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Evaluating the Commercial Airliner Cabin Environment with Different Air Distribution Systems.

Ventilation systems for commercial airliner cabins are important in reducing contaminant transport and maintaining thermal comfort. To evaluate the performance of a personalized displacement ventilation system, a conventional displacement ventilation system, and a mixing ventilation system, this study first used the Wells-Riley equation integrated with CFD to obtain the SARS quanta value based on a specific SARS outbreak on a flight. This investigation then compared the three ventilation systems in a seven-...

3D Organ Modeling with Open-Source Software.

To date, 3D organ modeling has not reached widespread clinical use, despite showing promise in medical literature. The majority of anatomic modeling that is presented in the literature is performed with proprietary software, presenting certain barriers to use such as price for usage rights. Open-source software not only circumvents this barrier, but also often provides greater customization offered by global communities. In this proof-of-concept experiment, a HeartMate II LVAD was "virtually fit" in a patie...

: User Interface Software Errors in Medical Devices: Study of U.S. Recall Data.

The current work assessed U.S. medical device recalls during 2012-15, with the goal of under-standing the impact and nature of user interface (UI) software errors in medical devices. Based on information from the Food and Drug Administration's public and internal recall databases, 423 (~140/year) medical device recalls were identified as resulting from UI software errors, which accounted for nearly one-half of recalls caused by software errors during the same period. A total of 499 UI software errors were i...

Considerations on the use of IRAMUTEQ software for qualitative data analysisANSWER LETTERIRAMUTEQ: um software gratuito para análise de dados textuais.

Localization of Deep Brain Stimulation Electrode by Image Registration Is Software Dependent: A Comparative Study between Four Widely Used Software Programs.

The control of the anatomic position of the active contacts is essential to understand the effects and adapt the settings of the neurostimulation. The localization is commonly assessed by a registration between the preoperative MRI and the postoperative CT scan. However, its accuracy depends on the quality of the registration algorithm and many software programs are available.

Technical note: Comparing dental topography software using platyrrhine molars.

There remain many idiosyncrasies among the values calculated for varying dental topography metrics arising from differences in software preferences among research groups. The aim of this work is to compare and provide potential conversion formulae for dental topography metrics calculated using differing software platforms.

Hyperemia Analysis Software for Assessment of Conjunctival Hyperemia Severity.

We developed a hyperemia analysis software, which can quantitatively assess the degree of conjunctival hyperemia, and we evaluated the reproducibility and reliability of its percent coverage. In addition, we compared the clinical grading and the percent coverage to examine the applicability of the software analysis.

CalAtom: A software for quantitatively analysing atomic columns in a transmission electron microscope image.

We developed a software tool named CalAtom in MATLAB™ for quantitative analyses of atomic columns in (scanning) transmission electron microscopy, (S)TEM, images. This software provides three algorithms to determine the position of an atomic column with high precision: the moment method, the model-based method and the multiple-ellipse fitting method. Based on the measured positions, the software offers several options for further analyses, such as in-plane scale local environments of the atomic columns, lo...

SBOL on the Web: Bringing the Synthetic Biology Open Language to the Web browser.

The Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) is a data standard for the in silico representation of biological designs, such as engineered genetic circuits and their constituent DNA and protein components. The SBOL specification is implemented in the form of software libraries, which can then be used to add SBOL support to both new and existing software tools. Examples of existing SBOL libraries include libSBOLj for Java, libSBOL for C, and pySBOL for Python. These libraries can be used to develop software th...

GitHub Statistics as a Measure of the Impact of Open-Source Bioinformatics Software.

Modern research is increasingly data-driven and reliant on bioinformatics software. Publication is a common way of introducing new software, but not all bioinformatics tools get published. Giving there are competing tools, it is important not merely to find the appropriate software, but have a metric for judging its usefulness. Journal's impact factor has been shown to be a poor predictor of software popularity; consequently, focusing on publications in high-impact journals limits user's choices in finding ...

Open source software in quantum computing.

Open source software is becoming crucial in the design and testing of quantum algorithms. Many of the tools are backed by major commercial vendors with the goal to make it easier to develop quantum software: this mirrors how well-funded open machine learning frameworks enabled the development of complex models and their execution on equally complex hardware. We review a wide range of open source software for quantum computing, covering all stages of the quantum toolchain from quantum hardware interfaces thr...

A comparison of software for the evaluation of complex DNA profiles.

We compare two open-source programs for the evaluation of evidential weight arising from complex DNA profiles recovered in a crime investigation. Here, "complex" means one or more of: low-template, degraded and mixed-source. Although software for complex DNA profile analysis has made great strides in recent years, the ability of courts to effectively scrutinise and challenge the reliability of the resulting evidence remains problematic. One key step is to compare different software on the same evidence, but...

A Prospective, Randomized Study of Surgical Positioning Software Shows Improved Cup Placement in Total Hip Arthroplasty.

Several technologies are available to assist surgeons with acetabular component positioning in total hip arthroplasty. The purpose of this study was to determine whether surgical positioning software would improve cup position compared with fluoroscopy. This prospective, randomized study compared 200 primary total hip arthroplasty cups placed with and without surgical positioning software. All cases were performed by a single surgeon using the direct anterior approach with fluoroscopy. The target abduction ...

SIAN: software for structural identifiability analysis of ODE models.

Biological processes are often modeled by ordinary differential equations with unknown parameters. The unknown parameters are usually estimated from experimental data. In some cases, due to the structure of the model, this estimation problem does not have a unique solution even in the case of continuous noise-free data. It is therefore desirable to check the uniqueness a priori before carrying out actual experiments. We present a new software SIAN (Structural Identifiability ANalyser) that does this. Our so...

HisCoM-GGI: Software for Hierarchical Structural Component Analysis of Gene-Gene Interactions.

Gene-gene interaction (GGI) analysis is known to play an important role in explain missing heritability issue. Many previous studies have already proposed software to analyze GGI, but most methods focus on a binary phenotype in case-control design. In this study, we developed 'Hierarchical structural CoMponent analysis of Gene-Gene Interactions' (HisCoM-GGI) software for gene-gene interaction analysis with a continuous phenotype. The HisCoM-GGI method considers hierarchical structural relationships between ...

Validation of Post-Treatment PET-Based Dosimetry Software for Hepatic Radioembolization of Yttrium-90 Microspheres.

Yttrium-90 ( Y) microsphere radioembolization enables selective internal radiotherapy for hepatic malignancies. Currently, there is no standard post-delivery imaging and dosimetry of the microsphere distribution to verify treatment. Recent studies have reported utilizing the small positron yield of Y (32 ppm) with PET to perform treatment verification and dosimetry analysis. In this study, we validated a commercial dosimetry software, MIM SurePlan LiverY90 (MIM Software Inc., Cleveland, OH), for clinical u...

CHAP: Open-source software for processing and analyzing pupillometry data.

Pupil dilation is an effective indicator of cognitive and affective processes. Although several eyetracker systems on the market can provide effective solutions for pupil dilation measurement, there is a lack of tools for processing and analyzing the data provided by these systems. For this reason, we developed CHAP: open-source software written in MATLAB. This software provides a user-friendly graphical user interface for processing and analyzing pupillometry data. Our software creates uniform conventions ...

GRITS Toolbox - a freely available software for processing, annotating, and archiving glycomics mass spectrometry data.

Mass spectrometry (MS) is one of the most effective techniques for high-throughput, high-resolution characterization of glycan structures. Although many software applications have been developed over the last decades for the interpretation of MS data of glycan structures, only a few are capable of dealing with the large data sets produced by glycomics analysis. Furthermore, these applications utilize databases that can lead to redundant glycan annotations and do not support post-processing of the data withi...

Exploring the impact of analysis software on task fMRI results.

A wealth of analysis tools are available to fMRI researchers in order to extract patterns of task variation and, ultimately, understand cognitive function. However, this "methodological plurality" comes with a drawback. While conceptually similar, two different analysis pipelines applied on the same dataset may not produce the same scientific results. Differences in methods, implementations across software, and even operating systems or software versions all contribute to this variability. Consequently, att...

BEAST 2.5: An advanced software platform for Bayesian evolutionary analysis.

Elaboration of Bayesian phylogenetic inference methods has continued at pace in recent years with major new advances in nearly all aspects of the joint modelling of evolutionary data. It is increasingly appreciated that some evolutionary questions can only be adequately answered by combining evidence from multiple independent sources of data, including genome sequences, sampling dates, phenotypic data, radiocarbon dates, fossil occurrences, and biogeographic range information among others. Including all rel...

Testing the reliability of 3D-ID software in sex and ancestry estimation with a modern Greek sample.

A primary concern in forensic anthropology, when reconstructing the biological profile of an unidentified individual is ancestry and sex estimation. The development of multivariate statistical methods and the assembly of large reference sample databases gave rise to the development of specialized computer software for sex and ancestry estimation. Among various such software, the 3D-ID is the only freely-available program that can handle missing values in the input dataset. The present study evaluates the re...


Developing methods to accelerate improvements in motor function are welcomed in clinical practice. Therefore, the aim of this study is to describe changes in brain activity related to the execution of motor tasks implemented on a software - the NeuroMaze - developed specifically to stimulate speed-accuracy tradeoff.

Facial recognition software in clinical dysmorphology.

The current review aims to discuss the incorporation of facial recognition software into the clinical practice of dysmorphology and medical genetics.

Shape outline extraction software (DiaOutline) for elliptic Fourier analysis application in morphometric studies.

Studies of plant cell and organ outline using shape analysis for taxonomic and morphological research have increased in the past decade. However, there are a limited number of available modern, intuitive, and easy software tools to conduct this work.

Simple computation of the approximated Modulation-Transfer-Function (MTF) using spreadsheet-software: method and evaluation in five maxillofacial CBCT-devices.

To develop a simple way to compute the approximated modulation transfer function (MTF) manually using conventional spreadsheet software.

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