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Third-quarter biotech job picture.

Second-quarter biotech job picture.

Research biotech patenting 2017.

Gates unveils biotech-within-a-charity.

Public biotech in 2017-the numbers.

New Nonprofit Biotech From Bill and Melinda Gates.

Biotech leaders call for free press.

US law threatens flow of foreign capital to biotech sector.

Genetic data sharing: a new type of capital.

Over the last three decades, various biotech companies, mostly in North America, have become experts in the production, processing and analysis of large volumes of genetic data. They have surpassed the performance of traditional academic platforms, by appropriating a new economic model: the two-sided market. Thus, by applying web 2.0 ideas, these biotech companies have made it possible for millions of users to produce and "share" data including genetic data, with each other and with third parties through a...

The ethics of access to patented biotech research tools from universities and other research institutions.

Detection of Transgenic Proteins by Immunoassays.

Rapid development and global cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops necessitated the use of analytical tools that detect GM crops throughout the product life cycle. Antibody-based immunoassays such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) are instrumental in detecting protein expression in transgenic plants. These analytical tools are used throughout development, regulatory registration, commercialization, and stewardship of biotech products. Here we describe the Cry1F ELISA analytical method p...

Pupil light reflex evoked by light-emitting diode and computer screen: Methodology and association with need for recovery in daily life.

Pupil light reflex (PLR) has been widely used as a method for evaluating parasympathetic activity. The first aim of the present study is to develop a PLR measurement using a computer screen set-up and compare its results with the PLR generated by a more conventional setup using light-emitting diode (LED). The parasympathetic nervous system, which is known to control the 'rest and digest' response of the human body, is considered to be associated with daily life fatigue. However, only few studies have attemp...

Differences in perceptions of e-cigarettes across daily and non-daily users.

E-cigarette use has increased significantly over the past decade. Among the growing population of e-cigarette users, several pattern-based subgroups have emerged, including daily and non-daily users. Daily users are at greater risk for experiencing negative health consequences from use. Yet, little is understood about underlying e-cigarette processes that may be related to daily use relative to non-daily use.

AFOB Summer Forum - A 'Davos Forum' for Asian Biotechnology.

Development of new hepatitis E vaccines.

Hepatitis E virus (HEV) infection is an emerging zoonotic disease posing a severe threat to public health in the world, especially to pregnant women. Currently, no specific treatments are available for HEV infection. Therefore, it is crucial to develop vaccine to prevent this infection. Although several potential candidate vaccines against HEV have been studied for their immunogenicity and efficacy, only Hecolin® which is developed by Xiamen Innovax Biotech Co., Ltd. and approved by China Food and Drug Adm...

Chronic Cough Is Associated With Long Breaks in Esophageal Peristaltic Integrity on High-resolution Manometry.

Breaks in the peristaltic contour on esophageal high-resolution manometry (HRM) may be associated with bolus retention in the esophagus. We evaluated the relationship between peristaltic breaks and esophageal symptoms, reflux exposure, and symptom outcomes in a prospective patient cohort.

Multiscale heterogeneity in filamentous microbes.

Microbial cells within clonal populations can display different morphologies or carry out different tasks. This heterogeneity is beneficial at the population level and allows microbes to spread risk or separate incompatible activities. Heterogeneity is also evident in filamentous bacteria and fungi, which form mycelial networks consisting of interconnected hyphae. Here, heterogeneity is observed between clonal mycelial particles, between different zones of colonies, between adjacent hyphae and even between ...

Solvent Tolerance in Bacteria: Fulfilling the Promise of the Biotech Era?

The challenge of sustainably producing highly valuable chemical compounds requires specialized microbial cell factories because many of these compounds can be toxic to microbial hosts. Therefore, solvent-tolerant bacteria are promising production hosts because of their intrinsic tolerance towards these compounds. Recent studies have helped to elucidate the molecular mechanisms involved in solvent tolerance. Advances in synthetic biological tools will enable further development of streamlined solvent-toleran...

Bioactive characteristics and optimization of tamarind seed protein hydrolysate for antioxidant-rich food formulations.

Tamarind seed has been a source of valuable nutrients such as protein (contains high amount of many essential amino acids), essential fatty acids, and minerals which are recognized as additive to develop perfect balanced functional foods. The objective of present work was to optimize the process parameters for extraction and hydrolysis of protein from tamarind seeds. Papain-derived hydrolysates showed a maximum degree of hydrolysis (39.49%) and radical scavenging activity (42.92 ± 2.83%) at optimized c...

Quantification of DNA Double Strand Breaks using Geant4-DNA.

This study aims to standardize the simulation procedure in measuring DNA Double Strand Breaks (DSBs), by using advanced Monte Carlo toolkits, and newly introduced experimental methods for DNA DSB measurement.

Support Needs of People With Head and Neck Cancer Regarding the Disease and Its Treatment.

To provide insight into people's experiences in dealing with the consequences of head and neck cancer (HNC) in daily life and their needs for self-management support.

Programmed DNA Breaks Activate the Germline Genome in Caenorhabditis elegans.

In Caenorhabditis elegans, the primordial germ cells Z2 and Z3 are born during early embryogenesis and then held in a transcriptionally quiescent state where the genome is highly compacted. When hatched L1s feed, the germline genome decompacts, and RNAPII is abruptly and globally activated. A previously documented yet unexplained feature of germline genome activation in the worm is the appearance of numerous DNA breaks coincident with RNAPII transcription. Here, we show that the DNA breaks are induced by t...

Exploring expression patterns of PR-1, PR-2, PR-3, and PR-12 like genes in upon inoculation.

In this study, we systematically examined the expression patterns of pathogenesis-related genes in model plant after inoculation using reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR). Based on the results, none of the PR-1 and PR-2 like genes were induced significantly in the unwounded local or distal leaves upon challenge. However, only of the PR-1like gene showed a significant expression in wounded leave after  challenge but not in control; confirming its expression in response to was ai...

Work of the NHS England Youth Forum and its effect on health services.

To examine the role of members of the NHS England Youth Forum (NHSEYF) and the strategies used to influence health service provision for children and young people.

Intensity of Daily Drinking and its Relation to Alcohol Use Disorders.

Daily drinking is an important public health concern and informative for evaluating diagnostic classification. In particular, daily binge drinkers might be considered as the prototype of some forms of alcoholism, as this drinking pattern may drive many alcohol use disorder (AUD) symptoms. However, daily drinking potentially captures a wide range of drinkers, including light-moderate daily drinkers who exhibit presumed control over their drinking behavior and might benefit from salutary effects on health. Th...

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