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Association between the employment status and the presence of depressive symptoms in men and women in Mexico.

This study aims to estimate the relationship between employment status and depressive symptoms among Mexican adults, as well as to explore its differential effect by gender. Cross-sectional study of 36,516 adults between 20 and 59 years of age taken from the 2012 Mexican National Health and Nutrition Survey. Depressive symptoms were evaluated using the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D), and the employment status was determined a week before the survey. Logistic regression models were...

Treatment seeking by employment characteristics among Australian males: a longitudinal study from the Ten to Men study.

Men are less likely to seek treatment for mental health problems than women; however, the structural employment-related factors influencing this relationship are unknown.

Adverse employment histories and health functioning: the CONSTANCES study.

With changing employment histories in European labour markets, occupational health research needs to be supplemented by an approach that integrates adverse characteristics of entire employment histories, in terms of precarious, discontinued and disadvantaged employment careers. We analyse associations of adverse employment histories and six measures of health functioning, including affective, physical and cognitive functioning.

A method for developing organisation-wide manual handling based physical employment standards in a military context.

The benefit of job-related employment standards in physically demanding occupations are well known. A number of methodological frameworks have been established to guide the development of physical employment standards for single job functions. In the case of an organisation comprised of multiple and diverse employment specialisations, such as the Australian Army, it is impractical to develop unique employment standards for each occupation.

The effect of body weight on employment among Canadian women: evidence from Canadian data.

This paper examines the impact of obesity on labour market participation among Canadian women by using various Canadian population health surveys.

Who suffers from the cumulation of atypical employment? A longitudinal analysis based on Dutch data.

Our study examines the relationship between the cumulation of employment statuses such as temporary contracts, self-employed, work at home or participating in the business activity of the spouse, and the health of Dutch early career workers. We followed four cohorts of Dutch early career workers that entered the labour market in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008 for a period of six years. Based on our fixed effects models, we conclude that men but not women who during their first six years of labour market particip...

Migration among temporary foreign workers: Examining health and access to health care among Filipina live-in caregivers.

In 2015, approximately 14,000 migrants were accepted into Canada as live-in caregivers. While extensive research has documented the working conditions of migrant live-in caregivers, few studies examine the health experiences of this population related to their employment as caregivers. This research examines the relationship between employment under the Federal Government's (Live-in) Caregiver Program and health and access to healthcare services among 21 Filipina caregivers working in the Greater Toronto Ar...

Neighborhood ethnic density and self-rated health: Investigating the mechanisms through social capital and health behaviors.

While living with co-ethnics benefits minorities' health, the so-called ethnic density effect, little is known about the mechanisms through which neighborhood ethnic density influences self-rated health. We examine two pathways, namely neighborhood social capital and health behaviors, with a 2010 survey collected in Philadelphia (2297 blacks and 492 Hispanics). The mediation analysis indicates that (1) living with co-ethnics is beneficial to both blacks' and Hispanics' self-rated health, (2) neighborhood so...

Couples' employment after spousal kidney donation.

We used data from the United Network for Organ Sharing registry of living kidney donors and recipients to identify correlates of paid employment among couples following spousal living donation. Among such couples, post-transplant employment of both spouses (41%) was as common as employment of the donor only (41%). However, when the recipient was female, donor-only employment after transplant was more than twice as likely as compared to employment of both spouses (relative risk ratio = 2.57; p 

Women with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Benefit More from Rituximab-Containing Chemotherapy.

Diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is the most common non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The treatment response and overall survival (OS) improved after incorporating rituximab with chemotherapies. Yet, available evidence as to whether women and men may benefit similarly from rituximab have not been adequately addressed, particularly in the real-world setting. The objective of this study was to examine sex differences in the clinical outcomes of rituximab in DLBCL patients using the Taiwan Cancer Registry Database an...

How (not) to make women work?

Women in developed economies have experienced an unparalleled increase in employment rates, to the point that the gap with respect to men was cut in half. This positive trend has often been attributed to changes in the opportunity costs of working (e.g. access to caring facilities) and the opportunity costs of not-working (notably, relative growth in wages in positions more frequently occupied by women, improved educational attainment). Meanwhile, the gender employment gaps were stagnant in transition econo...

Interjurisdictional Variance in US Workers' Benefits for Emergency Response Volunteers.

Volunteers who are deployed during times of disaster are critical public health system assets. These individuals share concerns about a variety of subjects with public health law implications, including whether they are entitled to employment benefits before, during, and after disaster response. We examined and analyzed state employment benefit laws pertaining to emergency response volunteers. We used the Emergency Law Inventory (ELI; )-an informatics tool developed at the Un...

How disability insurance reforms change the consequences of health shocks on income and employment.

This paper examines whether Dutch disability insurance reforms have helped or hindered employment opportunities of workers that are facing unanticipated shocks to their health. An important component of the reforms was to make employers responsible for paying sickness benefits and to strengthen their sickness monitoring obligations. This may stimulate preventive and reintegration activities by firms. Using administrative data on hospitalizations, we conclude that both financial incentives and monitoring obl...

Race- and Sex-Related Differences in Nephrolithiasis Risk among Blacks and Whites in the Southern Community Cohort Study.

Objectives To investigate race-sex associations with risk among whites and blacks in the southeastern United States. The relationship between race, sex, and kidney stone risk is poorly understood Methods Participants were 42,136 black and white adults enrolled in the Southern Community Cohort Study between 2002-2009, with no history of kidney stones and receiving Medicare or Medicaid services. Incident kidney stone diagnoses through December 2014 were determined via linkage with Centers for Medicare and Med...

Gender differences in common mental disorders: a comparison of social risk factors across four European welfare regimes.

Decreasing gender differences in mental health are found largely in countries in which the roles of men and women have improved in terms of opportunities for employment, education, child care and other indicators of increasing gender equality. In this study, we examine how European welfare regimes influence this association between mental health and the social roles that men and women occupy.

Mass incarceration, race inequality, and health: Expanding concepts and assessing impacts on well-being.

We explore race differences in how individuals experience mass incarceration, as well as in mass incarceration's impacts on measures of well-being that are recognized as major social determinants of health. We draw on baseline data from a sample of 302 men and women recently released from prison/jail or placed directly onto probation in New Haven, Connecticut (CT) for drug related offenses and followed at 6-month intervals for two years (2011-2014). We describe race differences in experiences of mass incarc...

Improving HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis Implementation for Women: Summary of Key Findings From a Discussion Series With Women's HIV Prevention Experts.

Medicaid expansions and labor supply among low-income childless adults: evidence from 2000 to 2013.

Medicaid expansions to low-income childless adults could have unintended effects on labor supply. Using 2000-2013 current population survey data, we exploit changes in adult Medicaid eligibility across states to estimate its effect on labor supply for three samples of adults most likely to be affected by changes in Medicaid eligibility: those with less than a high school degree, a high school degree only, and income less than 300% of the federal poverty line. Medicaid eligibility was associated with a reduc...

Behavior analysts in the war on poverty: Developing an operant antipoverty program.

Poverty is associated with poor health and affects many United States residents. The therapeutic workplace, an operant intervention designed to treat unemployed adults with histories of drug addiction, could form the basis for an effective antipoverty program. Under the therapeutic workplace, participants receive pay for work. To promote drug abstinence or medication adherence, participants must provide drug-free urine samples or take scheduled doses of medication, respectively, to maintain maximum pay. The...

Measuring the relationships between adverse childhood experiences and educational and employment success in England and Wales: findings from a retrospective study.

Educational and employment outcomes are critical elements in determining the life course of individuals, yet through health and other mechanisms, those who suffer adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) may experience barriers to achieve in these domains. This study examines the association between ACEs and poor educational outcomes, before considering the impact of ACEs and education on employment in adulthood.

Health, Education and Employment Outcomes in Young Refugees in the Nordic Countries: A Systematic Review.

Since 2000, approximately 500,000 refugees have settled in the Nordic countries, about a third of them being children and young people. To identify general trends, and to detect gaps in the existing knowledge about the socioeconomic and health status of these young refugees, this review discusses the literature regarding three key areas related to welfare policy: health, education and employment.

Does the Health of Adult Child Caregivers Vary by Employment Status in the United States?

This study investigates whether the health effects of informal caregiving for aging parents vary by employment status in the United States. Two opposing hypotheses are tested: dual role strain and role enhancement.

Cardiovascular Health of Mothers in the United States: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2007-2014.

Pregnancy and childrearing can impact women's health and alter chronic disease trajectories in later life, including cardiovascular disease. The purpose of this study was to assess measures of women's cardiovascular health by time since last live birth.

Socioeconomic and health-related childhood and adolescence predictors of entry into paid employment.

Most studies on prolonging working careers have explored later career, while less is known about social and particularly health-related determinants of entry into labour market. We examined social and health-related factors from childhood and adolescence as predictors of age at entry into paid employment and early occupational class, and whether own education moderates these associations.

Plasma Steroids are Not Associated with Resting and Exercise Blood Pressure.

We investigated the associations between steroid hormones and resting and exercise blood pressure in the sedentary state and in response to an exercise program controlling for sex, body mass, ethnicity, age, oral contraceptives, hormone therapy, smoking and alcohol intake in subjects from the HERITAGE Family Study.: In the sedentary state, 267 men (28% Blacks) and 301 women (37% Blacks) were available, and 241 men and 254 women completed the exercise program. Fourteen steroid hormones and sex hormone-bindin...

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