strategy for viral marketing.

Viral marketing has been one of the main marketing modes. However, theoretical study of viral marketing is still lacking. This paper focuses on the problem of developing a cost-effective dynamic discount pricing strategy for a viral marketing campaign. First, based on a novel word-of-mouth propagation model, we model the original problem as an optimal control problem. Second, we show that the optimal control problem admits an optimal control and present the optimality system for solving the optimal control ...

The impact of nurse residency programs in the United States on improving retention and satisfaction of new nurse hires: An evidence-based literature review.

Entry into practice for newly graduated nurses can be a demanding and overwhelming experience. These stressful work conditions have contributed to decreased retention and satisfaction amongst new nurse hires. The aim of this literature review is to answer the following question: in newly hired BSN graduates, how would the use of a one-year nurse residency program compared to a traditional orientation affect turnover rates and reported satisfaction of the new nurse hires over a one-year period? Peer-reviewed...

The magnitude and impact of tobacco marketing exposure in adolescents' day-to-day lives: An ecological momentary assessment (EMA) study.

Research indicates that tobacco marketing contributes to higher pro-tobacco attitudes and behaviors among adolescents, but no studies have been able to assess the impact of real-world tobacco marketing exposures in real-time. The purpose of this study was to examine the magnitude and impact of tobacco marketing exposure on adolescents using ecological momentary assessment (EMA). Our primary hypotheses were that (1) youth would most frequently report tobacco marketing at the retail points-of-sale and (2) gre...

Salter-Harris Fractures of the Distal Phalanx: Treatment Algorithm and Surgical Outcomes.

Salter-Harris fractures of the distal phalanx with or without clinical evidence of nail-bed laceration are frequently undertreated.

Santayana's Axiom: The South Dakota State Medical Association and Medical Practice Legislation in 1929 and 2017.

In 1928 members of the South Dakota State Medical Association (SDSMA or the Association) held a special meeting in Huron to consider a basic science bill that conformed "…in its entirety to the conditions existing in our state." Their draft bill proposed a standardized examination for all practitioners of the healing arts. A legislative committee, with its attorney, "…was in Pierre during the early part of the 1929 legislative session to make sure the bill was properly launched and in effective channels...

Laboratory Safety in Parasitology Laboratory.

Working in a laboratory is very difficult and needs special attention. Laboratory workers can be exposed to numerous potential hazards including chemical, biological, physical, and radioactive. That is why it is really important to follow the working principles in laboratories for the sake of the lab analyzers and others who work with them in the lab. Laboratory safety includes the use of certain laboratory rules, methods, infrastructures, and devices during work to protect the working person and the workin...

Children's home and school neighbourhood exposure to alcohol marketing: Using wearable camera and GPS data to directly examine the link between retailer availability and visual exposure to marketing.

Neighbourhood alcohol availability has been associated with alcohol consumption by children, despite children rarely acquiring alcohol from retailers. This study explores one potential reason for this finding, by evaluating the relationships between neighbourhood alcohol availability and children's actual exposure to alcohol marketing.

Pathogenesis And Radiological Findings In Rare Case Of Salter Harris Type I Distal Tibial Fracture With Associated Osteonecrosis In The Paediatric Population.

Salter-Harris type I fractures of the distal tibia are commonly seen in paediatrics and management of such fractures follows an algorithm established in the literature. Despite this, osteonecrosis of the distal tibia can subsequently develop. Osteonecrosis or avascular necrosis is cell death that occurs secondary to trauma, metabolic disturbances, sickle cell disease, or medication side effect. It most frequently affects the femur, talus, or humerus, and rarely the tibia. Radiographs and MRI are pivotal in ...

Violation of the Harris-Barghathi-Vojta Criterion.

In 1974, Harris proposed his celebrated criterion: Continuous phase transitions in d-dimensional systems are stable against quenched spatial randomness whenever dν>2, where ν is the clean critical exponent of the correlation length. Forty years later, motivated by violations of the Harris criterion for certain lattices such as Voronoi-Delaunay triangulations of random point clouds, Barghathi and Vojta put forth a modified criterion for topologically disordered systems: aν>1, where a is the disorder decay...

Brownian Dynamics of Particles "Dressed" by Chiral Director Configurations in Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals.

We study Brownian dynamics of colloidal spheres, with planar anchoring conditions, suspended in the nematic phase of the lyotropic chromonic liquid crystal disodium chromoglycate (DSCG). Unlike typical liquid crystals, the unusually small twist elastic modulus of DSCG permits two energetically distinct helical distortions (twisted tails) of the nematic director to "dress" the suspended spheres. Video microscopy is used to characterize the helical distortions versus particle size and to measure particle mean...

Quantifying the Nature and Extent of Children's Real-time Exposure to Alcohol Marketing in Their Everyday Lives Using Wearable Cameras: Children's Exposure via a Range of Media in a Range of Key Places.

Children's exposure to alcohol marketing is typically measured using self-report data, television viewing data or street marketing audits, which are subject to bias and often do not provide quantifiable measures of daily exposure. This article describes an innovative methodology to capture the world in which children live using wearable cameras.

Nepal Health Insurance Bill: Possible Challenges and Way Forwards.

Nepal has one of the highest proportions of out of pocket expenditures on health and one quarter of the people is living below poverty line. In recent time, there is some increase of the health budget but country still relies on development partners. The endorsement of the national health insurance bill has enabled government to establish the national health insurance scheme through development of adequate policies, strategies and mechanisms for implementation at national and federal level. The scheme has m...

Updated Framework for Development of Evidence-Based Recommendations by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)* is a federal advisory committee that provides expert advice to the Director of CDC and the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in the form of recommendations on the use of vaccines and related agents for control of vaccine-preventable diseases in the U.S. civilian population (1,2). Work groups that gather, analyze, and prepare scientific information assist in the recommendation formulation process and present options for reco...

Post-marketing dosing changes in the label of biologicals.

To evaluate post-marketing label changes in dosing information of biologicals.

Inter-laboratory proficiency results of blood alcohol determinations at clinical and forensic laboratories in Italy.

Inter-laboratory proficiency schemes are widely used to control the performance of clinical and forensic toxicology laboratories. In 2016 the Laboratory of Environmental Hygiene and Forensic Toxicology - Venice (Italy) initiated an inter-laboratory proficiency test of blood-alcohol analysis. The number of participating laboratories gradually increased from 26 to 36. Furthermore, a few clinical laboratories were included if gas chromatographic (GC) methods were used for blood alcohol analysis.

Modelling and Simulation of a Lower Extremity Powered Exoskeleton.

Lower extremity powered exoskeletons (LEPEs) allow people with spinal cord injury (SCI) to stand and walk. However, the majority of LEPEs walk slowly and users can become fatigued from overuse of forearm crutches, suggesting LEPE design can be enhanced. Virtual prototyping is a cost-effective way of improving design; therefore, this research developed and validated two models that simulate walking with the Bionik Laboratories' ARKE exoskeleton attached to a human musculoskeletal model. The first model was d...

Toward evidence-based anti-human trafficking policy: a rapid review of CSE rehabilitation and evaluation of Indian legislation.

This paper (a) examines the evidence base around rehabilitation of victims of trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation (CSE), (b) identifies the extent that India's proposed 2016 Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection, and Rehabilitation) Bill reflects scientific and experiential evidence, and (c) discusses how gaps in the proposed bill can be informed by evidence. A rapid review of empirical studies on policies and interventions addressing rehabilitation of CSE victims was conducted. Although...

New Nonprofit Biotech From Bill and Melinda Gates.

Patrice Harris: stepping forward into the AMA.

The Lulun Project's social marketing strategy in a trial to introduce eggs during complementary feeding in Ecuador.

The Lulun Project incorporated a social marketing strategy that accompanied a randomized controlled trial (RCT) of a food-based intervention that introduced eggs into the complementary feeding diet of Ecuadorian infants. This strategy was designed to promote behaviour change, in this case, egg consumption, through voluntary prosocial behaviour, empowerment, and brand loyalty. A three-phase social marketing strategy (design, campaigns, and evaluation) contributed to our successful RTC by applying techniques ...

Director reorientation dynamics of ferromagnetic nematic liquid crystals.

Successful realization of ferromagnetic nematic liquid crystals has opened up the possibility to experimentally study a completely new set of fundamental physical phenomena. In this contribution we present a detailed investigation of some aspects of the static response and the complex dynamics of ferromagnetic liquid crystals under the application of an external magnetic field. Experimental results are then compared with a macroscopic model. Dynamics of the director were measured by optical methods and anal...

Retail Stores Policies for Marketing of Lobsters in Sardinia (Italy) as Influenced by Different Practices Related to Animal Welfare and Product Quality.

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the marketing policies of lobsters as influenced by different practices related to product quality in seven supermarkets located in Italy. Retailers were divided in two categories: large scale and medium scale. The two groups were compared to screen for differences and to assess differences in score distribution attributed to different practices related to product quality. Our results showed no statistical differences ( > 0.05) between the two categories. Lobster...

Challenges in the analysis of novel flame retardants in indoor dust: results of the INTERFLAB 2 interlaboratory evaluation.

The Interlaboratory Study of Novel Flame Retardants (INTERFLAB 2) was conducted by 20 laboratories in 12 countries to test the precision and accuracy of the analysis of 24 "novel" flame retardants (NFRs). Laboratories analyzed NFRs in injection-ready test mixtures, in extracts of residential dust, and in residential dust to evaluate the influence of dust handling and extraction. For test mixtures, mean reported concentrations of PBT, PBEB, EH-TBB, TBBPA, TBDP-TAZTO, TBOEP, α-TBCO, β-DBE-DBCH, and total HB...

Turkey's proposed bill could challenge doctors' livelihoods.

Disease awareness advertising (DAA) in emerging economy: A comparison between views of consumers and pharmaceutical professionals.

Research on effectiveness of DAA is limited. Existing researches explore impact of DAA only on relationship between drug manufacturers and consumers. However, in reality, pharma marketing revolves around three major stakeholders: the pharmaceutical companies, physicians and consumers. Pharmaceutical professionals on behalf of drug manufacturers have last mile connectivity with end users and they are an important stakeholder in this entire marketing relationship network. So, it is important for marketers to ...

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