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Challenges and Issues Surrounding Promotion and Tenure of Faculty with Clinical Service Responsibilities in Veterinary Medicine.

Mentoring, assessing, and rewarding faculty who have clinical service responsibilities with promotion and tenure can be challenging in many respects. Clinical service responsibilities can limit the time that faculty have available to participate in scholarly activities, especially if the scholarship required for promotion is restricted to traditional research efforts where an individual faculty member is assessed in terms of the number of scientific publications in high-tiered journals with senior authorshi...

Assessing Differences in Understanding of Companion-Animal Preventive Care between a Veterinary Healthcare Team and Pet Owners in a Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Preventive healthcare visits to primary care veterinary practices in the United States have been on the decline over the past decade. One of the main factors that has been identified is a lack of understanding by pet owners regarding the importance of preventive care. The Partners for Healthy Pets Opportunity Survey was adapted for use in this study to determine whether there were differences in perceptions of a veterinary healthcare team between team members and clients, specifically regarding preventive c...

New pet emergency service for the Borders.

Assessment of caregiver burden and associations with psychosocial function, veterinary service use, and factors related to treatment plan adherence among owners of dogs and cats.

OBJECTIVE To investigate caregiver burden and its potential associations with psychosocial function and veterinary service use among dog and cat owners and with factors related to treatment plan adherence among owners of animals with chronic or terminal disease. DESIGN Cross-sectional, observational study. SAMPLE 124 clients of a small animal hospital. PROCEDURES Study participants were recruited by email. Owners of sick animals were blindly matched with owners of healthy animals (62/group) by age, gender, ...


African bush elephants respond to a honeybee alarm pheromone blend.

We here report the responses of African bush elephants (Loxodonta africana) to a crude approximation of the honeybee alarm pheromone blend. We show that the elephants had an avoidance response to the semiochemical blend. The use of honeybee alarm pheromones to manage elephant movements in a non-invasive manner, using natural cues to which elephants may have an evolved response, holds potential for development of new options for an integrated system for elephant movement management and protection.

Principles of OCTA and Applications in Clinical Neurology.

The article reviews the recent findings on the use of optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) in neurology.

Trauma Management of Military Working Dogs.

There are about 2,500 war and military service dogs in service, with about 700 serving at any given time overseas. Military Working Dogs (MWDs) are critical assets for military police, special operations units, and others operating in today's combat environment. The expectation, given the significant combat multiplier impact of these dogs and the intense bond between the handler and dog, is that injured working dogs will receive the same level of care as any injured U.S. military personnel. Veterinary care ...

Progress in neurology 2017-2018.

The last few years have seen accelerated progress in the field of neurology, encompassing both an understanding of disease and novel forms of treatment. The translation of discovery to therapy is a focus of all disciplines, but neurology has been a particularly fertile area for the application of this priority. The molecular basis for many, albeit still a minority of, neurological diseases has been identified over the last 30 years in particular. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Beat around the bush for VA-LRTI.

A call for better regulation of veterinary medical devices.

John Innes discusses the need for greater oversight of the veterinary medical devices industry.

Consensus recommendations on standardized magnetic resonance imaging protocols for multicenter canine brain tumor clinical trials.

Quality improvement in neurology: Universal neurology quality measurement set: Executive summary.

Driving behaviors associated with emergency service vehicle crashes in the U.S. fire service.

Emergency service vehicle incidents are a leading cause of firefighter fatalities and are also hazardous to civilian road users. Modifiable driving behaviors may be associated with emergency service vehicle incidents. The goal of this study was to use telematics to identify driving behaviors associated with crashes in the fire service.

Referral management: Which patients are deemed not appropriate for neurologic consultation, and what happens to them?

In many if not most institutions in the US, demand for neurology services exceeds the supply, resulting in poor access. This study examines whether the use of a limited resource - time for outpatient neurology consultation - can be optimized by screening referrals for appropriateness and whether it is safe to do so.

Understanding Service Usage and Needs for Adults with ASD: The Importance of Living Situation.

With the increasing prevalence of adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), research examining the service experiences of this population is greatly needed. The current study investigated service use, unmet needs, and obstacles to service access for a large sample of adults with ASD. After accounting for various demographic factors known to impact service usage and needs, living situation was a significant predictor of service use, needs, and obstacles to services. Adults with ASD living with family repor...

Impact of poorly controlled epilepsy in the Republic of Guinea.

To characterize people with epilepsy (PWE) presenting to a free neurology consultation and antiepileptic drug (AED) service in the Republic of Guinea.

Joseph Resch and the plea of the practicing neurologists: A postwar neurology resident's tale.

When University of Minnesota neurology resident Joseph A. Resch complained to the department director, A. B. Baker, in 1946 about the lack of a professional neurological association open to young neurologists like himself, he set into motion a chain of events that culminated in the founding of the American Academy of Neurology in June of 1948. This provided a supportive professional organization for practicing neurologists as the traditional bond between neurology and psychiatry was broken during the postwa...

"Neurophobia": More Nurture than Nature?

"Neurophobia" is the fear of neurology experienced by medical students. The aim of this study was to investigate if neurology now has a stigma attached to it causing a preconceived negative perception of neurology by students.

Veterinary Medical Students' Motivations for Exercise.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) declares exercise to be one of the most important activities one can do to improve health. The benefits of exercise are well documented and include both physiologic and psychological health. Given the current landscape of wellness issues in veterinary medical education, it is necessary that students engage in exercise activities to manage stress and increase overall health. Therefore, to develop targeted interventions with the greatest likelihood for success, it is firs...

A novel in-hospital meal service improves protein and energy intake.

To investigate whether a novel meal service, FoodforCare, improves dietary intake and patient satisfaction, compared to the traditional 3-meals a day service (TMS).

Implementation of the hybrid course on basic wheelchair service provision for Colombian wheelchair service providers.

People with mobility impairments often rely on wheelchairs as their primary means of mobility. Untrained wheelchair service providers may provide inappropriate wheelchairs and services which result in negative consequences in wheelchair users' health, quality of life, safety, and social participation. This study aimed to evaluate the influence of the Spanish Hybrid Course on Basic Wheelchair Service Provision, a training based on the World Health Organization's Wheelchair Service Training Program-Basic Leve...

Seizure occurrence in dogs under primary veterinary care in the UK: prevalence and risk factors.

Primary-care veterinary clinical records can offer data to determine generalizable epidemiological data on seizures occurrence in the dog population.

Seven new species of Resartor Gustafsson et Bush, 2017 (Phthiraptera: Ischnocera: Philopteridae) from Asian 'babblers' (Passeriformes: Leiothrichidae, Paradoxornithidae).

Seven new species of chewing lice in the genus Resartor Gustafsson et Bush, 2017 are described and illustrated. They are: Resartor albofulvus sp. n. ex Heterophasia desgodinsi desgodinsi (Oustalet); Resartor apimimus sp. n. ex Heterophasia picaoides wrayi (Ogilvie-Grant); Resartor aterrimus sp. n. ex Minla ignotincta mariae La Touche; Resartor extraneus sp. n. ex Lioparus chrysotis swinhoii (Verreaux); Resartor guangxiensis sp. n. ex Trochalopteron milnei sinianum Stresemann; Resartor longisuturalis sp. n. ...

Grit score and its relationship to successful enrolment in specialist veterinary training.

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