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Egocentric Temporal Action Proposals.

We present an approach to localize generic actions in egocentric videos, called temporal action proposals (TAPs), for accelerating the action recognition step. An egocentric TAP refers to a sequence of frames that may contain a generic action performed by the wearer of a head-mounted camera, e.g., taking a knife, spreading jam, pouring milk, or cutting carrots. Inspired by object proposals, this paper aims at generating a small number of TAPs, thereby replacing the popular sliding window strategy, for local...

Improving the Performance of DNA Strand Displacement Circuits by Shadow Cancellation.

DNA strand displacement circuits are powerful tools that can be rationally engineered to implement molecular computing tasks because they are programmable, cheap, robust and predictable. A key feature of these circuits is the use of catalytic gates to amplify signal. Catalytic gates tend to leak, that is, they generate output signal even in the absence of intended input. Leaks are harmful to the performance and correct operation of DNA strand displacement circuits. Here, we present "shadow cancellation", a ...

Who is my Jung? A personal and symbolic history.

Identifying the reality of Jung in my life requires first of all a historical examination. How Jung first came into my life through my reading a book by P.W.Martin, Experiment in Depth, stands as a metaphor for the conscious unravelling of psychological development. His further appearance in a sequence of dreams demonstrated the significance of both the instinctual and the numinous in Jung's life and in my personal individuation. Finally, through a consideration of light and shadow, particularly in two phot...

Four Key Steps Control Glycolytic Flux in Mammalian Cells.

Altered glycolysis is a hallmark of diseases including diabetes and cancer. Despite intensive study of the contributions of individual glycolytic enzymes, systems-level analyses of flux control through glycolysis remain limited. Here, we overexpress in two mammalian cell lines the individual enzymes catalyzing each of the 12 steps linking extracellular glucose to excreted lactate, and find substantial flux control at four steps: glucose import, hexokinase, phosphofructokinase, and lactate export (and not a...

My People, 2014.

A nurse with a gravely injured family member taps a hidden network of support.

Leveraging EUnetHTA's conceptual framework to compare HTA decision drivers in France, Italy, and Germany from a manufacturer's point of view.

Health Technology Assessments (HTA) procedures differ substantially across the various European countries. We reviewed recent appraisals of a pharmaceutical manufacturer in three major European markets (France; Italy; Germany) and identified and categorized related decision drivers.

Ocular Blood Volume Index Based on Scattering Properties of Retinal Vessels Using Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography.

Introduction The evaluation of retinal vessels and the retinal blood flow is important for ocular diseases. We introduce a spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) based method for facilitating a retinal blood vessel analysis using the scattering properties of retinal vessels. The intensity of the distal shadow of vessels caused by the scattered signal is measured, correlated with the pulsatile ocular blood flow (POBF), and its repeatability is analysed. Methods 20 eyes of 20 healthy, young par...

Differences in Word and Phoneme Recognition in Quiet, Sentence Recognition in Noise, and Subjective Outcomes between Manufacturer First-Fit and Hearing Aids Programmed to NAL-NL2 Using Real-Ear Measures.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and American Academy of Audiology (AAA) have created Best Practice Guidelines for fitting hearing aids to adult patients. These guidelines recommend using real-ear measures (REM) to verify that measured output/gain of hearing aid(s) match a validated prescriptive target. Unfortunately, approximately 70-80% of audiologists do not routinely use REM when fitting hearing aids, instead relying on a manufacturer default "first-fit" setting. This is problemat...

Denial: in its own shadow.

Congenital Syphilis-Still a Shadow on the Land.

Setbacks shadow microRNA therapies in the clinic.

Denial: in its own shadow (a clinical response).

Pharmacy Costs of Systemic Medications for Hidradenitis Suppurativa in the United States.

Considerable work has been done to characterize the economic burdens of atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and skin cancers, but the long-term medication costs of hidradenitis suppurativa remain unknown. Manufacturer-reported benchmarks such as Average Wholesale Price (AWP) and Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) are commonly used to estimate medication costs in dermatology, but do not account for manufacturer-to-pharmacy price reductions, which are commonplace in prescription medication pricing. This manuscript us...

Chemoenzymatic Approach to Tetrodotoxin: Synthesis of Fukuyama's, Alonso's, and Sato's Advanced Intermediates.

The advanced intermediates in the syntheses of tetrodotoxin reported by Fukuyama, Alonso, and Sato were prepared. The key steps in the synthesis of the title compounds involved the toluene dioxygenase-mediated dihydroxylation of either iodobenzene or benzyl acetate. The resulting diene diols were transformed to Fukuyama's intermediate in seven steps, to Alonso's intermediate in nine steps and to Sato's intermediate in ten steps, respectively.

Immunoglobulin G4 related disease association with an isolated anterior mediastinal tumor.

We treated a patient with immunoglobulin G4-related disease (IgG4-RD) exhibiting an isolated anterior mediastinal mass with high 2-[F]-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (FDG) accumulation, which mimicked thymoma. The 71-year-old male who had a 47 mm anterior mediastinal mass shadow, was referred to our department. As positron emission tomography(PET) revealed the mass to have a high level of FDG accumulation, we diagnosed it as suspected thymoma; thoracoscopic resection of the tumor was then performed. Immunohistolo...

Effects of Anti-IL-5 on Virus Induced Exacerbation in Asthma: Light and Shadow.

Electrocardiogram failure in the operating room - manufacturer's comment.

Shadow Mask Templates for Site-Selective Metal Exchange in Magnesium Porphyrin Nanorings.

Molecular templates can be used in many different ways to control the outcome of chemical reactions. Here we present a new type of template-directed synthesis. We show that templates can be used as shadow masks: the shape of the template becomes imprinted on the product because reaction only occurs at sites not masked by the template. We demonstrate this effect by using oligopyridine templates to dictate the sites of demetallation when a magnesium porphyrin nanoring is treated with acid. Magnesium centers t...

Reference intervals and diagnostic ranges for serum free κ and free λ immunoglobulin light chains vary by instrument platform: Implications for classification of patient results in a multi-center study.

Serum free light chain (FLC) immunoglobulins are key biomarkers that aid in the diagnosis, prognosis and assessment of treatment response in patients with plasma cell disorders (PCD). Here we investigated the transference of manufacturer's reported κFLC, λFLC and κ to λ FLC reference intervals (RI) and established de novo FLC RI and diagnostic ranges on four instruments at three academic medical centers. In addition, we also compared the classification of patient FLC results using manufacturer's versus ...

Quantification of vitamin D in commercial dog foods and comparison with Association of American Feed Control Officials recommendations and manufacturer-reported concentrations.

OBJECTIVE To quantify vitamin D (VitD) concentrations in commercial dog foods and compare those concentrations with Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) recommendations and manufacturer-reported concentrations. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SAMPLE 82 commercial dog foods. PROCEDURES Samples of commercially available dog foods were obtained from owners of healthy dogs in the Guelph, ON, Canada, area and owners of dogs that were patients at the Ontario Veterinary College Health Sciences Cent...

Qualitative Exploration of the Feasibility and Acceptability of Workplace-based Microgrants to Improve Physical Activity: The 10,000 Steps Pedometer Microgrant Scheme.

Despite the benefits associated with workplace health programs, many organisations are unable to offer them due to financial constraints. To address this barrier, the existing 10,000 Steps program trialled the 10,000 Steps Pedometer Microgrant Scheme. This study assessed the feasibility and acceptability of the Microgrant Scheme.

Documenting metrological traceability as intended by ISO 15189:2012: A consensus statement about the practice of the implementation and auditing of this norm element.

ISO15189:2012 requires medical laboratories to document metrological traceability of their results. While the ISO17511:2003 standard on metrological traceability in laboratory medicine requires the use of the highest available level in the traceability chain, it recognizes that for many measurands there is no reference above the manufacturer's selected measurement procedure and the manufacturer's working calibrator. Some immunoassays, although they intend to measure the same quantity and may even refer to t...

Addressing Generic-Drug Market Failures - The Case for Establishing a Nonprofit Manufacturer.

Sampling in schools and large institutional buildings: Implications for regulations, exposure and management of lead and copper.

Legacy lead and copper components are ubiquitous in plumbing of large buildings including schools that serve children most vulnerable to lead exposure. Lead and copper samples must be collected after varying stagnation times and interpreted in reference to different thresholds. A total of 130 outlets (fountains, bathroom and kitchen taps) were sampled for dissolved and particulate lead as well as copper. Sampling was conducted at 8 schools and 3 institutional (non-residential) buildings served by municipal ...

Data Mining CMMSs: How to Convert Data into Knowledge.

Although the healthcare technology management (HTM) community has decades of accumulated medical device-related maintenance data, little knowledge has been gleaned from these data. Finding and extracting such knowledge requires the use of the well-established, but admittedly somewhat foreign to HTM, application of inferential statistics. This article sought to provide a basic background on inferential statistics and describe a case study of their application, limitations, and proper interpretation. The rese...

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