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Training and financial intervention for encouraging maternal health service utilization: Results of cluster randomized trials in Shaanxi Province.

The rising maternal and child healthcare costs and the lack of training and educational resources for healthcare workers have reduced service quality in primary health centers of China. We sought to compare strategies promoting healthcare service utilization in rural western China.

Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis and the impact of a thrombosis service at a Canadian level 1 trauma centre

Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a common and serious complication seen in patients with trauma. Guidelines recommend the routine use of pharmacologic prophylaxis; however, compliance rates vary widely. The aim of this study was to describe the clinical practice related to VTE prophylaxis in the first 24 hours after injury at our level 1 Canadian trauma centre and the impact of a thrombosis consultation service.

Home phototherapy: experience of setting up a new service in the U.K.'s National Health Service.

Home phototherapy was first reported for patients with psoriasis in a 1979 . A randomized controlled study in 2009 (PLUTO) comparing home with hospital based phototherapy for psoriasis showed home phototherapy to be a safe, effective and cost effective method of treatment delivery. Despite this, the uptake of home phototherapy in the UK has been very poor. Until now, Ninewells Hospital in Dundee is the only UK centre to offer a National Health Service (NHS) home phototherapy service .

Prevalence and characteristics of pregnancy- and lactation-related calls to the National Poison Centre in Belgium: A retrospective analysis of calls from 2012 to 2017.

In the absence of a Teratology Information Service in Belgium, the National Poison Centre might act as a substitute centre for answering pregnancy- and lactation-related questions regarding medication use. The aim of this study was to define the prevalence and characteristics of pregnancy- and lactation-related calls to the National Poison Centre in Belgium, as well as the type of health products involved during these calls.

A study of the road sediment build-up process over a long dry period in a megacity of China.

The build-up of urban road deposited sediments is the key to study the quality of stormwater and the associated receiving waterbody in urban catchments. In the past, many sediment build-up field studies were conducted between 7 and 20days. It is generally assumed that the cumulative amount of pollutants reaches equilibrium and be represented as a mono-growth curve such as the power function. However, the dry period between two rain events in many areas in Northern China may be much longer than 20days, espec...

Effect of social integration on the establishment of health records among elderly migrants in China: a nationwide cross-sectional study.

Essential public health service use among the migrants is the key obstacle of the equalisation of public health service in China. This study aims to investigate the status of the establishment of health records, and explore the effect of social integration on the establishment of health records among elderly migrants in China.

Identification and Field Evaluation of the Sex Pheromone of Apolygus lucorum (Hemiptera: Miridae) in China.

The plant bug, Apolygus lucorum Meyer-Dür, has begun to resurge and become a key pest in cotton in northern China, along with the wide-scale adoption of transgenic Bt cotton. To control this plant bug, we attempted to develop a new approach by identifying and utilizing its sex pheromone.

De novo genome assembly of the endangered Acer yangbiense, a plant species with extremely small populations endemic to Yunnan Province, China.

Acer yangbiense is a newly described critically endangered endemic maple tree confined to Yangbi County in Yunnan Province in Southwest China. It was included in a programme for rescuing the most threatened species in China, focusing on "plant species with extremely small populations (PSESP)".

Stigma towards people who use drugs: A case vignette study in methadone maintenance treatment clinics in China.

Drug use stigma among service providers has been recognized as a barrier to improving the accessibility and outcomes of addiction treatment. This study examined the stigmatizing attitudes towards people who use drugs (PWUD) among service providers in methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) clinics in China and its associated factors.

Money boys in Chengdu, China: migration, entrepreneurial precarity and health service access.

This qualitative study highlights the complex interplay between the social and structural conditions in Chengdu, China that shape the possibilities and vulnerabilities of money boys' sexual health. Within the context of China's liberalised market economy, we explore (1) how money boys' enter the sex trade market and navigate their sexual networks; (2) how their lives are enmeshed in fields of sexual desire, stigma and coercion; and (3) how the illicit and stigmatising nature of their work poses barriers to ...

Soil C, N, and P distribution as affected by plant communities in the Yellow River Delta, China.

Soil carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) are important soil properties linked to nutrient limitation and plant productivity in terrestrial ecosystems. Up to 90% of the Yellow River Delta (YRD), China has been affected by soil salination due to groundwater overdraft, improper irrigation, land use and land cover change. The objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of different plant communities on soil quality in a saline-alkaline system of the YRD. We investigated the vertical distribution a...

How psychology might alleviate violence in queues: Perceived future wait and perceived load moderate violence against service providers.

Queues are inherent to service encounters, as it is not always possible to provide service to all clients at the exact moment they request service. Queues involve waiting for a service in a specific place that might also be crowded, they obstruct the client's' goal of receiving service, and at times lead clients to mistreat service providers and in extreme cases even attack them violently. We show, in a hospital setting, that perceived predicted future wait and load can buffer the causes of violence towards...

Variation in accessibility of the population to an Emergency Medical Communication Centre: a multicentre observational study.

Access to an Emergency Medical Communication Centre is essential for the population in emergency situations. Handling inbound calls without delay requires managing activity, process and outcome measures of the Emergency Medical Communication Centre to improve the workforce management and the level of service. France is facing political decisions on the evolution of the organisation of Emergency Medical Communication Centres to improve accessibility for the population. First, we aim to describe the variation...

Effects of soil-incorporated plant litter morphological characteristics on the soil detachment process in grassland on the Loess Plateau of China.

The Loess Plateau of China is one of the most eroded areas in the world. In the past 20 years, effective vegetation restoration measures have significantly changed the near-surface characteristics of soil. In natural conditions, plant litter is widespread in the topsoil. The effects of litter incorporated into soil on the process of soil detachment, which is closely related to plant litter morphology, are still not well known. This study aimed to detect the variation of litter morphological characteristics...

Appropriate use of trastuzumab in Lazio Region: therapeutic scenarios and estimation of possible savings for the Regional Health Service.

The availability of subcutaneous (SC) and intravenous (EV) formulations of trastuzumab and the recent release of the biosimilar EV version (10/2018) increase the offer for the treatment of patients with breast or gastric cancer HER2 positive. In this context, it is necessary to build therapeutic scenarios form avalible data in order to estimate the potential savings for the Regional Health Service (RHS) taking into account the appropriateness of use and patient's preferences.

The experiences of sexually assaulted people attending Saint Mary's Sexual Assault Referral Centre for a forensic medical examination.

This study explores the experiences of people who have attended Saint Mary's Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) for a forensic medical examination (FME). Within the United Kingdom, SARCs support complainants following a sexual assault, delivering specialised care and gathering medico-legal evidence for court proceedings. To date, there has been limited research evaluating SARCs responses towards complainants. 863 Feedback and Evaluation forms, from a three-year period, completed by clients who had access...

Over and under treatment of TB patients in Eastern China: an analysis based on health insurance claims data.

Poor compliance with existing guidelines for tuberculosis (TB) care and treatment is an issue of concern in China. We assessed health service use by TB patients over the entire treatment process and compared it to the recommended guidelines.

Sophora alopecuroides L.: An ethnopharmacological, phytochemical, and pharmacological review.

Sophora alopecuroides L., which is called kudouzi in China, is a medicinal plant distributed in Western and Central Asia, especially in China, and has been used for decades to treat fever, bacterial infection, heart disease, rheumatism, and gastrointestinal diseases.

Plant functional diversity drives carbon storage following vegetation restoration in Loess Plateau, China.

Ongoing climatic changes induced by human activities increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO), which have considerable effects on the structure and function of ecosystems, including carbon (C) storage, plant functional traits and therefore on a wide set of ecosystem services. Plant functional diversity is benefit to improve plant photosynthesis and enhance C efficiency and therefore decrease CO. Here, the focus of this article is on integrating of plant functional diversity and C storage, which aims to ...

Imbalance of carbon embodied in South-South trade: Evidence from China-India trade.

China and India are the countries with the largest increase in carbon emissions and one of the fastest growing economies in the world. A better understanding of the carbon emissions embodied in China-India trade can service to curb carbon emission in both countries. In this work, we investigated temporal change and driving forces of the carbon emissions embodied in China-India trade from 2000 to 2015 using the Multi-Regional Input-Output model and Structural Decomposition Analysis. The results showed China ...

A formative assessment of gender awareness and ability of staff based on the service programs of the All-China Women's Federation: The case of the "3861 My Home" program.

In order to achieve "gender mainstreaming" which is a global strategy to promote the development of women, it has in recent years been a major task for the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) to improve the gender awareness and ability of policy makers and implementers. Thus, researchers should constantly propose and evaluate various possible attempts to improve gender awareness and the ability of individuals. There are few empirical studies on the assessment of gender awareness and the improvement of the a...

Implementation of policies and practices to increase physical activity among children attending centre-based childcare: a cross-sectional study.

Supporting centre-based childcare services to create physical activity (PA) environments is a recommended strategy to improve child PA. This study aimed to describe the implementation of PA policies and practices by these services, and to examine the associations with service characteristics.

Estimating the costs of the national basic public health services in Zhuhai, China, through activity-based costing: a cross-sectional study.

Our research aims to estimate the per capita cost of 13 items in the basic public health service (BPHS) project in Zhuhai, China, and provide an economical basis for the improvement of the cost compensation mechanism used by the government.

Older people's mental health in rural areas: Converting policy into service development, service access and a sustainable workforce.

This paper describes the older people's mental health workforce development, policy development and implementation process and quantifies the rural service delivery and access impacts over a 15-year period in New South Wales. It highlights the factors that are considered to be critical to successful rural service development such as commitment to funding parity, investment in strong local service leadership, and development of innovative, locally adapted rural service models. Building on these foundations, ...

sp. nov., a plant growth-promoting bacterium isolated from sediment in the Yellow Sea, China.

The application of plant growth-promoting (PGP) bacterium in agriculture is expanding rapidly in recent years. With the development of microbial technology, new bacterial species effective in promoting plant growth have been identified. In this study, a PGP bacterium was isolated from marine sediments of the Yellow Sea in China. The confrontation culture test and pot experiments showed that strain YH-07 inhibited the growth of f. sp. (a plant pathogenic fungus), benefiting plant growth and reducing diseas...

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