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Effects of proinsulin misfolding on β-cell dynamics, differentiation and function in diabetes.

ER stress due to proinsulin misfolding has an important role in the pathophysiology of rare forms of permanent neonatal diabetes (PNDM) and probably also of common type 1 (T1D) and type 2 diabetes (T2D). Accumulation of misfolded proinsulin in the ER stimulates the unfolded protein response (UPR) that may eventually lead to apoptosis through a process called the terminal UPR. However, the β-cell ER has an incredible ability to cope with accumulation of misfolded proteins; therefore, it is not clear whether...

Regulation of islet glucagon secretion: Beyond calcium.

The islet of Langerhans plays a key role in glucose homeostasis through regulated secretion of the hormones insulin and glucagon. Islet research has focused on the insulin-secreting β-cells, even though aberrant glucagon secretion from α-cells also contributes to the aetiology of diabetes. Despite its importance, the mechanisms controlling glucagon secretion remain controversial. Proper α-cell function requires the islet milieu, where β- and δ-cells drive and constrain α-cell dynamics. The response of...

Biosynthesis, structure, and folding of the insulin precursor protein.

Insulin synthesis in pancreatic β-cells is initiated as preproinsulin. Prevailing glucose concentrations, which oscillate pre- and postprandially, exert major dynamic variation in preproinsulin biosynthesis. Accompanying upregulated translation of the insulin precursor includes elements of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) translocation apparatus linked to successful orientation of the signal peptide, translocation and signal peptide cleavage of preproinsulin-all of which are necessary to initiate the pathway...

Role of ghrelin in pancreatic development and function.

Ghrelin is a gastric peptide with anabolic functions. It acutely stimulates growth hormone (GH) secretion from the anterior pituitary glands and modulates hypothalamic circuits that control food intake and energy expenditure. Besides its central activity, ghrelin is also involved in the regulation of pancreatic development and physiology. Particularly, several studies highlighted the ability of ghrelin to sustain β-cell viability and proliferation. Furthermore, ghrelin seems to exert inhibitory effects on ...

Lysosomes in nutrient signalling: A focus on pancreatic β-cells.

Regulated insulin secretion from pancreatic β-cells is a major process maintaining glucose homeostasis in mammals. Enhancing insulin release in response to chronic nutrient overload and obesity-related insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) requires several adaptive cellular mechanisms maintaining β-cell health under such stresses. Once these mechanisms are overwhelmed, β-cell failure occurs leading to full-blown Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). Nutrient-dependent macroautophagy represents one such adaptive mechanism i...

Re: Patient-initiated follow up affects fear of recurrence and healthcare use: a randomised trial in early-stage endometrial cancer.

Variation in abundance of predicted resistance genes in the Brassica oleracea pangenome.

Brassica oleracea is an important agricultural species encompassing many vegetable crops including cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and kale, however it can be susceptible to a variety of fungal diseases such as clubroot, blackleg, leaf spot, and downy mildew. Resistance to these diseases is meditated by specific disease resistance genes-analogs (RGAs) which are differently distributed across B. oleracea lines. The sequenced reference cultivar does not contain all B. oleracea genes due to gene presence/absenc...

Associations between maternal physical activity in early and late pregnancy and offspring birth size: remote federated individual level meta-analysis from eight cohort studies.

Evidence on the impact of leisure time physical activity (LTPA) in pregnancy on birth size is inconsistent. We aimed to examine the association between LTPA during early and late pregnancy and newborn anthropometric outcomes.

Transcriptomic analysis of interactions between Hyphantria cunea larvae and nucleopolyhedrovirus.

Hyphantria cunea is a destructive forest pest. To utilise H. cunea nucleopolyhedrovirus (HcNPV) for biological control, understanding insect-virus interactions is essential.

The Effect of Maternal Age on Obstetric Interventions in a Low-Risk Population.

Obstetric interventions appear to increase with advancing maternal age, but limited supporting evidence exists, particularly for young women and specifically for prelabor and intrapartum cesarean birth. The aim of this study was to explore the association between obstetric interventions and maternal age in a low-risk population.

Whole-exome sequencing identifies novel pathogenic variants across the ATP7B gene and some modifiers of Wilson's disease phenotype.

Wilson's disease (WD) is an autosomal recessive disorder associated with disease-causing alterations across the ATP7B gene, with highly variable symptoms and age of onset. We aimed to assess whether the clinical variability of WD relates to modifier genes.

Expansion of the Liver Donor Supply Through Greater Use of Split Liver Transplantation: Identifying Optimal Recipients.

The increased use of split liver transplantation (SLT) represents one strategy to increase the supply of organs. Although outcomes after SLT and whole liver transplantation (WLT) are similar on average among pediatric recipients, we hypothesized that the relationship between graft type and outcomes may vary depending on patient, donor, and surgical characteristics. We evaluated graft survival among pediatric (50 years, recipient weight

Spotlights on our sister journals: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 39/2018.

Hepatocellular carcinoma in Australia 1982 to 2014: increasing incidence and improving survival.

There is a paucity of accurate and current data on HCC trends in incidence and survival in developed countries. We performed an Australia-wide assessment of HCC epidemiology across a 33-year time span aiming to accurately describe changes in incidence and survival METHODS: Cases of HCC from 1982 to 2014 were identified via the Australian Cancer Database (ACD). Trends in incidence rates were explored using piecewise linear regression. Survival was compared by Kaplan-Meier survival curves and 1-, 3- and 5-yea...

Automated Bright Field Segmentation of Cells and Vacuoles Using Image Processing Technique.

Understanding the mechanisms and other variants of programmed cell death will help provide deeper insight into various disease processes. Although complex procedures are required to distinguish each type of cell death, the formation of vacuoles is one of the important features in some process of cell death under different conditions. Thus, monitoring and counting the number of vacuoles and the ratio of cells with vacuoles is a commonly used method to indicate and quantify the efficacy of the therapy. Severa...

Development of High Performance Heterogeneous Catalysts for Selective Cleavage of C-O and C-C Bonds of Biomass-derived Oxygenates.

The environmental impact of CO emissions via the use of fossil resources as chemical feedstock and fuels has stimulated research to utilize renewable biomass feedstock. The biogenic compounds such as polyols are highly oxygenated and their valorization requires the new methods to control the oxygen to carbon ratio of the chemicals. The catalytic cleavage of C-O bonds and C-C bonds is promising methods, but the conventional catalyst systems encounter the difficulty to obtain the high yields of the desired pr...

Embracing the Focus of the Discipline of Nursing: Critical Caring Pedagogy.

To present a theoretical model that grounds teaching and learning in nursing in the focus, values, and ideals of nursing as a discipline.

Dimerization of Metallofullerenes for Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Property.

In this work, we theoretically designed a new class of fullerene derivatives, metallofullerene heterodimers, through cross dimerization of metallofullerene monomers Li@C60, Y@C82 and Y2@C80. The molecular structures, electronic structures, linear and nonlinear optical properties of the heterodimers were studied by using density functional theory calculations. We found that two fullerene cages are connected through a relatively weak carbon-carbon single bond. Inter-cage electron transfer takes place in the h...

Unusual presentation of an intra-abdominal mass: a rare case of Castleman disease of the greater omentum.

Climatically controlled reproduction drives interannual growth variability in a temperate tree species.

Climatically controlled allocation to reproduction is a key mechanism by which climate influences tree growth and may explain lagged correlations between climate and growth. We used continent-wide datasets of tree-ring chronologies and annual reproductive effort in Fagus sylvatica from 1901 to 2015 to characterise relationships between climate, reproduction and growth. Results highlight that variable allocation to reproduction is a key factor for growth in this species, and that high reproductive effort ('m...

Discovery and screening of novel metagenome-derived GH107 enzymes targeting sulfated fucans from brown algae.

Sulfated fucans, often denoted fucoidans, are highly variable cell wall polysaccharides of brown algae, which possess a wide range of bioactive properties with potential pharmaceutical applications. Due to their complex architecture, the structures of algal fucans have until now only been partly determined. Enzymes capable of hydrolyzing sulfated fucans may allow specific release of defined bioactive oligosaccharides and may serve as a tool for structural elucidation of algal walls. Currently, such enzymes ...

Five-tier utility: a start on the path to better reporting, in response to Schold and Buccini.

The Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) welcomes comments, suggestions and debate, and we appreciate the letter from Schold et al. SRTR is required to publicly report pretransplant and posttransplant outcomes in a way that patients and families can understand. We embarked on five-tier reporting of posttransplant outcomes in the belief that 1) it is better than the system it replaced, 2) it can likely be improved with better data collection, and 3) it should be accompanied by pretransplant m...

Long-term administration of human albumin improves survival in patients with cirrhosis and refractory ascites.

In patients with liver cirrhosis, the clinical benefit of the treatment with human albumin for ascites is debated, and no data are available regarding refractory ascites. In this study, in patients with cirrhosis and refractory ascites, we assessed the effect of long-term albumin administration on emergent hospitalization and mortality.

TAVR for low-risk patients: The final Frontier.

Surgical aortic valve replacement and transcatheter aortic valve implantation for severe aortic stenosis: Equipoise remains a tenable assumption.

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